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The Catabolic State

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“This might be an environment in which we’re going to see more mergers, and you know, that’s something I think the regulators will be open to, if it occurs,”

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Japan, May 13 (link)

Forget about the economists and the debt ceiling fabrications for a moment as panic ensues.

What defines a catabolic state?

Catabolism is the break down of complex molecules. Catabolism is the breakdown of complex substances to their constituent parts (glucose, amino acids and fatty acids) which form substrates for metabolic pathways.


Mergers define a catabolic state. And what does that mean once an entity is in catabolism? Well, if you ask an economist the first thing they may say is “what is catabolism?”

The fact remains that few economists and Titans of the financial economy hardly understand the concept of catabolism let alone the dangers of entering into such a state.

Mergers are a sure sign of an entity in catabolism.

As Secretary Treasurer Yellen points out, “you’ll see more mergers,” what she left out is a merger reality that has defined the economic landscape for the past decade.

The banks are but one example of catabolism through merger, let alone the vast production empires combining together.

Some would call this progress or necessity if you fail to understand that catabolism is the beginning stages of a metabolic pathway to break down smaller entity (oxidation for energy) to insure anabolic balance.

Catabolism governs ALL BIOMES, or life on earth. Whether in each human, animal, ocean, economics, biosphere in general – the metabolic process will occur.

Once we understand science, few do, then we can look for signs of catabolism and understand when an entity enters into such we can gauge not only the lifespan of the entity but define what will occur (happen) to the entity, timeframe of the pathways energy release, and gauge increments on a graph. In short, a very defined process that can be ignored, but will occur nonetheless.

Since energy is required for the anabolic process this means the breakdown of business entity until collapse is certain.


Imagine all the skyscrapers in New York or Singapore. Imagine that the largest building consumes the smaller buildings slowly, like a monster, feeding itself to become a larger, gigantic building.


This process defines complex molecules broken down into small complex molecules. As more is consumed greater energy is released and defined until fini.

Here is a short comedy video from a Monty Python skit “The Crimson Permanent Assurance,”

Once all the little buildings merge and become one gigantic building, then that gigantic building will implode like a super nova expelling energy for the biome to keep the state anabolic.

THE MERGERS OF THE BANKS is mere understanding of catabolic pathways which acetate to create larger molecules. The only remainder is whether the pathways will end as convergent or used as amino acids to build new proteins or entity.

In laymen terms, the mergers are pathway destruction, breaking down the entity, NOT building up the entity. Although it may seem a corporation is growing larger by absorption (continuous merger or buying of companies) according to catabolism this will end in destruction and energy release for biome balance depending on the stasis, volume and speed, at which the entity consumes.

Understanding this reality is understanding that mergers ARE NOT a good sign but recognition that the pathways are degrading entity for energy release.

What is the end result?

The end result is destruction of the entity for energy to make the biome anabolic. Complete merger of business and corporations into large entity, as measured, is the sure destruction of the entities, which will be churned into energy to provide sustenance or building blocks for consumers or competitive repair systems and diagnostics (adenosine).

When I say competitive, I mean that entities, much like cells in human plasma, will compete for resources depending on what is “fed” to the biome or available for selection. If you consume thirty (30) grams of protein every three hours you will have an abundance of material for amino acid production compared to the person who consumes thirty grams of protein for the entire day. Your body will regulate what is competitive for homeostasis balance based on the material available, whether an abundance of carbohydrate as compared to protein.

No different in economy. The biome will compete based on what is available as a production model. If competitive anabolic material is “cut off” (irregularity of repair) catabolism begins to occur to regulate the economy back to balance via pathogenic destruction until finished. There is no stopping the process once commenced.

Politicians or Titans of industry who fail to understand this reality are literally the demise of both infrastructure and civilization until eradication occur. As history so eloquently display.

One could actually argue that selected politicians are for the purpose of pathogenic destruction, in that their actions, like Hitler, would bring about devastation. Again, once the process has begun there is no stopping the finale. Selecting a “new” politician or army to regulate will only be churned for energy. The end result of destruction based on imbalance will still commence.

There will not occur a “correction” to pathogenic destruction once commenced. The only question is what will the end result be? Those used in the process (politician, leader, industry) are simply part of the process of glycolysis in which Darwinian’s refer to as natural selection, which is based from YHWH design.

An analysis of energy “speed” we can conclude from war in Ukraine. Examine how fast Bakhmut “the city of salt” was destroyed as compared to how long it took to build the infrastructure and housing.


One can clearly see that modern methods of kinetic warfare far exceed manufacturing energy output, or the abilty to simultaneously repair the damage. Which states the obvious imbalance.

We are able to destroy much more quickly than to rebuild or repair. Can future tech allow us to repair sustainably while destruction commence? Sort of like a “repairing shield” that negates kinetic energy while repairing the structures; similar to how amino acids are integral in repairing damaged muscles.

To further explain this reality – you pick up a barbell that weighs 100 pounds and curl that barbell ten times, put the barbell back on the ground and wait thirty seconds. You pick up the barbell again for more bicep curls, but his time you can only do eight repetitions as your muscles “get weaker.” You put the barbell down and wait another thirty seconds. On your last set of curls you find you can only get five curls as your biceps exhaust.

So what happens here to your muscles? The muscle is experiencing micro-tearing, not “weakness” as you put the tendons and muscles under duress they come apart¬†sort of speak.

The process to break apart your muscles or micro-tear can take as little as ten minutes to accomplish. However, the repair time to fix the micro-tears in the biceps can take from 48 hrs to twelve days to fully accomplish depending on how you fuel your cellular system or promote amino acid production.

Taking anabolic stereoids will increase the factor of which your cells will uptake protein for satellite cells to fill the micro-tears, which is why muscles will get “bigger.” Bigger muscles are from the micro-tears getting filled in like mortar-between-bricks as the wall expands.

The lesson here is that to damage the muscle or break down the muscle can be accomplished very quickly, but nature (YHWH) design has deemed that the repair process will take much longer than the breaking down process, even while enhanced with drugs such as stereoids or Human Growth Hormones.

As of now, “pathway shield bubbles” or “automated biome repair” is a concept of science fiction.

Thus, catabolism as a regulatory of biomes and this landmass we all live on called Earth, integrated through various levels of kinetic and thermodynamic energy will always surpass the ability to counter destruction as designed by YHWH.

The large entity which consumes the smaller molecules will cease to exist after it’s energy is expended as catabolism states.

In a healthy anabolic state we have measured, defined catabolism. In a chaotic state we have increased catabolism to churn energy (merger consumption) in an attempt to restore anabolic which destroys the large entity churning out the energy.

Indeed, the large entity is the focal point of end destruction, much like a balloon blown up before it pops and the release of energy into the biome.


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