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Top Solar Parks – Not by a Long Shot

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“We’re running out of time with climate change” = FALSE CLAIM.

Thousands of scientists leading the field in geo-evolution and biosurfactants have already proven the scam of keeping below 1.5°C as biome temperature controlled by industry or mankind.

I’ve had alot of fun with this article. Very enlightening data. Just for the record we are monitoring both Bing and Google traffic for any malicious censorship concerning litigation forthcoming and for national archive commentary on free speech declaration through journalists and .org partners. I can say for a certainty, thus far, Bing has been more cooperative than Google, at any rate that’s for a judge to decide.

I apologize up front if your feelings are hurt from the material. On a national security side, there is nothing in this article that violates or cause breach of information.

I want to point out that I’m tasked with putting together data without bias or sugarcoating narratives like a politician. Archiving data requires transparency. I am not a paid spokesperson representing a think-tank or political party and so have the responsibility to advise as the information reads out and based on what we can predict to varying degree, from both historical and live action.

Nothing here is confidential. Censorship we monitor for litigation. The author includes personal opinion on the data. I hope you learn something other than the propaganda smashed in your faces 24/7.


In our series of LNG vs Solar we’ll compare the household cost of “clean energy” as compared to the use of natural gas or liquefied natural gas of which Australia was the current leader of production for 2021.

For data comparison we have selected The Topaz Solar farm as a model for world power plant statistics. The data from First Solar is directly from their website and can be verified by contact:

First Solar, Inc. 350 West Washington Street, Suite 600 Tempe, Arizona 85281 USA Operating Hours: 6:00a.m. – 6:00p.m. AZ Toll Free: 877.850.FSLR (3757) Telephone: 419.662.6899 Fax: 602.414.9400

“Located on the northwestern corner of the Carrisa Plains, the 550 megawatt Topaz Solar Farm produces sufficient electricity to power 160,000 average California homes.”

overview Topaz Solar Farm

If we head on over to Abu Dhabi’s state of the art Al Dhafra project we find comparable energy output for evaluation:

“The record-breaking project, located approximately 35 kilometers from Abu Dhabi city, will have a capacity of two gigawatts and supply power to the plant’s off-taker, Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC). Once operational, the Al Dhafra Solar PV IPP will be the world’s largest single-site solar power plant, using approximately 3.5 million solar panels to generate enough electricity for approximately 160,000 homes across the UAE. It will mitigate 2.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.”

“The construction of the power project is expected to begin in late 2020, while the commissioning of the plant is expected in 2022. The project will provide electricity to approximately 1,60,000 houses in the UAE. The construction phase is expected to create more than 4,000 jobs.

Once fully operational, the plant will reduce carbon emissions by more than 2.4 million tonnes a year. The reduction in emissions will be equivalent to taking approximately 470,000 cars off the road.

The solar power project is in line with the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to increase the share of renewable energy in the total energy mix from 25% to 50% by 2050. https://www.power-technology.com/projects/al-dhafra-solar-project-abu-dhabi/

The difference between the two farms is about 5 million solar panels – an enormous reduction in cost as compared to 2012 production.

You can download the ADSW white paper ADSW Whitepaper 2022_The Journey to net zero_V4 pdf.

“Amine Bel Hadj Soulami, Head of BNP Paribas Middle East & Africa said: ‘Scaling up the energy transition through finance is essential to tackling the climate crisis, and BNP Paribas is committed to supporting this vital shift towards a low carbon economy.  Renewable energy is a strategic pillar of the UAE’s sustainability strategy, and the Al Dhafra PV2 solar plant will significantly contribute to the 50% clean energy-sourcing objective by 2050.’ BNP Paribas (French financial) was in the top three lenders for EMEA Renewable Energy Project Finance Volume by Mandated Lead Arranger in 2020.” https://cib.bnpparibas/al-dhafra-pv2-the-largest-single-site-solar-plant-in-the-world/

As to being the world’s largest solar park, India chimes in with the Bhadla Solar Park,

And for the last entry (this is not a top 5 list) included is Gonghe Solar Park,

“This is Gonghe Solar Park, spread over 298 square kilometers—a size equal to five Manhattans or all of Uk’s second largest city Birmingham. A total of 42 Chinese solar companies have built a whopping 3,450MW installed capacity, capable of powering some 2.5 million households across five provincial areas in northwest China, namely Qinghai, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces and Xinjiang and Ningxia autonomous regions, covering a third of Chinese territory.” http://en.people.cn/n3/2018/0702/c98649-9476868.html

Now I want to point out, it took 9 million solar panels to power 160 thousand homes in California – do the math. No one is going to touch China’s capability per household, except India maybe. China also has 4.5x the population size of the U.S. and along with India lead in petroleum consumption.

August 2022,

“China is the top buyer of federal (Iraq) oil with 33.6 million barrels, followed by India with 26.3 million barrels and the United States with 6.8 million barrels.”

Below data covers 2021 https://www.opec.org/opec_web/en/about_us/164.htm

Iraq Population (million inhabitants) 41.19
Land area (1,000 sq km) 438
GDP per capita ($) 5,047
GDP at market prices (million $) 207,889
Value of exports (million $) 86,298
Value of petroleum exports (million $) 79,788
Current account balance (million $) 22,319
Proven crude oil reserves (million barrels) 145,019
Proven natural gas reserves (billion cu. m.) 3,714
Crude oil production (1,000 b/d) 3,971
Marketed production of natural gas (million cu. m.) 9,586
Refinery capacity (1,000 b/cd) 1,116
Output of petroleum products (1,000 b/d) 740
Oil demand (1,000 b/d) 621
Crude oil exports (1,000 b/d) 3,440
Exports of petroleum products (1,000 b/d) 158

“The Secretary General underscored the importance of investment to ensure security of energy supplies, noting that an investment of $11.8 trillion is required to 2045 in oil’s upstream, midstream and downstream sectors to meet rising energy needs, referencing OPEC’s World Oil Outlook 2021. He further indicated that total primary energy demand is projected to increase by 28% in the same period.” https://www.opec.org/opec_web/en/press_room/6870.htm

Now we head on over to Glint Solar, out of Norway, and they can explain to you why the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act is a big deal. We see a similar parroted version across small populations in Europe as Norway (5.5M) and Switzerland (8.8M) concerning clean energy models and the worry of their ice caps melting. Keep in mind European countries with small populations already possess infinitesimal carbon footprints and GDP as compared to U.S. states and China. Both India and China are the main consumers of energy concerning Europe and Norway – not America.

Moreover, why would the U.S. use a Norway or Swiss climate model? They are a northern hemisphere nation with a GDP of $485B. Just as a comparison, Maryland state has a GDP of $432B and a population of 6.2M. Norways GDP is less than Michigan, but they are going to tell the USA about how to go green – yeah, ok.

In the U.S. we have ten states with populations over 9M. So the European models, well conceived as they are, do not fit an American model, nor should Americans be looking at their models as compared to China, or Australia.

Any scientist who attempts to follow anyone of these European models is paid to do so and does not have the interest of the United States at heart, but their own interest of destroying U.S. infrastructure. From the data, clearly ALL the global enemies of the U.S. have either jumped on the bandwagon of climate/clean energy or sided with destabilizing commodity trade to crumble logistical critical industry.

Naturally when you don’t own the oil, you try to make everyone buy other energy to level the playing field while you try to get the oil. Nothing new to see here except politicians and governors selling out their states and citizens to get paychecks from foreign companies.

Iraq alone has reserves of 145B barrels of oil. The silly “green energy” of solar is to make those who don’t own oil extremely wealthy as shown here by the numbers. Worldometer actually has a fictional countdown of oil consumption, and they’re off by trillions of barrels – what a joke.


Can you read? 1,241 billion barrels of reserve with OPEC, not including U.S., Kazakhstan, or Ukrainian UNTAPPED crude. So now when you look at the worldometer countdown of oil, you should feel like a fool being duped – it’s a complete farce, a scam, a lie.

This huge payday is pushed by politicians and corporations by saying “one solar park removes the emissions of 400,000 cars,” and you believe it because human beings, for the most part, are caring people who want to do good.

The phrase “snake oil salesmen” was coined from fraud.

Now as comparing the facts of massive solar facilities like Topaz Solar farm in California and Bhadla India, realizing that at most these mega-solar-monsters will only generate enough power for 350,000+ homes per 1,000 MW.

China boasts 300 sq kilometers of real estate to power 2.5M homes and in the U.S. that same ouput would power about 1.4M homes, or roughly 3500MW.

Last time I checked the population of California is 39.3M with about 10M in LA county alone.

However, if we turn 3000 sq kilometers into the new double sided panels we can power about 10M homes, or 1/4th  of California’s population. The downside is, until we figure it out, we’ll be reflecting all that UV and manipulating air pressure, temperature and nature (hello birds). You’ll be walking around in thermal suits changing panels all day and you don’t need to visit Mars, you will have brought the landscape to Earth.

As a comparison to power 5 million homes in California would take an area the size of Los Angeles (470 square miles), which would cover all of Houston to dedicate solar power production for 5M people. So you’re trying to convince the Senate of using more land mass than what 10 million people would live on, to power 5 million homes? Ridiculous.

Where do all the people live if the land mass is all solar panels? That’s why these clean energy models are made to drain treasuries and enrich entrepreneurs advancing patent technology at the expense of real estate and tax payer money.

I’m not complaining about advancing tech, that’s going to happen according to Moore’s law. I’m saying how much of the pork baloney are you going to eat before realizing it’s not chicken?

Solar power is a mediocre renewable that still has a long way to go as feasible. You are not going to convert half of California to Solar Parks, as even if you did the energy is not enough to sustain a 40M population. The break down in CA to push this “clean renewal” as well as recycling 75% of waste by 2025 is irresponsible, unsustainable, and some would say madness,

“To respond to this climate crisis, California is implementing statewide organic waste recycling and surplus food recovery.” https://calrecycle.ca.gov/organics/slcp/

As they keep telling me, “The most abundant element in the universe is hydrogen,” but “hydrogen is typically produced by heating natural gas with steam to form a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide called syngas, which is then separated to produce hydrogen…” https://www.livescience.com/28466-hydrogen.html

The key phrase for solar power is Supercritical Solar Steam which we’ll use to make liquefied natural gas, not power homes.

Besides, the population understands they don’t need an electric company for power when they can use solar panels imported from China. Right now you can go buy a 3d Printer for $269.00 off Amazon.

You can print your own electrical receptacle or battery casings. Get it? Maybe some of you are just not aware of where the industry will be in 5 years. Imagine when you were a kid and if you could have printed your own toys! I mean, I would have been drowning in Star Wars characters. Every time Luke’s head would break off you could just print another guy! Simply amazing.

Do you understand what kind of thinking will develop out of 80 million kids designing their own miniatures, electronics, toys and advanced mechanics?

Imagine your brain when you were ten years old. Able to open up your printer and develop whatever your imagination allowed as a child and then you understand the great need for those in power to limit this capability as such eliminates all aspect of world power and energy as we know it.

We’re talking about kids understanding vector decomposition, macrophage uptake, and projectile motion by being the R&D guy, the prototype department, and the manufacturer. Marketing and trademarks? Ha! This ten year old will have a new product on the market by brunch, writing a paper on the new bacteria growing under TEM microscope and coming up with the name of the discovery with input of millions of voices by dinner.

NO ONE, including Mr. Musk, Yuval, Borio, the Ford family, or anyone for that matter can tell you how this society can play out. You’re all guessing where society should go. A great amount of fear about A.I. abuse is driving industry and then enter the eugenicists to wrap all of it together with a climate bow.

We do know that systems of money and electric companies are fleeting. Once we can print electrified polymer, satellite dish, radio tubes, and antennae there will no longer be a need for Comcast, with attachment to Starlink

The notion that the culture will continue to “pay money” to a power company per kilowatt is ridiculous when the current tech says they no longer need too. That’s the revolution energy companies fear and why the industry is panicking to switch to a control modulus which we have already declined to be part of. As Jews, we choose a transparent efficient system, in which we control and where a Hitler does not control us – so, no thank you.

You can go to Home Depot right now and purchase enough solar panels to be off grid. In Britian, I foresee uprisings, as well as Australia, due to the fact once the knowlege is well known on putting together solar systems, just like building cars in the 1960’s by hobbyist’s as a way of life, then you understand the futility of trying to police such actions which will always turn into underground rebellion or black market.

Right now, as I write this, if everyone in a county of lets say for example Texas, decided to use solar panels and say “No thank you” to the electric company, en masse, it would start a viral collapse. Now this assumption is based on what parts are available per industry. Nonetheless, with mass production, soon (5 years) there will be no way to curb this without an attempt to force continued control models, (Great Britain, Smart Meters) until the mob turns the tide – inevitable here.

Look at the ridiculous advertisements trying to convince people to continue using electric companies to run solar energy,

I know many people who have “linked their solar systems” to the electric company. It’s a joke. I will not provide a link for above since it’s click bait garbage, but the link goes to the following:

As stated, and regardless of convincing people to “run their solar” through the electric company, people will be smart enough to know your attempting to keep them on the crack-pipe hamster wheel and they will start to drop from electric grid service – the smart renewable thing to do.

Only those cordoned into smart cities will be the fools of smart eradication, at least that’s what the data suggest right now.

The fact that solar panels and steam cars do not require fossils or “payment” to an energy provider is the real renewable energy. The guys pulling your chain simply want you to believe they are providing renewable energy, when in reality you can just do it yourself.

Again, Moore’s law states that you cannot control the use of tech as it’s disseminated too quickly to do so now. Ten years ago this was not a factor, but a major concern. You’re late to the dinner party, thus, a desire for a great reset to wipe out the people’s ability to leave you behind in the dust.

Now with advancement of nano-chip tech and plastic development big corps will do everything they can to make themselves viable to keep their NASDAQ stocks trading or profitable, when there simply is no longer a need for their employees in this market. Stocks will be digitized, simply do to the fact A.I. will manipulate all trading. Quite honestly a url is more important than a traded stock now and Paramount/CBS is realizing this as well.

That’s also why tech companies are scrambling to develop car battery technology that you can’t duplicate and force this on the vulgar, but it won’t work simply because the average consumer is modding the equipment faster than teams like Group14 Technologies can develop alternatives. You guys are too slow.


Mr. Luebbe understands if he doesn’t hurry, he’ll be left behind. Either way you’ll be left behind if your system is not a communal-for-the-people system in which citizens can universally mod equipment. That’s where the market is going.

It’s hilarious to see car charging stations, when soon everyone will be installing alternator kits to charge the battery while driving, just like you did with your gas car! So why do you need an electric company other than for commercial services? Why do you need recharge stations for cars when there is no need for them?

There is also no need to fan the flames of disruption, as the renewable industry poster board Elon Musk is advertising all the rebellion anyone needs. If you call me the bad guy for disseminating this information to the common man what do you call Elon Musk, a pioneer of your demise?

As aftermarket parts become available, or sold on websites, teenagers will be installing alternator kits on EV’s just like they do “Fast and Furious” mods and exhaust systems. It takes one movie like Fast and Furious with Vin Diesel to upgrade an entire market. EV’s are similar, but this time say goodbye to purchasing gas or charging the car!

In America, the average kid can modify a weapon, a car, a cell phone, a radio, and 12 year old kids achieve nuclear Fusion,

Do you really think you’re going to suppress or stop kids from innovation?

I imagine the first time this was communicated to companies like Western Electric the plans were put into motion to drag out renewable tech for as long as possible, but inevitably, as the hypermodels display free energy as envisioned by Tesla cannot be stopped.

So who are you going to believe this time?

You can read about hydrogen bio production in the pdf download: Advances in Hydrogen pdf

Solar production is in it’s infancy and long before the tech is maximized the microchip will be nanochip as mass production, rendering unprotected energy sectors, like solar parks, casualty. That’s a realistic forecast for any investor to seriously look at.

It’s really comical when you understand a simple drone swarm would wipe out any solar park within minutes. Now before you spit your coffee out, I am portraying real data as defining a 36 month window of tech.

Iranians are making drones non-stop, what do you think American kids will come up with? Offensive action on part of government will be met with complete rebellion by determined veterans is a credible predictable forecast. Vaccine initiatives may have worked in the past, but now these methods will just be seen as hostility coupled with sabotage of industry through renewable’s when immune systems and tech determine superiority for extant survival.

Ask the Ukrainians and they’ll tell you about sabotage and keeping alive fighting against a nuclear super power.

As a taxpayer, it’s difficult to keep up with the tech and it’s as difficult for corporations and institutions to churn out propaganda before you figure it out. Imagining sheep running with sheep dogs barking and corralling is all fine and dandy but I think the Ukrainians, along with aid mind you, have proven determinative will pans out just like it did for Menachem Begin. Those once considered terrorists rose up to become Prime Ministers so it’s not so easy to predict how society will go.

Now we see language drafted to put down examination of the scams by those who apparently maybe running the scams.

“The Google ads team announced yesterday it will “prohibit ads for, and monetization of, content that contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change.” The policy changes apply to Google advertisers, publishers that run Google ads and YouTube creators.

‘This is welcome news — and a long overdue step in the right direction,’ Rep. Kathy Castor (D-Fla.) said in a statement. As chair of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, she urged Google head Sundar Pichai last year to ensure his sites weren’t incentivizing climate denial (E&E Daily, Jan. 28, 2020).” link

Lets get this clear. I’m quoting now,

“There going to try to avert speech because of being upset about hyper modelling?”

If Google would like to attempt to avert free speech in law over a trending model…Good Luck with that buddy. I know we have our robots monitoring for ANY class action hole that can be punched as do all minions just for sport.

Google runs the internet of things, and that was great for them, but guess what? We’re way beyond internet now folks. Search engine (prehistoric) companies make you believe you need their monetized ad systems when we know we can bring who matters right to our doorstep just based on what we say that you need to examine. Anyone can setup 300 websites and sure you can shut them all down and deal with the litigation, but you can’t stop your own personnel from reading the data, waking them up to what you’re going to do to society and their families. RIGHT? Are you familiar with the story of wooden shoes, the phrase sabotage?

Google can’t keep up, no one can. Google was a blip in the history of infrastructure in which society will leave them in the dust as our youth takes their inventions maximizing the potential and a new crop of genius rising up to replace the avatar’s of industry. Everything you see now is history tomorrow.

All politicians pushing clean energy scam models per state should be voted out of office. That will be the focal drum bang from now on politically as based on the evidence. But you can keep listening to your constituents like fools and loose your tuchas when it’s all said and done.

If not, again paraphrasing…”they will leave your state a gutted hole, giving away real estate at pennies on the dollar for ‘4,000 jobs’ while crippling your energy infrastructure.”

at the Democrat model of California or Germany – complete disaster. Maybe setup a Darth Sidious citadel where you can park your hover cars. If a politician is selling gas at a barn fire, you have your answer. Those who do so are not fit to serve in any office for citizen welfare. Plain and simple as our grandparents would say. Deceased Senator Levin would have some choice rebuke for your actions to be sure.

Those who examine climate data don’t deny climate change. We in unison, deny your scam models.

As I and too many others to count have disseminated that solar parks are NOT YET viable clean energy options. Maybe in 10-15 years solar panel tech will allow 100 square miles to generate electric for 5 million homes. By that time neural-link and free energy will be realized by the average citizen who drinks beer after working 9-5 Monday thru Friday. As of right now, this very minute September 9th, 2022, it’s science fiction.

Entrepreneurs will look back and say “at least we advanced the field a little bit,” at the cost of vast real estate I might add. Eleven (11) MW per kilometre is hardly what I call an economic, let alone a wise trade-off. It’s great for the buyer. Foolish for anyone trading half a square mile of land for 11 megawatts, especially CA real estate, when all it takes is about a square block, or the size of a small suburb. Hardly what anyone would call a fair or equitable trade.

In fact, this is no different than the great GPU explosion for mining SHA-256 or Bitcoin. Any machine you made or ordered would be outdated by the time you got it with hashing power when the industry took off. No different here.

In 2014 it took 9 million panels to grant energy to 160K homes according to First Solar. Now 2022, you can get the same power from about 3.5M panels. Five years from now all solar panels the world over will be obsolete, but the real estate and facilities will be worth much more than some plastic gimmick. It’s a good bet we’ll figure out how to convert all that solar energy to LNG.

Catabolism is a sure sign of government demise based on history and we see the cracks within the population as the genome continues to be aggressed with war, propaganda, and theft. Complete chaos is what some of these groups want. And as protectors of the United States who swore to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic, it’s your job to stop them.

I imagine the population will eventually say they have had enough once the birds and bees are dead and your A/C is turned off throughout the day in the California heat.

Clean energy, renewable’s, and scam models that make up ESG may in time beat out LNG and oil, with a leap in technical Star Trek like advancement. Regardless of the hype or Tide Pod trends and according to today’s data, oil will be here for at least another 150 years.


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