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Will Retailers for Covid-19 Vaccines be on the Hook for Litigation?

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As promised to the Jewish community, CDC Director Walensky has submitted her resignation.

After submitting damnable evidence enforcable as concrete evidence in statutory hearings through a multitude of pathology, Covid-19 vaccines, and their death toll / adverse reactions state to state is no longer “questionable” as harming U.S. citizens.

The litigation is international.

As displayed by the CDC Wonder database (50,000+ rows of data) the carnage of these snake-oil “vaccines” and their damage continues to mount along with the outrage and litigation by victims and families devastated by their loss of loved ones.

Now the question asked by attorney groups, “Can we go after the retailers peddling this garbage state to state?”

The answer is, of course we can!

I have already estimated litigation in the billions of dollars and have made it clear no one will touch discovery in certain areas.

Companies like CVS and Walgreens DO NOT enjoy a blanket exemption from wrongful death litigation under former President Trumps Operation Warp Speed Executive Orders.

And there remains a continuance of advertising to the public to innoculate both children and adults through their websites and in-store advertising although the data is clear – death is occurring from the injections.



CVS goes as far to pander they are “the guide” to lead you to the Covid-19 vaccination. It will be tough to get out of the litigation seeing they are actively promoting themselves as a conduit for wrongful death.


Yes you should immediately start boycotts and complaints state to state. Attorney Generals office will be notified of their responsibility to the citizens of their state concerning forthcoming litigation and their response to the public detailing the licensure of both CVS and Walgreens state to state as to any violations concerning criminal behavior of products proven to be defective and issued under propaganda schemes to the public.

We are well aware of those who have blockade litigation to many extent and I can tell you it won’t last. We are working heartily to reform policy concerning Directors who believe they can step off the bench after entertaining eugenics policy and believe they are going to skate off into the sunset after mass murder.

It’s over.

Any retailer that believes they are going to run the ball with murdering citizens of the United States will eventually find themselves before a judge answering for both their CEO’s and companies role for compensation to the victims of these multi-billion dollar schemes. And we won’t stop there. Hundred year old law firms have brazenly decided this eugenics theater must end and retailers WILL BE taken down in the process.

When you decided to cross the line and be complicit with murdering people through defective products, you had to know it would be the end for your organizations. And so it shall be.

By the power of YHWH, righteousness as our sword and shield, victory is certain.


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