Parah Adumah – the Red Heifer

There are quite a few articles out there loudly exclaiming that the sacrifice of the Red Heifer will usher in the anti-Christ, the Moshiach, or possibly the beginning of the time of Jacob’s trouble. I’ll elaborate a bit more on this from authors since the 12th century, such as Rambam’s comments, and modern rabbis thesis.

Historically, from Mishneh Torah, Sheqel Dues 4 we find,

Both the ramp that was built from the Temple Mount to the Mount of Olives, on which the red heifer was led [to the Mount of Olives], and the ramp on which the goat sent to Azazel was led [outside the city were paid for] from sheyarei halishcah.”

Which simply means that goyim or gentile’s need not concern themselves with giving “donations” or care for Parah Adumah, simply due to the fact they cannot partake in the process of Vayikra.

Sure, the Red Heifer is another step towards Beit HaMikdash, for purification, however, it does not mean that the Temple will be rebuilt anytime soon. It simply means we have ash for purification.

I see Parah Adumah being used as a propaganda tool by groups and media as to proclaim a legitimacy of lineage simply by performing the service. Also manipulations on the relinquishing of sin, or the removing of such through purification.

I can assure you and all rabbis, that mismanagement of Parah Adumah will be another blight against YHWH in which our Elohim has promised to eradicate the rebels and the fakes from among those who serve YHWH.

Be VERY, VERY careful those in media, journalists, politicians, and religious leaders. Do not incur the wrath of YHWH over His purification process which has nothing to do with your Star Wars theories; fantasies of sin removal and Temple construction.

If anything, the allegorization of Ekhad purification rites will further justify YOM YHWH. Those who do so for alternative dogma to “bring about Moshiach” do err greatly, as did Sabbateans in their folly.

Mishnah Megillah 3:4

On the third, parah adumah (the red heifer) (Numbers 19) [to exhort Israel to cleanse themselves in order to bring their Pesach offerings in cleanliness.

Mishneh Torah, Red Heifer 2:1-3, Rambam

Extra stringencies were employed with regard to the purity observed in preparation for offering the red heifer and great extremes were taken to keep a distance from the ritual impurity associated with a human corpse in all the activities associated with its offering. The rationale is that since it is acceptable for a person who immersed that day to bring it, our Sages were concerned that people would treat this offering with disdain.

For this reason, when the priest who burns it is isolated, he is isolated to a prepared chamber in the Temple Courtyard. It was called the House of Stone, because all of the utensils in it were stone utensils that do not contract impurity. He would use the stone utensils throughout the seven days that he is isolated. His priestly brethren would not touch him in order to increase his purity.

For seven days before the burning of the red heifer, the priest who would burn it is isolated from his home, just like the High Priest is isolated for the sake of the service of Yom Kippur. This was received as part of the Oral Tradition from Moses. Similarly, he is isolated from his wife, lest it be discovered that she was a nidah and he be impure for seven days.

The chamber in which this priest would abide for all these seven days was in the northeast portion of the Temple Courtyard. It was positioned there to remind the priest that the red heifer is like a sin-offering that is slaughtered in the northern portion of the Temple Courtyard, even though the red heifer is slaughtered outside the Temple.