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Take Precautions

courtesy JP Link

As I approached the small shopping mart an elderly door greeter held a microphone in his hand as music played loudly in the background. He was speaking rapidly into the microphone and no…he wasn’t wearing a mask.

I adjusted my M95 mask, grabbed a shopping cart, and entered the mart. The attendants were quite jovial singing along with the music as the store owner “the elderly man” made announcements over the music.

I scanned the store as I went and noticed that none of the workers were wearing masks or gloves.

Few customers were wearing gloves, even fewer wearing masks.

I threw some toilet paper rolls into the cart and collected odds and ends before shimming into the clustered line of people – forget about the 6 foot rule.

The person behind me was so close I could feel the air of her breath on my neck as she softly sang behind me.

As I moved forward towards checkout my tzitzit swayed to and fro making me realize “even tzitzit will be disinfected.”

Once at the cashier I notice no hand sanitzer, no wipes – nothing.

Here is this young girl handling bills, credit cards, and coins all day and doing nothing to prevent the spread of the virus – totally irresponsible.

But the fault lay with the store owner. If dad isn’t taking precaution then neither are the boys or girls – all leadership trickles downhill.

You can only emulate your father/mother, peers, or those who have authority. The fault lay in those responsible for the well being of the community.

As I left the store the old man was patting people on the back talking directly in their faces.

Older people were now showing up in the parking lot as the news was traveling about the little mart having toilet paper.

I watched as someone helped an eldery man get out of a vehicle wearing a mask and he started walking toward me. We exchanged recognition towards one another knowing how serious this was, as we were both wearing masks and gloves.

I opened the hatch of my vehicle, stowed the groceries, removed my gloves and sanitized my hands. I left the gloves in the trunk for the next escapade.

I pondered the total lack of responsibility of the store owner as I drove home. I wondered how many people would become sick and die directly from his store. Directly because of his irresponsibility to take anything serious rather than make some extra cash during the panic.

I pulled into my driveway, turned off the car, and did a mental check. I left the mask on the seat to bake in the sun – killing any virus on the front of the mask – which I would still disinfect later.

I grabbed all the groceries and went into an open door waiting for me. There was a towel waiting on the counter to accept the plastic bags.

All the groceries were laid out on the towel. Everything was sprayed down with disinfectant, including my tzitzit. Individual wrapped items were hand washed. The keys for the vehicle, credit card, and counters all cleaned.

The toilet paper rolls are sitting outside in the sun “airing out” as I write this.

Last but not least, I took a special “virus killing” dose of my special ingredients to eradicate any virus to form within my body.

Take precaution out there.

You will find that many, many people will die from this virus simply by being irresponsible. Don’t be 1 of them.

All those who rely on the word and protection of YHWH and the salvation of Jesus HaMashiach are given understanding of proper protocols to follow as Adonai is our redeemer, praise be to His name forever.