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Psychopaths in Our Midst

As a parent have you played GTAV?
If not and you let your 5 year old son play this game – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.
You are the one breeding a psychopath. Your kid could be the next shooter when he is depressed in his teens.
I have played the game. In American society for kids, nothing spells more fun than driving around in a supercar, shooting people on the sidewalk, and running from the cops! Yes, that is the point of the game! That is the fun. Ask your teenager and they”ll tell you all about it. They will also say, “You don’t understand – we’re just having fun.” It’s just a game right?
A normal person will call that sick and demented and yet this is how American society runs – this is what American children do day in and day out – IF YOU LET THEM.
The latest text from a kid arrested was straight out of online gameplay,
“A good 100 kills would be nice,”
The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office says 25-year-old Tristan Scott Wix, of Daytona Beach, sent several text messages stating he wanted to “break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever.”[1]
How is it our society is completely ignorant of the facts that our teenagers sit around blowing people away hour after hour, every single day, and you don’t think out of 150 million Americans there is not going to be repercussions to this?
Here is a small tidbit, in the next ten years, out of every kid under ten years of age who sits around murdering people on Xbox or Playstation, how many of these kids will be actual killers by twenty years of age?
That is the real statistic. How many will be doing REAL shootings?
Now of course there is theory this and theory that from a blind nation and media that has gone the way of the dodo.[2] 
How can a nation be so inept at reality to not even recognize that WE as parents are raising the killers. When my kids were young I refused to let them play GTA or Call of Duty. Being a trainer of combat with weapons gave me a distinct insight in the psychological damage of letting a young mind be desensitized at pulling a trigger – it’s too easy.
When you do it over and over at a time when the mind is developing like a sponge, when the mind is at it’s most sensitive to input, instruction, and flippancy – it is an absolute crime and outrage for ANY parent to ignore.
I see media personalities and politicians blaming guns NOT video games for the insanity – if it was their kid they would get their head out of the sand!
The DHS FLETC training centers use interactive virtual shooting (a Large indoor video game!) for training law enforcement and college students. This is the future – virtual reality and video games are here to stay.
When college students arrive at FLETC they are well versed pressing buttons with their fingers shooting people and it’s no different shooting at a holographic or projected image. The students have already done it thousands of times with PC, Xbox, and Playstation, just not with an actual weapon. Any teenager can effectively learn to use a handgun within 90 minutes.
Popping a violent video game in the Xbox for 6 year old Billy while you do your taxes or drink beer is beyond stupid. Again, those who do so, ARE creating the next mass shooter.
Just like planting a tree, you are molding the growth of which the fruit will bare out in time.
Should America bar the existence of violent video games? How can you with your freedoms attached? And yet, the parents are not responsible, or intelligent enough to provide the most basic discipline when it comes to stopping the growth of a murderer.
The question,
It’s happening because you allow your kid to be put on Ritalin and psychotropic drugs and then go to a room left to himself to zone out and shoot people in the head, to make the top kill board,
“A good 100 kills would be nice,”
Fifteen years later it could be your kid. Often the shooters are diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and severe paranoia. What is left out in the media is the drugs they are on and the gaming they do all day – every day.
Imagine being bullied every day at school, nobody likes you, and you are now taking a mind altering drug and start to hear voices telling you to COD (Call of Duty) your enemies. This is happening.
Yet the media and politics play to a different tune: gun disarming, mental illness, white nationalism, simple bullying with mental disorder, on and on the same garbage.
Of course it’s a mental disorder – one developed from the youth and enforced with drugs, bad parenting, and bad decisions of what you allow your kid to do. How about some communication?
I suggest you as the parents out there wake up to the fact the video game industry isn’t going anywhere, more kids are on drugs than EVER in the history of the United States, and the government will be forcing you to give your kid some type of drug by law!
Right now, as I write this post, your kid could be plotting the next mass shooting. When is the last time you communicated with your Fortnite player?
Again I ask, out of 330 million people in the United States how many mass shooters are being developed daily right now – in your very home?
Wake up and smell the coffee. Ask Jesus for wisdom on how to communicate with your child before it’s too late. Take a moment of prayer to our God for the ability to speak deliverance and salvation that only Christ Jesus provides for our youth.