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img src: International Journal of Nanomedicine The mechanisms of graphene-based materials induced programmed cell death

You guys out there pandering that vaccines are “Alien technology,” or that “You have no idea what it is,” – I am not amused anymore. The lawyers are not amused and your confusion/propaganda principles are child like and stupid.

So today we examine Magnetic NP’s interacting with fibrinogen so lawyers and the average citizen can laugh at the stupid propaganda in courts of law as we move forward to safeguard populations against rogue corporations.

Examining: Interaction of fibrinogen – magnetic nanoparticle bioconjugates with integrin reconstituted into artificial membranes. Magnetic Nano Interaction full pdf

From the Royal Society of Chemistry: DOI: 10.1039/d0nr04181e

Accepted 15th August 2020,

Ulrike Martens, Una Janke, Sophie Möller, Delphine Talbot, Ali Abou-Hassan and Mihaela Delcea.

This is an examination of the work with my citations and explanations of verbage, with added pictoral to aid in understanding. DJZ

“Among the properties of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs),
which paved their way in the field of biomedical applications,
is their physical ability to respond to a magnetic field.”

pci src: https://molcelltherapies.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/2052-8426-2-23

“Once the NPs (nanoparticles) enter the body, they can trigger different reactions due to their interplay with blood components.6 In blood, proteins attach immediately to the nanoparticle surface forming a so-called “protein corona”, which defines the biological identity of the colloidal suspension. Such processes in the blood stream can lead to alterations of protein structures which may cause diseases through the ability to induce an immune response.6,7″

This “protein corona” that forms is the same as you have heard over many years now concerning “Corona virus” which is quite honestly a play on words for confusion.

A Corona protein is simply the protein in your blood encapsulating the laser shaved micron plastic, iron, silver, or gold nanparticulate, depending on the use, which is generally pegylated.

Pegylation simply means coating pulverized particles, magnetite or maghemite (Fe2O3) in this case, are washed in polymeric chains of EthyleneGlycol (see Dextran Copolymers PEG) which coats the magnetic rock dust.

img src: https://www.abijoux.com/maghemite-47-86-ct.htm

Magnetite is also seen in kids video games, Subnautica.

The idea is that the kids are going to eventually figure out they’re being injected with maghemite as they get older, there is no way to stop that from happening, so they need to believe in their heads through reinforced gaming that “they need it” to survive or thrive as promoted through gaming as a mined substance required to build ships, make components, consume etc,.

The parents, however, are completely ignorant of this, as the propaganda is for the future generation as they grow up and data is widely disseminated. They’re simply trying to get ahead of the curve with changing the mind set through cartoons, movies, sitcoms, and video games, but data is moving faster than propaganda now under Moores’ law and their math guys failed to understand that data dissemination would outpace and foil their plots.

A pretty easy manufacturing process through Massarts procedure, although is made to look very technologically scientific with a vast array of technical speak so the average person can’t understand or will need a medical dictionary to unravel each word as you go – that’s why I am here for you House Reps, Senators, law firms and investigators.

“Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles were successfully produced at room temperature via water in oil microemulsion method. The magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles were spherical in shape. From the results of XRD, TEM and AGM, the crystallite, physical and magnetic sizes of the magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles are less than 10 nm. The average physical size for S1, S2 and S3 are 6.5 nm, 4.2 nm and 8.7 nm, respectively.

The 10nm is non-visible, so you can’t see a “floating substance” in an injection. The only way to know it’s there is to look at it under Transmission Electron Microscope, X-Ray Powder Diffraction and various other methods which the FDA DOES NOT REQUIRE.

This is also why 3rd party labs are being rejected as evidence and why BP is buying up and conglomerating labs as the only “authoritative” labs to be trusted – LOL – like that will work.

Pegylation is to stop the macrophage in your body from eating (phagocytosis) the plastic particles. The plastic/iron will kill the macrophage and then another macrophage will come try to eat and die also, and on and on and on, until the cytostorm happens, apoptosis… aka, cell death.

Pegylation allows for upwards of 30%+ of particle fusion to neruonal or tissue both for heart mapping (ventricle) and passing of the BBB blood brain barrier for drug delivery, or whatever malfeasance you can imagine.

As the article notes,

“Such processes (NPs introduced by injection) in the blood stream can lead to alterations of protein structures which may cause diseases through the ability to induce an immune response.”

The micron particles induce, or cause an immune response is just a soft flowery way of saying your macrophage can’t get it out of your body and cell death will occur, but different in various DNA structures or body types.

The body will also defend itself and force “push” the materials out of your skin.

Thus, a crapshoot, but after Covid-19 science now has a better understanding of what types of DNA show greater promise to pegylation and NP circulation on a mass scale, rather than lab animal tests or small human group testing.

All vaccines in the future will require testing under Transmission electron microscope (TEM) and spectrometry before being issued to the public. Governments, Senators are being updated on the sceince of this as well as the FDA so there is no excuse to manipulating public health officials concerning vaccines or innoculates in the future, as had occurred over the last decade.

Companies did a great job on keeping a lid on NP data but there are thousands of documents on the subject and this ever expanding field of science is known the world over in every university. Indeed, if your university does not have a nano-lab ascertaining to be as Faraday, you are behind the times.

Type in magnetic nano particle or MOF (metal organic framework) in any search engine and see how many results you get. You can read for days on the subject, so no politician or Senator should be ignorant of why humans are putting off MAC address based on MOF or Fe2O3 use. The U.S. Army has made public statements on the use of surface-modified Ferritin, which is iron called SpFN so it’s not a secret or confidential.

“SpFN entered Phase 1 human trials in April 2021. Early analyses, expected to conclude this month, will provide insights into whether SpFN’s potency and breadth, as demonstrated in preclinical trials, will carry over into humans. The data will also allow researchers to compare SpFN’s immune profile to that of other COVID-19 vaccines already authorized for emergency use.

‘“This vaccine stands out in the COVID-19 vaccine landscape,’” Modjarrad said. “The repetitive and ordered display of the coronavirus spike protein on a multi-faced nanoparticle may stimulate immunity in such a way as to translate into significantly broader protection.”’ https://www.army.mil/article/252890/series_of_preclinical_studies_supports_the_armys_pan_coronavirus_vaccine_development_strategy

A multi-faced nanoparticle is simply the shape of the iron, plastic or ingredient that is then coated with a PEG to keep it from being absorbed by macrophage.

Touting this as a “cure” or something to stop a virus is speculative at best. You can legally say it “may help stop a virus” but the alternative is mapping, tracking, and tagging as the ten thousand papers written about Pegylation suggest.

The geneal purpose for pegylation is to replace dyes for examing heart problems, drug uptake, and cancer tumor reduction. Like all technology these methods offer a broad aspect of options when magnetic rock dust is used as antennae, data transmission, or specific landing targets for drug delivery and a multitude of scenarios for cancer eradication, Oligodendrocyte progenitor cell (OPC’s) carrier targeting for the central nervous system, arterial mapping, and the dark side of corporate imaginations.

“Fibrinogen, is a 340 kDa plasma protein with three disulfide-
bonded chains (α-, β- and γ-chain) that are linked
together by a dimeric disulfide knot (DSK) at the N-terminus.
It is a highly abundant blood protein with a concentration in
human plasma of about 2.0–4.5 mg mL−1.15–17 Fibrinogen
forms polymeric fibrin responding to injuries of the vascular
system, which is important for the clotting process and platelet
aggregation. Additionally, fibrinogen binds another major
player important for haemostasis and cell adhesion, which is
the heterodimeric platelet receptor integrin αIIbβ3.”


fibrinogen, fibrin and elastin in coronary artery atherectomy specimens – https://www.researchgate.net/figure/mmunohistological-analysis-of-fibulin-1-fibrinogen-fibrin-and-elastin-in-coronary_fig2_26754139

So the images above give you an idea of your protein plasma and what happens when that protein plasma platelet aggregates (clots) because of foreign NP substance being introduced.

“Reactions between the proteins immobilized on the surface of the NPs and the membrane of the platelets may cause structural changes of the involved proteins or alterations in the clotting process which are not intended, and thus, are of potential risk. 23,24″

“Immobolized” means a traffic jam. Imagine throwing a billards ball into a pool of water coated in peanut butter. Whatever is in the pool is going to conglomerate on the ball – bugs, chlorine, leaves, debris in general.  This conglomerate can form into a mass or clot depending on the homeostasis of the cells to remain stable.

23 A. Elsaesser and C. V. Howard, Toxicology of nanoparticles,
Adv. Drug Delivery Rev., 2012, 64, 129–137.
24 M. Mahmoudi, M. A. Shokrgozar, S. Sardari,
M. K. Moghadam, H. Vali, S. Laurent and P. Stroeve,
Irreversible changes in protein conformation due to interaction
with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles,
Nanoscale, 2011, 3, 1127–1138.

So we are very well aware of this for over a decade and there is no excuse. The pathology reports, or post autopsy for the investigators out there demonstrate aorta destruction, clearly as defined by NP eradication. The imaging is clear, defined, evidence in a court of law – undeniable evidence. A sure win as we like to say.

Legally this is a multi-billion, if not in the hundreds of billions $$$ lawsuit, which in a sane world would be easily won through settlement. Discovery would never happen. Pharma would settle long before that occurred and it would make any triumphant law firm the richest law firm in the world.

As you have examined the Executive Orders and EUA clause, Operation Warp Speed, going after a “crime committed” is simply not going to work here, in my opinion, as many have suggested. A state to state play book has been blocked a bit, and the teams are looking at other solutions. GMP’s were a start based on Mr. Yeadon’s testimony, but I think it’s a dead stick, with alot of arguable dissuasion.

The evidence although piled to the roof, does not warrant prima facie based on exemption. I think the manufacturing process with intent established shows merit and it would be tough to hide that data. The question of “providing” that data to be examined I think is something that we can keep the case alive for the next 5 years minimum, seeing that we have to go back to 2011 and it will take a long time to negotiate what can be observed while University labs come clean about speculation.

Something will crack, keep at it folks.

Enjoy your weekend, email if you have questions, and I will update this diagram after shabbos.


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