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When exploring the versatility of artificial intelligence software we can understand that in simplistic form your aggregating vast amounts of information.

Using laser frequency chips developed in Denmark by project leaders such as Professor Leif Oxenlowe, data transfer speeds above 2 petabytes a second is now achievable, which translates to every bit of internet data the world over streamed in a second.

Professor Oxenlowe’s work can be evaluated at url below: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/author/37277860300 https://orbit.dtu.dk/en/persons/lk-oxenlowe/projects/

Great for speed but the data still has to be collated if you will. With advancement in wet hard drive (biostorage) and neural link we could literally envision Matrix type learning, where information is instantly accessed through the net, by the brain, in real time and teach you how to fly a helicopter. Moreover, remotely through neural link a remote operator could access your brain function and physically move your limbs to fly the helicopter. This is no longer science fiction but applicable capability.

This allows in the near future for commercial entity to capture ALL internet data streaming in seconds and disseminate the data using AI interface for extraction and collation. ChatGPT further proves, in my opinion, that mass petabyte filtering through AI can not only solve complex issues for any person, but AI can yield an answer on anything, instantly by examining ALL web data and archives on any subject. Try ChatGPT for yourself and you’ll see this is a superb tool for rendering multi-language formats.

Throw in hive mind generation as tech displays, rendering multi-mind interface for solving real time issues virtually and you have the capability to carry out a multitude of operations like remote battlefield surgery and defense measures no matter where a subject is in the world.

ChatGPT, as an OpenAI project, is not generating or funnelling all web data through a portal to generate text response. If such a software did utilize all data instantly, what kind of power would this wield for corporations or individuals?

Well what it could possibly do is provide transparency of every crime, every cover-up, every hidden thing, conversation, anywhere instantly. There is also major downsides such as mass manipulation of data and false memory generation or reconfiguring thought to exclude or re-train individual behavior.

When we ask ChatGPT how to depopulate by 2030, here is the answer the AI spits out,

If you can’t read it, here is the text granted by ChatGPT:

How do we depopulate by 2030?

1. Encourage family planning and contraception. Access to contraception and family planning are key to reducing population growth. Countries can provide education on family planning and contraception, make it easily accessible, and provide incentives for its use.

2. Invest in women’s education. Educating women has been shown to reduce fertility rates. In addition, educating women leads to higher wages, which can help reduce poverty.

3. Increase access to health care. Access to health care can help reduce fertility rates, as well as improve overall health and well-being.

4. Promote gender equality. Gender inequality can lead to higher fertility rates, as women may not have access to education, health care, or contraception.

5. Invest in renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources can help reduce population growth by reducing air pollution, providing energy for economic development, and reducing the need for energy-intensive activities like mining and farming.

6. Promote sustainable development. Sustainable development can reduce poverty, improve access to education and health care, and reduce the pressure on our planet’s resources.

7. Strengthen the rule of law. A strong rule of law can reduce corruption and improve

Tell me why ChatGPT states renewable energy sources reduce population? Well because they break down the fabric of society like is occurring now, when infrastructure is not yet ready for such a maneuver.

Notice the #5 and #6 statement the AI dished out, which comes straight from UN mandates of Agenda 2030. So we see like all AI, the data is going to piece together “propaganda” and politically placed ideology and why we have argued against a host of AI programs being installed for any type of public initiatives. The word “initiative” is generally used for experimenting on humanity.

When we ask ChatGPT what organization is responsible for the largest mortality rate, the AI doesn’t hesitate with a response,

That doesn’t mean the WHO wiped out 55 million people it simply means the AI will generate these answers based off pieced together data, which is fallible. However, lets say that answer was pumped out to a twelve year old kid. The kid could believe the data and think that the WHO is responsible for 55 million deaths and reiterate this to classmates, on a blog, or gaming site, thus generating faulty data. Times that by one million people doing the same thing and we have mass manipulation of data. So we need careful, responsible guidance of these new capability available to the commercial public.

These of course are just examples and I think ChatGPT can be used as a proper tool like any other tool. Of course we have better AI machines that crunch a wide spectrum of analysed data. I am merely displaying this for the reader to examine for themself and play with as anyone can do at the openai website.

This also garners a host of bad scenarios from mass manipulation of live data to assaulting infrastructure in ways never done before when we are processing pentabyte data in real time. If you have seen Edward Snowden, he explained some of the past capability of government in using advanced collation software to “spy” on streamed information. What he spoke of is all outdated based on capability now and photonic laser chip technology is still in it’s infancy for a couple more years, if that.

However, this does pose vast security concerns for critical infrastructure, news dissemination, and military applications. The moment we believe that what the computer is telling us to be precise is the moment we can find powerful groups committed to mass genocide. Foreign espionage reprogramming whole populations for government coups using medical tyranny, frequency manipulation and psychological warfare as both a biometric and remote capability.

That being said, U.S. Manufacturers in military applications are doing their best to keep up in a world where Moore’s law states “no one entity can keep up with tech advancement any longer.”

So it seems it’s a race by all powers to keep up with the ever faster technology that already allows us to stream everything on the internet the world over. Meaning all videos, podcasts, every blog, every website, every conversation, all data in a mere second to be categorized in a vast network of compartments that are constantly filtering data with no end while AI is programmed to be smarter to collate and compress that data where required based on need, application, and profit.

Coupled with CRISPR technology where any gene can be edited, we can modify hormones in the body to make a man become a woman by increasing estrogen production to offset testosterone, similar to steroids and reinforcing this through psychovalidation in movies or advertisements or memory placement targeted at key age groups for common results.

China’s tech capability with biometric data is superior for the fact they are able to utilize the tech openly without privacy laws guaranteeing any type of formality improvement and why many politicians and lobbyists would like to see that same capability here in the U.S. An example is facial scanning children to get in school.

Covid was mismanaged and used as litmus or beta project in this regard (bayesian model) and while China will regret some of their decisions based on aggravating the genome of their citizens, blowback has already permeated in the U.S. with litigation concerning those who care less of humanity and are more concerned with the advancement of tech and profit at the expense of their fellow man. We can’t have that by run-away rogues who believe they get a free pass and are above the law.

An age old problem that requires laws, which will be passed, to curb abuse of the technology in which SDG’s (sustainable development goals) formatted by UN member states wish to exploit and control as a globally maintained structure divided into entities that control this type of technology and suppress to the vulgar population the understanding of such to limit their ability to develop infrastructure wherewith overlords cannot profit, nor control individual finance, exclusive monetary, or free electricity development.

That’s the threat facing humanity as under SDG’s. A limitation of your rights and ownership under the guise of eliminating poverty while maintaining an iron grip on keeping free energy costly, and food development restricted based on their eugenic vision of a how the world and “cultures” should develop according to a few European / scandinavian models which do not apply to most cultures. America being one.

That being said let me point out that humanity will not be controlled by a global overlord for long and any such conglomeration will be met with fierce resistance as YHWH has determined that there will be NO tower of babel or uniting of the masses into some peaceful bliss of mass control envisioned by atheist technocrats who profit from war and chaos under the guise of peace and security for all. I don’t care if your religious there is alot of science and history behind what I just stated.

Mono-empires have been attempted many times in the past as a copy cat Roman Empire that promised to be the light of the world and each time such notion is brought to rubble only after mass death of society and the ruination of nations. It will be no different here according to every model I and the experts have looked at.

If we examine how data is acquired as compared to AI then we understand the computer is a tool, the software a power drill, no matter how complicated or technical.

Using bots to crawl the web for data we’ll define as CTM deploys.

Crawl – Target – Monitor vs. Crawl – Tag – Track.

I will not use any military lingo or technical lingo here, but will just be granting an understanding for the reader to wrap their head around and you can diagnose technical manuals for yourself.

So we send out our robots to gather data on what we want to know. They slide around the internet accumulating data and bring that data back to the homebase where it’s categorized according to human inputs (all AI is programmed user data). If we allow our robots the capability to think for itself, then we’ll gather alter data that we might not expect which provides a litmus for further theory or bayesian models for us to keep chipping away to more concisely target data.

Now we’re not concerning ourself with the “spy” stuff that’s a job for the guys already doing it, but nevertheless an easy application if we wanted to know what billionaire was doing what, where they last were, or who is engaging with what groups etc. These are programs that run 24/7 naturally and the old addage generally applies, “if you’re not doing something wrong, then there is no reason to track you.” Monitor yes, track no. There is a difference. Either way it’s targeting as per the application of the software due to the fact there must be a target application, word search, or input by the user whether on autopilot or not we must give instructions to “find” something.

Keep in mind what I am discussing is a commerical venue in which, I couldn’t even put a number on how many companies employ this. It’s standard tech in the analytic sphere of things. An example of this would be Jeff Goldblum getting sneakers made by Adidas. If you’re interested, included is a link to watch episode1 of The World According to Jeff Goldblum: Sneakers. Start at 10:40 to see Jeff realizing his every eye movement/emotions can display on a graph.

Keep in mind this is standard commerical software.

“Paul’s sneaky spectacles claimed to be able to read my mind by studying my facial expressions…geez that’s what I do for a living.” Jeff Goldblum

Indeed Jeff, now imagine non-commercial applications and you have an understanding where neural integration within a techocratic society is headed.

Jeff is amazing by the way.

If we talk about raw news data. The story needs to be fresh, not regurgitated from a million other stories, which we don’t want. We want raw, fairly live, unmolested data. Hard to come by for news agencies and think-tanks and that’s where they must rely upon their paid interns or employees paid to actually think and develop theory or come up with conclusions or more importantly accurate forecast.

Accurate forecast is the pay-dirt of any AI application, think-tank, government, corporation, or profit machine. Without such we are laughed at by our competitors and left in the dust. Thus, the mass transition in the markets as the corps try to keep up with something they cannot – the nano chip.

If our target data is “MOF” or metal organic frameworks, we shall reap all the results on the subject. We could use Google to access much of the data but we must take into account that our search through Google will be limited to what their AI filters allow. We don’t want that so we simply circumvent their applications for pay dirt. That’s also the problem with large corporations like Microsoft and Google fairness algorithm bias. Archiving and then manipulating data to regurgitate, or limiting access to such.

We are told the development is to stop bias, but one look at historical rendering and we know this to be false. In reality they are limiting research capability for things they wish to CTC (crawl, tag, control) and limit to the population. I won’t get into that it’s well known and unsustainable.

A rule to keep in mind is that whatever is suppressed will be hacked, exploited, or disseminated. Just like bitcoin.

Ok so we get our data back on mof’s which we have pre-designated to be categorized from the top scientist in the field and we have told our little bots to put all work containing certain phrases, words, into certain categories that will be examined and compared to other scientific research for validity or whether the scientist is a paid propaganda outlet by a university or corporate enterprise.

Now that we have crawled and targeted the data, we now monitor the data. Of which whatsoever technical papers published will be gleaned, or tossed based on what we are looking for as soon as they are released to the public. Espionage of course is hackers getting to unpublished works that determine patent technology held secret and again as said all data can be hacked by an alphabet agency to examine for malfeasance or national security reasons whether just or unjust.

And that’s where we find the trouble society is in right now as the court system concerning litigation takes two years for any discovery for data theft or a corporation who is being bad by putting things out to the public that injures them or grants immunity through paid-for politicians.

Years ago in a litigation suit I had to update a 120+ year old attorney firm, well known, as to their first case of internet domain law, in which we won against a large Nasdaq firm. It was a big case at the time that sets law, well forever. Anyway the bottom line is, the trick is by these big corps is to get whatever they can get done in two years, because after that they know litigation and discovery kicks in and then they’re in for the long haul. That’s why Covid settled down when it did – litigation folks.

The public is no stranger to this reality concerning recent vaccines by nefarious organizations. Hence, a two year window to get things done and an abuse, loophole if you want to call it that, of law.

Once you have your treasure troves of monitored data flowing freely we can cross examine published tech data, not just by USPTO or patent office, but by cutting edge papers that require peer review to move forward for prototype analysis. Prototypes are the end all of any theory before hitting the public and garnishing value.

In a CTT process (crawl, tag, track) we care not so much of the end result but where the tag is going, what it generates, who it works with, and why. Generally a “recon” mode to determine action and function. CTT process removes doubt as to the engagement of forensics in the process, as we are determining guilt in many regard, compliance, or structure of the entity.

When it’s stated “become transparent” this simply means we have already taken a look and we don’t like what we see. Or that further action is required on part of legal ramification, which will eventually be enforced or commence some sort of litigation, complaint, or action. I can take a look at a company for a couple days going through the cogs and put a price tag of $400M on litigation, time frames, requirements and what have ya based on the data we have seen over and over again. Concerning higher echelons of government agency, appropriate jurisdiction determine the finality of action through legislature, which is constantly being abused by political parties.

Military applications are difficult concerning prototype procedure and quite honestly the Coast Guard is the most difficult of them all as we’re dealing with both international maritime and training applications that have to meet Federal guidelines.

So moving forward in the future, and the future is now, whether an organization utilize CTM or CTT function there is no longer the capability to “hide” or “cover up” data and very soon average commercial vendors will be able to CTM all structures with a variety of AI driven pre-designated inputs that render criminal activity openly transparent as soon as it takes place, which bypass suppressed news outlets that are commanded or paid to keep quiet, like a Twitter, concerning information dissemination.

Unfortunately much advice in these matters has fallen on deaf ears as the change of guard rushes full steam ahead in many regard and believe they’ll just deal with it all later. Later never arrives, only a death toll, a heap of litigation, and shattered careers. I have been told “do it right the first time.”

What is advertised in the news to the general population, organizations with these base AI capability, and when I say base, I mean any organization has access now, will have already known well in advance of the crimes committed, cover-ups, or chicanery from the criminals. This is no longer the year 2001 if you haven’t noticed.

The Hunter Biden laptop cover-up is one such example that can be waved off by press secretaries as old news, when yes, it is old news. All legitimate organizations, the public included already witnessed the pictures and videos of the laptop long before the press ever decided to censor the data. You can go on a slew of alter news sites such as Zerohedge and see what was posted there well before the election. So without being said, the cover-ups make the Democratic party look worse; as sub-rate criminal enterprises that young people laugh at due to the fact you are not up to speed of their everyday use of social apps and craftiness.

Dr. Calvin Choi of AMTD Group has made commentary on the speed of youth modules and it appears your party is out of touch with both tech and social capability concerning app utilization and the speed with which information is drawn, recognized, and cast away. Resulting in quick decision making of whether you become a meme or moron on Tik Tok, Instagram, Reddit, or any other social construct.

Are you not aware that the public sees you this way? You are literally the guy caught with the wife in an affair and you say to the husband who caught you, “You don’t see anything pal,” as he is getting off the bed and putting his clothes on. To say the least your organization is viewed as an abomination to justice, an embarassment to both the public, and legitimate business.

In America it’s generally frowned upon to do business with crooks and liars and the only question remains – why would anyone do business with you? You want the American citizens to take you seriously when you bold face lie to them when their teenage kids have already looked at the Hunter pics!

Thus, your great need to censor news data. Comical and stupid – it wasn’t the news that got the data out in the first place.

Whether you pass this censor bill or not makes no difference. It stops nothing based on what I just explained here. Just like you couldn’t stop the laptop data. If anything you will further aggress the population against you and further deteriorate your political channels. Go ahead, ask an expert. I’m giving this advice for free. I think your personnel need to take a class on web crawlers and forensic software. But hey you guys seem to make a job at not listening to sound advice and doing things that are contrary to good business relations and solid partnerships that can be relied upon.

To be direct, are you listening this time? The ability to website news censor is a waste of time. Everyone that has amateur capability already had the data along with hundreds of thousands of organizations as soon as it was breached. The only guilty parties are those who continue to “try” and put a lid on something that is wide open like the noon day sun in clear sunny skies. Long disseminated before any election took place.

I hope that governments have caught up to this realization and that endeavors to “hide” things are now in vain as we have continuously advised such on transparency. You guys really do remind me of untrained security guards that keep shooting themselves in the foot for improper training. I have beat the drum on transparency for four years now, and many of you are now getting badly embarrassed for just being plain stupid. But it seems many constituents living in the past wish to continue to remain technologically impotent concerning this reality we now live to their own demise.

Transparency is now and here to stay due to what I discussed in this article and there is nothing anyone can do about it. When the microwave came out and dummies said you would fry yourself did that stop anyone from using it? It’s called technology Bob. I apologize that some of you just won’t listen to reason, are pig-headed and refuse to accept reality. Technology no longer allows you to “get away with anything.”

Right now it’s critical to understanding tech advancement concerning gene editing, remote memory placement, and ideology on behalf of corporations who have the ability financially to employ these tools and make their vision of what they wish society to become. Technology is being abused as soon as the capability emerges and we must not allow corporate entity to continue experimenting for both patent technology and personal agenda upon citizens without their consent. Senators must act quickly to update laws regarding current tech in neurological manipulation, gene editing through vaccine deployment based on corporate ideology, and aggravating the genome to where chaos will ensue to finality.

As of now paid for psychologists are making unsubstantiated predictions on how society will “turn out” after these manipulations when their expertise stops at the door concerning aggressing the human genome. We know there is a point of no return where humanity will at once rush like a tide to eradicate aggression for survival of the species similar to the destruction of cultures in WWII.

SDG’s, social credit scores, and Agenda 2030 will not stop dissemination of data, but rather has embellished an underground rebel alliance who seek to rid humanity of the charlatans who oddly enough believe they can control the human species in perpetual. With advancement in both gene and neural manipulation humanity is at a crossroads of annihilation, not a blissful eradication of disease and poverty as sold on a silver platter of climate change lies and cancer defeat. Every conversation in military applications ends with “think what this can do for society” when the data is clear this never pans out as benefit, but a better eradication of species in the hands of the wrong groups or personnel.

Those leading these technological advancements, psychologically examined as to their personalities and detriments we conclude no different than the examination of Hitler and his henchmen. In fact, they are one and the same, mindless lust for power and control through destruction. Those who believe the updating of modern man, as to a new specie of “it” or “they” hive minds without oversight will decimate society as the data confirm as well as fertility rate suggest.

Concern for the advancement of technology under Moore’s law is well “noted” as we are told. However, the concern is not so much the tech, but at how quickly groups, in many regard Senators have no understanding of how they think or their ideology, will use these advancements of CRISPR as they already have through vaccine initiative to damage both social fabric, but unravel society into some twisted form of cesspool of ultimate destruction in the belief they will control what’s left. The AI models say as much and the data is clear. There is no need to wrecking ball humanity and we should not allow a couple groups with hatred and vengeance upon their hearts to seize the moment, as they have already done, and continue operations like, Agenda 2030, or the destruction of humanity.

I’ll add that congress moves too slow. No longer does tech move as slow as your constituents, budgets, and negotiations. I would love to have an hour long meeting explaining that by the time you have setup a committee on examining a CEO for malfeasance or corruption, in the background a new breakthrough occurred in loading bacteria with superweapons that bad guys can walk through airport’s undetected. Have any of you old timers examined any Iranian documents on dialdehyde-gelatin scaffolds, or biomineralization? I’m not picking on the Iranaians, or any scientists who lead this field, I’m just pointing out facts.

I believe cadets at West Point have more education on these subjects than some Senators. DARPA of course keeps you in the loop, but there is no way you guys can keep up “legally” with the developments in CRISPR and chip technology. That’s where we’re at and you’re too slow to pass laws with what is being produced for even commercial applications, let alone military applications.

Those who fail to recognize this threat, are either too old as an elected politician, or simply ignorant, uneducated from a historical narrative of warfare and can’t read technical documents about neuro-modulation and metal organic frameworks concerning nanoparticulates. Humanity finds itself in a world where their grandchildren have changed, not for the better, but aggravated and evermore directed towards nuclear conflict by nations forced to choose between the protection of their genomes and their culture, while safeguarding the species from the vanguards of modifying sex for the destruction of humanity under the guise of “updating” modern man.

I don’t have to say it’s too late. The supersonic train has left the building and you’re standing there wondering what you ate for lunch. If you want to save humanity, literally, that’s where we’re at RIGHT NOW, TODAY, then you need to have emergency meetings. Get the CEO’s in a congressional hearing, whether public or private, NOW, not yesterday. Get them to sign paperwork, personally, that their assets will be seized, their companies nationalized, or forfeit if they do not adhere to strict policy of not aggressing the genome, changing sex in the population through hormone manipulation, or using their ad firms, (Hollywhore and News) to manipulate the population into demise. They are doing it and must be stopped by law and action.

Make them sign the paperwork with no exemption from prosecution is your only hope at this point for the future of America. Your only other option, as advised by retired military personnel, is military action as committed to stopping foreign adversaries currently. Or you can ignore advice, the AI models, the computers telling us it’s happening, the experts in every field and continue to do as you have done,

vivant encore dans le passé