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image screenshot source: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/safety-of-vaccines.html


The CDC’s data from their wonder database displays that Covid-19 vaccines are anything but “safe and effective.”

How many times in history has any organization gotten away with something like this? Here we are the 21st century and you have departments advertising to citizens the safety of products as the products are killing them.

May YHWH hold accountable those responsible and provide justice for those who have lost their loved ones to snake-oil products.

I would like some attorneys from the DOJ to explain to a hundred year old law firm how they are getting away with this legally – on record to be read out loud to the general public. I would like an Attorney General to read the statement to the public so everyone is clear how the law works in this United States.

Hello Law Enforcement, where are you? Hello lawyers, where are you? Hello doctors, what are you doing?

MD, PA, Nurse  – you’re ok with this?

This is a screenshot from Wonder CDC data. Since many are being accused of fudging the data, let there be no misunderstanding, this is a time stamped screenshot of CDC Wonder data, from the website link:


A few highlights if you are unable to read the print:

Details for VAERS ID: 0944595-1


Death Cardiac arrest within 1 hour Patient had the second vaccine approximately 2 pm on Tuesday Jan 12th He works at the extended care community and was in good health that morning with no complaints. He waited 10-15 minutes at the vaccine admin site and then told them he felt fine and was ready to get back to work. He then was found unresponsive at 3 pm within an hour of the 2nd vaccine. EMS called immediately worked on him 30 minutes in field then 30 minutes at ER was able to put him on life support yet deemed Brain dead 1-14-21 and pronounced dead an hour or so later
Details for VAERS ID: 0955256-1


Death Patient was vaccinated in right arm. Within 5 to 10 seconds after vaccination, patient started clinching his hands tightly and became unresponsive. Patient was lowered to the floor and did not exhibit a pulse. CPR was initiated and 911 was called. An AED was used and healthcare professionals onsite continued compressions until the paramedics arrived.
Details for VAERS ID: 0968846-1


Death Within 15 minutes of the injection, the individual became aphasia and stroke like symptoms. She was taken to the ER where she was later diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage and passed away.
Details for VAERS ID: 1156450-1


Death Patient received his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on February 17, 2021. Per family, he complained of feeling chilly and cold. He was found deceased in the early morning on February 18, 2021.

On the CDC website you have to agree that the data may not be accurate and many of the reports are by family members describing what occurred with their loved ones. Since family members are reporting data to be filed within Vaers, naturally the data is speculative and can be argued in a complaint as speculative data by non-official personnel.

If you’re not a doctor, then it doesn’t matter what you report when citing admissible evidence to be examined in litigation. These guys have every angle covered to get away with slaughter.

My search was posting over 50,000 rows of data.

The malice is outrageous.

I want you as an American citizen to wrap your hear around this and the psychology of those who direct and work for the CDC deparment as employees.

Think about it. Their own database displays the vast thousands dying from these injections, they are not hiding the data, but showcasing to the public, while at the same time announcing “legally” mind you, on their website that these concoctions are safe to be injected.

How does that work for a logical being? You were once kids at one time in your lives, how do you live with yourselves?

So your data shows that thousands are dying, but it’s still safe according to your logic? I don’t understand.

Usually that’s when a complaint is filed for a judge to examine, but as you know the Pharma companies have a blanket exemption from being prosecuted for wrong doing, namely murder, from anyone stupid enough or manipulated by government entity and health departments to get injected by this soup of death.

And that’s the reality. Americans would not be dying from these injections if health departments were not telling you they’re “safe” which means they are complicit for wrongful death litigation. Without putting pressure on your Attorney Generals and Sheriff departments you will keep watching your family members die from believing what they are told by government departments and state health departments that are complicit.

Now as an American you have to ask yourself why would anyone do this? And what kind of psychology allows for an employee to be ok with putting out a database that displays a death toll while at the same time telling an ignorant public that it’s ok, it’s only killing a small percentage of the population according to their same data.

I understand the psychology as examined by Stanley Milgram in that citizens will follow orders regardless of the harm being done to the victims as long as they believe an authority figure tells them “it’s ok, go ahead.”

What is occuring here however, is a new kind of evil, a vagrant disregard of post data analysis. When an employee can examine the data where people are dying or have life threatening reactions the natural remedy is to pull from the public the product that’s doing it.

Not only has the CDC not recommended pulling the product but CONTINUES to advertise to Americans to take the concoctions and for kids to get into school knowing full well, according to their own database what these snake-oil concoctions are doing – causing death.

So as humanity moves forward we’ll have to examine the psychology and ideolgy behind what allows humand minds to be conditioned to where murder and atrocity can just be glossed over to keep the profit train or ideology steaming forward.

Whether its eugenics philosophy, religious, or a depopulation theory, which we know these are tied together, human nature must guard itself against destruction from these venues by placing safeguards upon institutions through laws that cannot be manipulated nor given “blanket exemptions,” while those who attempt to manipulate laws for this purpose must be held accountable by lifetime prison sentences, public scrutiny and ostracization, and denouncing through authority figures elected or established as ethical branches of governance.

As it is right now the 21st century is  proving to be a knuckle dragging sphere of charlatans, con-men, unethical government leadership, anti-humanitarian dogma, and hardly an intellectual group of beings governing humanity.

The question is can you be an intelligent human while at the same time obeying orders to commit atrocity and murder? I think that’s debatable by a broad audience based on a human able to think for oneself rather than follow orders willy nilly based on their ethical upbrining. Regardless, Milgram proved that Christians and Jews alike would follow the same orders as Nazi soldiers if the right parameters exist and established to lead them astray.

At the end of the line, from where the orders are coming from, you have to understand that the individual or group of people care nothing for your family, nor do they consider murder and atoricty a problem with business. So that must be taken into consideration when understanding elected officials or individuals examined under psychological profile entering an office where they can dictate governance or actions that determine the fate over cultures, districts, and policy for the nation.

It’s up to Sheriff departments in your State to put a stop to this atrocity. A Sheriff department can issue a warrant for the arrest of one of these directors if it is ibelieved they are suspect in the murder or criminality of death for a citizen in your State. Regardless of whatever exemption a President has signed into law.

The State that harbors these individuals where they live can reject extraditing the suspect from their State, but the individual citizen will not be able to travel in said State for fear of arrest and facing criminal charges.

So that really needs to be examined State to State by Attorney Generals to put a curb on madmen or madwomen that may enter government office and start committing atrocity under the guise that they’re just following orders.

Without consequences for actions then you have medieval atrocity as we’re seeing now. Covid-19 is proof of the pudding that humans will still resort to butchery and malice regardless of what century it is based on human nature and sin. Big Pharma proved they can move about politicians and government personnel by money and power struggle to get them to do what they want in an elected government which seems to cater to their every whim, when the people of the nation literally have the means and power to stop them.

This is not the government for the people by the people envisioned by Americans and its up to you to do something about it. I’m doing my part by examining the data and informing the public. Law enforcement must do their part by gathering evidence, issuing warrants, and getting prosecutions.

Law enforfment is used to facing criminals of all creeds and colors and just because these criminals are operating at higher levels in government or state departments doesn’t mean you can’t figure out a solution on how to bag them! You can do it and YHWH is on yor side for justice – remember that. I will be praying for your protection, strength, and boldness in stopping these lunatics.

We will glorify the name of YHWH as the posecutions are handed out showing America that G-d will recompense justice and righteousness.

Get to work America you have alot of clean up to do!

1. Visit the CDC “Wonder” website and accept the disclaimer at bottom of page.
2. Click on VAERS data search
3. In Section 1, click on Group Results By “VAERS ID” and by “Vaccine Type” and by “Event Category”
4. Under Optional Measures (still in Section 1) check the box for “Adverse Event Description
5. Scroll down to Section 3 and under Vaccine Products select “COVID19 VACCINE” (Make sure it is the only option selected.
6. Scroll down to Section 5 and under event category select “Death.” (Make sure it is the only option selected.)
7. Scroll to the very bottom and click Send.

NOTE: Because there are so many adverse events reported, you may have to segregate between male and female in Section 4 because the system is only capable of producing reports with 10,000 or less rows.


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