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The Future: Corporate Mockingjays vs Freedom Birds

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“Mockingjays were essentially created by accident. The father of the species was the jabberjay, a breed of exclusively male birds that were created as muttations by the Capitol. Initially created to eavesdrop on rebels during the Dark Days, jabberjays had the ability to memorize entire conversations and repeat them back to their Capitol handlers.” link

Essentially we live in a time of data manipulation in which infected hosts parrot fictional data similar to the fictional story The Hunger Games. The very websites that describe the Hunger Games, such as wikipedia, also hide the essence of what the fictional story entails as a society based from the enneagram.

New age religions are nothing new. They are revised ancient religions plagiarized from false deity of which Roman (sabine) and Greek (sage) society conquered and absorbed foreign idols – false gods into their culture through military might and exploit.

I would like to think it’s a choice to be an unconscious, blithering mouthpiece for corporate propaganda, whose owners ideology is to subjugate or debase all culture while profiting through their infected host/parrots. However, it seems the “unconscious” aspect of psychological inference is easy to manipulate since Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays coined the phrase, “engineering of consent.”

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/493212.Propaganda

An example of unconscious blithering,

The 15 Minutes Waiting for a COVID Test Result at Home Is the Most Alive I’ve Felt in Ages

Linda Dayan, Haaretz – a snippet from her propaganda piece,

“In 2018, I took a flight from Newark Airport to Tel Aviv. Upon alighting, my skin did what it absolutely always does when going from a very dry environment to a very humid one or vice versa: It broke out in a red, itchy rash. I, a profoundly vaccinated adult, was certain that I had contracted airplane measles; that I had given everyone else on the flight airplane measles; and that I was about to become persona non grata internationally, known across the globe for starting a new airplane measles contagion.

In other words: These fast COVID tests were made for me – and, if you’re reading this article, probably also for you. They are neither diagnostically nor legally valid, but they go far in soothing your trembling inner Chihuahua.”

Why is it that these purveyors of corporate propaganda are so sure about the fictions they are indoctrinated with and cannot read for themselves anything about biological contaminants, virology from a technical manual, let alone the very book Edward Bernays wrote titled, Propaganda?

It would help if you understood the difference between pathogens, virus, bacteria, and toxins. Did you know a virus is much smaller than bacteria, ranging from 0.02 to 0.2 microns in size? A full body HAZMAT suit, NOT A MASK, is required to avoid contamnation and a relatively small amount of agent can infect a large number of personnel across a wide area.

The 21st century lesser intelligent status of the human species, when we are surrounded, I dare say, completely inundated with information at our fingertips is unacceptable. Especially for anyone working in a medical field, as a journalist communicating to the public, or as public figure or politician. If you are one of these individuals, it is your duty to educate yourself on the topics of propaganda influence on culture, pathology, nanoparticulates, macrophage uptake, and the difference between a toxin and a virus. Rather than be a corporate stooge mockingjay that regurgitates fictional drivel at the expense and damage to your neighbor.

Educate yourself. Take an hour out and read an actual technical manual besides wikipedia. Here is some reading material for you.

Nanoparticles properties and applications

Homeostasis The Underappreciated

Benzene and DNA damage

The mechanisms of graphene-based materials induced programmed cell death

Design of wireless nanosensors in the body

Heredity and Eugenics Reginald Gates

Auditory Cortex for fear conditioning

Yes, some of these pdf papers are difficult to read, and openly available to the public, just as patents are. If you’re unable to grasp the material, or not intelligent enough to do so, then you should not be communicating to the public data about medical treatments, virus, or faulty pcr applications designed to further trick an already uninformed, uneducated population.

The future will display a divide between those who are educated and living in reality, the freedom birds and the infected drones of propaganda lauding the data of their unknown masters to society – the mockingjays.

These groups will further be subdivided by military culture similar to the difference between democratic armies of the USA and communist armies compared as China.

Each of these societies will operate under leadership who have either been educated or who acquiesce to a non-educated format of dictatorship, technocracy, or authoritarianism. This is clearly portrayed in all hyper models, based on input from the best and brightest. Thus, the need to dumb down the population, while society can be dumbed down, or close off access to education, which can only be achieved through negative terraforming in the current state of Moore’s law.

Here we stand, cultures divided, recognition in who the organized enemies are of humanity and based on bayesian models of the same a complete defeat of those intent on world domination through unavoidable conflict.

You have the choice to remain fools trapped in propaganda schemes of for-profit corporations churning out your demise or do what your forefathers have done – form new alliance and committees placing limitation on darkness and dystopian control, regardless of threats of blackmail, loss of money, or intimidation.

The tide turns fast for those engaged in evil and surely YHWH is on the side of righteousness and disposing those who seek evil and violence against their neighbors. God bless and may YHWH open your eyes to your masters of deception and confound the enemies of humanity.



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