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“The FDA denouncing the CDC is not enough. We expect full compliance from OTI and SIB. Directors will answer to the American people for any illegal activity.”

As the FDA feeds CDC personnel to the wolves we’ll be there archiving the entire event.

“FDA’s state-of-the-art Forensic Chemistry Center (FCC) conducts forensics analyses in support of OCI criminal investigations.”


“On June 18, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services awarded 59 jurisdictionspdf icon with $200 million to bolster support and enhance  the disease intervention specialists (DIS) workforce. These awards represent the initial funding of the $1.13 billion investment being made over the next five years, consistent with the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021external icon, and will provide these jurisdiction public health programs and CDC with the support needed to expand and leverage the valuable work of DIS.

The data is under cumulative investigation now and we have no doubt a fall guy will be produced soon.

Examining under the microscope all the vaccines available we come away with some astonishing conclusions of what led to this culling of humanity.

Examine some conclusions:

  • The PCR test is a complete fraud.
  • Covid-19 variants are distinctive – meaning not the same, and not natural. These were made in a lab, not mutated naturally.
  • The gemomic sequence(s) DO NOT match Sars from 2002, in fact, variance by more than two dozen Nucleotide. Plainly this means it’s designed.
  • Mutation from Sars naturally to become Covid-19 is not a possibility (see above) as we see the imprinted genomic sequence. Meaning, manufacturers copied a Sars like pathogen.
  • The ingredients of the vaccine, hidden by all of the drug companies, self assembles based on nanomof principle.
  • GO (graphene oxide) which is cytotoxic, regardless of pegylation, investigated as various facial structures and this tech has been in use for a decade in-vitro.

Neither the drug companies, or the FDA can credibly deny NP evidence in a court of law.

  • ALL vaccines, European, Russian, USA, Israeli contain similar assembly ingredients that suggest collusion, or at least a complete recognition of nanomof in-vivo.
  • Mr. Gates is real upset that the omicron variant helped stabilize populations and requested more forced vaccine mandates to curb laws more quickly (in a 6 month time frame instead of 2 years). The reason for this is there is only an 18 month window before lawsuits start up.
  • Pfizer, Moderna, and other companies were given broad exemption under Emergency powers to alleviate wrongful death lawsuits or 42 USC CHAPTER 6A, SUBCHAPTER XIX: VACCINES.
  • Children age groups must be vaccinated for distribution companies to be covered by insurance (for adults) and why both the UK and USA government approved Covid-19 vaccination for children so they can get the insurance protection. This is a huge racket.
  • Both the Trump and Biden administration and both parties of government attempted to undo a century of law to force vaccination on citizens using unionized organizations, OSHA, and top manufacturing/retail companies to agree on mandatory workforce vaccination. Clearly abuse of EUA power in multiple aspects concerning GMP, state law, and the constitution. This did work in many states in varying degree.
  • Main Stream News or groups that own Viacom, Vanguard, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, Cable, ESPN – ALL top media censored any data that pointed out fraud or toxicity in vaccines.
  • Medical doctors of decades who disagreed with the government narrative had their license pulled and censored.
  • Science was turned on it’s head to dog train populations through masking and conditioned fear through mass advertising campaigns by governments.
  • Australia was cut off logistically for shipments going to and from the U.S. through postal service.
  • China owned ports in California/New York/Toledo in agreement with companies like Maersk limit cargo distribution/supply while blaming Covid-19. Thus, the pile up in the yards where the workers are telling us they are not being called for work, while the corporations tell us they have too much work and can’t handle capacity. Supply is purposely disrupted.
  • Evidence suggest collusion between various administration concerning Covid mandates and accepted psychology to be used on citizens (in equality). The actions are similar – masking, universal narrative, straw organizations crafted for the purpose of advertising/coercion, PSYOP and well known psychology techniques targeting each ethnic group through social media and News outlet.
  • Evidence display out of $15T injected into the U.S. economy, mass corruption on payouts to large companies, insurance shoring, and padding legal firms/organizations with lawsuit money protection.
  • A buyback program for purchasing vast amounts of rental housing and paper injection for inflation which coincide with making housing unaffordable for justifying universal wage.
  • UN Agenda 2030 and those leading the charge of universal wage, climate schemes for slowing human birth rate, “ethnic cleansing” under social equity for all, which is simply an altruist variant wrapped in a rainbow of segregation.

The form of government right now, today, is a corporate agreement between wealthy families who purchased sectors of economy. They run governance by owning banks, real estate, tech companies, news media/entertainment, the legal associations and medical boards which include hospital systems and health governance. The Pharma companies are breaking up their holdings based on population sector in which they are allowed to vaccinate.

Certainly the tax dollars citizens pay concerning “health care” and wrongful death is not being used for your health benefit or care of compensation for your loss concerning promoted vaccine schemes to make corporations wealthier. The evidence and depositions suggest a coordinated scheme, or agreement centering on the narrative of Agenda 2030 by those controlling governments.

Which the agenda is a unified governance of a depopulated world that selects it’s children through gene therapy and eliminates DNA mutations through selective therapy or eugenics is plausible. This is the same ideology as Reginald Ruggles Gates, deemed as “Reggie the Racist” who states:

“While it is necessary to recognise the fundamental importance of inherited physical and mental differences, as the foundation of Eugenics, one must also remember that environment counts … It is these potential (germinal) differences on which the Eugenist must rely in any effort to improve the race or direct the selection of germinal qualities which is going on in every generation.”  Gates, R. R. (1932). Heredity and Eugenics. London: Constable and Co. Ltd. PDF book download

Eugenics seems to be an agreed upon method by various groups sharing profit. To marry into one another family, solidify their bloodlines and resources while the rest of the population is the inferior mixed seed.

I think that sums up Agenda 2030 – the haves and the have nots.

The legal firms engaged would like a statement on record from the CDC and the White House explaining what nano-tagging has to do with a vaccine for Covid-19? The population will get that answer within time either in a court of law or via public statement, whichever they choose to do.

Klaus Schwab advised by 2026 through vaccines, that all citizens should be nano-tagged. The public deserves a statement on what we see at 1200x magnification. Instead we have blocking litigation in every format while censoring data that display the fraud, collusion, and criminal actions taking place.

We conclude, legally, that factions agree with Agenda for Sustainable Development and partake together, united in this atrocity of which they caused to realize their goals and it doesn’t matter if mainstreet is aware of this. All of governance is aware the world over including small island nations so what is the point of censorship to mainstreet? Rebellion is certain.

As humans we are obligated to protect our families from terrorist organizations both foreign and domestic and may YHWH grant us the victory over these well established, dug-in criminals, running the cogs for a limited time.