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Now on a key note, you must understand there are BAD translations out there and you need to be weary dear reader. When we are talking about Tanakh, or Old Testament to most Christians, we are concerned with 4 versions: Septuagint (Greek 2nd century BC), Latin Vulgate (Catholic 3rd century AD), Masoretic (Hebrew 10th century AD) and JPS (Masoretic, Jewish Publication Society 1917).

Now you might be saying Masoretic and JPS are the same thing – not so. There are newer modernized versions of JPS and the  translations can vary greatly.

So which one is the correct version? Well, that is not difficult for the trained scholar to see. For laymen this can be a task. It’s either a correct Greek to English, or Hebrew to English.

It can be argued based on the dead Sea Scrolls and Papyri such as Papyrus Fouad 266 that the Septuagint is a more accurate version and again, it’s a thousand years older. Tireless research has been ongoing concerning Septuagint vs Masoretic and the volume of work on the subject is enough to provide any laymen with vast understanding on extant manuscript. Bottomline, any serious student needs to translate the Hebrew/Latin/Greek words for yourself to determine “manipulation” of the scripture you’re reading. If you rely on someone else to “tell you” what God’s word means, you will be sorely misled.

Only through the Spirit of Elohim, YHWH our mighty God, can we receive the knowledge of His word. That knowledge comes through the gift of the Holy Spirit received by those who accept HaMashiach Jesus for salvation from your sin. Those in darkness will never truly understand YHWH without receiving His spirit.

However, it’s simple to see verse to verse – clearly with thousands of extant script/papyri/vellum available. YHWH made sure that enough documentation was in multi-cultural hands so not one group of people could eradicate the truth, although the darkness and rulers of this world have tried many times. Throughout the centuries there have been subtle additions by denominations and erasure of text based on “updated beliefs”.

To compare English translation of single verse you can go here.

Hebrew translation can be done through multiple sources including Strongs Concordance.

Enjoy, and remember the rules, if the verse doesn’t agree with other scripture, generally there is a pesky manipulation lurking.

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