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UK Hope Is Alive

Now that the U.K. has reversed course with the Czech Republic following suit under some pretense of boosters and nonsense, they believe this will suddenly cause all the lawsuits and investigations to evaporate – nope.

Our organization and countless others warned that although you may have had a great, terrific, “boost” for the drug companies to study how NPs (nano particles) interact with DNA, you’re still going to have to deal with all the victims over the next decade as hypermodels display.

I predict many legal firms gaining dramatic wealth from lawsuits in the coming years as no government wants to tackle the damning discovery in a court of law. I smell settlement.

For a base understanding you can download the pdf Magnetic Nano Particles

In the U.S. you have a puppet regime between China and apostates (those considered tinok shenishba) and it is yet to be seen what kind of bitter end it will be for political parties who were complicit with the atrocity and postmortem across the pond.

Astonishingly governments continue to promote GBM products to the population that may cause A549 cell death and unrestrained autophagy. We try to calmly explain this logic to institutions (Oxford, WHO, CDC) who advertise these products as safe for humans when we know they are full of it from research and FACTS going back a decade.

Lets ask Professor Thanh at Univesity College London for her unbiased opinion concerning GBM toxicity. The UCL Nanomaterials Laboratory located at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, one of the oldest independent scientific research body in the world.

I’m sure the Davy Faraday Research Laboratory would allow the CDC or WHO to borrow their TEM (transmission electron microscope) for a day so they can see the evidence of NPs in the vaccines for themselves,

Do any of these now discredited government organizations recognize the evidence below from the International Journal of Nanomedicine 2017?

GBMs = Graphene Based Materials

How can anyone take you seriously as an organization when you blatantly lie to the public, advertising to them that Covid-19 vaccines are safe when we ALL KNOW that GBMs are cytotoxic?

I’m not going to explain the process of autophagy here. There is no need to. The evidence is clear for a court of law to examine and you can debate that in discovery if you like. I see a guaranteed win for any legal firms tackling this. Contact me if interested in current depositions/litigation and I can refer you or consult as required.

We know you guys won’t touch the discovery on this because you’ll lose and you certainly cannot have any media attention on this either right?

So which is it? You do not believe there are GBMs in the vaccine when a hundred labs tell you that it’s there, or you are complicit in covering up this fact?

Which is it? Take your pick, one or the other is what we are saying to the judge. We are asking for relief and compensation for the victims as class action, regardless of EO’s signed under both CINC.

It’s up to you as an individual to either listen to rogue organizations or do yourself a favor and realize they are selling you harmful snake oil while actively putting people in jail for doing the same. The hypocritical policies are astounding to say the least and not possible to continue without being labeled as a preamble for genocidal mandates.

In plain English, that means a stealth genocide concoction that no one knows about except a compartmentalized organization. It’s our job, as well as the FBI and DHS, to dutifully investigate these serious accusatory complaints in regard to Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, and 18 U.S. Code § 1038 – False information and hoaxes as litmus.

While Big Pharma institutions scramble to redact academic papers for the purpose of showing NPs to be safe in vivo, we gather evidence (daily) and archive this data to be used by various law firms and law enforcement so they cannot deny “knowing” what they are doing.

“GO and rGO treatments resulted in dose-dependent cell death in A549 cells and HUVEC cells, and the functionalization decreased cytotoxicity and cell death.” Horváth L, Magrez A, Burghard M, Kern K, Forró L, Schwaller B. Evaluation of the toxicity of graphene derivatives on cells of the lung luminal surface. Carbon. 2013;64(11):45–60.

Trust is gone.

Anyone pushing this crap on a population needs to have their time in a court of law to explain themselves. We can certainly say you are not ethical, moral, and indeed committing assault on humanity.

We are also fully aware that AI computers can tell you which way to go as scenario as you receive feedback from the population. Meaning if the population starts figuring you out, the computer can issue scenarios to follow for dissuage and counter espionage through more fear conditioning or PSYOP as advice or strategy,

“A fear psychosis, once engendered, remained present. And there were forces in Egypt which kept alive this fear psychosis in order to maintain the unified purpose of Egypt.” The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man, Henri Frankfort

Lawsuits take a two year minimum concerning navigation discovery so we can never keep up with Executive Orders issued or emergency policies that change laws to slow down or curb litigative response.

Thank God there are still elections which again evidence states the process has been compromised by the individuals / departments / organizations committing acts of terror, whether by knowledge of the “heads” of these departments or surreptitiously.

At any rate depositions call for investigations and Senators who sit on boards issuing policy concerning Federal health mandates must explain if they “knew or didn’t know” about an abundance of academic papers going back a decade explaining everything I and thousands of other scientists are portraying as evidence.

So if these enemies of humanity can remain uncontested in office through rigging elections or delaying the legal process as they have been doing it will of course be more difficult in exposing and unraveling their schemes through law enforcement.

If you are an FBI investigator, HSI, DIA, SIS, or a detective in a police department then you are the tip of the spear when it comes to protecting the nation against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

It’s your job not only to protect your children but the citizens you swore an oath to protect. May YHWH grant you intelligence and ability to root out these criminals in government, in your own agencies, and empower you to fight for the people and win.

Discovery will unravel this atrocity in open litigation as you are exposed as the Bond villains that you are. Mind you, we are one group of hundreds of thousands currently engaged to put a stop to this insane genomic competition.

I wrote not four weeks ago that the reputation of Britain was hanging by a thread permanently. We warned that they were about to unravel 500 years of progress back to the time of Henry VIII and backlash from a broiling civilian population. The UK wisely reversed course as any sane government should.

“However, GBMs always induce unrestrained autophagy accelerating cell death.” The mechanisms of graphene-based materials induced programmed cell pdf

It was a clear choice for England – continue to allow pre-planned PYSOP control measures as other nations are doing or regain legitimacy by ending the psychotic plan of billionaire apostates.

Now with the rollout of 5G across nations there may be a new disaster to deal with by those who planned the culling and depopulation and we await to see what will happen to all who have received nanomof.

Maybe they’ll be ok, since there is only a 30% uptake, but not if they continue getting injections every few months re-inforcing NP aggregate.

Rest assured if the death toll rises from NP and 5G rollout these criminals, who own the news and run the government currently, will blame this on something other than what they continue doing. It sickens me to wake up daily and see that governments are still coercing populations to poison themselves while telling you “it helps you” – God help us and may YHWH judge them!

I was under the impression it was the job of the FDA to stop anyone advertising fake cancer treatments, fake vaccines, or worse, products that actually cause necroptosis. Do you need to borrow a Raman Spectrometer?

I mean seriously, you can borrow one for the weekend and look at the data yourself if you like. Do you need an electron microscope? You can buy one here if you want to look at any evidence. I’m willing to share the decade old documents by the top nano scientists and PhDs in the field – just ask and we’ll send you the documents.

It’s an open invitation. We can share all the incriminating evidence you need to stop these companies. Heck, we’ll even pay to setup a lab for you, just so you can drop by and look at the evidence and maybe write a report on it. Whaddaya say?

We have too much evidence of the crimes as depositions, as is broadly being examined congressionally, widely disseminated so they can keep this up as long as they like to the destruction of their political careers with public backlash from a people who will never forget and will continually seek justice and compensation for loss of loved ones.

Look, we understand China was going to do what they want as well as any other nations who do not answer to their citizens. The rest of the corporate world either aids or tries to compete with this technology kicking off in 2015.

Naturally the military must keep up to protect soldiers from bio-system attack and as we have stated the defensive systems are being rolled out.

But like any business you can hardly keep pace with everything around you and must rely on advisors to navigate the road. Your advisors are failing to tell you about all “the other things” that can happen at the commercial avenues concerning logistics.

The simple fact commercial entities are raising seed money from everything scanning the body for gaming, to pegylated Nucleocapsids loaded with – who knows what, should be alarming enough for the average Senator or attorney to immediately jump from their chair and get to work.

Certainly you would not trust one group of people or one committee with the fate of humanity would you?

On bio-data hacking alone you should be scrambling for commercial initiative (like Meta) to prevent logistical breach for tier1 operations. Again, how do you stop single person employees from compromising departments when they don’t know they’re projecting frequency ???

Stay diligent and keep up the good fight.

Data (spectometry / video) as court evidence, has already made rounds in the public sphere and Doctors who have examined the data are now fully on board and fighting the machine. More will surface as litigation proceeds from every avenue of dissemination. There is no hiding or censoring the data and we have continuously warned about transparency, but it seems these maniacs simply don’t even care if their caught anymore.

May YHWH embolden the people for victory over the hellspawn politicians and organizations attempting to destroy humanity. May the people of YHWH be granted victory as we glorify your mighty name.

Baruch ata ADONAI Eloheinu Melech Ha-Olam, she-hecheyanu, v’kiyemanu, v’higiyanu lazman hazeh.