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Nanotechnology – The future of Medicine

img src: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7299399/figure/fig3/


Toward Nanotechnology-Enabled Approaches against the COVID-19 Pandemic


It’s evident the authors of the article were well versed in nanotechnology as per industry commonality. How is it the authors fail to mention anything regarding NP adverse effect from introduction into plasma?

Indeed, the authors ignored at least several hundred peer-reviewed papers written concerning immunology response to metal/plastic/polymer nano-particle pegylation in-vivo with apoptosis resulting from such coronal encapsulation and fibrinogen response.

But we’ll examine some key take-aways from the article which seems to indoctrinate the lesser educated medical field or medical Doctors glossing over the data trying to bring themselves up to speed on nanoparticulates only to be “tricked” into believing erroneous concepts by shenanigan authors attempting to further mislead the medical field concerning Covid-19 and how DNA reacts with plastic and metal coated (pegylated) products similar to Dextran.

Unfortunately Doctors must go off the data they “read” and if another moron or “paid stooge” parrots the same data to them, well then, they will believe what they are told just like any other human.

The last three years have proven that human psychology can be duped no matter how intelligent you believe yourself to be UNLESS you are well studied in the field, such as a pathologist, who cannot be tricked from what they have seen over their careers at examining autopsy, bacterial, and aorta under microscope.

Covid-19 proved to be a wonder in misguiding the world into believing much fantasy, while twisting medical terms to fit a new vision of emergent data for the basics of profit and patent technology.

Don’t be fooled.

At the end of the day it’s about the $$$. The eugenics group who cater to the “12 billion population explodes the world concept” are simply wrong just like Reginald Gates was wrong about the United States never exceeding a 200 million population.

Scientists make mistakes. They’re only human.

But this 12 billion ideology allowed for a profit machine to get on the ball of nano-tech and chase the rabbit down the profit hole. The first one to develop new patents concerning manufacturing process and contractual agreements for NP (nano particle) distribution are the winners for budgets, University lab funding, and critical medical surgical, exploratory, tracking and mapping procedure for cultures and populations.

In essence, nano production is the future and you can only own that future if your products are “absorbed and contracted” within the population. Consumed if you will.

Take for example masking requirements by governments when we know the following,

“Filter media, such as those used in N95 masks and in mechanical ventilation systems, consist of myriad interwoven fibers through which air is moved. Their purpose is to arrest particles as they move through the matrix. Filters capture particles chiefly by three mechanisms: impaction, interception, and diffusion. Impaction occurs when the momentum of a particle propelled toward a filter fiber prevents the particle from diverging around the fiber along the flow lines of the air stream, causing the particle to collide with the fiber. Impaction is the primary mechanism responsible for removing particles greater than 500 nm in diameter. Interception occurs when a particle diverges around a fiber along the flow lines of the airstream, the distance between the vector of the airstream and the centroid of the particle is smaller than the radius of the particle, and the particle touches the fiber. Interception operates efficiently on particles greater than 200 nm in diameter. Diffusion is the final important mechanism of particle removal, and it is most effective at removing very fine particles less than 200 nm, especially at low flow rates. Particles around 300 nm in diameter are least subject to these three removal mechanisms, and they are considered the “most penetrating” particles for a majority of filter types.”

What are the size of virus particles and nano-particles?

“Assuming a median virion size of about 100 nm, a droplet nucleus of 1 μm diameter could contain up to 370 randomly packed virions. A similar 10 μm diameter droplet nucleus could contain up to 360,000.”

I’ll translate for you. A viral droplet 10nm WILL NOT be filtered by a mask that can only filter 200nm particles or higher.

That’s what a full biological HAZMAT suit is for.

Of course every biological disease control agency in the world knows this.

So why the Tom Foolery?

Well no need to dive into the rubbish of controlling the sheep to get them to do what a government wants them to do like a mass herd of stupid animals running off a cliff.

The simple answer is attrition. You have to sell the con and wearing facemasks during a time of unrest can do multiple things:

  • increase crime (masked bandits).
  • increase health issues (asthmatic, bronchial).
  • induce psychological detachment for parental interaction (lack of facial expression).
  • induce the “eyeball effect” (interacting with wooden dolls in society promoting “emotional detachment” of loss to life.
  • reduce communication amongst the populace to unravel fictional propaganda (which could only be maintained for a limited period 24 months for litigation time).
  • legislation initiatives to further erode “freedom” private ownership, privacy in general.
  • destabilization (attrition) of military readiness.
  • destabilization of logistical operations (food, energy, production material).

Masking is merely an ingredient of attrition.

“Computational models indicate how NPs are taken up by healthy cells or tumor cells, enabling better predictions regarding the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of these materials. For example, Lunnoo et al. used a coarse-grained molecular dynamics (MD) simulation to observe the internalization pathways of various Au nanostructures (nanospheres, nanocages, nanorods, nanoplates, and nanohexapods) into an idealized mammalian plasma membrane. Other studies have simulated how different NPs can target tumor cells and deliver drugs.”,

The part the author left out is the WELL KNOWN data displaying how NP’s cause apoptosis (cell death) in mammals (humans) regardless of the product used; silver, gold, ferritin iron, polymer, maghemite, or any magnetized particle in general.

Maybe the author is unaware that uptake, or fusion to tissue is only about 30%, which means macrophage is busy eating and getting killed by eating the toxic particles so that companies can get $$$ and profit from this technology.

That’s where pegylation comes in. Pegylation is simply encapsulating a silver particle in a polymer mesh which makes the nano particle “stealthy” (stealth Nano Particles pdf) or ignored by macrophage so it can make it’s way towards the heart being navigated by our hearts electrical capacity.

Both the brain and heart acting as a beacon to navigate the properties until they “dock” and fuse into tissue. At which time they can interact with ACEII, release drugs, mRNA tech, or simply be a “mapping, or diagnostic circuit” for both data transmission and/or anchor for future use. Whatever that use might be.

Again, this is widely understood and debated for over a decade now. Yes, over a decade of known use concerning NP’s with University in each nation trying to make their mark in the field of nano-science which is now a permanent and exploited category of science.

“Biocompatible polymeric-, lipid-based, or inorganic NPs can be tuned with respect to their physicochemical properties to encapsulate cargo proteins with high loading efficiency, improving protein delivery and pharmacokinetics over conventional approaches. Intranasal delivery of polymer-encapsulated antigen triggers a strong immune response, and the success of vaccination depends on the appropriate type of polymer in combination with the antigen.”,

success of vaccination depends on the appropriate type of *polymer* in combination with the antigen.

So regardless of whether you belive that “alien technology” is in the vaxx like an idiot, the real answer is that it’s simply decades old NP technology finally hitting mainstreet and the purveyors of such have a lot of money to make in the process. On top of the depopulation ideologies you’re so familiar with to date.

Have a great week out there if you can and if you’re a doctor, please update yourself on this tech and stop falling for the hub-bub propaganda. Like I said, you’re only human and easily tricked. Yes, look in the mirror and realize you’re in the same boat with the rest of humanity.