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When one refers to oneself as a Jew, like Senator Chuck Schumer from NY, what is the person really saying?

In a logical manner referring to oneself as a Jew is saying you emanate from the tribe of Judah, but does the individual understand this?

Does Senator Schumer realize that he is saying he is from the tribe of Judah, or is he just spouting out the beliefs that were handed down to him?

In a video from 2017, Senator Schumer congratulates B’nai B’rith on it’s 175th anniversary. In the video he states that Tikkun Olam is about “repairing the world,” which of course it is not. The Senator is simply repeating what he has heard in popularity circles of a new definition of Tikkun Olam.

Tikkun generally means “prayers” and rabbi the world over, myself included are sick and tired of hearing Tikkun Olam referred to as “repairing the world” – the phrase does not mean this.

Mipnei tikkun ha-olam as found within Mishnah Gittin refers to the good of Israel, or “Jewish communities” when the phrase was developed n Europe.

This terminology was addressed for halahchic dealings in divorce, medical malpractice, slavery, and societal issues referring to the general non-gentile Jewish public.

Although halakha did render how gentiles were addressed under mipnei tikkun haolam, the rabbinic enactment referred solely to Jewish society, never to “populations of the world.” This is a new line of thinking that someone literally made up in their head.

Rabbi Korff,

“It is so very difficult, indeed utterly unbearable, to sit silently by while Jews, and now the general religious and secular communities, completely misuse and distort the term Tikkun Olam– certainly not intentionally or out of any malice, but rather out of ignorance..”

Rabbi Korff goes on to say,

“It is not at all a centuries-old tradition, it is not a call to action, and it is not a commandment. And to be clear, Tikkun Olam does not even mean repairing the world in the sense of social justice. Nor in traditional sources is Tikkun Olam in any way even a direct human imperative or action, but rather one that is left in G-d’s hands.

We cannot, and are not instructed to, save the world, or even to repair it. Judaism teaches no such thing. Rather, we are instructed to conduct ourselves properly, to observe the Mitzvos, the Commandments (which are not good deeds, but rather commandments, required imperatives), and in that way to contribute to society and civilization both by example and through practice and action.” Link

Senator Schumer is making the same mistake all liberals make, not understanding what tikkun olam means and not understanding what the word “Jew” means, although not from a malice point of view, but as Rabbi Korff stated, “out of ignorance in the pursuit of virtuous goals and principles.”

Back to the identity confusion. In America, England, Europe and even Israel you see a war waging for gender identity. He, she, they, transgender, cisgender are summed up under gender dysphoria or how one feels about the mismatch between their bodies and their gender identity.

This war of confusion to the masses is perpetuated by many organizations such as the Anti Defamation League and Interfaith Alliance Foundation who claim to be Jewish organizations who fight for the plight of Jews around the world – of course they do, with antisemitic amicus filings to keep them well funded in their efforts.

The problem is that the “confusion push” to the gentile populations is based out of these Jewish legal organizations being confused themselves of who and what they really are.

Like Senator Schumer, he defines himself as a Jew, not an American, but a Jew, like so many other New Yorker’s who go to Yeshiva. They are brain washed to believe that they are not American, but Jewish and simply living in America.

To put this in perspective, when you ask an Israeli what he is, the response will be “I’m Israeli. I am from Israel.” He won’t say “I’m Jewish as this does not define who or where he is from, or lives.”

The person who say’s “I’m a Jew,” but was born in America, is taught to speak this way for division from the races, when in fact they are indeed white American’s with a mixed genealogical makeup, or converts from another race such as, Asian, Hispanic, or African.

If you ask ten American’s what they are, here is a response you may receive:

  • I’m American
  • I have Polish ancestry
  • I was raised German
  • I’m Irish and Scottish
  • I’m native American
  • I’m Mohawk
  • I’m African American
  • I am a mutt, Hungarian, Italian, and French
  • I’m a Jew

Now which of these statements above are correct?

That’s a significant question. How you answer determines how you think, the actions you take in life, food selections you make, music you listen to, clothing, and color preference; in essence the selection defines the makeup of who you are, how you speak and who you idolize as well and in may case what religion you choose.

Answering that you’re a Jew defines a religious category “Judaism.” As an example, Don Rickles, a well known comedian always referred to himself as a Jew and the crowd as “gentiles,” where in fact Mr. Rickles was a non practicing Jew. The term “Jew” refers to the tribe of Judah or those who actually follow/perform Judaism.

But is the above statement true? Lets continue.

Now Judaism can be coined in many regards as following rabbinic Judaism or Talmudic oral Torah Judaism, or karaite Judaism, non oral Torah Judaism (without Talmud). There are specific hebrew words and utterance that I’ll leave out here as there is no need to show the vast difference other than one follows modern Talmud ideology, the other only follows Tanakh.

Now what about secular or atheist Jews, are they still Jewish?

The question, again, is understanding the terminology of what the word “Jew” means. The meaning is from Greek Ioudaious and Latin Iudaeus.

When translated to German,

“The German language still retains the Latin original pronunciation. The German “Jude” is the German equivalent of the English “Jew,” but pronounced yude.

The German “J” is the equivalent of the Latin “I” and both are pronounced exactly like the English “Y” in “yes,” “youth,” and “yacht,” thus yuden, and as said in English Juden, or Judah.

The word Jew today is never regarded as a synonym for “Judean” nor is “Judean” regarded as a synonym for Jew. The reality has been completely skewed and debased as if the word Jew now means a separate cultural identification other than the original function.

The end result of such is the total confusion of understanding who and who is not a Jew, what the term actually means, and the religious correspondence to the term.

2,000 years ago in the time of Jesus, few of the citizens of Judea were Judahites. Some belonged to one of the other tribes of Israel, and many were descendants of Esau (Edomites) who had assimilated and become co-religionists with the Judahites and remnants of the other tribes in the hybrid religion of Pharisaism.

This ideology evolved over 2,000 years through Europe by multiple foreign born (outside of Israel) authors and is now called Talmudic Judaism today.

One must first understand where the term “Jew” comes from and this is a Greek / Latin translation of the land of Judea or Judah (the Judean’s) then translated to German and then to English. At the time of the Romans, the land of Judea DID NOT refer to those who practiced Judaism (the religion) as the word Judaism did not exist, but this referred to ALL the people who lived in the Levant at that time.

So there are many misconceptions of whether the word “Jew” is an insult or merely describing a race of people, or religious belief of people, so which is it?

According to the rabbi’s in Israel, unless you convert to Judaism, you’re no longer a Jew. You are also told that if you are a Christian, then you are not a Jew, even if your mother was born Jewish. This is now law in Israel as determining citizenship.

Under Aliyah, (law of return) as a Christian Jew you were allowed to be a citizen in Israel, but has been barred since around 2012. The saying is that this was amended in 1970, yes, but not too much enforced until the last decade.

Some have won in court, but for the most part this door is now closed and those who are Christian citizens will eventually be denied health care or citizen rights unless they deny Jesus openly in court and in written statement, as you must do to convert to become a citizen.

Law of Return (Amendment No. 2) 5730-1970


4B. For the purposes of this Law, “Jew” means a person who was born of a Jewish mother or has become converted to Judaism and who is not a member of another religion.”

If you are born to a Jewish mother and say you are a Christian, then you are not considered a Jew even though Jesus was born in Israel, unlike those who preside over the courts, many were born in Europe – this is sheer hypocrisy.

“The rights of a Jew under this law, and the rights of an Ole under the Citizenship Law -1952, and the rights of a Ole under any other law, are given to the child or grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew the spouse of a child and grandchild of a Jew; Except a person who was born Jewish and out of his free will converted his religion.

What this defines then is that the word “Jew” refers only to those who follow religion, or Judaism as rabbi in Israel determine what that is to be. However, there is a catch. If you are an atheist you can still be considered a Jew in Israel, just as long as you’re not a Christian.

You can say you are Jewish and atheist and become a citizen. All you have to do is say you are a Jew and prove that your grandparent is Jewish and voila you will obtain citizenship in 90 days.

Does that make sense?

According to the rabbi it does, as you can still believe in following Judaic holidays, but not be a practicing Jew, and get a pass. A Christian, however, must deny Jesus, and convert solely to the precepts of rabbinic Judaism to be a citizen of Israel.

Does that make sense?

At this point you see the obvious confusion. We see how a Senator of the United States is confused and we see how the rabbinic courts in the state of Israel define a “Jew” through hasidic confusion ideology.

The answer that you have been waiting for is NO, the word “Jew” does not define a race of people, the word Jew defines an ideology of people that choose to follow that ideology.

Those in America who identify themselves as “Jews” and not American’s are simply brain washed to believe that way – as this is called ideology.

It’s also unpatriotic to define yourself as other than the way you were born.

“If you are born in America, you are American, if you are born in Israel you are Israeli.”

Saying you are a “Jew” is generally incorrect unless you are following the precepts laid out in rabbinic Talmud belief or Karaite Torah belief. If you are doing neither – then you are not a Jew according to the rabbi. You can only be considered a Jew, or a Jew in waiting to eventually follow the precepts laid out for you.

The other argument is language. I hear this all the time from “Jews” who say “I can speak Hebrew and my grandfather was born in Germany to Jewish parents.”

Ok, but you were still born American, grew up in America, went to American yeshiva schools and lived American cultural life. You simply learned to speak Hebrew along the way as a choice. Your parents did not teach you to speak Hebrew or Yiddish, like in Israel where modern Hebrew is the native language, you chose to learn the language from an American English speaking dialect.

Does that mean you are pretending to be Jewish?

What it means is that no matter how hard one tries you cannot determine where you were born, you can only determine what you choose to believe, follow, and seek after. If you believe yourself to be Jewish, great!

It doesn’t mean you are, nor does believing you are Scottish, because your great grandfather came from Scotland, make you originate from Scotland, or know any customs from Scotland.

You can learn of these things, go after these things, but one must ask oneself, are those teaching you these things – really who they say they are?

I’ll leave you with a final thought.

Research your own ancestry. If your lineage was Jewish in Europe, or Russia and you have a Jewish last name, then you can assume somewhere in your body there is some DNA that ties you to the land of Israel thousands of years ago.

This will not by any means change the fact you weren’t born in Israel, but choosing to accept the Nazarene born in Bethlehem, HaMashiach Jesus, the Messiah sent to save humanity, as deliverer from your death, will put you on the path to knowledge and allow you to travel the correct path rather than be led astray by those confused of who they are.

Glory and praise be to YHWH forever and ever and to His lamb Jesus the HaMashiach, our deliverer.