Mike Adams – The Health Ranger Unhinged?

Mike Adams – The Health Ranger Unhinged?

pic courtesy: https://www.newspapers.com/article/the-lewiston-daily-sun-1938-war-of-the-w/111937420/

This is an opinion piece. As I stated before, I believe Mr. Adams to be a person who wishes health upon his audience, besides the fear mongering. Mike seems to be a symbiont modern day narrator of the War of The Worldthe fictional radio broadcast that panicked late 1930’s America into a fear frenzy.

“In 1938, the animosity between radio and print media was palpable and at its height. Back in 1920, the first commercial radio broadcast had kicked off the radio craze, which had grown into a Golden Age at the expense of print media. The 1930s saw furious competition emerge between the incumbent newspaper empires and the upstart radio industry, as publishers made desperate and futile attempts block the transmission of news by radio. The depleted print industry was motivated to gamble on anything that could damage radio, and War of The World provided a golden opportunity to hit back.” https://www.wstam.com/news/other-insights/war-worlds-enemy-us/

As we glean from the Newspapers at the time, the broadcast seems to be a method to subvert free speech. War of The World is what we would describe today as a flase flag operation.

“A woman ran into a church screaming: ‘New York destroyed; it’s the end of the world. You might as well go home to die. I just heard it on the radio.’ Services were dismissed immediately.” The Lewiston Daily Sun 1938.

The purpose was obvious. Censorship.

Immediately after the broadcast, within days, you had Senators announcing they were going to introduce bills to curb such broadcasts through censor boards.

Senator Clyde L. Herring (Democrat Iowa), from the Lewiston Daily Sun (link above), Monday, Oct 31, 1938,

You read that right – create censor boards from 1938 due to a radio broadcast! Yes folks, censorship has been a long-standing “ism” agenda within America.

If you read the newspaper from 1938, you’ll see the same thing you see going on today and the same terminology. Some of the words used in the newspaper: inclusive, conservative, socialist, freedom of the press, land control, fact-finding board, insurgent, peace-time, Holy Land, Jews, Arab Uprisings. You’ll even see a snippet for gun control.

86 years since the Lewiston Daily Sun publication and the fear frenzy of Orwell. Not much has changed in terminology due to the fact it’s government terminology which is handed down to each new Director that heads the department. They’re following the same old script, becuase it’s not a singular person, it’s department policy that’s being followed. Which adds layer upon layer each decade, unless defunded of course.

And who are you going to defund? It’s a bit more complicated now than 1938.

Fact check boards created to indoctrinate the public before WWII. With advanced technology and the ability to now blame misinformation on A.I., rather than an actual person, you have a new legal-layered, automated “fact checked” firehose of lies splattering your brain 24/7.

So when I listen to Mike Adams shaky-fear-voice of mass carnage destruction, nuclear winter, starvation, and martial law by November 2024…

It’s an eye-roller for sure.

And now, there is no one to blame for the faulty data besides robots who “trained” the A.I. incorrectly. In essence, corporations have separated themselves legally for any misinfo content being posted to you through A.I. engine.

So there you have it. Censorship campaigns going back to the 1930’s during the so-called Red Scare. Democratic party, in reality, has been for the most part social-communisto ideology for one of the longest standing parties in America – Communist Party USA, the oldest socialist organization in the United States according to communist rag peoplesworld.org

“That there was sympathy for Soviet communism is beyond doubt, but once more that was wrapped up in the wider left and belongs there, rather than in communism per se. Victor Gollancz’s Left Book Club had 60,000 members in 1939, and most of its volumes followed a popular front line. The Soviet Union successfully duped the likes of HG Wells and George Bernard Shaw into being fellow travellers. The CPGB attracted stellar intellectuals and the literati: the poets Stephen Spender and WH Auden, or the scientist JBS Haldane, for example. Infamously, the Cambridge Apostles became the Cambridge spies.” https://rgshistory.com/2015/11/30/the-left-in-the-1930s-communism-harry-pollitt-and-failure/

Are you surprised?

You shouldn’t be after the last decade. I’ve given alot of data here and I haven’t got to Mr. Adams fear mongering to the public yet. Lets dive in. Mike’s commentary is at the link below and you tell me if this sounds like War of The World 1938. The link below takes you direct to the video, 15 minutes in when Mike gets going on some major assumptive panic rhetoric. I fully understand the anti-Democrat stance based on their actions. But understand, as I pointed out above, this is an ongoing platform for over eight decades. Mr. Adams is doing the same as Orwell in 1938. He is the false flag he speaks of, just as the fictional martian invasion of 1938.


PaNiC!!!! Ahhhhhhh! – same old song and dance before we head into another round of pre-selected elections. You can literally hear and sense the fear in Mike’s voice as he runs through his fictional scenarios. Maybe Mike is unaware that we can deduce fiction from non-fiction through both literary and audio format with forensic analysis. It’s how we can tell if the story written is robo generated, or essential drivel for the public.

However, all future events are speculation, regardless of planned intervention and regardless of Mike Adams fear mongering.