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The Dangers Facing Society

I’ll say right off the bat, this is not a fear mongering article. I’m posting technical data here to help you understand the kind of threats mankind is currently facing and the importance of Law Enforcement in evaluating, tracking, and keeping abreast of the types of threats discussed.

The FBI and CIA have certainly been bashed in the news for quite awhile and I imagine the personnel of the intelligence services, although praised by their internal circles, have a hard time with the public’s view through the MSM lens.

With that being said I am in no way excusing some of the disastous decisions by people in the COC, nor agree with the DOJ being used as a weaponized agency in politics or stuffing under the rug illegal activity by WH policy makers.

The American public needs to understand that these agencies face daily the job of keeping America safe, while at the same time bad players within the agencies seem to wish for self-destruction through erroneous policy.

It’s a two-edged sword to be sure and we ask YHWH to clean house and keep safe the vanguards of public safety.

I want you to imagine the current technology that exists for dialdehyde-scaffolds alone. Imagine a clear band aid put on the skin that looks like skin itself. Imagine that band-aid loaded with a pathogen-protein infused viral weapon that the scaffolding keeps welded within you epithelial cells. The person carrying the weapon load could walk through an airport or travel on a subway and by simply removing the “band-aid” release such a pathogen causing a vast death toll.

This is the reality of technology law enforcement now face with nanoparticle technology and what they must keep up on daily as the tech ever increases functionality and ease of production through various labs, technical institutes, and medical college the world over.

If we consider Carbon Nanotubes with the length of 20 µm “micron” (micrometre). The nanometre is equivalent to one thousandth of a micrometre, one millionth of a millimetre or one billionth of a metre.

In order to see the substance you need what’s called a TEM or Transmission Electron Microscope for precision measurement.

Here is a TEM image of expanded graphite in ethanol,


It’s why you can’t see any floating substance in a “vaccine.” But what’s in there you might ask the FDA? Well since the FDA doesn’t regulate TEM analysis for vaccine distribution, your guess is as good as theirs. So the answer is anything can be placed in a vaccine at the micron level and distributed under Emergency Executive Orders and NO ONE besides those in a lab who get samples will know what is actually distributed.

Sound scary? Yes indeed. So this is now reality State to State and what Congress and Federal Agencies are now responsible to regulate/test to make sure that what is being manufactured doesn’t contain harmful ingredients that may cause apoptosis or cell death in-vivo.

As stated you can’t see what’s in there, you can only take some agencies word for it that it’s not going to harm you.

Here is a Carbon Nanotube under TEM,


A carbon Nanotube is basically a nano-sized polymer screen mesh rolled into a tube. here is a short description from a decade ago. The tech has been around for over two decades now.

What happens if a Graphene Oxide Carbon Nanotube enters plasma? Neutrophils will immediately attack for degradation.

Neutrophils_Defensively_Degrade_Graphene_Oxide pdf

In the image above the black dots are proteins produced by neutrophils “white blood cells” breaking holes in the Graphene Oxide sheet.

Neutrophils are the first line of defense against invading pathogens to your body.

“Think of your immune system as the general of your body’s army that works to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering. Once your white blood cells pass basic training in your bone marrow, your immune system sends their troops of mature cells (neutrophils, eosinophils and basophils) to travel through your circulation system and tissues to prepare for invaders that cause illness, infection and disease. In the event of an attack on your immune system, your neutrophils are the first to the scene. Neutrophils capture and destroy the invading bacteria or microorganisms by setting traps and ingesting them. Your body will react to the battle with redness and swelling (inflammation), while your neutrophils start the tissue repair process, healing injury or damage.” https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/body/22313-neutrophils

“Initially, we observed that both mGO and nGO (Graphene Oxide) were gradually degraded (broke down) by neutrophils. TEM images showed that the characteristic sheet shape disappeared but visible “holes” formed on mGO sheets after 1 day (Fig. 1a). Besides, some proteins of neutrophils were adsorbed on GO sheets. When incubation extending to 2 days, considerable damaged parts on the basal plane of GO were visible. Eventually, residual mGO extensively degraded into nanometer-sized fragments after 3 days. Significant loss of disorder-induced D band (1380 cm-1) and crystalline G band (1620 cm-1) was observed, indicating neutrophils destroyed the order degree of GO. We also measured the diameter of holes on mGO sheets after 3 days (Fig. 1e), and the average diameter of holes was 18.4 nm.”

So what happens is that neutrophils will attack the Carbon Nanotubes, tearing holes in it, while breaking down. If the Nanotubes happen to fuse within aorta then you can see holes ripped through aorta to eradicate the alien pathogen as the neutrophils may do their job too well along with macrophage causing a cytokine storm response.

Figure 1 

Neutrophils contribute to the pathogenesis of cytokine storm syndrome (CSS). CSS is the discharge of an abnormally high concentration of soluble mediators following the occurrence of an inappropriate inflammatory cytokine response that leads to immunopathological events (death). It occurs after severe infections, as well as in situations where an inflammatory cytokine response is initiated, exaggerated, but then failed to return to homeostasis. Neutrophils triggered by pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.), cancer cells, and autoimmune microenvironmental cues gain the potential to develop CSS. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34835125/
Do you understand?
Any substance injected into your body that may contain a “nanoparticle” will cause a macrophage response. If the particle is pegylated or coated with something that will cause your neutrophils and macrophage to ignore the particle and let it go about it’s merry way through your bloodstream until fusing into vessels or tissue, the pegylation will eventually either break down, or can be triggered to break down depending on what frequency excitation occurs, or your own heart generated elctromagnetic field. There are many method of excitation to a pegylated substance.
As technology advance you must be aware that nano-material will be evaluated whether you are aware or not. It is up to you to be your own health advocate and be aware of what can possibly be injected into your body which currently the FDA does not provide safety standards applied via TEM regulation.
Be advised.


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