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Contact me if you require prayer request or consultation concerning Judaic or Christian principle. If you require specific Islamic advice or specific legal advice for Judaic matters please consult your local Rabbi or Imam.

Whether a KJV question concerning Greek/Hebrew translation or tractate from Talmud, you can submit your questions. Please keep in mind with my volumes of work I may not respond to all requests.

I am open to request for the following:

  • business structure setup in USA (complete LLC or corp).
  • Science evaluation for nucleocapsid, NP, or modeling.
  • H2H kinetic fighting systems – edged and ballistic.
  • hyper-model production systems for prototypes.
  • design ideas or working mechanic prototypes for plastic, metal, or military applications.
  • military product distribution.

If you have a white paper or pdf to read for evaluation please email thank you.


May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon all who glorify YHWH.