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Each state gets to battle out language of Federal programs that may cause coercion through advertising that YOU the taxpayer pays for concerning your health and the lives of your family members.

What do you the consumer believe? That’s the real question.

Has advertising convinced you that something is safe when it isn’t and you were injured by this? Prima facie, implies we have tort or liability on part of the manufacturer, the distributor, the underwriter, and any government entity paid through Public Health and Social Services Emergencies Fund (PHSSEF), hhs2023budget

Well, ok, if you’re “protecting the public” and we have a new death toll that suggest otherwise, which your attorneys wish to blame on a vast array of options, we are merely suggesting that a portion of that $5T taken out of the treasury is already reserved for tort.

“The President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Budget invests in all Americans’ health and well-being. It addresses critical challenges and opportunities we face as a nation, including tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, expanding access to care, addressing health disparities, strengthening behavioral health, and promoting the well-being of children, families, and seniors.

HHS proposes $127.3 billion in discretionary and $1.7 trillion in mandatory budget authority for FY 2023.” https://www.hhs.gov/about/budget/fy2023/index.html

But you’re going to argue that tort is limited and doesn’t apply to Executive Orders under emergency management. I’m just stating that rebellion is the only avenue here. Rebellion and catabolism. It’s arrogant to assume the citizens will continue on in ignorant bliss of their destruction, wouldn’t you agree?

But you don’t know what to believe right? Have you fallen under the spell of your masters? Someone who could think for themself would probably guess that due to law and order there is going to be consequences and fall guys to keep order and rebellion at check. Are you then a fall guy?

Who do you believe CNN, CDC, CMS or the whistleblowers who actually worked for the companies and the inventors of the technology? The people who are fighting for victims in litigation right now and those viewing the data under transmission electron microscope or the guys making all the profit?

Well we know the news media lies to you everyday and is the spokesperson for Big Pharma while censoring any data that attempts to educate the public about adverse reactions and reality concerning Covid vaccines, bad lot#’s, and deaths that have occurred and will continue to occur until these organizations, CEO’s are brought to justice openly in courts of law.

Get off your butt and save your family while ignoring the propaganda telling you to hide under your covers.

Consistency and Commitment

An important factor in persuasion that uses this principle is that the target person feels they have made a free choice. If they feel coerced or obliged, they can explain their choice by saying they were ‘forced’ into the decision. When they believe they have made a free choice, they feel personally responsible for their decision and seek to justify it.

Robert Cialdini – Brainwashing uses this principle, where the subject is asked to take many incremental actions that increasingly demonstrate the new belief. Each action may seem small, but slowly their beliefs change internally in order to justify what they are doing. If the action is too significantly different, they can excuse this by saying they were doing as they were told. But when the action is minor, they cannot excuse themselves and so have to believe they wanted to do it themselves.

When it takes a lot of work to join a group (including time, pain and cost), we feel a greater sense of commitment to the group. This is the principle behind entry rituals, where the new member may have to jump through a number of hoops and where a big fuss is made of their transition from non-member to member. https://changingminds.org/techniques/general/cialdini/consistency.htm

The Foot In The Door (FITD) method gains a toe-hold with a small request and then asks for more after the person has justified their initial action as a free choice.

Confusion principles are for the purpose of keeping people fear conditioned in a perpetual state or confused to the reality of their oppressor.

What is the greatest fear of humanity?

Perhaps that people can read your thoughts or implant thoughts or “voices” into your head as if you are talking to yourself when it’s not “your voice.”

Propaganda is to make you believe that people can read, implant, and control cogito (thinking) to where you are continually paranoid on the subject.

For what purpose?

Well if you can condition a person to always mistrust their own thoughts then they will question every decision, every order, every circumstance, as being probably controlled by an external force rather than the thoughts in their own head.

Your thoughts are made up of a conscience understanding of the things before you in which our minds scrutinize these events from past mistakes, honor, failures, pain, love, and a slew of memory that make up your decision making process from amygdala to storage in the prefrontal cortex. https://qbi.uq.edu.au/brain-basics/memory/where-are-memories-stored

Whether one “hears voices” as your own thinking, charlatan doctors use this reality for the purpose of locking up victims for experimental budgets.

Lets talk about voices.

What voices are you hearing but your own thoughts that each and everyone of us has. If you are hearing voices, are they not your own? Not according to neuroscience and psychology.

If you are receiving instruction to your mind as debate, thought, arguing within your own mind, or what you would perceive to be outside thoughts foreign from your thinking is the human mind in a nutshell.

I was once told that God will never ask you questions, only give you statements. Questions will be asked to lead you into temptation, to confuse what you know to be true from false.

For example, doctors are being asked if they are hearing “voices” in their head for witch hunt examinations to curb these rebelling doctors from jumping fence and siding with the people in ending Covid-19 vaccine tyranny.

It couldn’t be more clear. Government institutions have been compromised by foreign enticement and psychiatry is being used as a weapon, enacted to suppress dissent of the narrative.

Are certain departments of the government compromised by traitors and foreign agents and will Federal Law enforcement remove them?

The legacy mainstream news, the same groups coercing the public to take deadly vaccines, are advertising campaigns against the FBI calling for their dismantlement. These enemies of the people who have taken over departments in the government know that if the FBI is shutdown, they simply won’t be investigated and can start their own wing of law enforcement similar to tort law theory that Professor Epstein has written to end private ownership. Notice the German name again.

Clearly, you have to be a moron at this stage of the game to not see that these factions have indeed infiltrated the U.S. government. They have established themselves in key positions, while at the same time running some of the largest corporations controlling policy in the U.S. Of course the attorneys have all the SEC 10K filings on these corporations entwined in this hydra scheme.

Can the FBI stop their organization from being shut down by foreign espionage? Well that’s to be determined and we can only hope as Americans, both who work for the department and those who are married in, that they can rely on their colleagues to fight the good fight and God willing see victory through. I’m sure faction wise, all this will come to a head and each department will have to choose what to do for survival.

From depositions, doctors share how they are ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluations if they do not agree with vaccine mandates. So we see psychiatry is being used for the purpose it was created for decades ago under communism to curb sedition of doctors, and threaten them with losing their medical license if they offer alternative treatments to patients, or alternative than poison.

If a doctor is in jeopardy of losing their license, according to depositions, and testimony in front of the Senate, because of writing scripts for medicine that defeats Covid, then we know the offices and institutions have been compromised to that end.

Doctors are being fired for non-compliance and we know why. Legally the Pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna have to offer these vaccines to kids so they get the liability protection under a non EUA (emergency use authorization) FDA approval.

Without kids getting approved for the vaccines there will not be liability protection for Big Pharma.

Thus, government departments are compromised. Those running certain departments do not work for the citizens of the nation, but surmised under depositions as a hostile entity pulling the strings at the top level.

It’s up to you as Americans, investigators, journalists (if they exist anymore) police, insurance agents, medical boards, to examine the data of vaccines and realize this has been a charade for depopulation and $$$ for medical companies to make you sick and dependent on their drug systems.

Again, no one asked you, the citizens of America, if they could put nano assembly toxic GBMs into your blood. The vaccine was pushed on you as a “fix,” when it’s twenty seven (27) nucleotides different from a 2002 Sars variant containing toxic graphene based materials.

Magnetic Nano Particles

“In 2014, the AOA, ACGME, and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) agreed to a single accreditation system for graduate medical education programs in the United States, which was implemented in 2020 and now unifies the various programs.” https://www.fsmb.org/u.s.-medical-regulatory-trends-and-actions/guide-to-medical-regulation-in-the-united-states/about-physician-licensure/

Implemented in 2020…

I won’t go over how portions of the medical system have been taken over by anti-american institutions, needless to say that’s for a court venue.


Similar, the propaganda of “universal wage” income as beneficial to your children, when it’s a program of conditioned slavery.

“Cash support for low-income mothers enhances infant brain activity, study finds”

Complete nonsense and destruction of any culture that takes part as indentured slaves.

It’s in your best interest to start rolling out these utterly ridiculous “universal wage” pogroms seeing that a great many will be either unable to work or dying from cytotoxicity from NPs over the next five years due to a vaccine purported as “safe”.

This also gives companies the ability under contract to monitor your childrens brain activity to enhance their corporate $$$ through sharing that brain data to develop the best plasticity nano structure money can buy.

Prof. Giordano currently serves as Chair of the Neuroethics Program of the IEEE Brain Project, and an appointed member of the Neuroethics, Legal and Social Issues (NELSI) Advisory Panel of the Defense Advanced Research Projects’ Agency (DARPA). He has previously served as Research Fellow and Task Leader of the EU Human Brain Project Sub-Project on Dual-Use Brain Science; an appointed member of United States Department of Health and Human Services Secretary’s Advisory Council on Human Research Protections (SACHRP); and as Senior Science Advisory Fellow of the Strategic Multilayer Assessment Branch of the Joint Staff of the Pentagon.


So you can believe whatever you like.

YES, nanoparticles or GBM grahene based materials are in the vaccine….creams, liquids, additives, food in general, energy drinks and the biggest difference between the commodity is the uptake.

YES, NPs cause apoptosis, necroptosis, inhibit synapses activity in mPFC and CAN cause sterility.

YES, the ultimate purpose (in the future) can be for curing cancer/disease, cardiac tuning without surgery, controlling emotions/sex patterns to keep overpopulation in cheque, hostility, and depopulation all at the push of a button.

This is what humanity is currently up against while being engaged by multi-faceted PSYOP of confusion principles so you don’t know what to believe.

It’s a race to who can control biological tech in-vivo by competing corporations. This tech has the vast capabilities of not only riddance of cancer to eliminating heart disease, but to the dark side of the fence concerning factional control of cultures or “customers”.

Your thoughts are your own unless your mind becomes inhibited through drugs, NPs, and utilized through your cell phone as the connection whether to a psychologist examining you or some other method of mind control program that you fell into or became victim of – a broad statement.

Speculation aside, it’s a matter of law proving under depostions of peer reviewed PhD the all important question – are you property of such and such corporation due to their tech injected into your body?

Have you at least thought about the question? You know legally we are discussing the difference between trans-human or biologically altered humans as to your legal rights in any particular country. Meaning, how you will be designated on passports or be categorized in whichever country you reside, as to your property and civil rights foreseen in the future.

The real problem for law enforcement to tackle, now that it’s been done, is terrorist organizations that could aerosol humanity with NPs for this purpose. How do we stop this? Should be the question of every task force assigned to both JSOC and DHS.

That’s the real problem, not a fiction. There is no easy answer on this but cell phones are the link that breaks the chain of data theft, whether biometric or transient. Thus, the need to chip the cattle. Cell phones can be thrown away.

THE CMS letter sent to millions of Americans aid in disseminating coercion and collusion on part of departments operating under Federal mandates and helps with evidence in litigation moving forward.

At the bottom of the letter CMS states “This communication was printed and disseminated at U.S. taxpayer expense.”

In other words, taxpayers paid to have this letter sent to them.

As previously pointed out and as evidence gathers daily for perpetual litigation, the people will either have victory in a court of law, or the people will shutdown the pogroms with aid of police and Federal LE.

Politicians who have not been compromised by foreign blackmail and criminal organizations should take a stand now. Now is the time or you can continue to do as you have done, safeguard your political career at the expense of the people.

NEVER AGAIN is what we say to these Nazi’s currently controlling government.

The statement “Boosters help control Covid-19 vaccine and protect you against variants” will need to be proven in a court of law. As of right now the evidence is contrary to that statement by a large percentage. And this begs the question, “are certain departments of governments or their contractors profiting from misinformation and collusion?”

We believe yes as the evidence states as much and over the next decade of court procedure we’ll unravel the myths while the conglomerate tries to tighten it’s power over the people as their institutions catabolize.