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Versatile Warfare

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Since the inception of the term “hybrid warfare” coined by Robert Walker defining “interstices between special and conventional warfare,” link, a now inaccurate mix of modern warfare described by Frank Hoffmann inundates the minds of those who have not evolved with warfare as seen through the lens of the Ukrainian/Russian conflict.

As Frank Hoffman understands hybrid evolution,

“Whereas Hoffman’s understanding of hybrid war focused on mixing regular and irregular means and methods on the operational level during war, the Russian invasion and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in early 2014 caused practitioners to broaden the description. This almost bloodless operation was interpreted through Gerasimov’s prescient, if not prophetic, speech printed a year earlier in February 2013.10 Although Gerasimov did not mention the words hybrid or Ukraine, his speech was soon interpreted as a Russian ‘Gerasimov doctrine’ of hybrid war.11 According to Gerasimov, nonmilitary means can be used to ignite an armed conflict in a previously flourishing state that justifies a decisive intervention by foreign forces.12 The resulting gray zone conflict waged under the threshold of war bears more resemblance to the strategic-level use of nonmilitary means than either traditional war or Hoffman’s hybrid variant. Gerasimov and gray zone conflict thus envisage a shift from use of force in war to use of nonviolent means below the threshold of war.” The Evolution of Hybrid Warfare_ Implications for Strategy pdf

The term “hybrid warfare” is an inadequate description of what is deemed by the Russian Federation as a Special Military Operation and what NATO defines as an  “aggressive unprovoked attack.”

The correct terminology is versatile warfare.

Versatile warfare suggests, (def. link)

1: embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skills also: turning with ease from one thing to another

2: having many uses or applications versatile building material

3: changing or fluctuating readily : VARIABLE

4: capable of turning forward or backward : REVERSIBLE

Turning with ease, the versatile shift – 

“This threat was also politically convenient since it allowed the focus to shift from a costly and uncomfortable war on terror to what some observers immediately understood as a renewed Cold War.” Ilmari Käihkö, 2021, The Evolution of Hybrid War:Implications for Strategy and the Military Profession

Versatility in warfare is the ability to engage in multi-verse combat operations that entwine Psychological Operations on a civilian population, modern conventional warfare, terrorist/riot activity (hybrid warfare), and cultural attrition (infrastructure logistics/transgender).

As examined in 1999,

“It was the height of America’s “unipolar moment,” a time when the United States had no doubt that its awesome military power could right wrongs in the world. Bombing from 15,000 feet, the United States suffered no military casualties. Russia was furious that the West was attacking a fellow Slavic nation. China grew apoplectic when its embassy in Belgrade was bombed due to what the Clinton administration claimed were faulty maps. However, the reactions of those two powers were largely irrelevant to U.S. decision-making.” https://warontherocks.com/2019/03/the-kosovo-war-in-retrospect/

Unipolar moments gave rise to imperial busting social justice platforms by traitor political parties intertwined to leverage theft of the U.S. treasury and attrition of social disorder as an outlier strategy. Versatile combat operations suggest an entity can use multi-citizenship (dual) as a springboard for espionage and clandestine exploits.

While maintaining a placard of critical infrastructure purchasing over the last three decades, conjoined enemies of U.S. hegemony (Russia, China, WEF/Germany) used outlier strategy to both purchase logistical ports (like Toledo) while combining versatile warfare through social deconstruction to erode public trust in government, divide culture (mischling) and install political espionage agents bit by bit for WH policy control when the right politician could be installed or purchased economically.

What we see now through versatile warfare is the end result of this evolved “hybrid” capability described by Hoffmann with a foreign takeover of departments through installed Directors and a tether upon the now American lapdog government ran by those who have sold out Americans, for both religious, eugenic, monetary, and perverse agenda.

The well known fallacy of the weakness of our enemies is surely their demise and with it the collapse of foreign entities through blowback of versatile warfare.

Versatile warfare ineptness is in it’s very core of “deception” to maintain operational success, whereby in one fail swoo will be collapsed and washed out to sea by a fortified population once resolved to clean out the critters in their nest.

Rats who invaded a shed until removed by force. And no, I am not referring to Ukraine. I am referring to the atheist espionage agents in our government installed by foreign powers. Traitors to America. Moles in director positions guiding both policy and initiative in collusion with corporate sellouts.

As investigations continue and as your backdoor dealings are brought to light, the Senate committee will have no choice but to  throw these traitors on the fall guy altar as we head into global conflict through versatile warfare.