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The Tares & the Wheat

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In this discussion will be revealed how tares and wheat are formed from seed and what constitutes reality in this biome of Earth for designed plant production that can be altered genetically and the function of a “transient soul” whether the fate is sealed acting out a role or whether one has the free will to change the state of your transient soul once production has come to fruition.

I may or may not finish the article before shabbos and will resume data after such. DJZ

The question is, once the seed has produced it’s flower or fruit is the soul no longer transient but the fate sealed?

Upon examination one could suggest that each contributor to the fruit within the biome coul be destined “to be” a tare, a by-product, or a cereal such as wheat to be consumed.

A simple answer would be by-products of the result of corn seed (maize) Zea may domesticated in Mexico. “The seeds of any of the cereal grasses used for food” (link) which can produce ethanol through fermentation.

Thus, the answer is yes concerning transient souls, according to biome generated seed design. A transient soul can still move from a “tare” to a “wheat” state and the state of a tare then is not bound but transient.

This may sound like mumbo-jumbo before examination, however, it is this designed state that governs all humanity and biomes in which we live and all government entity would do well to listen and understand of this not so complex enigma that governs metastasis and homeostasis in all living creatures.

Once we understand the design method of seeds, the function of the seed entity, we can then determine by what nature shall demand of the seed to make it a tare, a cereal, or a by-product. Does natural selection apply? Those in the Darwin camp would possibly suggest natural selection applies to all – including corn being turned into ethanol.

There could be solid arguments lending to outcomes of natural selection defining a percentage of ethanol derived from corn as an “evoltuionary scale” as mankind evolves. Thus, technology evolved and so ethanol evolved corn, so to speak.

This grants further credence to hypothesis and the scientific method to observe, analyse, test – outcome.


Before we get into what defines a “tares” or semi-identical counterfeit of the substance to be consumed that grants life to living creatures as sustenance, we must first understand that words and actions which cause either health or deterioration.

Understand then, deceit, lies, anger, joy, love, hate, violence all have consequence of formation into the biome we all live.

Examples of this are too numerous and one of the major detriments coming to a conclusion in this Earth biome is deception through both government and sponsored ideological entity.

Transparency of data is litmus for revelation of all things hidden. Indeed, when we can see through the glass into the room, we can see all things with the eyes. To look further in scope such as nano size we must employ methods of Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), X-Ray diffraction, mass spectrometry to see what the eyes cannot see. The designed cells which live in plasma and components which can be injected into plasma.

Tactics of disinformation are to dissuade a viewer/reader to believe in what is being told to them, to distort what is being told to them, or persuade that which is false to be “true” or a peceived truth for a plotted course of reason. Thus, a “plot,” or scheme for an outcome produced.

As an example we’ll examine “influencer” propaganda for religion:

Here displayed is a well known regurgitated scheme for religion parroted on forums all over the internet to persuade a reader. We can call this propaganda, PsyOp, or whatever term makes sense as to “trick” the reader into believing something is true or false or to “change the belief of the reader/viewer.”

This screenshot was taken from the bitchute commentary at TheQuartering channel. I’ll zoom in the commentary for you,

Now we know that there is a coordinated effort to parrot this identical propaganda all over internet forums internationally, so one would ask the question why does an organization have the need to tell readers that Jesus existance is up for debate and that you should not believe what the recognized Messiah has to say?

Why would any organization waste their time, energy, and resources, hire employees to go onto forums and parrot identical lingo to thousands of forums and multitude of languages over a decade? I know some of you have an answer to the fact “they are evil,” and “because that is what Jews do.”

I am a Jew, and bringing this to your attention and I also believe that Jesus is the Messiah that was destined to come into the world to save humanity and of course we have ample proof of both His existance, historically, and the fact Ruach HaKodesh is received through His name.

The propaganda then is to make both Jewish, Secular, possibly Christian’s (deconstruction) to question the reality of Jesus as a mediator to YHWH for salvation.

Salvation is not up for debate for the two billion people who claim Jesus as Messiah and all the Israelites who have done so over the last 2,000 years. It’s the same as convincing Hindu’s to STOP being Hindu – it’s simply not going to work. You may “influence” a portion of Hindus to deny their faith, even break from their faith, but these campaigns will have cause and effect.

These same tares will attempt to make you believe that “Jews” do not believe in Jesus, (I am a historic Jew with over 500 years of lineage proof) when we do in fact believe Jesus is HaMashiach. Not all “Jews” believe Jesus is the Messiah, and Zionists will tell you that “No Jews” believe that Jesus is Messiah (LOL) but then again people who have same sex marriage and are atheist still claim to be “Jewish” when that’s not a possibility, as our religion Judaism forbids such belief or personal action/thought.

We know HaMashiach name does not properly transliterate to “Jesus” and that is why the detractors tell you “He may not have existed” due to the fact the name was never “Jesus” (hey-sous) in 30 A.D. but more closely the Arabic, Isa (e-sah) and in Greek,

Ἐμμανουήλ – Emmanouēl

In an Aramaic tongue “Asah” or (ya-sah/yee-sho) meaning “It is accomplished.” Forgive my vowel pronunciation as hearing the words spoke and writing them in English is not preferable.

It’s also why the Archaic English word iewe became the word jewe, over a three hundred year stretch to modern English as the mispronunciation of i’s and j’s.

Those who do not accept Jesus as Messiah are described as the “tares” and we can examine both the ideology of a tares on whether the enity is committing deception, lies, or counterfeiting truth.

That is what a tares is – a counterfeit of wheat that provides no sustenance. And as a repetitive source, or cloned substance.

Now upon further examination of the character who is propagating the “influence” of Jesus not being a “historical person,” NIMADAN, we can conclude many things forensically which also display the intelligence of the person providing deception.

NIMADAN, has been on bitchute for 2.5 years, has no play lists or videos, just parroted propaganda commentary. An attempted “influencer” in an attempt to influence others not to believe in Jesus. A troll if you will.

Nim, is a mathematical game of strategy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nim

Adan, is the equivalent name of Adam and and also means the “calling for prayer” (adhan) in Islam. And of course this could be made to look like it is a Muslim stating that “Jesus is a hippie walking around Roman Palestine,” but the statement “Roman Palestine” further gives away the author being part of an anti-Jesus sect found within Talmudic orders who both deny Jesus as Messiah and worship the Egyptian Rambam as a god.

Islam accepts Jesus (Isa) as a prophet and believes both Jesus and Muhammad will reign on Earth. So of course an obvious deception influencer is the sect that teaches it’s adherents to hate Jesus and their followers Christians (Minim) as according to the Laws of Idolatry written in Arabic by the Rambam.

The propaganda of “Jesus not being a historical person” has been around for more than a decade from what we see as web crawled data within both documentaries, website commentary by trolls, and magazine articles attempting to rewrite history. We are well aware of the groups paid to do so and who they are and why they do it. But does this make them tares?

One must first realize that Jesus communicated to the entire world Biblically what a tares is, how it works, what it does, and the fate of a tares. Naturally those who gravitate to becoming a tares or by-product would like to limit societies knowledge of this reality or influence society to believe a false narrative, a counterfeit through fictional movie portrayal, sitcoms, video games or commentary that distorts thought.

And the newest endeavor, alien technology or alien visitors.

Certainly you’re not going to erode a religion that has been for thousands of years, but you may cause attrition for political power to gain voting power, monetary erosion, or further the capacity to change laws against political opponents or gain some sort of power advantage over another group thus, NIM, the game strategy.

Here is Nimadan’s commentary profile at Zerohedge, of which he has been a member since Saturday Sep 8, 2018.

So Nimadan appears to be a troll who is both Pro-Russian and possibly Zionist, gee I wonder what group believes/works in Talmud conditioning and communist thought? Who is paid to navigate websites/forums that are “trending” in an attempt to influence those reading the commentary at those wesbites to either insert alter-thinking, bend reality, or simply input propaganda or their beliefs into the “network” of readers/viewers.

On Zerohedge you can see the troll has help from co-workers who are there to do the exact same thing he is doing. I wonder what department and country the individual works for, hmm? I’ll leave that to the reader to discern. As can be seen influencers are rampant anti-Jesus trolls plaguing internet forums to sway readers into belieiving or not believing narratives – swaying the thoughts of those who can be swayed, bit by bit, thus the game of Nim.

The point of a tares is the counterfeit of wheat which we’ll examine in more depth genetically as this article is updated.

What we understand then that as humans we will play a roll. We can see this through online gaming as a personna plays a video game with their friends they will act out their personalities through gaming as to being a conterfeit in games, a betrayer, honest, noble, or acting out what they believe themselves to be by projecting their will through a gaming character.

This then defines the makeup of the persons character and trait as a good or bad person, a backstabber, an ambassador, a leader, an organizer – broad personality types of which we’ll not break down psychoanalytically as that would be for another paper.

So what is a deceiver if not the opposite of wheat? A deceiver provides no sustenace other that distorting for a scheme, a plot, for personal gain, or adherence that defines a result – Nim, the mathematical strategy,

“Nim is typically played as a misère game, in which the player to take the last object loses. Nim can also be played as a normal play game whereby the player taking the last object wins.”

So the object of deception is to win a game or scenario. Now in order to win that game you can become a tares, or a worthless soul good for nothing that lies, deceives, and tricks to get what it wants to advance a cause or paradigm. These are options. However, YHWH is very clear with what He will do to those who do such, that they are kareth, a doomed progeny as Navi foretold according to Tanakh.

I understand all religions have a broad meaning to define their standard of belief, Hindu, Buddhism, Wiccan obviously differ than Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Even so, a tares remains a tares and wheat is wheat.

I will interject on the Judaic side of the fence that it was our disobedience that caused diaspora and the state of the world as we now know it and the balance will reset only through YOM YHWH and per religion whatever form of “great reset” you wish to promote for what YHWH will do.

Those who play their part in the biome of which YHWH created will either be a tares or wheat, or a by-product of such as all seeds in this reality called Earth and each of your fate or your transient soul can be defined by your will to do either good or evil as the choice is up to you and determines your eternal fate.

No amount of money or power will save you from “death” or passing from this life to the next and you can hope in vain of what is on the other side, or believe fictional fairy tales a rabbi, priest, Monk, or the Enneagram tells you.

Those of us who claim certainty in everlasting life by receiving of the Holy Spirit upon your being are unique in that none of the charlatans above can claim they receive the Holy Spirit. For to do so in Judaism there are two options:

  1. eternally kareth if you are lying (destruction of your soul)
  2. the fictional notion that only a rabbis can be an embodiment and pass on Ruach HaKodesh

Only those who call upon Jesus, as the Bible (book of Acts) plainly tells you to do as an instruction manual, will receive the Holy Spirit upon your being.

This naturally infuriates those who cannot receive this “gift” and they have done all types of measures and continue to do so to “trick” this reality or to cause it to happen scientifically in vain.

The purpose of Isa (Jesus) was to replace korbanot that would be extinguished within 40 years from the Mashiach arrival. To this day, many rabbis still have no understanding of this reality although it is very clear no Kohamin has performed vayikra in 2,000 years since the destruction of Beit HaMikdash in AD 70. This is simply a truth no one can deny as in order to perform any type of korbanot there must be the sacrificial system in place with Kohen Gadol “asah” (doing, not performing) the service as under the Levite’s in Israel for there to be any korbanot or chatat for the people under Torah covenant with YHWH.

So you see the problem here. In a newly defined Judaism under Talmud the whole covenant of Torah has been sidestepped as if it no longer matters simply due to the fact kornabot cannot be performed/done without the High Priest and the Holy Temple.

Since there is no korbanot, as Jesus promised would be removed, a rift occurred as according to Nevi’im that a new religion would be formed out of this paradigm.

Those who reject Mashiach and salvation in the newly defined korbanot through Jesus would form a new religion in an attempt to vainly follow Torah mitzvot WITHOUT the possibility of doing so.

Without korbanot there is NO following mitzvot as every student of both Talmud and Torah know.

Simply “believing” that YHWH removes sin through belief in His WORD spoken through His Maschiach is too difficult to understand for many inhabitants of Earth, exactly as Jesus said it would be.

Both science and religion would get in the way of your salvation, or eternal life after you expire in your mortal shell. I have been told that althoug you have a free ticket to enter into the Kingdom of YHWH, indeed even the Holy Spirit of Ekhad will provide proof of the seal upong your being, those blinded or rather destined to be sons and daughters of perdition would refuse acceptance of their free “ticket to heaven” and succumb to eternal separation from their creator as choice.

If you want to experience salvation and Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit sealing you, then this is all you need do,

36 “Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that G-d has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ.”

37 Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Men and brethren, what shall we do?”

38 Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39 For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call.”

40 And with many other words he testified and exhorted them, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation.” 41 Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls (Israeli & foreigner) were added to them.

Acts 2

And may Jesus the Messiah allow your eyes and ears to be opened and receive salvation that you may receive eternal life and the salvation of YHWH upon your house.

Do not be deceived or let anyone tell you the child like propaganda of “Jesus never existed” a common deception ploy to stop you from receiving salvation and receiving of the Holy Spirit that opens your mind and soul and blocks the darkness of deception spewed out upon the cultures of this world.

May YHWH bless you and keep you redeemed through His son Jesus in whom redemption and deliverance of sin is assured and may you find salvation and joy through the spirit of Ekhad who has delivered us, who receive His Spirit through the name of Mashiach.


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