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The Chosen of G-d

“At around 2020, the condition of the planet becomes highly critical. If we do nothing about it, the quality of life goes down to zero. Pollution becomes so seriously it will start to kill people, which in turn will cause the population to diminish, lower than it was in the 1900. At this stage, around 2040 to 2050, civilised life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist.” World One program Australia 1973

Your depopulation lies will not save you.

The wicked will tell you they are the chosen of G-d. It’s the only defense to their crimes and anti-humanity actions.

If they can get you to believe the lie that they are a chosen race by G-d, then they can get you to believe they are exempt from laws that punish wrong doing, evil, and ursury towards others.

Laws are setup that govern their wickedness and provide statues for how they can perform evil upon others and how G-d will forgive all their sins from their made up fantasies of personal redemption to escape justice.

It’s how laws are made separating the ungodly from the godly and those exempt are those who interpret the law for their own selfish interests. However, they will not escape the damnation or judgment of G-d in whom they claim as their own.

Only those chosen by G-d are redeemed and you cannot decide if it’s you, or your brothers, or children, or mother or father or any set of religious textual concepts you follow.

The great fallacy of the day for religions is that through bad actions you now believe you can interpret salvation for yourself when you know you’re not going to get it without receiving the spirit of YHWH.

You can trick the population into believing the Nazi master race lie, in which you wish to bring about, which has been done to cover your actions of evil, but this veil will always fall, as it always has before the purge of YHWH.

We now see the judgment of YHWH in earnest. You believed that you could bring about Moshiach by debasing all cultures and populations, but you did not believe that Melech HaOlam would also judge you the wicked for doing so?

Of course these are called the children of perdition. The doomed seed. Made for that end by YHWH. Should the bow or stick be angry against the tree from whence it came? You also believe that YHWH has raised you up for this wickedness against mankind and that He will redeem you in His vengeance. You believe you are enacting the vengeance of G-d or bringing about YOM YHWH to all the gentiles.

You are simply serving your own lusts and your murders and spilt blood cry out to heaven and YHWH will indeed exact His vengeance upon those who do so, as it is written.

You wish to silence all the armies that come against you with their speech somehow believing that if you cut off speech from being read or heard that YHWH will not hear their prayers of vengeance upon you.

Not only is YHWH swift to bring forth His vengeance, fear the Lord all the earth, but He will do so for your derision.

“For the Lord has said I will cause a great sound in my Holy mountain. I will bring a sword against all your brothers in whom you trust and you shall devour one another before my great day sayeth the Lord of Hosts.

Who shall break the word of Eloheinu? For those who seek to alter the word of YHWH, manipulate or rewrite the word of YHWH, they are broken says the Lord of Hosts. I have broke them. See I have done it. All the people shall look upon them and say ‘Is that not the chosen of God?’ and the people will say, ‘The Lord has removed the dross from Israel. The Lord has redeemed us from our oppressors.’

The lowly whose homes have been stolen and the poor in all my holy mount shall receive my vengeance from on high sayeth the Lord. You shall loook upon those who oppressed you and wonder at their demise. You shall look upon those in whom said ‘God is with us to steal and commit murder,’ and you shall wonder at the doomed and give glory to God who causes man to venture forth into derision.

I save Zion my holy mountain by My hand sayeth the Lord of Hosts. Not by your plots or your schemes. I make war and peace. I decide who abides in my Jewel. I break the staff of the mighty and the ungodly for My names sake. Jerusalem shall be redeemed from those who call themselves my chosen and I have not departed from My people. Did I not say unto you I would hiss and bring you forth from all the nations? Have I not done so? As I have spoke so shall it be done and my hand will crush my enemies. I will crush those who crushed the poor and the weak in all my Holy mount. The strong shall flee from the sound of thunder and slight rain.

Those whom you have trampled, and stole, and murdered and have made my people whores in derision. I will have my vengeance sayeth the Lord of Hosts. See I have done it. Your redemption draws near. I will send confusion on the land not like the days of Hezekiah, but strong delusion. You will all believe your own lies to destruction and my Zion will be redeemed from among the wicked. For I shall cleanse my Holy mountain. I shall stick in my sickle and reap and who shall stay my hand?

See I have done it. Behold the Lord of Hosts all of heaven and earth, all religions and cultures and people. For it will be said the Lord reigns on high from Jerusalem and He has crushed His enemies!

The Lord on High shall bring about the vengeance of the widow, the poor, the defamed and robbed of their homes and livelihood. I shall make ursury in whom you trust the rot wherewith it shall consume all your possessions. Your gold you shall cast in the streets for dung and your silver shall be as rocks or tinder. See I have done it says the Lord of Hosts.”

The Lord knows who are His own and he shall separate the chaff from the wheat even as HaMashiach has promised.

Let the name of YHWH be glorified to the ends of the earth. Let the heavens and all beings glorify and praise His name. Glory and praise be to His lamb, HaMashiach, our redeemer from korbanot and our King who reigns perpetual.