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mural by John Steuart Curry

Showtimes “The Good Lord Bird,” states in the opening, and I quote, “All of this is true. Most of it happened.”

However, this is an outright lie and I believe calls for direct litigation to put companies like ViacomCBS on their heels when it comes to falsifying American history in their new point of view.

The Redstones (part owners), like many apostates, are responsible for the absolute filth that fills the air waves in all media entertainment. From pornography, murder, lies, debauchery, attack on the family unit, promotion of adultry and divorce, racial division, and anti-Christian dogma – they are the flagship of all that is heinous in sin promoted to the American people.

First off John Brown was a murderous zealot, not a lunatic Christian as portrayed in the fictional “Good Lord Bird.” John Brown did not set free a “negro boy slave” whom he mistook for a girl, Henry Shackleford (this person did not exist) nor chop off the head off John Doyle as the wretched author’s portray.

In fact John Brown’s Father, Owen Brown was an abolitionist and part of an anti-slavery society, and underground railroad like many God fearing Christians. John Brown the son went the way of savagery, kidnapping, and murder.

You can read the archives of non-fictional John Brown works here: http://www.wvculture.org/sitesearch/search.aspx?Terms=john+brown&Area=Entire+Site

What is spun to you today, however, are these foaming at the mouth “Christians are crazy murderers” nonsense and atrocious lies by a Democratic party that was the actual slave trade movement.

In fact here is the letter written by the Democrats about John Brown – the very people who pretend to be the champion’s in civil rights while changing American history to hide their past evil!

Independent Democrat Articles
on John Brown Raid

October 25, 1859

The Soil of Virginia Stained with the blood of her Citizens in Attempting to Defend their Firesides from Rapine and Robbery.


About midnight of Sunday John Brown, with his force amounting, as they say, to 22 crossed the Potomac Bridge with a one-horse covered wagon, containing their guns, picks &c. They immediately seized Patrick Higgins, the watchman at the Bridge, who gave one of the party a blow and made his escape, informing the Conductor of the night train of Cars, Capt. Phelps. They then endeavored to induce Hayward, the free colored watchman of the Railroad Office to take up arms and join them in their nefarious purposes. Upon his refusing to do so, they immediately shot him. He was a valuable fellow, whose life was worth more than all the bandit, as he was trusted with everything in the Depot.

The negroes, who were captured from our citizens, as soon as an opportunity was presented, made their escape, and returned to their masters much gratified to be able to do so. (sure they did!) It is gratifying to know that there is not one of our negroes who would voluntarily take up with these desperadoes.   Link

Above was written by numerous independent DEMOCRAT journals. John Brown was considered, and I quote, “Insurgents,” who were either killed or wounded by the following,

“Military of Baltimore, the Marine from Washington, arrived so that in 28 hours from the time of alarm we had on the ground 10 companies, numbering upwards of 400, and one company of regulars, 75 strong, besides 1500 citizens. The Alexandria Riflemen, were also present on Tuesday.”

The Democratic description says the slaves were not killed and “freed” from the abolitionist kidnappers. Democratic party Showtime owners paint the story as if John Brown is savior to all black people, rather than kidnapper and murderer. Yes John Brown talks about how slavery is indeed a crime as did his Father avidly involved in rescuing those who were slaves, but John Brown had a screw loose, like Charles Manson, and the end of the story was murder.

Here is another authentic article,

Shepherdstown Register Articles
on John Brown Raid

October 22, 1859

Slave Insurrection at Harpers Ferry.GREAT EXCITEMENT!
The Armory seized and trains stopped!




Blood Shed and Lives Lost!

The Insurrectionists Routed!

Part of them flee to the Mountain!


The Commander-in-Chief and the Insurrectionists Captured, &c., &c.

The following dispatches were sent to the Baltimore Clipper from Frederick city, Md., (the telegraph wires at Harper’s Ferry being cut east and west) at 2 o’clock, Monday morning.

Frederick, Oct. 17. – Information has been received here this morning of a formidable negro insurrection at Harper’s Ferry. An armed band of Abolitionists have full possession of Harper’s Ferry and the United States Arsenal. The express train east was fired into twice, and one of the hands, a negro, was killed (this was a baggage handler Brown’s group murdered) whilst trying to get the train through the town.

They have arrested two men who came with a load of wheat and took their wagon and loaded it with rifles, and sent them into Maryland. They are led by about fifty whites with a gang of negroes fighting for their freedom. They gave Conductor Phelps notice that they would not allow any more trains to pass.

Residents Imprisoned:Citizens Killed.
Frederick, Oct. 17. – The engine and train from here have just returned, being unable to proceed through Harper’s Ferry.

“A letter has just been received here from a merchant in Harper’s Ferry, which was sent by two boys who had to swim the river to escape the insurrectionists. The letter states that most all of the leading people of Harper’s Ferry were taken prisoners, and that several have been killed.

The robbers have all the works in their possession, and have taken the money from the vaults. The Powder House is in their possession, and they will not permit any one to leave the town.

F. Beckham, the railroad agent, was shot twice by the gang and killed. They were said to be disguised:the whites being painted as blacks.

The attack was first made about 12 o’clock last night.

The watchman at the railroad depot was shot dead.”

Killed and Wounded.
Killed.:F. Beckham, railroad agent; Hayard Sheppard, colored porter at the railroad station; Thos. Boerly, grocer; Wm. Richardson of Martinsburg; George W. Turner of Charlestown; Wm. Brown, son of “Old Brown,” insurgent; Stewart Taylor, insurgent; J. C. Anderson, insurgent; E. H. Leeman, insurgent; Albert Haslitt, insurgent and several colored men; Dorsey of Baltimore, and a Mr. McCabe of Harper’s Ferry.

Wounded.:Ossowattamie (old) Brown, and second son, insurgents; Allen Evans, mortally, insurgent; Private Quinn, U. S. Marine, mortally; another marine, slightly; Alex. Kelly, Martinsburg, slightly; G. N. Hammond, Martinsburg, slightly; Geo. H. Murphy, Martinsburg, slightly; Geo. W. Richardson, Martinsburg, slightly; Nelson Hooper, Clinton Bowman, also of Martinsburg.

It is also declared, “The reports given by the different correspondents of the press have been of the most exaggerated kind. We give below the list of those who were taken prisoners of the marauding party:–and who are now in the Charlestown Jail:”

Capt. John Brown, of New York;
Aaron D. Stevens of Con.
Edwin Coppeck, Iowa.
Shields Green (colored) of Harrisburg Pa.
John Copeland (colored) of Obe[r]lin, Ohio. Link

Those who survived the battle of Harper’s Ferry fled and were finally either captured or killed while barricading in nearby homes and a school house.

“But the most valuable discovery was a trunk belonged to Capt. Brown, (going by the name John Smith) containing a great number of highly important papers, documents, plans, and letters from private individuals throughout the Union:all revealing the existence of an extensive and thoroughly organised conspiracy, whose leaders were Captain Brown and J. E. Cook, and the well-defined, determinedly expressed object of which, was the hastening of “irrepressible conflict” predicted by Senator Seward, and recently by Gerritt Smith, which was to result in the “disenthralment [sic] of the the [sic] slaves of the South,” and the extinction of the ‘Slave Power.'”

John Brown didn’t decide to “free slaves,” as he could have done so as his Father, but decided on bloody militant action. This not only caused the death of his followers and his sons, but many innocent bystanders, both white and black in his fool hardy scheme.

Moreover, it was a Jewish Marine Lt. Israel Green who captured Brown, his remaining son, and three others holed up in the engine house at Harpers Ferry.

“On October 18, about 7:00 a.m., Lee demanded that John Brown surrender, but Brown refused. The Marines, led by Lt. Israel Green, stormed the engine house. After battering an opening in the door, they entered the building. Once inside, Green struck Brown and attempted to stab him with his sword, but the dress sword merely bent double, and Green resorted to beating Brown over the head with its hilt. Edwin Coppoc, Shields Green, Aaron Stevens, and Watson Brown were captured with the elder Brown. John Brown’s raid was over a day and a half after it began.” Link

The end result is not a man who started the civil war, as Showtime portrays, for that was already underway, but the killing of his men and sons as terrorist’s, as that is what they were, and those whom he “freed” from slavery to their deaths.

Brown wrote while imprisoned at Charles Town,

I feel no consciousness of guilt in the matter, nor even mortification on account of my imprisonment and irons; and I feel perfectly sure that very soon no member of my family will feel any possible disposition to “blush on my account.”

That’s usually how crazy people feel after they get a bunch of people killed and then justify in their minds the “killing” for their cause.

This is also the reason Showtime is running this fictional story right before the election. The goal is to rile up any delusional young American’s to commence violence in society, while the end result is that they too will be either imprisoned or killed.

The taskmasters of their lies care not about you “health” or your BLM cause. They care about sewing destruction in American life and causing citizen against citizen in a civil war to unravel society. This is simply a ploy straight out of communist 101 playbook.

The goal is not only to confuse your mind and cause you to do violence, but to breakdown society.

For what purpose you might ask?

For revenge, for control, and for causing YOU, the unknowing victim to always focus on the illusions set before your eyes rather than your real enemy pulling the tether on your collar.

You can choose to celebrate John Brown as a hero or outlaw, it doesn’t change the fact he murdered innocent people in his ideological quest, which cost many lives and certainly didn’t free anyone following his cause – it just got them killed.

Much like the communist insurrection of Antifa and BLM, which based on “eradicating prejudice” was quickly politicized into murder and mayhem lead by a political machine using these mechanisms for their own personal power struggle.

The very party that tells African Americans that they are on their side is the very party who enslaved them and to this day destroys their habitats. One can view Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and completely understand the Democrats are absolutely not on your side!

Nor can they be as the leaders of the party and BLM are divided between two agenda, one of atheist communism and the other of Talmudic ideology, which regards gentiles as nothing more than beasts of the field and Christian’s as their mortal enemies through RamBam’s Laws of Idolatry.

Yet the average citizen of America is fully unaware of this heinous perverse ideology spear headed by demonic forces intent on your destruction. Rabbi from yeshiva out of Riverdale NY openly teach the destruction of minim (Christians) to their talmidim, or proselytes, openly in articles on their website.

So there is no argument or false accusation to whether these claims are ficticious on my account – the Dean himself personally teaches from articles written on his website for anyone to read – openly calling for the destruction of Christians as a legal obligation.

Letters to numerous Christian litigation committee have also been inquired to investigate such with inquiry to the NY Attorney General’s office of their solicited hate speech.

Failure to realize Portland’s embedded communist culture is failure to understand the defunding of Police, constant riots, and city leaders who do nothing.

When the media does nothing to inform you about the multitude of well funded, entrenched, foreign organizations operating on American soil aiding the management, disbursement, and logistics of the riots and foot soldiers, they are indeed being led by those who are embedded or blackmailed by those intent on your destruction.

The promotion of lies is as easy as breathing to these purveyors of the unholy. They are indeed the enemies of America and certainly desire to destroy your way of life, your culture, and your Christian belief.

They are an entwined breed, foreign communists who wish to destroy Israel and apostates who claim themselves as Jews.

Scepters of fallen angels and considered the “curse of Jacob,” ancient Torah record bears truth of this doomed seed prophesied to be destroyed with the antichrist, or “beast.” Their worshipped Moshiach first seen under Antiochus Epiphanes IV and the false prophet rabbi who performs magical rites before this incarnated evil.

And we know both the lands of the North (Turkey and it’s allies Russia) are destroyed upon attacking Israel, which is most certainly to come as they currently vie for control over Syria and the Euphrates while trying to seal off the Southern corridor from Egypt.

These nations rush to their doom, while political organizations in the name of social justice work hand in hand for dethroning America as a viable force. All those who claim themselves Jews that work within these organizations and aid these nations to destroy Israel are the “curse of Jacob,” the apostate traitors of HaShem and Torah and according to YHWH, He will cleanse from His land.

All who serve the beast and take it’s mark upon their flesh receive an eternal torment.

Soon there shall be no mistake of whom serves who, those imprinted by the mark of their false beast Moshiach and the false prophet and those who refuse and serve the real Mashiach Yeshua, Jesus, Isa, our redeemer sent by YHWH for salvation and remission of sin.

Praise, glory, and power be to YHWH forever and ever and to His lamb Jesus who takes away the sin of the world.