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Vigilance Committees in Lawless Times

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“The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Catastrophic Contagion, a pandemic tabletop exercise at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on October 23, 2022.” https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/exercises/2022-catastrophic-contagion/

The last time this happened Covid broke out world wide within months. If this same scenario occurs again we surely know who is responsible.

America dealt with similar villains back in the early west with the gold rush, train barons, and the bums, a group of professional robbers and burglars as described by Jack Black in his book, You Can’t Win.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s America was booming, moving forward in iron and steel manufacturing which gave birth to towns beaming with every opportunity known at the time, including mastermind criminals taking advantage of what was considered “tech” in these days.

Gambling, prostitution, opium, were but normal operations of men saddled with the train wave, slave labor, and con-men selling their snake oil potions. Nothing has changed today, an ongoing saga, but now it’s under licensed medical groups and billionaire philanthropists.

“Bill Gates, the World Health Organization (WHO), and Mike Bloomberg’s John Hopkins University School of Public Health sponsored the virus simulation, this time sans the World Economic Forum. Like the 2019 “Event 201” exercise, which ran a similar drill with a coronavirus outbreak arising out of South America killing 65 million virtual people, Contagion Catastrophe simulated a “fictional pandemic set in the near future” emanating from two states in Northeast Brazil.” https://principia-scientific.com/the-gates-contagion-formula-for-2023/

Back in the Old West you were lucky if you could get a man to agree to be Sheriff, not be a coward to stand up for the people, their cattle farms, and injustice in the towns. Thievery was rampant; the local coppers and bailsmen were running the prostitution rings.

Gun fights were all but common and every man had to stand his ground with a pistol at the ready or risk being robbed, conned out of his goods, or issued fake confederate paper money in place of silver and gold coinage. Understanding the past in how Americans lived and how this country evolved to what it is today allows for a critical and unbiased look at the criminal enterprises that have taken hold in this vast country of liberty we now live.

As John Putnam notes,

“The first vigilance committee formed in 1851 after the fifth fire simply because the city government would do nothing to protect the people. The committee, made up of most of the leading citizens and with the backing of almost every honest person, hung a few men and chased a lot more out of town. Within months things improved dramatically and the committee disbanded.

But it’s hard to keep crooks that are in cahoots with corrupt politicians under control for long and by 1855 things were in terrible shape once more. Gold production was down, voting fraud was rampant, banks and business failed, a city supervisor slipped out of town just before his imminent arrest for a major real estate scam involving city money and a pier we now know as Fisherman’s Wharf.”

When things got out of hand, the politicians too corrupt or bought off, the militia and the town folk would form a vigilance committee. The etymology of vigilante, now taken out of context to stop people from forming such is from the following:

Vigilante (n.)

“member of a vigilance committee,” 1856, American English, from Spanish vigilante, literally “watchman,” from Latin vigilantem (nominative vigilans) “watchful, anxious, careful,” from vigil “watchful, awake” (from PIE root *weg- “to be strong, be lively”). Vigilant man in same sense is attested from 1824 in a Missouri context. Vigilance committees kept informal rough order on the U.S. frontier or in other places where official authority was imperfect. link

Never was the term “vigilante” considered a criminal getting revenge without aid of police, as portrayed by those who fear the word now, but a word used by the average citizen to instill fear into the common criminals (rich men included) and reminding them that justice would be served by the people no matter if there was a Sheriff or not and no matter how powerful they thought they were controlling elected politicians.

As seen in the photo above “vigilante” meant the whole town. In this photo James P. Casey, a city supervisor, killed the local newspaper man who exposed him and Charles Cora shot dead the local sheriff over a dispute. Casey tried to use his powerful political firends to escape jail but the vigilante committee consisting of over 3500 people surrounded the jail to exact justice.

As John Putnam wrote,”Both men were appointed lawyers and put on trial by the vigilantes. Each was convicted with a unanimous verdict.

On May 22nd they were hanged from short platforms extending from second floor windows of Fort Gunnybags before an enormous crowd of San Franciscans who filled the streets, buildings and roof tops all around. The Committee of Vigilance continued to operate until they were convinced that all corrupt politicians and crooks had been purged from city. This resulted in a wholesale change of the political power in San Francisco.”

If billionaires and politicians want to plot the murder of American citizens well then it’s up to you as a citizen to form committees and put the fear of God back into these criminals – just like our great grandparents did to save their own towns.


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