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The Question is WHY?

After all the research from lawyers, criminal investigators, especially from Federal departments, one has to ask, why are people still grasping with WHO is behind these nefarious plans of world domination?

Matthew Ehret paints a British entwined Rhodesian narrative, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky paints a broad conspiracy from decades of investigation upon individual personna and group think, while James Roguski reads the current memos of updated bylaws concerning population control.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German citizen, knowing quite a bit about the players of the game, simply asks why are they doing this?

I think the first question one should ask, the obvious, is why would YouTube ban a video where four guys are discussing a narrative they fail to understand?

I can say without a doubt YouTube’s terms of service “banning” four guys talking about, basically philosophical, and semi-correct data showcase their complete corruption and pathetic fear of anything that contradicts their taskmasters will.

If you want to know who is the control wing of a government or the mouthpiece of an emperor then you look at their right hand man. Dr. Joseph Goebbels was the minister of Propaganda for Hitler’s “Third Reich.” Klaus Schwab is the propaganda man for the “Fourth Reich.” Google owns YouTube, YouTube bans the videos as ordered by the propaganda minister.

Not too difficult to understand.

The question asked is why?

Are they just raving lunatics, madmen, or are they scientific in their approach to civilization? Reginald Gates in his book Heredity & Eugenics full pdf calmly describes racial difference and his vision of what “needs to be done” in medical bureaucracy as approached from eugenics.

One can research the history, men, leaders of this movement dating back to the 19th century, when the concepts really started taking off with the advent of medical archives and examined data.

From that examined data, some of which is undeniable, ideology was formed which catered to other groups vision and goals as to grasping power over cultures and consensus for both voting rights and systemic populace management.

These “visions” broadened as manufacturing and labor platforms took shape under Ford and automotive production systems and allowed large corporations with military contracts and government funding to further analyse the state of cultures through all methods: psychology, propaganda led by Goebbels/Bernays, primate study, bayesian/hyper modelling, and data crawling/collating after the 1950’s.

I’m not suggesting Ford led a eugenics movement, I’m stating the production methods he mastered led society and manufacturing process into a new spehere of development, which led to Kaizen and lean manufacturing process (just in time), which enables attrition for manufactured goods.

Attrition meaning, easily controlled, derailed or subjugated concerning manufacturing process, albeit the definition from Merriam Webster is:

[Middle English attricioun, from Medieval Latin, attrition-, attritio, from Latin] sorrow for one’s sins that arises from a motive other than that of the love of God

the act of rubbing together FRICTION

also the act of wearing or grinding down by friction

Stones can be smoothed and polished by attrition.


the act of weakening or exhausting by constant harassment, abuse, or attack

a war of attrition


a reduction in numbers usually as a result of resignation, retirement, or death

a company with a high rate of attrition


Attrition seems to be the word of the week. Keep an eye out for A.I. to utilize this term over the next several weeks. You need to get your stories from somewhere don’t you!

This allowed men who ran industry to come to some serious conclusions concerning philosophy of population growth, based on scientific study, mixed with religious ancient ideology from various groups.

When I say various groups, I include Eugenics, kabbalah sects, Agnostic, Altruist (used to be Communist), Psychoanalytic, oddly enough Buddhist, Satanic, a slew of witch cults, collegiate factions, and the several ancient worshippers of the enemy of YHWH – baal and the owl.

I left out quite a few organizations, namely corporate and military structures who are often directed by said compartments unwittingly.

I’m sure many of you would be surprised to know that some of the “world leaders” are just plain businessmen and women, some who inherited wealth and were very good at investments and have alot of connections, able to shape global policy based on what they believe that is fed into their brains just as data is fed into your brains. The difference being they can actually do something to shape global policy while many factions try to steer these wealthometers to do their bidding.

In many case, billionaires have a tough go since they must always consider kidnapping plots, blackmail by these various factions, and political scandal for something they have invested in or divested from. It’s a diverse world and I can tell you that not one of these tough minded entrepreneurs are going to allow some German technocrat dictate their business, employees, or way of life without a fight.

You also have atheist war factions that simply enjoy war and a good fight. They must prove themselves to their military government and they have no moral boundary concerning life of humanity, their only goal is service and reward, or power. They live a different life amongst military personnel at all times in a constant state of war preparedness and must prove their ability at any given notice to protect the nation in which they owe allegiance. When you have a personna such as this inherit political power there can be terminal results and conflict that could broaden in scope infecting borders or creating factions that will seek arms for both rebellion and insurgency.


The finger is most generously pointed at our group “Jews” and we are told we run all banking, news media, movies, filth, and are the bane of everyone’s existance. Many of you believe this propaganda similar to how Hitler painted us after invading Poland.

You erroneously say Jews are freemasons or Jesuits, ok, have you ever met any? Well I have and the assumptions are incorrect. Yes you can be a freemason and “Jewish,” you can also belong to a bowling league or play bingo on Friday nights. Moreover, factions infiltrate one another for obvious reasons.

You never hear of the Irish or Serbian factions, but they exist as well. It’s just easier to point the finger at the ones who are being propagandized as scapegoats continuously – the purpose of propaganda.

Concerning history.

Yes, the judaic society boycott food and materiel’ to Germany, which some of you rationalize the 80 million deaths of WWII that followed, while again, blaming everything the leaders had done on the average working class Jews. It’s an age old story. 

I’m still waiting for my bank check since I’m told we own all the banks. I have not received a check from Mr. Fink yet, which by the way, the name is German for a bird, finch.

Another interesting fact is many of you reading this do not understand that the word “Jew” was progenerate from the British.

Brit-ish… Jew-ish – get it? No, you probably don’t.

English Zionists made the term “Jewish” a legal entry with the Balfour Agreement and Palestinian Mandate by 1922. Since then it seems every person in the world, including Christians, who believe in Judaism are referred to as the British word “Jew,” although the majority of us have never set foot on British soil, nor were our ancestors ever born there.

I say “term” due to the word Jew is an elision slang word that will expire as we proceed into the future. Judaic culture will be referred to as Israeli once again, not Jewish as this Brit-ish terminology will eventually be cast away as an assimilation phrase.

However, mainstreet mentally laced with propaganda from the 3rd Reich now believe that all the bad guys of the world, having German names mind you, are somehow Jews.

It’s a bit ridiculous if you think about it, since the Germans led by Hitler tried to kill off my entire family and failed in doing so and now we find that German bad guys in society are being called “Jews” as we are blamed for everything they do. It’s some kind of sick joke.

Your banking bad guys that you say are “Jews” all seem to have German names. Did you fail to notice that?

From historical Presidents to Prime Ministers and world leaders those who have crushed everyone all seem to have German names, but many of you say they are “Jews”…hmm.

The CEO’s of the Pharma companies, German, English, Swiss, but referred to as Jews…hmm, I wonder why that is?

Are you starting to see a pattern here? I doubt it. Maybe they’re just from German families since their names are German, ever wonder about that? Probably not.

But I’m getting off track. I was explaining to you that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German citizen and legal analyst should know who is behind all this by now and it’s not just ONE group or ONE person.

It’s several factions WHO agree on agendas that accomplish the following:

  • eugenics / population control (who caters to this ideology?)
  • wealth and real estate control (who runs the banks are they British, German and Swiss, or some rabbi teaching a talmud class?)
  • government departments who agree with economic and mass cultural control – who are they and what’s their names?
  • new tech advancement for the patents they own – who are THEY?

On every forum I visit, all I see is that either myself or any person who has what is considered Judaic lineage is accused of owning the banks and the media and all that is bad.

“Their names are Jewish!” they say as they point at the Steins, Berg’s, Man’s, and Alts, all of which are German names. I’m sure some of you will tell me, “The Jews came from Germany.” Yes of course and Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, America, Portugal, Egypt, Iran, Greece, Armenia, France, Ukraine, and I almost forgot…England. All over the world.

That was our curse as foretold by YHWH that He would spread us far and wide for our sins (diaspora) and then gather us back again in the land He had reserved for us. I do not agree with the methods of Zionism, nor do the citizens of Israel, the news will tell you different, and they are increasing antisemitism to be sure – YHWH has been very clear in scripture of what He will do and 3/4 of Nevi’im prophecy have already come to pass.

Many nations will play their part, the factions, the destroyers, all to no avail and the day of which no one can avoid YOM YHWH. But I’m getting off topic for those who cannot possibly understand this reality let alone who is running things and why.

In 19th century Poland no one ever heard the word “Jew” as the word did not exist. It’s a newer English word that was spoke in England and America. In Europe, Poland to be specific, we were known as Zydom or from Zion. Anyway, that’s a history you’re not familiar with, you’re only familiar with German propaganda since WWII.

The proof is that you believe every German bad guy is a Jew, an incredible propaganda scheme, I might add, one in which is floundering.

That’s ok though because we know the false paradigm is fading away as are the criminal regimes running the palace. YHWH promised to eradicate the fakes from amongst us and cultures are catabolic proving this reality as well. The insane mandates and warping of Torah to their doom portrays that these fraudulent progenitors are not of us, or of Torah, nor of YHWH and our mighty Elohim is separating them from among us. And there is nothing you can do about it.

We do not need history lessons from either the English or the Germans concerning our lineage, or the Zionists for that matter. Those whose families survived and in whom YHWH protects as we rely on Elohim protection we will continue to be covered and our path laid out by Eloheinu, the Ekhad, our redemption in whom we trust.

At the end of the day it’s the same adage to know who the perps are – follow the money trail.

At the end of your trail of discovery, you may catch the bad guy and upon questioning him if he’s Jewish, I’m sure the answer will be the same as Sam Bankman-Fried, that he is atheist, but has a Jewish lineage from Germany.

The German phrase for this is,

der Streich


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