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The 6th Century

photo courtest IAS https://www.ias.edu/news/press-releases/geary-barbarians

The 6th century is pivotal philological dating and etymology. It seems to have captured the interests from Tel Aviv to Oxford, from incantation bowls, to the Gezer Plate in which all have a stake in some breakout, wall smashing barrier of language defining culture.

The truth of the matter is we have one faction vs another.

Either Judaic philology possess the Levant or some alien form of semi-semitic ablution.

In the book, Glyphbraker, endorsed by The National Geographic, on decipherment of the Phaistos Disk,

the Minoan language of ancient Crete is the oldest documented language not only of Europe but also of the entire Indo-European language family… it was a Hellenic tongue, sister to Mycenaean Greek [Minoan Greek]… the Phaistos Disk indicates a preference for the written word in ancient Crete (it also suggests widespread literacy)… [and] the Hellenes were the first in the Aegean, indeed in Europe, to use writing…” (pp. 119-120) Dr. Fischer.

From both sides you have an argument of what language is older for control of the ultimate narrative. All one need do is cede to fiction and all will be well. At any rate, neither camp is correct in either ownership or preservation.

Greek historians can argue that the Philistines, even Goliath were of Cherethite origin.

15 Thus saith the Lord God; Because the Philistines have dealt by revenge, and have taken vengeance with a despiteful heart, to destroy it for the old hatred;

16 Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will stretch out mine hand upon the Philistines, and I will cut off the Cherethims, and destroy the remnant of the sea coast. Yichezkel 25

Judaic historians can argue,

“But though he (Driver) used every trustworthy source of betterment, he had a profound respect for the traditional text. The versions, he said, give superior readings in certain details, but ‘on the whole the purer text was undoubtedly preserved by the Jews.’ Israel Abrahams (1858–1925)

Purification of language is determined by what is considered authoritative language in development at the time. Purification determines the following:

  • cultures advancing
  • language evolving
  • manuscript selection
  • avodah
  • karbanot

To guard against this hypothetical defilement it was decided that all handling of the Scriptures should be followed by ceremonial ablutions. To say that the Chaldee chapters “defile the hands” is the Rabbinic way of declaring their Canonicity.” F.W. Farrar

Perhaps nothing certain can be inferred from the philological examination either of the Hebrew or of the Chaldee portions of the Book; but they seem to indicate a date not earlier than the age of Alexander (b.c. 333). On this part of the subject there has been a great deal of rash and incompetent assertion. It involves delicate problems on which an independent and a valuable opinion can only be offered by the merest handful of living scholars, and respecting which even these scholars sometimes disagree. In deciding upon such points ordinary students can only weigh the authority and the arguments of specialists who have devoted a minute and lifelong study to the grammar and history of the Semitic languages. I know no higher contemporary authorities on the date of Hebrew writings than the late veteran scholar F. Delitzsch and Professor Driver.”

F.W. Farrar The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Daniel

The entire argument or criticism of scripture is to control the narrative. The one party who is most authoritative gets to determine what the translations say – simple as that.

Translating scripture is literally opinion by the scribe in translation – each word is gauged by a selection as well as eloqui structure.

For dummies: the scribe must select between numerous words and decide how the sentence is to read and in what order.

A perfect example of this is Daniel 9:26 and 27. Two lines of text that have been argued over for centuries and great thinkers and inventors have chimed in on the matter, as Sir Isaac Newton, to the most astute scholars of the time.

And with the thunderous crackle of scholarly power and superb understanding of ancient Greek, Phoenician script, and Aramaic for over a thousand years  – to no avail! Cast asunder, unable to discern that two (2) lines of text were out of order.

A host of heretical fantasies were contrived out of this scripture: the Rapture, fulfillment of 69 weeks, pre, post, mid tribulation theory, preterism, rabbinate Moshiach dogma and the movement of confusionism.

Another example for Greek philology comes from the Delphic oracle, given by Pythia to an ancient Greek soldier leaving for war, “Thou shall go and thou shall return not thou shall die in war” (Exeis afexeis ou en polemo thnexeis).

Notice carefully the translations below. Which is correct?

Thou shall go and thou shall return not, thou shall die in war.”

Thou shall go and thou shall return, not thou shall die in war.”

Apparently it takes a real genius to place the comma in the correct sequence.

What we find as an argument between language development over authenticity is failure to understand that conquering Kings and Emperor’ determine what the language to be through purification.

The 6th century is pivotal as there remain little knowledge of the time due to myriad of calamities, namely plague, and so the advent is ripe for “inserting narratives” to bring about theorized future evolution’s.

The cult of Mary being one such evolution to spring out of the 6th century. Not because the entire known world was dominantly pagan, but that the cult of Mary can lay a foundation for argument that Catholic forks in the road were due to a pagan cult.

Nothing new to see here. Just pre-laid foundations in the hope of connecting the 6th century and spring boarding theories to denigrate Christianity or extant script.

Covid-19 is modern evidence of this reality. Only by purification can continents and cultures be free of pathogens both within the human body and the very written script emanating from the mind.

We can see that whether by invention or by nature the masses will follow and in that moment a new language is created that defines the timestamp of history – ever to wonder for historians and ever to despise by those who wish to rewrite the archives.

Cultures of humanity for thousands of years have been led by their “nobles” into war, religion, taxation, and the ability to read and write. But have the people ever determined the languages a culture must speak?

The answer is purification.

Only through purification do language evolve and why so has HaShem made it thus?

A palatable answer is to confuse the most ardent of intelligentes, that the scripture of one of the most prominent Navi to exist may ring true:

Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.” Isaiah 6:10

The argument is simple when we get straight to the point – either Greece “borrowed” their language from Israel or “ancient Phoenician” which means all translations AFTER that borrowing (Septuagint) were bastardized written forms from the original semitic language.

That’s the need to get to the 6th century to connect the “missing link” of semitic language (end result Hebrew) as lingua franca other than the Greek which predate the modern language by twelve centuries.

Why such a need?

You can chalk this up to cultural war or the need to be #1 in the religio zealist category.

IF all semitic language determine the shape of Greek or rendering of Greek THEN the Greek translations are incorrect as a whole. This new “truth” renders Extant Greek script, hence Christian script and doctrine, a mere copy of language/culture/religion.

To which can be justified by stating “Christianity was started by Jews anyway,” of course the notion is a fictional narrative. “Jews” did not exist in Roman times as the phrase is a European slang word born after the 16th century.

The German Yuden was not a kind word for us “Jews.”

If Phoenician can be seen as the founding of an offshoot language that produced data, it can be argued that the data produced is corrupt, as the words did not “preserve” the actual meaning or rendering from semitic to Greek.

Thus, the tens of thousands of alternates are mere secondary renderings and should be destroyed or properly rendered as inadequate, or “defile the hands” declared by F.W. Farrar, as our way of canocity.

I was unaware, as a Jew, that I required an Oxford English professor from the 19th century to tell me how to preserve scripture. Again, authority determines control which determines narrative.

Purification determines language, yet YHWH determines the preservation, not Google, Microsoft, Westcott, Budny. Farrar, Wellhausen, or Driver.

Neither men of Oxford, notably Driver, considered the most excellent scholar of the 19th century who writ,

From page 37 Introductions,

And within one statement the man becomes the most revered scholar of his time with notable rabbi contemplating his life and within obituary as by Prof.Marc Zvi Brettler attempting to understand why this man was so important to Judaic Father’s.

S. R. Driver “Taught the Faithful Criticism, and the Critics Faith” A reflection on the 106th yahrzeit of Samuel Rolles Driver,

“He popularized this position in his 1891 An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament, which went through nine editions through 1913. This sober and convincing book—these adjectives best describe all of his work[9]—is responsible for a seismic shift in English-speaking biblical studies, convincing many in the English-speaking world of the basic correctness of Wellhausen’s source-critical model.[10]”

What does this mean, who is Wellhausen?

It means Wellhausen already determined how all languages flowed and Driver was merely agreeing with the analysis, and why a rabbi is also commenting of his importance to the Judaic community in his obituary that is celebrated as “a reflection on the 106th yahrzeit of Samuel Rolles Driver,” by Prof. Brettler.

Again and again he illumines phrases and turns of expression which one thought one understood until Driver gave the real sense. And here a word is appropriate with regard to his dealing with the original Hebrew. Of course, he did not accept the plenary or verbal inspiration of the Massoretic text. He held that text to be sometimes defective, and he frankly, though cautiously, adopted emendations.[15] But though he used every trustworthy source of betterment, he had a profound respect for the traditional text. The versions, he said, give superior readings in certain details, but “on the whole the purer text was undoubtedly preserved by the Jews.” Israel Abrahams (1858–1925)


Now that’s called edification.

Abrahams further insists that Driver ‘taught us that we can probe without killing faith,’” which I find to be an excellent quote by Prof. Brettler.

Precisely this – we can probe without killing faith!

One must scream this outside the synagogue, nary within, lest Rosh rebuke immediately.

Wellhausen’s work Prolegomena to The History of Ancient Israel 1878, is an anti-Christian historical account of Jewish life proceeding through the Levant. If you are acquainted with the work (actually read).

The position of the Jews in the Roman Empire had changed for the worse with the elevation of Christianity to be the religion of the state; the large autonomy which until then they had enjoyed in Palestine was now restricted; above all, the family of the Patriarchs, which had come to form a veritable dynasty, became extinct.”

Perhaps, and another quote from Wellhausen’s book,

The Kabbala at most, and even it hardly with justice, can be regarded as having been a genuine product of Judaism. It originated in Palestine, and subsequently flourished chiefly in the later Middle Ages in Spain, and, like all other methodised nonsense, had strong attractions for Christian scholars.”

Wellhausen apparently was not a historian in all categories, namely Islamic, and his statement is announcement of the amateur understanding of Talmud exegesis, as well as his rather slanderous attitude and prejudice towards Christians.

Kabbalah, of what Wellhausen refers to undoubtedly was influenced by the Maimonidian dynasty under Rabbi Abraham Maimonides, Rabbi Abraham Maimon HaNagid, Rabbeinu Avraham ben HaRamBam, or simply Avraham Maimun for the secular.

His father is the legendary RamBam and although Spain was a cadaver to Islamic Egyptian sufism, namely the philosophy of intermingling medical anatomy with Talmud tractate, the ideology in general was considered heretical by many and spawned multiple false Moshiach such as Sabbatai Zevi 1666.

The title of the book Prolegomena to The History of Ancient Israel, displays the invigorate of new etymology and thinking within critical discourse.

The 17th century word Prolegomena, which can be defined as analysis from prologue, is in use with scholary dichotomy concerning rejection of religion or archaelogical emancipation of Biblical script.

It’s no stretch that Wellhausen’s apostate work would attract the lended arguments against Christian dogma. The conclusion to these works or, Prolegomena, is that  Higher Critics should be taken more seriously than a grain of salt rather than be seen for what they are “anti-religious critics” dabbling in reshaping the Levant, or inceptis gravibus ventus sacculos, qui nihil sciunt ex religione.

As Isaac Newton so succinctly states,

You will now understand that the term “avowed fiction,” applied to the book of Daniel by Canon Farrar, is a kind of apology for the forger, and here let me remind you of what I laid down in a previous address that there can be no compromise whatever between the rationalistic doctrine and the Christian belief : we are dealing with either the truth or a lie.”

Wellhausen literature should be delegated to bottom shelf reading concerning historical narrative. Perhaps an examination in Yeshiva, for the enjoyment of English scrutiny and their professed professional opinion of such, but no more than this for the Jewish scholar.

Wellhausen lived in a time where it was necessary to adamantly profess that Jews existed in Palestine for the purpose of establishing the nation in 1948.

Today we no longer need to profess that we actually lived in the Levant or amongst the Romans as Wellhausen in his eloquence,

This Judaism, although not the most pleasing feature in the nowhere pleasing picture of the mixture of nations which then prevailed, was, nevertheless, an historical element developing itself in the natural course of things,… which Caesar just like his predecessor Alexander fostered as far as possible….They did not, of course, contemplate placing the Jewish nationality on an equal footing with the Hellenic or Italo-Hellenic. But the Jew who has not, like the Occidental, received the Pandora’s gift of political organisation, and stands substantially in a relation of indifference to the state, who, moreover, is as reluctant to give up the essence of his national idiosyncrasy as he is ready to clothe it with any nationality at pleasure and to adapt himself up to a certain degree to foreign habits–the Jew was, for this very reason, as it were, made for a state which was to be built on the ruins of a hundred living polities, and to be endowed with a somewhat abstract and, from the outset, weakened nationality. In the ancient world also Judaism was an effective leaven of cosmopolitanism and of national decomposition.”

Wellhausen literally described the common man in Roman territory and equates this as a Jewish personna for the purpose of saying we were viable to culture.

Is the argument of Wellhausen for or against Judaism?

Like many scholars who tip toe the line we see both, cadence to apathy and personal injection of philosophy about a culture one never lived.

I concern myself with actual topics not layers of deceit to nudge an issue across the English parliament floor in the hope of “delegating non-authoritative agreement” to etymology fantasies conceived by men such as Wellhausen.

More to the point, there are volumes of arguments spanning from the late 17th century presenting acumen for historical monopoly of language concerning the Levant and Hellenic world, or more precise the Aegean.

The Afrocentric theory is the same as the Phoenician theory – “borrowed” letters to form a language equates to ALL translations coming out of that language/culture inept.

Forensically it’s catching the kid with the hand in the cookie jar, turning on the lights and saying, “Gotcha!”

The good child recoils the hand quickly with sad puppy dog eyes.

The rebellious child stares you in the eyes as the cookie is withdrawn and slowly takes a bite in defiance.

Thus can be summed up the argument over language assimilation concerning the Phoenician to Greek chess move.

The counter move was logic similar to Spock, “fascinating,” I can hear him now as he looks upon Earth’s history from the 24th century.

Forensics my dear Watson defeats the charlatans every time!

Etymology is the art that which expouse idols of preservation, rather display the tools and their true nature – thus the definition of forensics; forensis, “pertaining to or suitable for courts of law,” 1650s, “pertaining to legal trials,” as in forensic medicine 1845. (my statement)

Every nuance of Wellhausens moody descriptions of historic life and Ferrar’s exuberant prose determine each authors intelligence, belief, moral capacity, educational style, upbringing and religious faction.

Can one tell all that by reading a thesis?

Forensics is a wonderful thing coupled with computer technology. Writers of Talmud from the 13th century had no idea that such things would exist in society as the word forensics was yet to be invented.

Now that we have these tools, the play grounds have been leveled when it comes to the fictional narrative we have been spoon fed, nay, indoctrinated with.

The tools allow us to pass right through the amateur printing hour of philology defined by 15-19th century Higher Critics with a cause.

Moreover, the world population no longer require your approval to publish works that display truth to your lies. The population no longer requires the powerful media empires that suppress consumer data.

Each individual can now be a publisher, printer, and media house until such laws are passed to make such endeavors illegal on grounds of misinformation. We now see this in society under the guise of medical tyranny to limit “alternating opinions” from corporate/government entity.

I remind all Jews of this same occurrence under Hitler. May YHWH protect, bless, and cause escape for all Zawada Jews!

Keep in mind it did not matter that companies had Jewish owners, all were assimilated for our destruction as the Pharma industry will be assimilated from your hands.

This is of course due to YOM YHWH and the destruction of Beit HaMikdash to end karbanot. The destruction was forecast for centuries by Navi and cause for the rebellion of His children, of which the scholars of today never iterate this reality of history.

Never a mention in historical accounts other than the Biblical script that Higher Critics either dismantle or “correct” based upon their apostate seduction at the time, that Israel was diaspora by YHWH due to treachery, rebellion, and payment for sins owed.

If you are not Jewish, or have never experienced what a Jewish family has dealt with under “Jew haters,” pogroms, shoa, or have any relatives that survived WWII and witnessed such then this material may have interest to you, but to us “Jews” it is our story.

A story that many try to manipulate and if I may be so bold as to project “bastardize” into their delirious remake of an ancient story embedded in our bones.

If DNA can tell a tale, the one spun would alarm the historian.

Genomes and reality aside, a goal of nationalizing historic data will fail.

Microsoft and Google are actively engaged in digitizing books. Have you read any digital formats?

I have.

The digital formats are poor, and I weakly say, preservations, as one is less able to translate after the fact then before. I believe this to be no mistake on part of two companies in a war to control the worlds archives and eventually release only what they wish the public to see.

One can only view what has already occurred in academia since the days of F.W. Farrar. The result is complete rejection of book or script that point to any verse of Jesus as HaMashiach, obviously this statement is thrilling to many who consider HaMashiach idolatry.

Moreover, none of the Latin or Greek is to be trusted as any type of legitimate translation as they too confess the sin of linking Torah prophesy to Jesus of Nazareth.

The future will only provide more censorship in the area of exegesis, designated only for scholars or peer reviewed access limited for critically debated (insert selected PhD) experts with an agenda.

How does one rise to the top of modern philology? You must not represent truth, but continue the narrative already laid out like the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz.

As Prof. Brettler states,

Adler clearly had first-hand familiarity with Driver’s work, and could express his appreciation for Driver, who engaged in both higher (source) and lower (textual) criticism.” https://www.thetorah.com/blogs/s-r-driver-taught-the-faithful-criticism-and-the-critics-faith

In other words, the source of the information is the “higher” of two choice, the lower, actual text, is subpar to the source.

Thus the “source” must equate as Judaic originale to render all else nill when it comes to “authentic preservation.”

Cunning, crafty, manipulative all comes to mind when examining such thought. Unethical? Absolutely.

Hardly one can be an ethical scholar when rejecting every notion that does not fit your personal or universal ideology.

Lets have a debate at why the data is suppressed and there can exist no dialogue in academia other than the consideration of ownership of the etymology – which is the end goal.

Own the words, the dictionaries, the lexicons, the papyri and vellum. Lock it all up in a dusty warehouse, or perhaps with all the seeds in Norway Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Maybe all Jews will have to get a vaccination to read your truth in the future.

This Jew rejects your idolatry publishing houses.

This is the same thing as under Hitler, just different faces and different stories, some of them Jewish, some unmistakably German like the Nazi’s who serverd the Steins and Bergs.

We see the writing on the wall,

mene mene tekel,

and we await Mashiach as we have done for two thousand years.

Due to prophetic decree, scholars and scribes will remain deaf and dumb to YHWH scripture as we clearly see the argument of contesting authenticity of Higher Criticism never takes into account the fact Elohim requires none of the critics tongues edifying His work of preservation.

This is the most comical laugh on all higher criticism. YHWH is the end of your skandal or the Polish root word Zawada.

YHWH and YHWH alone has preserved His word through the ages using the languages of the world, not merely Greek, nor Latin, and the newer Hebrew, but through the original language of Moshe to Aramaic as spoke by HaMashiach Jesus.

Eloheinu has chosen the words, the language, the cultures, the gentiles to declare His covenant with Israel and the salvation of humanity through the King of Judah, Yeshua in modern Hebrew, Jesus in Latin, Immanuel in Greek, the Son of Man according to scripture.

Mashiach denied and rejected as according to Nevi’im as we roam the nations, receiving new names, like “Jew” and “Zawada” we did roam for thousands of years after the destruction of Beit HaMikdash.

Now to hear the hiss and the whistle of YHWH – aliyah as foretold and known. An inescapable future all heading toward YOM YHWH and the promise of our redeemer throughout the eons.

By cunning and craft did Jacob receive the blessing of which YHWH promised His covenant.

Now the cunning and craft is rebellion as foretold through Isaiah, Ezekiel, Nehemiah, and Elijah.

Elohim will glean His vine as promised.