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courtesy Britannica https://www.britannica.com/biography/Louis-XVI

It’s the 2nd of Sh’vat, 5782, what do we know so far?

As can be seen in France, (not displayed by their media) the plan (agenda) is not working out and the resistance is spreading. Quite honestly reminds me of the Execution of Louis XVI and why such somber faces for politicians. It seems the studies at the War College fell on deaf ears and blinded eyes.

Knowing the common mob, the vulgar, the people coming to your door to end the reign of tyranny must be a difficult imagination.

King Louis, in his most dreadful nightmares, would succumb to this reality – JUSTICE at the hands of the people, as will all those who now believe they can nanite an entire population to control them BEFORE they rebel and reap justice.

Did you consult YHWH in this endeavor?

I humbly ask the top military consultants – how do you stop any and all from competing with your nanoMOF? What happens when a dozen competing companies mix their PEG and iron trimesate in the populations and cultures, including military personnel?

Chaos maybe? System breakdown according to the laws of thermodynamics, absolutely.

The mamallian kingdom, as a weapon catalyst is well known in extant text. And now we see this as a reality. Lets flip gene Npy2r on and off for all pitbulls and house cats and see what happens seems to be the ethical situation we find ourselves in.

We already know the outcome. It’s inevitable. Once you add too much polymer into cellular you create cytotoxicity and no amount of “gene therapy” will fix this.

“It’s destroying the practice of medicine worldwide, destroying public health and medicine.” Dr. Robert Malone.

Malone is just a has-been now according to the profiteers.

This whole thing blew up out of the gate in your quest to “own” the blood property faster than the other guy. Your horse blew it’s suspensory ligament before the first turn.

Foolish is the word I think of and Proverbs agree.

Riddle me this, why would any sane individual place Pfizer, Moderna NPs (outdated) in their system when you can place your own developed NPs that you know are lipid safe?

The answer is “the common person can’t afford to do so, or doesn’t know any better yet.”

They’re just a bunch of corporate companies outsourcing like any other company developing nanoMOF (metal organic frameworks).

So do you really need to do gene therapy with one of the top advertised companies by a government? No, and states who are now wise to the trickery of scare tactics are passing laws to ensure their citizens are neither coerced with tactical advertising or pushed to choose a foreign, non-American company such as Pfizer, to produce NPs that may effect entire workforce, logistics operations, or critical infrastructure.

It’s also why the U.S. Army has it’s own nanomof.

It’s a choice regardless of scare tactics used by corporate employees at the executive level. Whether one wishes to call such devices the child like term, vaccine, or one can use the term the adults use, delivery service, the population will be educated very quickly concerning these topics.

Through both court discovery and academic papers published daily:

..the population will continue to develop knowledge and understand what is being pushed onto them daily, naturally before any one corporation can control all the NP tech.

We have over 5,000 academic peer reviewed papers from the top scientists in the field. These guys and gals have made request or presented technical papers discussing NPs for years: Ulrike Martens, Mengyu Liu, Xue Li, Kristian Berg, Xiaoping Fang, Ibrahim Aminu Shehu, Alexander O. Govorov, Milan Surjit, Xiuling Wang, Giovanna Cutrone, JingwenQiu…and the list goes on and on.

You can head on over to https://www.microscopy.org/resources/laboratories.cfm if you want to find a lab for analysis – there is too many vendors to choose from, all capable of understanding framework formation, or perhaps just setup a lab in a small office for a mere $25k.

You’ve done a great job in the media keeping a lid on all this information that has been around since 2007. And for what purpose? Well we know that too – lawsuits. By 2015 we had a solid understanding of building mof and pegylation, so it’s not like any of this is a secret and can be communicated very simply in open court before a jury by simply sending a subpoena to Advanced Bioimaging Centre Mt. Sinai Toronto, Los Alamos National Laboratory, or a hundred other university laboratories.

We can also see who is pumping out misinformation to confuse science, Centre for Evidence Based Medicine https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/what-is-the-role-of-t-cells-in-covid-19-infection-why-immunity-is-about-more-than-antibodies/

mRNA, messenger ribonucleic acid is what NPs are, messenger systems to tell your cells what to do, or deliver payloads. A vaccine for polio, is not the same as messenger tech, not by a long shot. The word “vaccine” in a traditional sense does not apply to nanoparticulates.

Just to be clear, in 2020 med/research companies used outdated risky NPs that cause adverse reaction in a certain amount of the population. Whether they can justify an exemption in Federal court or not, this will pay out over the next decade of litigation.

Non-pegylated NP may cause ACE inhibition, thus magnetoreception is required to avoid wash out (macrophage) and fits a double edged sword scenario for transmitting data. Literally a revolution in medical technology if we get right down to the point of it. I have NO DOUBT this will cure many forms of cancer in the years ahead, albeit the flip side of that coin.

Heart EKG and Holter monitors can be a thing of the past; so technically the argument is on the science side, rather than on the ethics side. A persons DNA rejection of NPs will be worked out through the coating process as compared to DOPC.

Obviously, booster shots will assemble the MOF, and quite honestly if you are your own health advocate, I would prefer a personalized MOF if we are looking at options, which you’re not.

Now I know they are doing their best to keep up and limit death to a Flu minimum, based on deoxyribonucleic acid response. Safety should be the aim of any medical tech company – limit adverse reaction or death in the populace as a goal.

Congratulations, clap, clap, clap, you helped your government and their retail partners by freely granting your DNA to catch up with NP technology, to compete with China, and update facial scanning while changing laws to position themselves legally under Covid.

They didn’t sell you a Ferrari, a better comparison would be a VW bug from 1978, or rather 2002.

And I quote,

“Given the ongoing evolution of SARS-CoV-2, researchers are working to determine whether current COVID-19 vaccines should be updated to match circulating variations antigenically. These efforts would closely resemble vaccine development for seasonal influenza viruses, which require periodic vaccine updates due to antigenic drift.” https://www.news-medical.net/news/20220106/SARS-CoV-2-Omicron-belongs-to-new-antigenic-cluster-compared-to-all-other-VOCs.aspx

Now it’s ridiculous propaganda like this trussed up under a rubber stamp from a “specialist” when we are fully aware of peptide monitoring and NPmof assembly.

But this is well known now. Everyone at the NYSBA knew the lawsuits would be in high gear within two years, discovery to follow, while the rest of the manufacturers scramble to position themselves to offer the newest, sleekest, nano therapy to compete with the exempt cabal.

That’s not an accusation leveled at NYSBA, just a fact based on Executive Orders signed by both President Trump, Biden, and include every Prime Minister / Monarch in that scenario.

The EO’s were signed, I imagine, without either President reading a single academic paper describing NP tech. IMHO, they never would have signed if they understood how nucleocapsid is encased in NP, which becomes encased in protein corona, which infuses within ventricle and passes the blood brain barrier for mFC.

I mean, you have to be a pretty trusting guy to take someones word for it, at the molecular level of which can only be seen through atomic spectometry, that there won’t be any nefarious or alterior motives for injecting NP on a mass scale for the first time into humanity.

Please tell me what quadrangle NP have to do with a 2002 Sars variant that cannot stop a lab-made virus delivered in 2019. As my teacher used to say, “you didn’t ask permission.”

Lets face it, this is the future for anyone with NP saturation:

Above from https://www.scistyle.com is regardless of metal organic frameworks developing a better soldier, or NP’s providing billionaire’s vascular gene therapy for longer life.

The nanowar has begun and every government will acquiesce for protecting their own tagged citizens. Those who sit back on their hands while nanorouter-infiltration continues at a hurried pace 24/7 will find themselves losing to both South Korea and China who are neck and neck with innerbody warfare.

The colossal breakthrough in nanoscience for “cardiac enhancement” is now thrown out the window and goes hand in hand with a doomed civilization. What could, would, should have happened didn’t. Sorry Matt Damon, Elysium didn’t happen as the fictional portrayals.

Instead we have saturation at the lipid level and the only solution offered by those who wish to cause it, is personalized therapy to fix what’s broken when the inevitable says it can’t be fixed.

The question you should all be asking is “what can’t be fixed?”

Or better yet, since there is nothing anyone can do about it now, besides imprison the fall guys and eradicate their corporations, one should ask what now?

The striking observance historians will make is how fast the corporate conglomerates moved to ruin the whole thing in one fell swoop due to greed and “first place is the only winner” attitude.

What now?

Well for one thing, humanity just changed in perpetual. Trans-human maybe the appropriate term, or perhaps tierII lineage. Either way, logically, deploying defensive systems immediately should be a focus in which the FAR manual address. Hacking was easy before, now, bio-compromise will be an ever-pacing challenge.

What could have been monumental breakthroughs in science, as the leaders of the world were told, is now a competition for who can CONTAIN humanity (corps, rogues, nations, vulgar) from destroying one another faster for a paycheck.

AND so we get to work…

The U.S. military is hard at work updating GNSS anti-jamming systems and network measures for countering intentional jamming, while increased military activities in South China Sea / Arctic Sea will increase demand for maritime use.

Deployment of M-Code will aid in the endeavor of keeping communications, especially GPS, in transit with on-time target rendering for vehicular and ground troops in the battlefield.


“The APNT capabilities that the Army has today are absolutely critical in warfighting capabilities and their resiliency on the battlefield is paramount,” William B. Nelson Director, Assured Position,  Navigation, Timing , and Space Cross-Functional Team Army Futures Command explained in his opening remarks. “PNT touches every soldier and piece of gear that we have on the battlefield and it’s integrated into all facets of our warfighting doctrine.”

While the U.S. military forges ahead to lead anti-jamming capability, the asian market forges ahead to lead innerbody warfare systems without the constraints of Senate committees, lobbyists, and patent lawsuits.

Defensive deployment against nanite-warfare is NOT a focal point. In fact, according to the data an abysmal failure when multiple factions enagage against countries who are innumerate against this tech.

Or maybe you haven’t read that white paper yet.

I know it takes time to read things and you would rather just have an assistant tell you what it all means.

What point is there to fix someones cancer or heart if they have no immune system? Let’s revert to the profit driven entities that sold you desert land to answer that question.

You were sold a lemon and you don’t have a solution.

I’ve read all the technical papers that matter, all your “cutting edge nano science” from the top immuno scientists. All the hypermodels and all the AI garbage can’t put humpty dumpty back together again once you pulled that trigger.

Similar to the Fukushima disaster, spewing radioactive waste throughout the ocean in perpetual, NP fusion is permanent.


After taking a break from updating this article, by gleaning forums like zerohedge, Breitbart, JNS, and the common rabble, I find that the populace, though largely still ignorant – I see explosive pockets of anger swelling to moral rage heights in the forums. It’s safe to say people are really pissed off.

When once confronted with these “things” the natural recourse is aghast, then anger, then understanding. I understand there was no choice here as much as there was a choice of steering a car into oncoming traffic or off a cliff.

China was not waiting for anyone to say “please or no,” and who should control who if it’s going to happen anyway, right? Well that’s what courts are for, to decide judgment upon the wicked or the innocent based on what YHWH gave us as judges. That justice should be served in the sight of God, as granted through His Torah.

So with that being said we get to work on fixing what you broke.

Lets just be candid, Epstein-barr was a long time coming. A plan devised by fiction writers that you tried to make a reality, but YHWH doesn’t follow your rules – YHWH makes the rules.

So I ask, what do you do when ACEII stops working for 2 billion people? When all these people have nothing to live for you expect to hide where, a bunker in Antarctica; perhaps New Zealand with your mates?

What does it matter if you use SpFN, when the civilians are already compromised before entering service. How are you going to decide WHAT is in the host by simply connecting a signal?

There exists no infrastructure to examine NPs in a host. One more time, there exists no infrastructure to examine NPs in a host.

As of now, this moment today the infrastructure does not exist, although we are quickly developing capability, like M-Code. But anti-jamming has little to do with ACE inhibition or dozens of companies licking their lips at storing their NP’s in your body so they too can collect data like Facebook.

It’s a game over scenario with cytotoxicity unless defensive measures can be deployed, and I stress ASAP, at the commercial level.

Your fictional Elysium with Matt Damon was a lone individual that destroyed the corporate power, giving life back to an enslaved humanity.

Anyone with assets should understand how to protect your cellular level against infiltration before you can’t.

I can advise what you need to do right away in order for you not to go down with the ship. Sadly many of you ego maniacs won’t listen and will literally be throwing away 150 year old family legacies. And for what, ignorance because you can’t read technical papers, or pride for a bad deal you made?

Would you like us to solve this problem for you? Contact me direct. Our offer is $20M USD for my team to fix your problem. And by fix your problem I mean employing strategy that safeguard your cellular existance and lineage before it’s compromised.

Certain protocol make us say statements twice, 2x, to make sure you understood what was said, “safeguard your cellular existance and lineage before it’s compromised.”

Quite affordable considering many of you have spent billions of dollars on this abysmal human failure, or on extending your lives with basic gene therapy available and your only exit plan is permanent.

Hitler was one man. One guy who wrecked a world and now the Germans have found a way to do the Blitzkrieg faster. Doesn’t bode well for those with abundant assets – never has.

What do you think will be the end result? Perhaps it will be like the prophecy, “Moshiach will arrive to stop humanity from destroying itself completely.”

Or maybe there will be another Nuremberg trial by world populations in revolt with alot of guillotines.

I’m willing to bet, based on my lineage, it will be like all the other plans and fictions that were sold to you.

I suppose when this is happening globally you’ll just sip martini’s on your yacht in bliss.

Governments literally bought into this nonsense so let me help you out as it’s a done deal. Either you have the knowledge to protect your cellular assets or you don’t. Email me for consultation.

The clock is ticking and as usual I’ll only leave this post up for a short amount of time, or until I have too much work to handle.

You’re not the only ones looking for that desert island now that the course of humanity has negatively redshift.