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A Basic Introduction to NPs


pdf download: Nanoparticles: Properties, applications and toxicities

Although dated, with a vast array of nanoparticle morphology available today, the Center of Research Excellence in Nanotechnology located at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) Saudi Arabia provides a base understanding of nanoparticulates for laymen.

I would like to point out the foolishness of corporations who continue to advertise NP products as “safe and effective” when pathologists, toxicology, TEM, and the funerals say they are not. Although diabolical corporations and their CEO’s seem to have gotten away with poisoning a generation of people, I assure you, these entities will be eradicated and are unravelling now as I write this. Government exemption for lawsuits futher exasperates the criminality and Torah loudly yells for justice. It is the duty of lawmakers to put a stop to these criminal enterprises operating with impunity through paid-off politicians.

Justice will be served through Law enforcement enacted to arrest or prosecute the individuals who maintain the “safe and effective” propaganda similar to what Hitler used against Jews and those considered inferior lineage to reduce populations.

Governments and elected officials who continue to follow Hitler’s legacy will be eradicated through catabolism, as we and the elite think tanks have warned and the current trend and history suggest.

Once arrested, politicians and CEO’s will have to explain to their families, lawyers, and judges why they were on board for genocide when the evidence is clear and damning. CEO’s with a Jewish background are degraded as kareth, cowards, and betrayers of Israel and the covenant of YHWH – as perpetual shame both in historical and journal account. Rest assured schreiber as enacted through YHWH manifest this reality.

The curse of YHWH Tanakh falls upon all who echo their schemes of climate depopulation. Reiterating the current agenda of “We didn’t know” will not save you from prosecution for abetting genocide against cultures.

Is there any hope for these betrayers of Torah? You must seek YHWH Ekhad for deliverance. Without true repentance in action and deed your souls are lost in perpetual darkness – kareth from loved ones both in life and when your earthly vessel perishes. Poor shenishba, it would be better for you to be a beggar than a corporate CEO against YHWH. Cut off from all that is good, cast into darkness and torment forever is the lot of murderers and those that plot evil.

There is still time to save yourselves. Repent publicly, get on your knees and commit to YHWH and make amends to the families who have suffered through your companies profits and schemes of drugs and vaccines. Or you can pretend none of it happened. Like a bad dream you were part of. Remain quiet and wait for YHWH judgment as finale while ostracized for the remainder of your lives.

The stiffnecked who refuse YHWH will be showcased, your demise displayed to all who serve Torah so we may glorify Elohim justice and as warning to those who would betray HaShem for eugenic ideology and profit.

If you do not fear YHWH with your actions then there is no hope for you or your soul.

Arabian Journal of Chemistry

Volume 12, Issue 7, November 2019, Pages 908-931

Nanoparticles: Properties, applications and toxicities