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The Khazarian Mystery

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For many cultures and historians the Khazars are both legend and myth. To the families descended from such, not so much, and we don’t need historical experts to tell us our “Jewish roots,” as we were serving Torah long before the word “Jewish” was invented in England.

Descendants of the lands of Chazar, a portion of Finland as well, are familiar with the root or family dynasty as handed down generation to generation.

My Grandfather changed his name to escape anti-Zydom sentiment back when it was taboo to be Yiddish in certain areas. Many of our people lucky enough to survive Hitler and Russian pogroms before Hitler, fleeing to Europe and America would carry stigmas that YHWH had promised would entail for our rebellion against His Torah.

Of course we were told that we were Finnish so that we would not be ostracized or murdered by an aggressed society which blamed all atrocity on “Jews” (the modern English version) whether it was a few bad rabbis leading the pack or atheist entrepreneurs – the people always suffered for their wrong doing as promised.

Nonetheless, as promised we survive and as all cultures many “hydra heads” have formed out of the suffering of our people in various formats who wish revenge and have sought to reconcile power in their hands to get it.

Naturally the state of the world as now viewed through the glazed over eyes of all goyim (nations) perceive very little understanding in these mysterious outcome that for centuries have been in the making.

Ukraine, as it currently stands and is believed to be fought over resources and right vs left opinionating, or perhaps to conquer Russia you are told.

In reality, this is an age old war going back to the Khazarian kingdom which once dominated the land and in which Rus’ conquered and dethroned. Thus, the argument that Kiev has been in the hands of Russia since before the 17th century. Yes of course, but it was in the hands of Khazaria before that.

So this battle is merely the retaking of land similar to what Hitler had done with the Compiègne Wagon. Many believe the ancient land of Khazar, where much of Judaism forked in the road and led further away by French Rashi and Egypt’s RamBam, must be retaken as demanded historical redemption now that armies and resource of the world have been consolidated.

Never mind that the story is unbelievable and that you are told that a “Khazarian mafia” runs everything, which they don’t. It’s a timeless story filled with legends from both Russian and Ukrainian lore. One in fact that Khazar woud not like repeated under Ukrainian leadership as to the past of Prince Sviatoslav’s defeat of the Khazar army in 968 A.D.

Some call this playing god with millions of lives over historical redemption and yes that is quite true. This is a group of wealthy benefactors who will gain the wealth of the resources of the nation of Ukraine, instead of collecting ancient coins and artefacts, not as though they require it, while Russia will secure the Black Sea and it’s fleet and the area in which it universally claims as historical ownership to be sure.

There is a catch of course as in all wars things can get out of control  and when you have various compartments not understanding the true meaning of the actions (U.S & UN) then we can have serious consequences for global catastrophe when dealing with super power vs super corporations.

One of the major concerns here is not whether the bankers will destroy the world but the fact that their constituents rely on a crumbling infrastructure and stock pricing to remain viable. I do not believe the task masters understand the volatility here as to the dogs snapping at their heels and at what length they shall go to get their meals.

The problem then is at what extent shall these benefactors go to receive their redemption? While at the same time navigating to maintain their positions aggressing the genome as humanity treks on towards the 2065 Jubilee.

None of the aged current world leaders will be alive in 2065 to experience the Jubilee. The Jubilee according to Elohim has nothing to do with their warped ideology of climate change SDG propaganda. And if you believe this scam can foreshadow the integration of shabbos to the world then you are as inept as those portraying these schemes to humanity.

YHWH will not be mocked by your ridiculous ploys. His hand will crush those who manipulate His Torah for financial, political, or ideological gain.

“Oh man, but you are a grain of sand in the hand, one in which a slight breeze shall blow hither. For El Elyon is eternal, omnipotent, and scorns the highest of men to glorify His name.”

Culture is catabolic as well known and to those educated in this realm (few are) and the ability to maintain a hold on the populace through NP distribution seems to have been not just a diabolical plan unmasking the heinous evil of the leaders of this group, but at the same time a stupid concoction that could never possibly work without organized rebellion.

Carelessly, those who have the money or print it mind you, seem to believe they can work through this minor issue on the way to living in some fantasy bliss of underground bunkers surrounded by Special Forces protecting them when all the logic in the world says that’s not possible.

I believe as an advisor to that individual or group I would suggest a different outcome. I know what the models say and forecast of your demise, sure it’s not pretty, and that you must take action to limit scenarios best you can for the sake of your business empire, family fortune and all that stuff just like anyone else would do.

I would advise a rollback, which as you know was not successful in Korea. The rules have changed and yes you can go “full steam ahead” as the Navy would say, or you can use smart tactics like the Chinese and be a bit more patient waving off the emergency of European factions that want immediate results.

Either way you cut the pie into GDP slices there is still the unknown and with transparency showcasing the “owners” of the genocidal ideology and anything goes mentality with NP injection you must realize that dung rolls down hill and action will be taken regardless of any measures taken in defense or war, propaganda or balloon trickery.

The evidence states that the population has emerged past the trickery and into offensive neutral zone or staging arena. Rollback simply means clearing the air of the front and center bad guys. The ones that are in the media face representing all that is bad, while claiming to be Jewish mind you, is not a good look for the rest of our culture and suffice it to say you have a decision to make.

Go down with the ship, burn it all down, or rollback.

Sure there are other options like, wait and see, and offensive protocol, but that all ties in with predestined catabolism which is validated by the laws of thermodynamics – ask your math guy. Or perhaps you’ll feel more comfortable if A.I modelling lies to you about the scenario outcome.

Either way, no government can avoid “choices” now that we are entering the 3rd stage of catabolism where things will get ugly. I think the Romanian Senator was outspoken about their options, which of course all was forecast over a year ago to this scenario unravelling, which will continue to break apart and catabolize until eradication.

But what does eradication mean?

It means that the entity that existed previous, the one that caused the catabolism (through manipulating genome or aggression), will no longer exist as it once did, but broken up, churned into energy and fed to stabilize the genome. This reality governs all biomes in this world called Earth as over the entire historical stretch of all living beings. It’s something fake scientists can’t manipulate or pretend gravity doesn’t exist.

You can change the meaning of the words and hire politicians to spin grandiose stories and swoon crowds like Hilter, but the outcome will be the same and eventually all humans will succumb to the same fate, including those who believe they’ll extend their lives beyond 120 years.

Those who survive catabolism must deject themself from the organism or entity being catabolized, which it’s not too late to do, but the timeline for this is rapidly closing and quite honestly it’s up to YHWH whether He will allow that to occur or not.

A good start is repentance. I recommend that you do not place your failth in Kol Nidre. Faith in words hardly save anyone, you must take action.