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Much like during the 1960’s Soviet Express, the USA and much of the world is hemmed in with a cultural explosion of propaganda.

From Covid-19 to White nationalism (notice I capitalized) you are fighting a war for your mind every minute of every day.

Sure, in 1960’s America there was a war for your mind to buy a certain color car, that new vacuum cleaner, toaster, and state of the art washing machine.

Drugs became the next war for the minds of youth and women and were a #1 target for the new popular trend of consuming Valium. Through the onslaught of advertising by Arthur Sackler, the pharmaceutical King, Valium became the #1 sold drug in America and the “pill poppers” were born.

OxyContin and the opioid crisis would follow this families lust after profit at the expense of their fellow man. We who serve Elohim are called to judge that which is before us and NOT to give credence to the rich apostates:

‘You shall do no injustice in judgment. You shall not be partial to the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty. In righteousness you shall judge your neighbor.” Leviticus 19:15

Is it any wonder that Tel Aviv University bears the name Sackler? A company producing drugs and the result – millions of deaths worldwide since the 1960’s.

Is Sackler to blame or just the “stupid sheep” who take the drugs?

It’s not so easy to sweep under the rug when court case and medical journal statistics exist for decades. All your attorneys can do is lie and cover up the injustice and they shall find their lot with YHWH in doing so.

For Eloheinu has pronounced His judgement from on high against those who destroy the earth and mankind.

YHWH judge between the medical apostates and those who serve HaShem.

Go ahead and tell me how you do not destroy people lives and are offering hope through vaccines to mankind – YHWH laughs at your schemes and you will be judged for them.

Now it’s a war for your very thoughts, your opinions, your very soul; who you are as a created being by YHWH. This war will rage every moment of every day for the rest of your existence in modern society, this new world order, if you can call it that.

If you use Firefox as a browser, under tools>options>home you will find this:

Above you’ll see “Recommended by Pocket” and sponsored stories. Those sponsored stories are the brainwashing type that “psychological academia” and “corporate ad placement” want you to read and believe as facts for your life.

You’ll see articles on anything from “why dairy is the enemy” for the purpose of selling oats and why “Bees are killed by Almond trees” rather than Monsanto insecticide.

The sole purpose of course is advertisement and changing your psychological thinking and decisions about what to purchase and who to “blame” for the worlds problems – especially about the completely hyped green house gas emissions.

It’s an onslaught across the commercial web vying for your mind and the control thereof, and many a fool are taken for a ride.

The story feed today was “Evolutionary Study Uncovers Genes That Extended How Long Humans Live,” by Emma Betuel.

Here is a snippet from Emma’s paid for article,

“Humans are doing pretty well: We tend to live as many as fifty years longer than some of our great ape relatives, with whom we share over 99 percent of our DNA.

Now an uneducated person might believe this pure propaganda that academia, for a very specific reason mind you, wish you the ignorant out there – to believe.

The fact is there is NO truth to this statement “our great ape relatives, with whom we share over 99 percent of our DNA,” none whatsoever.

The truth and factuality of DNA is that we share a closer semblance with frog’s than any ape. However, the average person has no idea that academia “wants you” to see yourself as an animal, literally want you to define yourself as an animal, as that is how they define you.

The so called educated doctorates around the world are told this animal fallacy and the foolish believe it. We as Jews understand this ideology comes from Talmud.

This is why you see Israel, America, Europe, and those who profess themselves as academic Jews so adamant in proving they have separate DNA from “average Caucasians” in a mad attempt to prove they DO NOT have animal DNA like you (everyone else) – but superior, non animal DNA, as Talmud describes.

The shirt above is found on amazon. Now very few understand the message here. This has to do with the false teaching that if you have Israeli DNA in your blood then you are chosen by God (no matter what you do or believe) to be an instrument for YHWH on earth. These ideals can be found within the minds of tormented souls such as Ghislaine Maxwell, who is in prison awaiting trial for the things they do to children – all kosher to the apostate of course.

This belief has created many psychopathic deluded individuals who have caused great harm and destruction in the world, especially by those who claim themselves as “Jews” having never served YHWH or are simply atheist.

You can see how deceived cultures have latched onto this created ideology by false rabbi with the following shirt:

Here we see that the Lincoln Project (1619), backed by the ADL, equates black people as no longer black people, but Israelite slaves that were brought to America in 1619.

“The ADL has faced criticisms that it applies a double standard in its analysis of anti-Semitism, by focusing its efforts against political conservatives.[4] It has also been criticized for aligning with left-leaning groups such as the Black Lives Matter movement, whose membership has espoused anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric.”

“Similarly, the New York Post editorial board wrote, “The Anti-Defamation League, a century-old Jewish civil-rights organization, has essentially become another J Street — an arm of the Democratic Party’s stable of pressure groups.”[19]

They are apostates who fight against YHWH.

Some proffer that blacks, as defined by the Lincoln Project, are a lost Israelite tribe or the theory that King Solomon’s mother Bathsheba was black; why Solomon married an African queen, now named Queen Makeda.

False rabbi back up these nonsensical claims for political and racial divisions (political numbers for voting power) and the deceived populations of society either believe the tall tales or go along with it having no intellectual ammunition to debate these fallacies.

Like many erroneous stories of Solomon found within Talmud, the 1619 date does not equate to the holocaust of Jews under Hitler during Nazi Germany, nor does the holocaust apply to black people suffering slavery in America.

This is simply identity shaping for the weak minded and many fall prey to the psychological techniques employed.

You must understand this is propaganda against your culture and THE ONLY WAY to salvation is NOT through DNA, but through believing Jesus, the real Messiah, died for your sins to redeem you to God of which you receive the Holy Spirit as proof.

We as Jews know that Talmud ideology (as related by false teachers) teaches that Jews are of one specie and gentiles of another, namely beasts of the field. Thus, the ridiculous evolution chart of apes evolving into upright man dubbed “March of Progress,” and “Family Portrait” as seen in youth schools around the world.

You will see shortly as the madness grows, that people will be given this “Kosher certification” of having special DNA through marriage.

Those who lead this charge of insanity may even want to stamp your flesh with a certificate K!

Most of you out there unfortunately believe written fiction as a truth for yourself, whereas this was simple propaganda to inundate your mind with a belief, or a cognitive dissonance against Creationism, or Christian belief.

We as Jews have no hang ups about this kind of thinking, “ape evolution,” unless you are simply an atheist or secular. Children are generally reared in Yeshiva or Sunday school, where such thinking is looked upon as a joke and gentiles are looked upon as subspecies for recognizing they are apes.

The fact some academia recognize yourself as evolving from apes justifies Talmud conditioning in stating you are animals, but that grain may be too tough to chew for the initiate.

Although your PhD says you’re an intelligent person – belief in the propaganda says otherwise.

Intelligence and emotions are two different animals and manipulated using concise strategy. Herd mentality (not herd immunity) as data historically shows, is greatly affected by mass advertising campaigns. Covid solidifies this reality very clearly.

Are you starting to see a different picture?

Yet the uneducated are not privy to these facts – you are told a different narrative, a fiction.

No matter how much I say on this subject, propaganda generates results. It generates a group of people who will believe the data placed before them and this will reshape their minds to be captured fools of the lies – caught in the net!

In fact the majority of the world population knows nothing about recombinant RNA, or genomes for that matter.

Those who proclaim to be scientists or doctors are generally paid speakers, not putting forth their actual thoughts or science, but parroted philosophy as they are told to repeat.

Let’s take a look at some of Emma Betuel’ other articles and see what she has to offer to society.

According to Inverse, “Emma is a writer based in NYC. Previously, she covered health and biology for WBUR’s Common health blog and The Borgen Project Magazine. Last year, she spent too much time reading Darwin’s notes on pea plants. She recently started questioning the nature of her reality.”

What is the Borgen Project you might ask?

Here is an employee review of the Borgen Project,

“It was a complete waste of time. You are required to raise money and it mostly just goes to printing ugly shirts and sending Clint to DC. I learned nothing and I was supposed to be a Political Intern BUT ALL I DID WAS MAKE JOB POSTS FOR 8 HOURS A DAY. Do not waste you time and volunteer for something else. This is barely an internship. Practically a pyramid scheme. All these ‘interns’ raising money to send one man to talk to people at DC. This non-profit is practically kept alive because of desperate college students looking for internships. Don’t let him take advantage of you.”

In short, there are a myriad of Borgen Projects around the nation seeking desperate college students to propagate university and academia myth, propaganda, and woke philosophy (anti-white) to the masses.

That’s why this is an effective system of propaganda. College kids just want a job and have been taught to be critical, compromising, and especially tolerant when it comes to a job opening or paycheck.

Like Emma, college graduates have a choice to take a sellout job to be a propaganda puppet for the satan machine – the controlling of all minds and wills for the destruction of humanity.

Here are some of Emma’s article titles and the psychological conditioning used in these articles:

  • 5 vital Dr. Fauci quotes the White House doesn’t want you to read (child like reverse psychology so you will read)
  • The humble hot dog eating contest has untapped potential (for the simple minded)
  • Bisexual attraction study upends decades of flawed research (confusion principle)
  • Oxford, CanSino Covid-19 vaccines: Trial results reveal 2 major breakthroughs (conditioning)
  • Why are antibody tests inaccurate? The biostats, explained. (misinformation)
  • One habit could drive the risk of severe Covid-19 in young adults study (fear conditioning)
  • Why the songs from high school define you, according to science (mental subjection)
  • Black Lives Matter protests are having a counterintuitive effect on Covid-19 spread (misdirection, lies)

To the trained eye and amateur, the confusion principles, misdirection, fear tactics, and propaganda technique are oh so clear in Emma’s articles – just like Nazi propaganda.

No different than Nazi propaganda aimed at the German youth for the purpose of genocide against Jews. This time, however, the genocide is aimed at white Christians, or any race, creed or color that identifies as Christian.

If you are non supportive of segregation, hate, LGBT, and the rebellion against Law Enforcement then you are not part of this group or racial identity.

In other words, all groups of people that do not fall within the defined parameters of fake/false indoctrination when it comes to propaganda that Jews and blacks have superior DNA over white people, then you are the bad guy, the enemy of society.

I’m Jewish based on my belief and in the fact Hitler tried to genocide my family in Poland because we are deemed to be of Yudah. I do not believe that I have superior DNA over anyone, nor can I trace my lineage directly back to Roman times (no one can). Insane people or mentally disturbed individuals believe they have superior DNA just like Hitler tried to make as a reality.

If rich Germans state they have superior DNA, then they are Nazi’s and I don’t care if they claim that they are “jewish” as Hitler already tried to deceive us with the DNA nonsense.

Very subtle, childish propaganda, however it works.

It’s the same as saying something over and over again until you either believe it or it becomes part of your lingo.

As Jewish people we ask the question – why would holocaust survivors children/grandkids now want a holocaust against everyone else?

Ask the CEO of Pfizer and maybe he will tell you other than his parents story of fleeing the Nazi’s – YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY SURVIVOR!

My family Zawada, also survived Dachau and Auschwitz, yet I have no desire to corrupt society or deal revenge for it – that is for YHWH to judge and those of you who believe you are His foot soldiers – YOU ARE NOT!

You fight against HaShem while you think you do Him service.

YHWH rejects your lies, your depopulation schemes, your gender confusion, your racial divisions, and your ursury!

All who do such things are under the judgment of YHWH, Jew and Gentile alike.

I have no desire to stop a new “fictional white Hitler” from arising out of America, as the propaganda against all Jews is to jump on the band wagon of such – trailing 10’s of thousands of deaths in the wake, all in the name of depopulation which is sold to you as “helping the world”.


Many of my brethren do so unwittingly mentally and work directly against YHWH in your schemes of gathering all resources for Moshiach.

Those of us who serve YHWH are remided that we are NOT allowed to speak publicly against Jews. BUT according to academia and rabbi – even the atheists are Jews, HA!

YHWH recompense us for your lies and deception.

YHWH determines who is and who IS NOT of the stock of Israel, not your academics, your DNA liars, and certainly not the Israeli government when half of Israel is secular!

These are hallmark staples of Marxist philosophy and Nazi propaganda as seen so many times before – yet the population falls for it again – why?

Advertising is effective; it’s a numbers game simple as that.

If you read any of Emma’s articles, or CNN, NY Times, Counterpunch, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, Breitbart news you are literally wasting your time reading propaganda and reading completely funneled brain washing data direct from party officials, pharma companies, National Health Directors, and nefarious organizations funded by the Rockefeller Institute amongst the top five “social psychology” organizations of which I will not mention.

If you are a Jew and part of the process with these evil organizations who spread this propaganda then you might as well have aided Hitler in the destruction of the Jews.

I don’t care what you are told, or what the philosophy is, if you are Jewish and a CEO or employee of these organizations then you are directly working against the Jewish people, not for them, and wreaking havoc in the world. YHWH will recompense!

I will say that again for all Jewish CEO’s, YHWH WILL recompense. You will answer for what you are doing to YHWH and His people and this may effect your eternal relationship with YHWH or render you kareth.

Is it worth your soul and separation from Elohim?

Maybe you are just a secular Jew and don’t believe in YHWH – we who serve HaShem know because it’s prophecy of what you do.

Paid for snake oil academia is intent on controlling your thought patterns every minute of every day. How you view society, yourself, your parents, your interaction socially, your sexual desire, the family unit, birth and death, and confusing all of this in a quagmire soup for distraction.

The end goal is dehumanization. Never to look at another gentile as having a soul, but a mere animal that is a competitive threat to your manufactured environment.

If you are a young person and want to be like Emma, just know you are selling your soul to be a mouth piece for the corrupt for a paycheck. What Emma is doing is helping corrupt individuals to more easily herd the masses into depopulation and commitment similar to the Nazi campaign against the Jews.

A puppet parrot, who cannot think or reason for oneself, but must spew out the lies of corporate power and satanic philosophy to destroy souls.

All will be accountable for your actions in life and the way you live is determined by your decisions, which determine your eternal fate with YHWH.