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The Bayesian Model – Failing for a Purpose

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“One thing’s for sure, the days of plans are over. In the future, we’ll need to simulate failure in order to succeed real world.” Greg Satell

Climate change is based from Bayesian models. Indeed, Bayesian games can not only model uncertainty about players’ preferences, but also uncertainty about each other’s

Bayesian is designed to produce failure, or the ability to see how many times it takes for a soccer player to score a goal. By analysing the inputs, amount of times, variance of approach we can determine how the player needs to advance to score the most amount of goals.

Covid vaccines were based on Bayesian as they were test models to determine outcome. Covid-19, therefore provided the Bayesian model for “vaccine” development and DNA response.

Machine learning techniques using Bayesian inputs are standard modelling for health care selection.

And why Greg Satell tells his clients, “The last century was driven by mass production and increasing efficiency.  This one will be a semantic century, in which how you connect will determine how you perform.  The objective is no longer to claw your way to the top of the heap, but to nudge your way to the center of the network.” link

In essence, a combined effort Asian/European quasi model in which we see the players trying to gauge the outcome of their constructs as climate change right now determining control/economic policy. However, the citizens response will determine the next steps based on computer models that have already decided what steps to take next. Government entity will literally be advising what to do with society based on the data a computer spits out from these models and studies.

If you’re response to aggressive control action is passive, this will agree with further aggressing to determine what level society can sustain violent action etc,. If the population has overly aggressive behavior, the reason for the modelling in the first place by various groups, then you’ll have methodology of docility campaigns to avert aggression (marijuana, psychology).

Evidence concludes that scientists will be rogue and test models that damage the genome for profit and ego, possibly rendering extinction level events for humanity.

The data for this is conclusive after gauging response from Bayesian Covid models concerning economic theft and aggression and why governments must take action to prevent unsustainable models from gathering steam by morons.

The produced results during Covid were immediate theft of monetary systems, corruption, and increased in-fighting to keep control of player information,

In strategic interactions, a player may be worse off if she has more information and other players know that she has more information.”

Bayesian gaming, to know and understand the strategy of the players through failing, in my opinion is a slow system of inferior learning models. As can be seen through Covid, brings out the worst in humanity very quickly and can “go off the rails,” if a government is not careful.

Australia agrees that such modelling can amply subjugate their citizens,

“The field of adaptive experimental optimisation3,4 has successfully utilised Bayesian methods for design of products and processes to test multiple possible problem solutions. For problems with a large set of discrete choices Bayesian multi-armed bandit algorithms have become popular due to their sample efficiency.5 A second machine learning technique, reinforcement learning, has been used in “just-in-time” adaptive intervention (JITAI) optimisation6 starting with individual user/patient data to select from a set of possible interventions.”

Naturally the studies are for the purpose of determining behavior that can be controlled,

“While JITAI (just in time adaptive intervention) is sensitive to patient context and varies intervention over time with changing individual patient circumstances, (e.g. attitudes and beliefs etc.), the MAB enables assessment of change at the level of the setting where the goal is to influence behaviour across groups of people.”

Regardless if it’s a jury decision, mass vaccination, or strategic interaction for dominance we can use Bayesian strategy to determine a “guessed” outcome and then make adjustments as needed.

Every able government conforms modelling strategy leading to “instability checkers.” Depopulation is concocted from an insurance scam model of greedy bankers who have already disrupted and blown up economies. May YHWH grant the citizens a double V (vengeance and victory) against these irresponsible “vanguards” of Tom Foolery.