We Know What Makes Em Tick

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WHO? Lloyds of London or the hurricanes?

Project Stormfury (wiki speak)

Examine insurance companies and Sustainable Development Goals, ie., “climate change initiatives,” initiative being an experiment and you have your understanding of when insurance distributors threw their hands in the air saying,

“How can we insure against ‘Acts of god,’ when these are now acts of men?

OR acts of governing bodies whose Directors are out of control.

“A CLOUD SEEDING DEVICE with 14 grams of silver iodide mixture in it that produces 10 to 13 nuclei per gram weighs about a 1/3rd of a pound. So 400 of those things weighs 120 pounds.” Ben Livingston

“We know what makes em tick. We have the materials if you will, to alter those energy cells and decrease the maximum surface winds in a hurricane” Ben Livingston

OR increase the damaging winds of the hurricane.

So without doubt who are the bad guys again? Why were the storms allowed to rage or increase “the maximum surface winds” when there exist the complete ability to DECREASE the storm at will.

What will this hurricane season bring and if destruction, WHO is really responsible? The guy who flies the plane or the terrorist directing the organization? You decide.

What we do know for a FACT is:


“Everyone knows about it. From the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hell.” Jack White

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