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Robots & AI Governing Human Data

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An Indepth Look At Mesmer from Engineered Arts on Vimeo.

“Ameca will allow researchers to test artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, alongside the company’s powerful Tritium robot operating system. Both its hardware and software is completely modular, making upgrades a breeze.” TECHEBLOG 


On display is the commercial venue of amazing facial technology, which companies like Disney have used in animatronics for years at amusement parks and will soon find these applications in residential homes.

The Disney Research Innovation Lab envisions “…an audio-animatronic figure that emulates the mutual gaze between humans.”


Disney has quite a bit of tech publications available to the public and can be examined here: https://la.disneyresearch.com/publication/

FaceMagic: Real-Time Facial Detail Effects on Mobile

FaceMagic – full pdf download from Disney Research

As we enter this new age of data dissemination the old hands of propaganda will attempt to abuse the new constructs of A.I. and breakthroughs in robotic technology.

As well known now concerning news dissemination filtered by unelected government department directors, technology may continually be abused for utilizing basic tech similar to Amazon Alexa for reverberating propaganda, political swaying, negative influence, and memory distortion as evidence suggest.

Aritifical intelligence is just user entered data. Imagine a crawler that selects what to display to an audience from a database and you have your answer.

The difference that no one seems to understand is that “robots generating the data” now provide an extra layer of litigation protection to agencies, departments, and corporations putting out the data. This is the sole purpose of “A.I.” – lawsuit control.

All internet data will be streamed in seconds for anyone who has the capability to do so. What that means is “everyone” will have access to that data. All cover-ups, lies, frauds, crimes, tech, patents, medical, instruction manuals – everything and anything at your fingertips way more fluid and rapid than right now.

What that means is those who write propaganda or originate concepts that are evil to the public can be scrutinized, become a suspect, or sued in a court of law. They can’t hide the data of what is being written anymore or the source of it!

Do you understand the power of that?

Not many people do, but the government and corporations do. It means that their plots can be found out as quickly as they’re being generated – the real fear – not getting away with it!

A.I. is an extra layer of litigation protection because a company, CEO, government official here in the future can just say, “I pulled the data from A.I. or the computer generated the data for us.”

It’s simply another avenue of litigation protection and everyone is falling for it, but not for long. These morons don’t understand what transparency really means and they just can’t face the fact they can’t lie without getting caught any longer.

A real bummer right?

For some reason, although it has been shown over and over again, the lies have caught up to the taskmasters and the data is speeding along so fast that it doesn’t matter if you use A.I. to try and trick people that a “robot said it, not me ploy” as the people doing the interface for ChatGPT (now microsoft) and similar programs are simply pluggin in the data and saying “look what the robot came up with all on it’s own.”

I already proved that ChatGPT was pulling climate change data and SDG directly from UN agenda 2030 mandates and policy. So really the A.I. is just another “web crawler” able to give you crawled data based on what you ask it. Anyone can do the same simply by crawling web data and using software to collate what you want from the data and then call it A.I. something.

ChateGPT is a better all-in-one tool allowing the average joe access to immense crawled data.

There will be a mulitude of app system copy cats of chatGPT and better systems for anyone to use here in the future while big tech and corporations try to “own” the data of what is being collated.

Good luck with that as we know you can’t do it. Amateurs will be able to backup the entire internet very soon.

This data that humanity will access in real time will drive war to cover it all up and is the real threat facing humanity currently. It’s not robots that become aware like a Terminator or Skynet, but the very people trying to keep you from seeing all their lies and deeds are the true threat to humanity in how far they will go to cover up that data. Bayesian model forecasts show bad scenario outcomes as governments race to cover the tracks they can no longer cover.

Transparency models are the only path to an open future, or we have the opposite, which in many a regard is unavoidable. In order to come out the other side the ugly data must be faced and that means the purveyors of such will fight to their ends, or acquiesce to whatever defeat that entails.

Information transparency through internet accessible device is forecast to dominate the landscape for the future streaming at speeds that no government will be able to curb the flow of said data or “truth” of historical documentation, scientific analysis concerning homeostasis and forensic investigation that news outlets ridiculously censor to the public. And you are seeing a heightening of that censorship now as we reach apex.

Knowing full well that these endeavors are now like putting a band-aid on a breach in the Three Gorges Dam, governments are scrambling, in vain mind you, to pass laws governing the flow of information through web portals.

Interesting enough innovation is directly tied to censorship of data or cover-ups of the last 100 years of tech development. The internet allowed the storage of technical manuals in the cloud by large industrial companies which were then hacked by competitive governments over the last three decades to obtain the tech advancement.

That data was then filtered by hackers to the general public (wikileaks is an example) to where the average consumer could view the data and examine forensically concerning the following categories:

  • history of mechanics
  • banking and finance
  • patent development
  • ficticious historical narrative
  • international archives
  • criminal investigations and cover-ups
  • Global judicial and legal structure
  • Executive, Emergency, and Health Initiative Orders
  • Hospital, Medical, and Pharma conglomeration
  • CEO’s, Board of Directors, & All stock entity ownership
  • Propaganda narrative for all documented war

All this data is then collated by software as Alphabet, IBM, Microsoft, etc.. have done and personnel/think-tanks are educated about real history, technology, space innovation, elections, governance, and fiat other than the fictional portrayals examined since the early 20th century.

The future then concerning robots with integration of artificial intelligence, which is nothing more than programmed user data, or censored data that a robot regurgitates based on manufacturer specs, will usher in a new era of competitive “data forensics” now that any teenager can access data that has been suppressed by governments.

The fear of large corporate entity is losing control of energy controlled structures to the vulgar population. This will be the real war for the future and although demise is certain for corporate entity who will engage this battle, it will be a fight nonetheless with casualties possibly in the billions as according to various hyper-models established over the last decade.

Interesting to note that ancient documents portray “living statues” having the ability to not only communicate with the population demanding worship but the ability to kill humans with frequency type weaponry. No need to engage in communicating about such devices as every government is well versed in the understanding of technology available in military and commercial systems.

Those who believe they can suppress the knowledge of these decades old tech are living in the past and are ignorant to the reality of data transparency as now understood. Within five years, all internet data, meaning, all blogs, pictures, videos, websites, pdf documents, databases – the entire web structure in the world, will be streamed in seconds. Governments who think they can limit or “suppress” this capability are what Wesley Snipes describes as “Ice skating uphill.”

The current projections and options to limit this capability by a vulgar public of useless eaters is to prescribe war, medical tyranny, and rationed commodity under Moore’s law and culture in a catabolic state. Whether these aged gentlemen understand the science of what I just stated matters not. As Hitler succumb to his fate so will the purveyors of doom, propaganda, and genome aggression.

This is how the human race has survived by pre-programmed telekinetic energy through YHWH which supersedes any diabolical plans of “controlling all” by groups or heinous individuals. Including whatever alien fiction, or angel domination theory you want to throw in here.

Science can be manipulated as well as what theory states, however things like gravity and the requirement of drinking water, and consuming Earth’s substance to live is a requirement in this biome of reality that no politician can change. All those who attempt to do so Science states they will falter to doom as humans are designed by YHWH with a DNA commanded to destroy anything that manipulates the genome of Ekhad creation.

You are not told this reality in science class however, as the purveyors of doom who wish to continue controlling energy and commodity for their own self greed and ideological ends of “what’s best for humanity,” will also perish from old age, or from whatever Elohim choose. They will not live forever, or exceed 120 years as many naively imagine.

These doom progenitors may witness their destruction on society before they expire in their labyrinths of wealth, but they shall never see the otherside, a world without their vision of control, terror, and anti-human grip. They, like all evil connivers before them, shall perish and then must answer before YHWH, like all of us, and Ekhad will determine their eternal fate according to what they have done to their neighbors and humanity.