Mighty Elohim Redemption

From the 6th Century, Modern English Translation,


“Because of our atheist, disobedient, rebel leaders we are told that we have an ego-identity crisis. That being “Jewish” automatically equates us with our leaders as egomaniac psychopaths! Our leaders have once again taken the name YHWH has given unto us and drag us through the mire! The leaders dishonor the holy name of YHWH, they dishonor the Holy ground of Jerusalem by shedding the blood of our neighbors. You discredit thousands of years of diaspora for your greed, rebellion, and deception as written! YHWH with great fury will remove the rebels from among us!

And how do we know this?

How do we know YHWH will come to our aid and deliver us from the hand of those who torment the Earth, Jerusalem, and lay siege to the poor? How do we know that YHWH will deliver us from our enemies who spit in our face, mock us, and use us for weapons of greed and torment?

His servants the prophets, Nevi’im, have poured out their hearts upon the nations and yet they are declared lore, fictional stories for children. I tell you now our fictions shall light the morning, they shall drop like dew upon all nations! Your servitude as written, shall be out of love and reverence. You are not cattle! Foolish little men whom YHWH has not sent deceive you. They turn the House of YHWH against itself. They mutilate the mitzvot of Elohim for their inept fancy. They piss upon holiness like dogs!

Eloheinu – glorify His name all the Earth! He shall ride triumphant into His house and lay waste to those who destroy our people. The stink of their destruction shall rise like a torrential flood and envelop all the high houses of men. Fear YHWH and tremble mortal fools!

Psychiatry, snake-oil con-men, parasites of usury, you rebel factions! Elohim shall make you pitiful sights to the nations. He shall break your power, your factions, and your trope. He shall make you disgusting before the people! Your myths of ego and personality will be shattered! Your peace, peace, peace to the world will be overshadowed by YOM YHWH.

Your visionaries, wise-men, science, humanitarian effort, and goals of eternal life and slavery shattered and destroyed! Laid waste never to arise again. Our people will be free! Ekhad has removed our shackles, see He has done it!

His anger rises, His countenance lifts. He will not slumber, nor shall His judgment rest. His power resides in His word and His destruction is but a hair-breath away.

Flee now my brothers! Flee from the wrath of YHWH. Melech HaOlam has arisen. His scepter is in His hand. His arm, once outstretched will not turn back. For His name sake humanity shall fall to be cleansed. The dross removed. He will polish His jewel. YHWH will deliver the poor and the weak. His fury shall smash forth the arrogance of the proud and haughty!

Turn and serve me says the Lord and live. Obedience to your ways is destruction, judgment, and perpetual shame. Turn now, everyone of you who claim the covenant or suffer the wrath of YHWH as did the rebel factions in the day of Moshe!

Choose now O’ sons of men!

His scepter is in His hand. He approaches His battle stead, His armor is made ready for His day of battle. His saber rattles for blood to fill the vanquished souls who cry our for vengeance. Hear our voice Elohim! Destroy the rebel factions who hate us and use us for their evil! Come to our vengeance God of our Fathers! Let your promise fulfill. Let our house be saved. Cover us with your mighty shield our Holy YHWH! Equip us to battle. Magnify your great name!

Your holiness spread about the Earth, men in unison bow in the dust before you. Your greatness shines in the names written upon your servants. Lord of Hosts our Great YHWH, let all creatures praise your Holy name, Blessing and praise unto YHWH our God, He arises to fight for us!

Blow the shofar, blow the shofar, blow the shofar as in the day of battle! For His foot shall atop the mount, his mantle is dipped in blood to the horses bridle. Our savior rides forth to rescue His bride.

O Lord of Hosts our deliverer shall spare not, nor have mercy. The world shall tremble at His gaze. The doctors and lawyers shall shut their mouths and weep. They shall drink strong delusion and shall be deceived to a lie. You shall be lead into derision. Your mighty men and wealthy patrons will lead you to your doom. All are chaff in the wind, empty vessels made to be broken. Dashed against the rock of offense!

For Elohim rides to our aide with vengeance and fury poured out! For His remembrance of the covenant of our fathers shall come up before His face. For the glorification of His name shall we be redeemed!

Those who cast stones in our face shall weep at our feet. Behold our God! Behold His salvation! Praise to the name of YHWH and His Mashiach the lamb of salvation! Our Lord arrives with might and power in his hand. He stamps out the dried vines, gathers and burns them. Jerusalem shall shine forth as a bright sun to the nations!

All those who seek the Jewel’s destruction fight against the eternal God and you shall be crushed like a reed. Your own power shall turn against you. Blindness and rebellion shall pervade within your camps. Your brothers will all fight one another on my Holy Mount sayeth the Lord of Hosts. See He has caused derision. Your minds are broken and your nations shall be laid waste at the great day of the Lord! See it is done. The Lord has mercy to those who love Him and His wrath abides on His enemies.”

Thank you our God, our Mighty Elohim, Ekhad, Father, glory and praise to your name forever and ever! Amen.