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Dual-Purpose Globalization

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From the time it takes me to write this article, all commercial internet data, have been examined a multitude of times for anomaly.

If you are to understand anything, understand that a vast amount of data is examined in real time by what can be called artificial intelligence. Simply a calculator that is programmed to look for user entered categories of data, specifically anomaly.

What is anomaly?

Anomaly can be a new hot spot, riots, new tech data posted on a forum, terrorist activity, plots against national leaders, ideas or fictions that can be used as ploys – something new that can aid the “user” examining the data, because the “user” can’t think of the idea themself and needs to examine and leech the data from those who create it.

A Duo-Purpose world format can be defined as those who are either aiding in that endeavor – promoting energy, thought, technology construct, generation of ideas and labor, or those who are given devices to weed them out.

Examples of weeding out the non-thought category is understood by gaming principle.

If I introduce a game into the public, one in which a statistical amout of people play around the clock. This game can be introduced through a game platform, a phone, a tablet and enable the user a steady supply of small dopamine release addictive reward approached system to keep the user engaged psychologically over a 24 hour period.

This separates the user of the game from society. Now the user is a by-product of the purpose of that game. Namely attached to the device. We can further understand that if we introduce cannibis to these “users” they will be further devoid of critical thought.

Critical meaning, unable to develop idea or material development due to the fact their brain will always be concerned of what is happening on the game or dopamine distracted from all other activity besides sustenance (food, water, sex).

We can further understand that the “user” will hurriedly complete sustenance to get back to getting the dopamine release the game offers in reward/loss relation to the human mind of bottomless consumption, or “enough, is never enough.”

China has stricy policy concerning gaming due to this reality.

U.S. citizens are eagerly inundated with a vast array of gaming platforms for every personality. Studies show that the more a “user” spends on gaming, the less productive in society, financially, mentally, and heightened affinity for additional addictive traits: alcohol, cannibis, tobacco, vaping.

This crowd is “ear-marked,” a vast wealth generator, and will be used to promote group think amongst it’s doomed progeny. Progeny as defined as a prominent gamer who has a vast following and is able to define reality to their followers as an influencer. Defining reality is simply further encasing the individual user in fantasy to be devoid of throught, logical reason, productive output, or energy towards endeavors that would generate positive flow.

In essence, the entrapped gamer is negative flow value in both energy, financial, health, mental welfare, and physical conditioning. Adding an unhealthy diet of cannibis and alcohol on top of the layer all but conditions the individual for increased failure while promoting a loser atmosphere in which recompensation of wins is accomplished in gaming fantasy over and over again to convince the mind of whatever self-worth reamins.

One can see why any responsible government would use anti-gaming campaigns as a means to curb total annihilation of their economic industry, education, and worth “value” of citizen out-put materially, mentally, and constructively.

Again, this is why China sets times for it’s citizens to play games.

How long will it take nations to catch-up to the reality that gaming systems are funding portals for game companies who then become the architect of society at the expense of both the “soul” of the gamer and destroys the “state” or national concept of living life as previously understood. By developing “gaming slave minds” the architect is then able to improve their power position in industry and influence gamers in general to be fiends or parrots of their industrial destruction.

The end result capitalizes or leeches the users wealth for a new paradigm. A new society emerges, one in which the leader controls a vast array of industry via “gaming slaves” and the corporations army cares only for it’s next brain reward while enriching it’s master whose goal may or may-not be a complete takeover of all industry.

This new established society consists of brain-dead, anti-thinkers, whose only goal in life is to promote themselves doing live-gaming teaching other “users” how to make money being mindless slave drones trapped in the same universal gaming principles developed decades ago.

Being plugged-in makes you a statistic, one in which is slated for depopulation according to a multitude of hyper-models.

Indeed, those plugged-in will not really care as they are too engaged mentally with losing their status online in the cloud, or losing everything they built in their fantasy gaming realm that will easily be washed away regardless of how hard they endeavor to hold on to it.

This is the re-education. The hammering away in gaming venue that you can own nothing. All will be removed and wiped and you simply start the process all over again, aptly playing the same game, the same mining, the same shooting, and building thousands and thousands of times, over and over again as a mindless dopamine drone seeking the rewards on a kill-board, or simply surviving another day in your fantasy realm chatting with strangers over a headset who are just as trapped and devoid as yourself.

Globalization is merely consolidating shipping ports, banking, commodities, energy, and most importantly cultures.

Gaming for youth – your children, is globalizing at it’s best. Dumbing your children down to ape-brain conditioning of pressing buttons to get what they want in fantasy gaming realms.

You’re too busy to understand this working all day. Take a stand stop the globalization of your household. ENFORCE mandatory time frames for gaming in your home, or be a statistic. It’s a choice, one in which the harbingers hope you’ll never figure out so they can continue consuming the material and life energy of you and your loved ones.

As adults trapped in these gaming worlds, free yourself, and enjoy living once again, or remain trapped feeding the industry leaders your mental fortitude and way of life.

Here’s a partial quote you can think about from a “Citizen Sleeper” review,

“You face the new day as a Sleeper, with your consciousness ported into a robotic body owned by a corporation called Essen-Arp. You’re low on the ‘medication’ you require to survive, built as you were for ‘planned obsolescence.’ This is how the corporation forces you into a life of indentured servitude — you can never truly outrun the body that is falling apart on you…

It made me think about working through the pandemic, as a matter of course, even as the people around me became sick while clocking in day in, day out. It made sense out of years living paycheck to paycheck. In Citizen Sleeper, as in life, scarcity affects choice. When you need to survive, can you really be picky about which offers you turn down? It’s also about finding a way to make a good life, no matter the challenge. Who will you invest in? Will you stay or leave?” Nicole Clark

I ask, will you remain trapped a slave to these robber barons, depopulating cultures, destroying industry, and capturing the hearts, minds, and health of your children?


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