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Global Initiative

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The fundamental concept at the end of climate change and eugenics, besides the $$’s right, is to make the world a better place. The misinterpreted Tikkun Olam expression (mipnei tikkun haolam) which means, “good for the community/bettering the community.”

When you see the phrase Tikkun Olam used now, know without a doubt, it’s being manipulated for globalist projects that have nothing to do with the Jewish community. Those aligned with the 4th Reich have hi-jacked the phrase for their personal initiatives and anti-humanitarian schemes to enrich themselves.

And what does initiative mean?

c. 1520s, “of or pertaining to a beginning,” from French initial or directly from Latin initialis “initial, incipient, of the beginning,” from initium “a beginning, a commencement; an entrance, a going in,”

c. 1580s, from French initiation or directly from Latin initiationem (nominative initiatio) “participation in secret rites,” noun of action from past-participle stem of initiare “originate, initiate,” from initium “a beginning”

c. 1600, “introduce to some practice or system,” also “begin, set going,” from Late Latin initiatus, past participle of initiare “to begin, originate,” in classical Latin only in the sense “to instruct in mysteries or sacred knowledge.” This is from initium “a beginning; an entrance,” also in plural initia “constituent parts; sacred mysteries,”

c. 1732, “one who has been initiated” (in secret doctrines, etc.), from obsolete or archaic past-participle adjective initiate “initiated, instructed in secret knowledge” (c. 1600), from Latin initiatus

c. 1775, “power of initiating,” from French initiative (16c.), from Latin initiatus, past participle of initiare “to begin,” from initium “a beginning” (see initial (adj.)). From 1793 as “disposition to take the lead.” Phrase take the initiative recorded by 1815.

c. 1957, initialism – “written word formed from the first letters, in order, of other words in a name or phrase,” 1957 such as the letters NATO. “to make ready for operation,”

In reality, this culmination of technology under Moore’s law coupled with management law of Thermodynamics allows us to peer into the future, or perhaps opaquely view the end result of technological attainment and initiatives. What we find rather, is a Star Trek esque fictional living from the imaginations of an ex B-17 Bomber Pilot and Law Enforcement Officer Gene Roddenberry and production Executive Rick Berman. Both talented individuals.

Gene Roddenberry has an interesting story for anyone willing to know the life of the guy that started Star Trek. His career seemed to be frought with near death and disaster experiences and he certainly left his mark in Sci-fi.

Rick Berman, a well traveled man who made documentaries for the United Nations, took off from where Roddenberry landed. Taking over the “successful unsucessful” Star Trek business venture developed by Roddenberry’ keen sense of timing and dogged persistence. 

The fantasy of Sci-fi spread through fandom far and wide to include fictional Star Trek solutions for climate change, weapons, cellular phones, medical wonders, and economic transitions based from ideas of men chasing income to pay their mortgages in the 1960’s. Yes, much of what you see in the world today is imaginative work pulled from fiction writers.

Indeed, there is a new category of fiction called Cli-fi, “climate fiction.”

This best describes societal fringes to this day – fantastic dogma of space travel, economic sanctity, inclusivity, sustainable development goals (SDG), climate activism and the fakery of green energy through solar and wind schemes. All dubbed under the terminology of NET ZERO for carbon emission. Noble as these goals are, I and countless other “scientists” have proved many of the theories of solar benefits nil with the current state of technology. However, LNG and Ion technology are proving to be far superior energy methods for future consumption at the enormous cost of ridding the world of energy conglomerates and radical factions like the WEF.

In legal speak, it simply means war over the remaining production matériel.

Dividing the remaining biome commodities and extracting the last bit of currency before any morphological tech disruption. A business is considered large in 2024, if you have over 250 employees and over a billion $ in revenue. That’s massive consumption compared to 1960’s standards. If we look at the Fortune 500 list in 1960 the top five are:

    1. General Motors
    2. Exxon Mobil
    3. Ford Motor
    4. General Electric
    5. U.S. Steel

General Motors, the #1 company in 1960 listed revenue at $11.2B. Compare that to NVIDIA 2023 revenue of $27B as a base standard for industry and we have roughly a 2.5x jump in fiscal year revenue within a sixty five year span. 

Here is a graph for plastic production since 1950,

As you can see plastic production took off in the 1960’s. None of the metrics for valuation apply without plastic production as it’s the glue that holds industry together. Climate change sales-conmen must convince the audience that going green and rubbing out carbon, makes any sense as plastic production continues to increase 230 fold. Meanwhile, Asian populations will continue to steam forward with 3x the population of Europe and the U.S combined and soon to be the consummate consumers of all things.

NET ZERO climate change alarmism is complete horse puckey; completely debunked as of July 2024. Anyone who continues pushing the narrative has a diabolical end scheme of world domination up their sleeve. They pay handsomely to deceive everyone through e-zines, media entertainment, movies, TV shows, and blogs to lie to you daily through their advertising empires.

Pandered by groups such as Arabella in their now rejected social wizardy hubris. It’s no wonder the gigantic advertising conglomerate GARM ( lead by Rob Rakowitz) is a project by the World Economic Forum and we see Elon Musk is now suing this superpac of brand advertising tied to the new German 4th Reich of Schwabian world domination.

GARM – the Global Alliance for Responsible Media inititative. There’s that word again, initiative. We can see the same phrase used on a multitude of projects like the Chan Zuckerberg initiative for manufacturing vaccines, or the Bloomberg American Health Initiative, or the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative. Seeing a pattern yet?

From the  House Judiciary Committee,


“GARM, an initiative of the powerful World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), holds tremendous market power in the advertising industry. The report, ‘GARM’S Harm: How the World’s Biggest Brands Seek to Control Online Speech,’ reveals damning evidence of GARM’s potentially illegal conduct.”

“WFA members represent roughly 90% of global advertising spend, or almost one trillion dollars annually.4”

And they tell us with a straight face from the World Economic Forum website itself,

WEF website“GARM is a project by the World Economic Forum and the World Federation of Advertisers to improve online safety and trustworthiness.”


I mean c’mon man, don’t you think the population reads? These guys have literally spent billions of taxpayer dollars on unravelling themselves… literally outting themselves with their own statements and then having to perjure themselves in a House Judiciary setting before lawmakers. It’s comical really. The farce couldn’t go any other way really. There were simply too many wheels in motion, too many top executives that would talk. As I and those at NASA has stated before and as Rep. Jim Jordan’s office represents – transparency, would come back to bite in the tuchas as warned! 

And I quote, “..improve the safety, trustworthiness, and sustainability.”

The House Judiciary Committee does not believe their lies and neither should you.

“The report also reveals that in a transcribed interview with the committee, GARM’s leader and co-founder, Rob Rakowitz, repeatedly ‘provided … inaccurate information’ and contradicted documented evidence obtained by the committee. Through its immense power influence, GARM allegedly participates in activities far more serious than its stated aim of promoting ‘brand safety,’ even veering into content moderation of television, social media, and the internet.”

“The committee’s report says ‘a GARM Steer Team member expressed concern about Mr. Musk exposing the truth regarding how Twitter was previously used to censor the Hunter Biden laptop and Biden family influence peddling story, describing Mr. Musk’s position as an ‘overtly partisan take.’”

The legal phrase being thrown around right now is Criminal Conduct. And the investigations are just getting started. I’m willing to bet the WEF conglomerate will want to put a cap on any discovery brought by Elon Musk.

In this day and age it’s almost impossible to hide the data. I find it a bit hilarious that the main old retiring technocrat Klaus Schwab’s baby the WEF, now faces off with the billionaire magnate who commands the technical prowess they could only dream of. 

From the WEF website,

“Members of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media recognize the role that advertisers can play in collectively pushing to improve the safety of online environments. Together, they are collaborating with publishers and platforms to do more to address harmful and misleading media environments; and to develop and deliver against a concrete set of actions, processes and protocols for protecting brands.”

The project focuses on addressing the following challenges:

    • Hate speech
    • Bullying
    • Disinformation
    • Use of personal data
    • Child exploitation

As can be seen, the above is simply highlighted diversion or gaslighting. They cater to what they perceive the public wants or expects, but the real goals of their organization have to deal with censorship, NET ZERO advertising, and all the stuff of taking over governance and world domination. I can imagine that since the release of the House Judiciary report covered on Breitbart, that alot of CEO’s of the large brand companies named in the report like Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Mars, GroupM, Unilever, woke up this morning to the realization the WEF has used their companies for an alterior agenda and now they must do blowback control.

How many of the CEO’s are actually part of the anti-humanitarian agenda and how many are duped into the scheme like a Madoff Ponzi is the remaining question?  Time will tell as investigations rev up and we see what companies peel off from the WEF conglomerate. 

What the investigations are showcasing is that anything opposed to the NET ZERO fakery or any of their initiatives is the true threat to the regime. Namely, the collapsing of soverign infrastructure to make way for their 4th Reich technocracy.

According to Blackrock,

“Climate risk is investment risk – and will be determined by how the transition to a net zero economy unfolds.On top of physical climate risks, companies and asset owners must now grapple with the transition. Economies will be reshaped as carbon emissions are cut. The transition will involve a massive reallocation of resources. Supply and demand will shift, with mismatches along the way. Value will be created and destroyed across companies.”

LONDON, April 14, 2022 (Reuters) – BlackRock (BLK.N), opens new tab on Thursday projected that by 2030 at least three quarters of its investments in companies and governments will be tied to issuers with a scientific target to cut net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, up from 25% currently. It was the first time BlackRock, the world’s biggest asset manager with $9.6 trillion in assets, has said how its portfolio could look in 2030 as far as emissions are concerned, but it remains an expectation rather than a firm target. Reuters
“The BlackRock Investment Institute estimates that the world needs to invest US$1 trillion annually into low-carbon projects in developing countries in order to achieve a just transition to a net zero global economy.1 This is because emerging markets account for an increasingly large share of global emissions due to population growth and economic development.” NOV 2021 Businesswire

Global emissions destroying climate are now deemed absolute horse manure according to top international scientists and the world community investigating such. The farce is discovered. It’s baloney and everyone knows it. 

They are literally telling you along with the WEF and their exposed GARM conglomerate, the plan of destroying industry for personal financial gain. They call it a “just transition to net zero,” defined under Managing the Net Zero Transition. It could be argued an act of war on soverign national infrastructure, which will be gauged by public perception and action. The tide turns very quickly my friends.

Astoundingly there is a large number of supposed jewish sponsors and companies entangled with the WEF in their global dominance initiative through eliminating carbon and taxing you accordingly. It’s quite clear that many of the CEOs, Directors, and Executives are not Jewish, but secular claiming to be jews while denying G-d. 

Which again, we have discussed the secular, reformers and their ridiculous scheme to be considered “jews” through fake lineage schemes, rather than through believing in Torah, the actual religion of Judaism and Christianity.

So what we find is not a single James Bond villain petting the white cat, but a WHOLE GROUP sitting at the table petting white cats and plotting world domination through initiative projects. They have apparently set their differences aside as we see the Nazi’s and the Ennegram followers like Schwab, a multitude of religious organizations (Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Christians, Reform) and secular wrapped up in this globalist, money-grabbing agenda.

Money & power baby, is what they care about. Hate speech, bullying, disinformation, all tools used to shut you up or distract from their modus operandi of which has just been greatly exposed by Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

pdf download full report, 2024-07-10 GARMs Harm – How the Worlds Biggest Brands Seek to Control Online Speech.

Trustworthiness…let the word sink in.

It certainly doesn’t describe anything the WEF is doing or their advertising collaborators through GARM according to the newly revealed House Judiciary findings.

The veil of the WEF 4th Reich continues to unravel and reveal the face of true dictatorship and fascism as a revived Roman Empire, man-handling UN policy to circumvent soverign nations and government, just as the Romans had done centuries before in their global dominantem initiatus.

To understand this coup de grâce upon humanity, one must understand large corporations above 250 employees, selling stock shares through an exchange such as Nasdaq, NYSE, TYO, Hong Kong, or London must provide profit to continue to exist. They must consume and produce to ever increasing heights or risk implosion. The barometer of revenue existing with green activism  is not sustainable. One must give way to the other, which means Exchange Traded Corporations must croak or be put out of business so a green franchise can fly. The War of the Roses is now the War of the Billionaires as predicted.

If we look to the United Nations for answers, we’ll ask what kind of advice think-tanks and governing consultants are issuing. One such consultant is Harris Gleckman PhD and senior fellow at the Center for Governance and Sustainability at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

After one examines the research paper by Dr. Gleckman, Transforming the Non-Military Structures of Global Governance, you’ll have a keen understanding of parroted Bloombergian clone speak. One can’t help feeling the push of the all-pervading-eye of tikkun olam, reading the document, which is simply redefined altruistic communism made so popular by Baal HaSulem.

pdf download: Transforming the Non-Military Structures of Global Governance 

Gleckman’s opening statement (abstract) is thus,

The complex web of challenges confronting humanity – climate change, pandemics, economic inequality, and violent conflict – demands a robust global governance system.”

The climate change baloney is being debunked daily so you can be sure consultants like Arabella will continue to clamor and mass advertise “green” nonsense from their billionaire donors. Pandemics, which we know from court litigation was a huge pile of steaming manure. We’re surrounded by the cow patties of what Gleckman defines as “triple crisis” – climate change, inequality, and conflict.

  1. Climate Change
  2. Inequality
  3. Conflict

All three of Gleckman’s components of triple crisis are manufactured by their funded industry. All investigative journalists after examination of the data will come to the conclusion that the very pushers of triple crisis, are those actually causing the crisis in every aspect; to essentially become the Directors who provide the solutions to fix the problem they created. All for the betterment of humanity you are told, when we know the actions of such break down society according to thousands of years of anthropology.

It’s a wave of the magic hand trick and according to today’s data, their audience is leaving in droves due to the fact they can no longer control the narrative through a main stream media. Covid-19 put an end to those under thirty listening to anything proffered by governing loudspeakers.

These aligned groups have also attempted to destroy artwork in protest to climate change and everyone sees right through the activist alarmism. Only the most stupid continue to believe Greta Thunberg gas lighting and the thousand blog-ezines filled with paid government and NGO trolls backing the horse manure.

The long play is in hand – total control by the UN over every nation, or sanctioning those who resist. It seems those consulting the UN playbook are getting their strategy from historical characters like Hannibal and the Caesars, while admixing Moshiach dogma from sufi mystics.

Hannibal ( 247-182? BCE) thought it best to steal all the produce of the Bruttians (the toe of Italy) telling them it was for their best interest that he safeguarded their livestock, grains, and souls from the Romans, when his only goal was to utilize anything and everything to keep him in power and war. The same can be said for the modern day wizards of climate change and sustainable goals.

They know that if they can tax the water you drink, the air you breathe, along with every commodity on earth, like Hannibal, they can attempt to build their own Zhou dynasty. But like Hannibal, they shall fail through their family blunders and their success will remain short lived as humanity drive on towards YOM YHWH.

According to Gleckman,

“Spokespersons from governments representing all regions, and diverse civil society organisations, agree on one matter – the current system is not a sound system for global governance today. Critics have identified a wide range of flaws with the current institutional structures as well as with the current rules and procedures. The range of argued ‘failures’ in the current multilateral system range from not being democratic; not being effective; not being efficient; not preventing armed conflicts; giving too much power to the World War II victors; giving too little power to smaller developing countries; being patriarchal; being too expensive; too much of its funding is self-interested donations; fostering unnecessary competition between secretariats; being a world government in hiding; being internally uncoordinated; being hampered by multiple separate organizations; and becoming not fit-for-purpose.”

So the goal of course is to stop being a “world government in hiding” and come out of the closet for Caesar like domination or world dictatorship that’s shuffled around every six months like the Roman Senate did in the first three centuries. In layman’s terms, that means every single President and Prime Minister is installed as the need arise, just like Rome did.

So the advice is to force policy on all nations and if you don’t comply well then you’re sanctioned or smashed. This type of philosophy obviously is not popular especially when one understands that many UN resolutions over the decades were simply to enhance P5 member profits ChinaFranceRussian Federationthe United Kingdom, and the United States.

So this global domination thing will happen, but it will be short lived as YHWH will simply not allow a subjugated society under one roof. He specifically forbid this and will allow it only for a time of what the WEF refer to as a “Great Reset.” The great reset, which they know is on it’s way from technology, will eradicate technology and society as we know it.

Apparently this reset will destroy all ideology once perceived as correct (green energy, climate, SDG, capitalism, communism, altruism, socialism, stakeholderism). What remains is some kind of new tech governed by immortals, angels, and YHWH directly. Humans remain human, without mRNA, vaccines, nanomof’s, or cyberdine updates. All the factors of this new world are speculation, but all governments know what exist now, will be short lived. We can say humanity is at the cusp of dawn. Almost approaching last light before Shabbos.

Using the word sustainable for nations like China and India is a joke. Their population is 5x that of the U.S. which in no possible way with current world production is sustainable. Any economist can tell you that. Yet the United States is requested to follow along an agenda that brings your birth rate to zero and all the accompaniments compared to a nation that IS NOT democratic. Does East Asia practice human rights, or do they have tight control on their population? Do Americans wish to live like the Chinese? It’s an easy answer – absolutely not. Different cultures altogether. The Asian circle doesn’t fit the American square and never will.

The Asian population is almost ten times (10x) that of America, so any sustainability comparison, consumption model, user per household analysis is a ridiculous farce. 

Americans and Europeans are supposed to swallow the eggs whole like Paul Newman and not complain of a belly ache.

The belly ache being the whole thing is an attack on consumption and ownership. Which translates to – too many mouths to feed while trying to maintain control.

Listen to Peter Schiff tell young Americans they shouldn’t buy a home.

“In the real economy you should be renting, but in the economy created by government they end up buying.” Peter Schiff

Really Peter? We’ll tell the public what this really means for your partner portfolio’s.

He literally tells the kids, who are dumb enought to listen, that they should rent a property, rather than buy a property. Ok, so this echoes what Blackrock and other corporations have accomplished in buying up Real Estate to capture a large part of the market, in their 4th Industrial Schwabian idealism of “You’ll own nothing and be happy.”

So you have Peter Schiff pretending to be for freedom and democracy and at the same time flipping the script and advising you to rent instead of own. He’s not your friend.

Any person who has ever rented can understand rental agreements, and if you miss one payment, you can be evicted within 12 to 20 days in some states. If you’re late on your mortgage, no one can evict you. For the bank to foreclose on your home it can take up to two years of non-payment before you can be removed from the property. That’s the difference. They simply want to own all the property and have the ability to kick you out faster and maximize profit. That’s it, that’s what it’s all about. This has been well argued by the communist party for decades as actionable policy to slowly control the real estate market.

Don’t remain stupid on this, understand their masterplan, and recognize those pushing their agenda and working for the world dominance 4th Reich terrorists. Right, so some of these billionaire talking heads who get paid, or for their very own interest, keep doing YouTube shows or whatever avenue they can use to promotoe their carbon tax, non-ownership agenda. Yet they have failed to realize that technology has caught up with their lies. That we’re able to collate everything they have ever said and highlight it all in nice, neat, sentences to examine their past, their investments, their ideology. Instantly spit out to us now because of this thing called software collation, which is now defined as artificial intelligence engines. Ok, so rapidly this has been occurring and it’s evident that guys like Schiff don’t seem to grasp this reality yet. They are still under the impression they have a handle on the fake narrative and con-game. They tell us this crap with a straight face, while we look at their records and their spread sheets and laugh in their face.

Large corporations slow their roll in manufacturing while reaping profits from government to keep that stock price up. You consume the poison products they produce in a guarantee to limit reproduction. Your consumption of coffee cream alone (linoleic acid) and dishwashing chemicals insures necrosis, besides the other thousand exposures you deal with weekly. You see advertising of dish detergent all the time, but never realize the nanoparticles are being steamed into your plates and silverware. If using a dishwasher you’ll need to wash your dishes twice. Before you place in the machine and afterwards to get the chemicals off. But how many consumers know or understand this? 

That’s just a portion of their magnificent plan wrapped up in sustainability.

We can do better.

The problem of sustainability that experts like Gleckman hardly focus on is that of maintaining profits for corporations and the facade of electric companies charging every person on the planet for electricity when any citizen can do it for free in their own home. With the Sodium Ion battery alone the electric company is out of business for residential service in a sane world. I said a sane world.

So we have to get past this hard-money living, where everything of value is priced in printed paper that you have to bust your butt sixty hours a week simply to maintain some living standard unless you have solved the money problem permanently.

Inclusivity does not mean “equity for all,” for if it did the world would run through all commodity in double time. If we want to actually communicate ways of change for sustainable commodity then we start with something simple – the garbage bag.

No one should use plastic garbage bags, but they are in every residential home, commercial office, factory, and ocean. How about we start there, right? Well, you don’t due to the fact companies for profit own the garbage bag production. Their profits will decline, their stock on NASDAQ will falter, shareholders screaming, and CEO’s terminated. So there is that pesky capitalist problem there in the way of sustainability, get it?

The altruistic communist way in which China should be doing this, but they’re not, is to issue degradable plastic in one grade.  Eliminate six different types of garbage bags and different colors and use one type of garbage bag that everyone uses. The same grade of plastic, unscented for everyone. This alone will transition the plastic market to moar sustainability, but at the cost of polypropylene profit.

China, regardless, will be required to utilize base materials for consumption or they will absorb ALL of the worlds production capacity along with India. Why are no talking heads discusssing China consumption, hmmm? The United states is not the leader in trash, it is and will continue to be the Eastern part of the world. You can make up fantasy stories about SDG all you like, but it’s hard to get over the math of over three billion people living in the East.

Gleckman proposes,

“A sixth approach to fixing systemic economic issues could be to fundamentally create a new financial architecture linking in various ways the universal membership bodies of the United Nations system and their Secretariats with the governing boards of the World Bank, the IMF, and regional development banks and their Secretariats. A significant benefit of this approach is that it has the potential to address the rules on debt and related financial matters and introduce the impact of one-country-one-vote on bank and fund weighted decision-making systems.”

Why don’t we just hand over everything to Darth Sidious right now is your suggestion?? The population, if you aren’t keeping up from your lofty executive suites, the population has rejected globalist proposals in unified rebellion.

Again, we find our problem with the architects of consultation advising us to stay in bed with the very corruption and sickness that plagues humanity, which is anti-mitzvot by the way. We cannot take anyone to be credible who operate from an inferior power-grab position, or those who argue from future stakeholder profits. These are the dinosaurs of modern economics echoing the Ferengi mantra,

“Anything worth doing is worth doing for money.”

Such ideology will be laid to waste.

I’ll conclude examining Harris Gleckman PhD research paper with his statement,

“If simply 1% of global military expenditures were shifted to meeting global needs14, the resources available to build a strong global governance system would be six-times the current UN budget15. If each UN member state from the smallest contributor (paying $28,727 in 2023) to the largest (paying approximately $7.6 billion in 2023) agreed to increase their assessed regular budget contribution by a factor of three, the change in the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of global governance would be startling. The net result is that without solving the global financing of multilateralism many sound institutional proposals are blocked by fiscal conservatism.”

It’s simply about money when it comes to any large governing body in this modern age. Everything revolves around fiat – the real crisis Gleckman alludes to. The goal by technocrats is to establish an operational base whereby they control the decision making of nations through arbitrary fiscal force. It takes lots of money to do that. If you’re an unelected body, or elected by your own internal people, and expect to rule over soverign nations while changing their laws and constitutions – is what drives at the core of multilateralism and why there is constant failed negotiations, due to there being no standard bearer.

The UN had hoped climate alarmism would establish the bridge to solidarity of control litmus, however, the population has access to similar data as governing bodies and seems to be making more rational decisions than overseers who can never seem to get anythying right.

Stakeholderism is essentially convincing everyone to keep you in business, (like the electric company) when there is no longer a reason to do so. They are in fact straw graspers, hoping to save themselves from drowning as the world moves on from their slave labor and failed economic usury debt models, as YHWH intended. They are the rebels who eradicate themselves as navi foretold.

So we see the triple crisis (climate, inequality, conflict) has always been with mankind. And we see Caesars and Hannibal’s who figure out how to utilize the crisis to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. It’s just another sham they have never been serious about unless they make windfall profits – which right there, makes their scam unsustainable.

Ask yourself what kind of world we live in when Covid-19 has been deemed a non-natural released pathogen and after the fact you have Johns Hopkins University still running fictional scenarios of a corona mutation coming out of nowhere for a 2025-2028 pandemic deemed the spars-pandemic-scenario. Mind you Event 201, the previous fictional Corona Pandemic, turned out weeks later to not be fictional at all.

So like I said at the beginning of the article about Sci-fi authors imaginations ruling the fringe society. They have to get their work from somewhere right? Now they have a plethora of brainwashed climate alarmists to write the scenarios for them. They hold hands and dance in circles chanting to their false gods of green technology and their false sky-god. Like all children they eventually get spanked for their inept stupidity.

Only responsible adults can talk about this to get real results, not billionaires, politicians, pharmaceutical or factory owners. They’re not the adults, right, I think we have established that fact by now after a very vivid history of non-achievement. They’re profit-hunters described as Ferengi from Star Trek lore. The fictional scenarios that guide institution will be smashed like a Ming Dynasty vase, remembering that an enormous population served the needs of an imperial family with it’s official bureaucracy. Khan Academy

The reality for nations is alignment, avoiding war if possible, safeguarding your resources, and taking what others can’t protect. If you’re a nation that can be got by the P5, then they’re gonna get got. They’ll seek every avenue to get your resources so the other member can’t have it. East or West the edict remains, “what’s yours is mine.”

The establishments goal is to please the shareholder, lawyers, and their personal pleasures any way they can, always at your expense and that my friend is the way of the world and will never change until after YOM YHWH.