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The Thespians Guide for a Pandemic

img src: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm1-DnxRiPM&t=4s

They had it all figured out, including “disinfo” misinformation management, which they are now attempting to frame into law. Notice the Deputy Director wearing red attire for dinim? Do you take the Jewish community for fools? You continue to mock us and Judaism and may YHWH judge between us who serve Elohim and these charlatans.

To all you pathetic actors out there responsible for the deaths of family members the world over, aren’t you just proud of yourselves and your little paycheck you got from being rotted destitute souls of destruction.

What do you cowards say now, “I didn’t know?”

The event training, 3 weeks before Covid, showcase disheveled actors giving out data of deaths to make it look as real as possible. Fake epidemiologists and fake doctors explaining how their fake CAPS corona virus works. A fake news panel called GNN giving reports by fake news anchors of a fake “pandemic” and death tolls that would become a semi-fictional reality within a month of their acting class.

Meanwhile the medical board and key players of industry calmly discussed how to “better the outcome of management” – the whole shabang to act-out their planned scenario to come. Role playing to get it just right before kick off.

Those involved are pathetic humans is all I can say. Did you know what you were doing, what you were being paid to perform as thespians? Did you know what these Directors were planning to unleash on society?

Historians lookng back will wonder aloud how such corporate organizations, lunatics, responsible for the deaths of so many people were allowed to openly plan, and smile as they did it.

You’re a doomed progeny according to YHWH. These disgusting humans who took part hopefully their familiy members will learn of the treachery, shame, lack of ethics and morals. How can these grown adults be such heinous, murderous scum when they have families? There is no honor in sickening people for eugenics and ideology.

The following video of event 201 is a bunch of actors literally acting out a murder scene, how to cover it up in the press, how to curb dissent, what story should be fed to the population – all role playing and Red Teaming to figure out the best way to do it!

An admittance and acting out the crime before they do it under the guise of preparedness. May YHWH help us against these maniacs!

And yet society watches in disbelief. Shock and awe. Elected Senators and Governors watch this same video and yet there are no warrants issued for arrest, no prosecution, no committee investigations. No riots in the streets, no continuous protests. Slaughtered sheep and they laugh as they do it. “Too many mouths to feed” they say. Eloheinu help us!


Repent for your damned souls or perish in perpetual for your shame.

This madness cannot possibly last nor continue unabated. I ask YHWH to rise up champions of justice and might to stop these psychopaths! Let these destroyers be brought to justice for the glorification of the name of Eloheinu. YHWH, Lord of Hosts, showcase your power of justice and might and defeat this enemy of mankind. In your mighty name YHWH I ask this to magnify your name to all cultures, crush the enemy of the widow and those who devise depopulation schemes and deceptions to impoverish; display your might and vengeance to deliver the needy and poor. Glory and power be unto your name my Elohim, forever and ever.