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Keynote Speaker at Palestine Book Fair Says Jews Made Up Their History

by Elder of Ziyon

I am quoting Rima Khalaf from the article by Elder located here.

“Zionism … had to reinvent Judaism and Jewry to fit its purposes, and it did. All of a sudden, the Jewish portion of Palestine’s history became the history of Europeans of the Jewish faith. Accordingly, the European Jews became the “rightful” heirs to the land of Palestine.”

Elder of Ziyon states in his article the rebuttal,

“At the book fair, Khalaf said that “Zionists” made up history and that European Jews have nothing to do with Israel, essentially endorsing the antisemitic and absurd theory that Jews are Khazars,”

Both Rima Khalaf and Elder of Ziyon are incorrect in their assessment and both have elements of truth.

In discussing the formation of Israel from 1948 to 1967, we have a handful of historians who have debated, authored, and received criticism (Shlomo Sand) on the subject concerning “Jewish History.” It’s a topic that Israeli authority would like to forget. As with any formation of a country, defining your national heritage through an executive body must reinvent history education for the proper narrative – make the circle fit the square so to speak.

These are facts for Israel and not debatable as every elder knows.

You can’t fool the elders who were there from the start!

Sure you can get them to agree and to “not speak about it,” especially the soldiers, but this changes nothing. History is history and will be remembered and written by many no matter how many politicians wish to drown out the voices of the few.

Instantaneous attacks upon others accusing them of being antisemitic due to having an opinion opposite their own has become the norm in Jewish culture.

In the 1980’s we didn’t have that problem as the speakers of that time had a thicker skin and were better debaters when it came to discussions. One had to be able to think quick on their feet and render their opponents nill with oratory skill – not so much today. Only a few come to mind, Ben Shapiro, or Danny Danon.

Resorting to “antisemitic” lingo as a defense is simply stating you are either not properly educated in the topics at hand or lack the ability to debate your opponent. It’s a cheap fix many of my colleagues and brethren find themselves doing more and more in society.

Quite frankly it’s upsetting to see logic and proper communication replaced with name calling to shut down what could be an enlightened conversation for the audience. In fact this could be called the dumbing down of Jewish culture by politicians and aristocratic authoritarian practice.

Nevertheless, society has morphed into what it is today and what I believe to be Biblical narrative. I really don’t care about the opinions of atheists, as they are entitled to their opinion, nor do I care about the opinions of RamBam worshipers, as they too are entitled to their opinions. I solely base my views from Tanakh and YHWH has educated me during my life through my experience and my experience alone.

My facts are my opinion, just like everyone else has an opinion.

The problem is when fantasy crosses the line from opinion to fiction projected upon millions of people as facts for a re-written narrative culture. This of course is the educational system the world over, not just in Israel.

In America we see the newly formed Lincoln Project as the raison d’etre and resistance to “white supremacy” by Black groups educated by Jewish groups skilled in such terminology. The American heritage theme of the Lincoln Project in essence states America was formed upon the backs of slaves who carved out the nations industry under the guise of complete and utter racial division and hatred.

Of course this narrative is fantasy and there is literally no need to provide source or evidence when there exists libraries filled with volume upon volume of multiple cultural formation of the United States of America going back three hundred years; some true some fiction.

With such a vast array of history we can put a microscope on the narrative similar to studying DNA when examining cultural blood lines. It’s hard for thee to kick against the pricks. Yet the “educational system” the purveyors of truth would have you think otherwise.

It’s no different than 1917, nor a myriad of historical likeness in which a nation was founded upon newly justified ideology to formulate the masses into a cohesive unit. As historians this is simple math, nothing complicated, and why teachers/educators are always first in line to hit the guillotines or censored when flushing historic reality to the abyss.

There can exist no unit cohesion without a sound universally agreed upon narrative. That’s the rules in all cultures throughout time. Students of history are quickly educated in these concepts and become immune to the perpetrated “fantasies” promulgated by education boards formed through political initiative.

A tree is a tree no matter what the language and we can trace the lineage of such through the ages of language. The concept above is difficult to understand by the untrained mind. It certainly separates the parroted PhD from the actual historical truth.

It has been stated, “Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.”


“For in much wisdom is much grief and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow.”

So true and depicts our current state of affairs in the world we live as history is daily re-written to fulfill the fantasies of the few. And for what purpose I dare ask? To bring about Moshiach quicker?

Does not YHWH know His own history of His people, His DNA and genomes of which He created and of every person upon the face of the earth He has claimed as His own?

YHWH does not require you to rewrite history or invent narratives for the people, for you do so at your own accord. You fill up a nation with lies for what purpose? Can you deceive YHWH with your narrative?

For Eloheinu has stated the following:

Passage and Time


(Gen. 11) Roughly 2,000 B.C.

Abraham was called by God from the land of Ur to go to the Promised Land, but he never owned it.

(Gen. 37-50) Roughly 1,800 B.C.

Joseph led the Hebrews to set up their homes in Egypt because of the famine.

(Exodus) Roughly 1,445 B.C.


Moses led these Hebrew slaves out of Egypt to the Promised Land. They sinned against God (Ex. 32), and they are cursed to wander for 40 years until all of the culpable adults die off.

(Joshua) Roughly 1,400 B.C.


After the 40 years have commenced, Joshua and Caleb lead the Hebrews into the Promised Land.

(Judges) Roughly 1,300 B.C.


The nation had no leadership. The repeated refrain is that they needed a king (Jud. 21:25).

(1 Samuel) Roughly 1,000 B.C.

God raised up Saul as the first king of the nation of Israel.

(2 Samuel) Roughly 1,000 B.C.

David took over as king after Saul. Solomon took over after him.

(1 and 2 Kings) Roughly 900 B.C.

Solomon –David’s son –allowed the Hebrew men to marry idol-worshipping women. Soon, idol worship was rampant in Israel.

(Isaiah; Amos; Hosea) Roughly 750 B.C.

Israel didn’t fulfill their contract with YHWH (Deut. 28; Lev. 26). Therefore, these prophets warned of judgment by Assyrian takeover.

(2 Kings 17) 721 B.C.


At this point in the history of Israel, the nation was broken into two factions –Israel to the north and Judah to the south. The Assyrians take over the ten tribes to the north (Israel).

(Jer. 29:10) Roughly 650 B.C.


During this period, Jeremiah predicted that the rest of Israel (Judah) would be invaded and exiled. He predicted that this would last for 70 years.

(Daniel) Roughly 600 B.C.

The rest of the land (Judah) was taken over by Babylonia, as Jeremiah predicted. This was the remaining land to the south. Exile commenced.

(Ezra and Nehemiah) Roughly 500 B.C.

After the exile, the “Jews” were taken back into the land. The book of Ezra describes how they rebuilt the Temple, and the book of Nehemiah describes how they rebuilt the buttressing wall.

350 B.C.

Alexander the Great took over the Levant. This was predicted in the book of Daniel.

167 B.C.

A number of “Jews” revolted at this time (which was called the Maccabean revolt), and they kicked the Greeks out of Israel.

63 B.C.

Romans invaded and took over the Levant again. Governors were brought in to oversee the “Jews” and collect taxes. The governor at the time of Jesus was Pontius Pilate.

A.D. 33

Jesus declared HaMashiach rides into Jerusalem upon ayir as Navi declared, was crucified and resurrected and will return the conquering King to finish all prophecy. The church began at Pentecost (Acts 2).

A.D. 70

Titus and the 4th Roman legion siege Jerusalem. Josephus recorded that 1.1 million were killed and diaspora begins.

A.D. 132-136

Simon bar Kokhba was hailed as a messianic figure, who could bring freedom to Jerusalem. Rome sent six full legions to destroy his movement. As a result of the Bar Kokhba Revolt, all “Jews” were banned from the city of Jerusalem.

A.D. 700’s


Abbasid Arabs took over the land during this period. They held it until the 20th century.


At this time, roughly 25,000 Jews lived in Israel.[14]



At this time (the beginning of World War I), there were roughly 80,000 Jews living in Israel.


By the start of the Second World War, there were over 400,000 Jews living in the Levant.


World War II ends with the Jews suffering greatly under Hitler’s Third Reich which attempted genocide on the Judisch people.



The British handed the land of Palestine (the Promised Land) over to the United Nations through an English banking clan Rothschild. The UN divided the land into an Arab state and a Jewish state. 650,000 Jews lived in Israel at this time.

May 14, 1948


The British withdrew. Israel declared itself an independent state. Before the day was over, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia engaged in open warfare. Truces were made by the following year.

June 5th, 1967


Israel engaged in the Six Day War. This resulted in the Jews regaining the territory from the Suez Canal to the Jordan river, including the city of Jerusalem. ”We have returned to our most holy places; we have returned and we shall never leave them,” Moshe Dayan.

Present Day

Today, there are over six million people considered Jews living in Israel.

Thanks to James Rochford for the summary list which was edited.

The word “Jews” is in quotes above during time frames when the word did not exist. The modern term “Jew” (English mass origin 19th century) is a newly constructed English word from “Iewes” as seen in the Cloverdale Bible of 1535 AD, the Geneva Bible 1560 AD which Pilgrims took with them to America, and the King James Bible 1611 AD.

Geneva Bible 1560 AD

Jesus was NOT a “Jew,” He is from the line of David, Judah of Israel, and was born in the Levant – Bethlehem. Jews were invented in Europe and our stereotype name is interpreted as “half breeds” or a mixed lineage. That may sound harsh and many will describe what is said as “self hating Jew,” which I find to be comical.

If knowing the truth of etymology makes you “hate yourself” then you have serious egomaniac issues.

There will always be a derogatory term for something that shines light on truth. However, for the terminology when describing Jews, you can’t go back to 1560 AD and take the word IEWES out of the books!

Nor can you change the fact that Jews (my family) lived in Europe for over a thousand years and have a mixed lineage as DNA proves through thousands of volunteers, and now thanks to Covid, millions of DNA tests.

The German Juden is translated from the Greek/Latin Ioudaeous/Ioduas/Iudaeos as seen in writings as early as 60 AD/CE

During the time of Rome 60 AD/CE, Greek was the written language, Aramaic the spoken language amidst Levantine dialect of the illiterate population of that time. Modern Hebrew would not come into existence, with it’s new vowel images, for another eight to nine centuries.

All Greek and Latin Biblical recording predates any modern Hebrew by over 500 years no matter how many academics or PhD scholars spew out fictions in such dramatic confidence of their lies.

Semitic Hebrew, Aramaic, Paleo Phoenician Hebrew, Syriatic, and Masoretic differ, yet considered evolution as Tetragrammaton of YHWH my Holy Adonai and righteous Eloheinu compared below:

YHWH preserved His word through Aramaic and multiple formats of  Greek (Byzantine the most numerous) a thousand years before the Masoretic text came about. Our God, Elohim, used all languages to preserve His word where He decided to do so and no modern day charlatans can say otherwise.

In fact, the LXX Septuagint helped preserve God’s word during the time of Rome, which is disputed of course by those rewriting history.

Greek manuscripts are what was read by those in Jerusalem (if you were literate) during the time Mashiach walked the earth in bodily form, NOT Masoretic or modern day Hebrew.

Aramaic was the language spoken by both Jesus and the Sanhedrin, NOT modern Hebrew as spoken in Israel today.

Naturally common sense tells you when forming the nation of Israel, one could not choose an Aramaic word, nor a Greek word to enumerate the people as the slang “Jews” was already well known for a hundred plus years and made prominent through the holocaust carried out by Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Jews who survived the death camps, my family name included, were told not to remove their tattoo’s, although Torah defines a tattoo as illegal to possess. This was about identifying through the suffering the people had lived and so the term “Jews” was kept as a national pride the world over rather than a slang offense.

David ben Gurion would have to elaborate on why a slang word was chosen, but I surmise the English “Jew” was a far better choice than the German word “Yuden” in which our families were forced to their doom. Many American WWII veterans were responsible in the formation of Israel in 1948 and we were all “Jews” in America from the English Bibles.

To make it clear for historians, doctorates, and rabbi – there is no such term Jewish predating the 17th century.

Again, this is an invented word from an improper translation. Whoever tells you different is either not familiar with their own heritage, ignorant of etymology, or pushing a fictional narrative for nationalism.

To answer Rima Khalaf’s statement,

“All of a sudden, the Jewish portion of Palestine’s history became the history of Europeans of the Jewish faith.”

This is true for many who immigrated to Israel as many who had done so from 1850 to 1948 were atheist or communist from Poland and Russia, (the incorrect nationalizing of Catalan from Spain) or non observant in practice.

You also had your Talmud, Karaite, and Christian Jews (which Israel and the Sanhedrin refuse to acknowledge the latter) among the majority of the immigrants, including those fleeing Europe for a promised new land. Similar to when religious persecution forced widespread immigration to America from England and Europe in the hopes and dreams of a land of our very own.

And to Elder of Ziyon’s statement,

“…Zionists made up history and that European Jews have nothing to do with Israel, essentially endorsing the antisemitic and absurd theory that Jews are Khazars,”

It is a well established fact that within the formation of the new Israeli nation political parties did make up historical narrative for what was considered Jews and non-Jews and designated groups accordingly. European and Russian non-Jews (gentiles if you like) were indeed granted status as Jews. This is fact and remains as such today.

Those who do not believe in HaShem are still called “Jews” to this day in Israel although they do not believe in either Talmud or Torah while Christians who believe in YHWH are rejected as Jews.

Israeli law states to be a citizen you must believe in Judaism, be born of a Jewish mother, or not be converted to another religion. Yet half of Israel is secular and ALL of Israel is mixed lineage.

This is quite a conundrum to say the least.

I’m sure at the statement “ALL” of Israel is a divergent chromosomal population there will be tearing of clothing and a declaration of blasphemy!

Lets put aside the noble aspects of matrilineal attempts in history, as that is all it ever was by a minority – attempts. But if you say it over and over again, enough times like Chabad, you may succumb to believe the agreeable fiction!

On December 20th, according to JNS

“Immigrants from the Jewish “lost tribe” of Bnei Menashe landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport this week to build a new life in Israel. Hailing from northeast India, the Bnei Menashe community is said to be descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel—specifically the tribe of Menashe—that scattered across the globe after being exiled at the end of the First Temple period in the eighth century BCE.”


These are Indo Asian Jews and I wonder if prominent families, like Iraqi/Syrian Yitzak Yosef, Chief Sephardic rabbi in Israel, will allow his children to marry into their family.

Although Yosef was born in Jerusalem, his father was Iraqi and his mother Syrian, yet he is the Chief rabbi and of course his mother was Jewish – she had to be right?

It doesn’t matter that Yosef has Arabic blood in the mix now, as his family are the top rabbi of Israel for the Sephardic Jews. Do I need to repeat that last statement?

So to answer the question, if you’re born in Jerusalem and you’re a rabbi, then you are obviously Jewish. Israeli law does not apply to the Chief Rabbi and many of his family members, but it is supposed to apply to everyone else. Jesus warned us of this hypocrisy.

If you dare suggest for a moment that all mothers in Israel from 1850 to 1948 were ALL Jewish and can PROVE their lineage back before AD/CE 70, you will be laughed out of the building, out of the street, and out of the city.

And rightfully so, just not by PhD from Harvard, Tel Aviv and John Hopkins. They will stew in dismay and bang their fists ever so gently on tables while saying “Es tut mir wirklich Leid. Nein, nein, nein!”

Those who profess semitic DNA purity nonsense (one group more Jewish than another) are in league with those that reside in asylum, claiming themselves to be born of ripe tomatoes!

The complete 100% absurdity of claiming yourself as Jewish by assuming your mother is Jewish when 99% of the population can in no way back up this claim with any historical significant evidence is mind boggling fantasy.

All the while the 1%, like jezebel Ghislaine Maxwell, will tell you they are 100% sure they are pure Jewish and that the rest of us are bugs compared to her pure strain of apostate Jewish DNA.

Insanity is boundless and logic has no place amidst madness.

I understand her father is celebrated as a hero in Israel, but Ghislaine can claim no such penance from her sins with under age victims and we are all familiar with what happened to Jezebel and her fate.

The similarity of waco’s above come from sites like, a anti-Jewish (note I did not say antisemitic Kyle) website which paints ALL Jews as misleading, deceiving, and targeting the white race for destruction.

I can assure you Kyle, not ALL Jews are targeting you for destruction. In fact, they are not thinking of you at all. At any rate, as Spock would say, some of us are required to research the clowns and academics with a fine tooth comb. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine which is which.

I can also say without a doubt, as a Jewish person, I have no financial power equal to that of Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos. You may want to inquire with Mr. Gates about your depopulation and leave the Orthodox Jews alone in that regard as they are generally poor or middle class people – NOT bankers or Wall Street brokers running Goldman Sachs and State Street.

Last time I checked, Dimon, Ackman, and Einhorn are not in my “close contact” list.

There is also this FALSE notion that the phrase “Greetings My Fellow White People” refers as a meme to Jewish people. Of course you can embellish this propaganda if you will – let me explain further to those who believe this nonsense.

As found on:

“Fellow White People, also known as (((dear white people))) or “Fellow Whites”, is a meme used to mock Jews who participated in this strange phenomenon where Jews pretend to be white to serve their political purposes. In contrast to Jewish Hoaxes where Jews hide their identities to blame a faceless entity, Fellow Whites are Jews who proudly pass off their identity as white.”

If you didn’t know (((  ))) is for describing Jews on forums/blogs where censors have banned antisemitic commentary.

First of all, the statement “Jews pretend to be white” is propaganda and if you believe it, especially being Jewish, then you’re ignorant or complicit with the falsehood that Jews have a special DNA unto themselves like Ghislaine above.

Secondly, this notion is to make all races think that Jews are not white, which is utter irrevocable balderdash.

Of course we are white! Most of us originate from Germany, Poland and Russia!! It doesn’t matter where you think you came from 500 years ago. To say otherwise is lunacy.

Then you have the ever so spoken of “hook nose” assigned to ALL Jews and “oy vey” as if we all run around saying this like “dude” all day – Shake My Head. What is this 1960 Brooklyn?

Let me educate you anti-Jewish smart guys out there. The “hook nose” stereotype is from I T A L I A N lineage. This IS NOT a Jewish persona. This is primarily found within Italian/Spanish descent.

I am Jewish and DO NOT HAVE A HOOK NOSE. Some people do, some don’t, and that’s why it’s called a stereotype.

If there is a pure strain of DNA going back to AD/CE 70 only YHWH knows about it.

The charlatans who claim such spectacular fiction are as pure a strain of DNA as is the latin translation of Iudaico to the English slang “Jewish.”

If you’re going to claim yourself Jewish through speaking Yiddish (70% German) as Chabad in New York, this is no different as claiming yourself Mormon from Utah, or Amish from Ohio. It’s just another sect or cult from Europe.

What we do know is the following.

Hitler went through great trouble identifying Jewish lineage through what is called Mischling and the Enabling Act of 1933.

“The Schutzstaffel (SS) used a more stringent standard: In order to join, a candidate had to prove (presumably through baptismal records) that all direct ancestors born since 1750 were not Jewish, or they would have to apply for a German Blood Certificate instead.”

So unless you can PROVE that Hitler persecuted you or your family members, or unless your family name is on Auschwitz, Dachau, Lodz, Flossenburg records like my name Zawada, which can be traced back to the 16th century, then you are only assuming your lineage like so many others.


The formation of Israel was identified through the suffering of the people, NOT based on the preposterous Israeli law of today which states “your mother must be Jewish.” As ANY mother will identify as Jewish who has a gentile parent!

Can you prove you were sabra before 1750 and that 300 years previous your parents were not Arab? Some will say “yes” in their lunacy and only YHWH knows the answer.

If the suffering of Jews defined the formation of Israel in 1948 and why we kept the word “Jew” to define that suffering, then those who Hitler placed in camps are more Jewish than anyone else!

If your name wasn’t on the prisoner, or death records and you do not claim belief in YHWH, how then are you Jewish?

And how does the Israeli Sanhedrin reject Christian Jews like Roman Zawada, Auschwitz prisoner number 20418, date of death 06-Aug-1942, as not being Jewish?

What was Roman’s occupation? Ordensbruder – Christian Monk.

Yet Hitler didn’t care about who was a Christian when it came to Jews, unlike YOU out there, the anti-YHWH fake progenitors who claim yourselves the “real Jews,” while the anti-Jews and yourselves claim not to be “white people.”

If you don’t believe in the eternal YHWH and you’re not white, having white skin, what are you then?

It’s simply an international disgrace amongst confused imposters claiming to be “chosen people” while denying the very covenant of Eloheinu to His people.

As purveyors of narrative we can spin the story anyway we see fit to convince anyone of our truth, when in fact your truth is just another fiction.

On a final note:

The map above is a historic map of Palestine circa 1900. The new argument is that the Islamic world had no maps of Palestine, as if this changes the narrative of Jerusalem being under Islamic possession for 900 years.

The Dome of the Rock was constructed in 691 A.D./CE. and the Ottoman empire dominated until the 18th century. There are no arguments that can change these facts.

Map arguments used for the purpose of refuting Palestinian rights of a people, or sabra born there pre-1948 is literally absurd.

YHWH does not require your help identifying His land, nor does He need you to provide fictional narrative to prove who His people are. YOM YHWH will occur in time, including the removal of those who pretend to be what they are not.

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