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Patriotism Vs Nationalism

courtesy: Kyiv Independent

As can be seen from the temporary defeat of Russian forces in Kyiv by Ukranian forces, patriotic fervor is at an all time high.

Kyiv proves that a half organized army with secondary equipment, small arms, drones and hand held rocket launchers (ATGM) can defeat a superior air-power military superpower.

Moral rage and nationalism will always beat out a conscripted (forced) army filled with kids and old men who want nothing more than to sit home with their wives and children drinking vodka in peace.

However, I said temporary, as Russia will not pretend to be embarrasseed to NATO or the United States military when it comes to failed attrition. Does Russia really need Kyiv atm? No.

It’s considered a great victory for Ukraine and sends a direct message to Europe and the United States – patriotism will counter government authoritarianism and lead to insurrection.

I have no doubt Americans, if faced with totalitarianism under the current apostates who run the CDC, FDA, and government institutions – Americans will defeat these enemies of the state. If it comes to war, and I have no doubt it will, the apostates will lose like they always have.

The attempt to rebuild an army of mindless drones who have no ethics, morals, or loyalty similar to Bolshevism, paid off by their fiat systems, or senators blackmailed into service through Epstein methodology will succumb to the will of the people today or tomorrow, albeit in total defeat as it always has.

Those of us who examine history understand that dynasty, in regard to holding onto power from a family lineage perspective, always fails due to the following conditions:

  • corruption – in the form of debauchery and ethics
  • a like minded partnership with other corrupt entity
  • competition to stay in power at all costs
  • recognition that races are competitive, some more efficient
  • the theory of “taking turns” of holding power of economy

I have always stated that once the U.S. politicians decided in order to defeat the Soviet Union, they had to do as the Soviet Union did, but better, this would usher in a continued slide or cumulative detraction.

Thus, the need now to dumb-down the population, through both medical malpractice and organized propaganda to keep the common man ignorant of his reality and demise of the union.

Evil does triumph over men and nations until smashed as Hitler was smashed and defeated. But at what cost will the people allow the apostates to destroy without taking action?

Special Forces task force can be put into action at any time within an hours notice to put an end to these billionaire terrorist organizations protected by compromised politicians. Literally the only thing protecting them at this point – criminal politicians who are elected.

I understand government employees read this data and it maybe a light at the end of your tunnel I hope, in the world of propaganda you live and paid to enforce.

If anything WWII should have taught us to move ever more quickly against organizations who are anti-humanity, but nevertheless the end result will be the same.

Forensics and criminal investigations prove that the inability to track a serial killer within 48 hours can allow the perpetrators to continue atrocity. How much more then corporate enterprises who are merely fined for murder, extortion, and conspiracy?

Governments do business with China when it is made clear they are not a nation of human rights. U.S. Senators and politicians continue to close their eyes to the reality of China and Palestine and the fact YHWH Torah is clear on both subject.

And why do they do so… for money? In the past no legitimate business would purchase material from a nation who openly tortures their citizens. When the leaders of a nation no longer care about who oppresses who, then you have the erosion or reverse karma if you will, that will occur – cause and effect.

We see historically since the 90’s and manufacturing greed with automakers allowed China to emerge as the production capital of the world. China was educated through Ford/GM systems as was Japan (kaizen) on how to not only setup production systems for manufacturing of raw material, but on how to build machines that build cars, motorcycles, toasters, and microwaves.

I remember vividly from the 1980’s when the Chinese had no idea how to manufacture automotive parts. U.S. Employees were sent to China to teach them how to do it within automotive capacity. Like the Japanese, the systems were duplicated and here we are today.

And how could the Asians know until taught and vice versa with cultural differences between East and West for consumer products and machinery. Americans under automotive enterprise since the early 1900’s led the world in tech for marine, land, and air mechanic systems. And the Japanese were always more specific on precision than capacity as opposed to the American market of strength married with quality.

When manufacturing systems produced a generational stream of wealth unseen in history, naturally ways to eliminate cost, labor force, and commodity explosion would be regulated by the offspring of megacorps such as Ford Motor Company.

The lineage of the Ford family could never compete with the ideals of their founder. Henry Ford was paying his employees $5 a day before the 1920’s. Bankers predicted Ford would go broke or ruin the industry. Such “power to the people” thinking was never understood at that time and yet this caused a boom in manufacturing and competition as never before seen.

The apostate bankers were flabbergast at the bountiful success that ensued at attempting to “bring up” fellow man out of poverty through labor as a means by the Ford corporation. In fact, Henry Ford, a racist against Jews, of which my family personally experienced, understood that money as a means could be paid affordably as a for-profit corporation, at a high end to it’s employees. Insuring that the employees could live a decent life through toil and labor.

If we see reality and history for what it is then we can clearly see those running government now have no such equity or understanding of financial systems other than for control purpose and exorting for more power of the control structure.

This is why the system is doomed to fail. This is also why manufacturing operations in China, as predicted to be the leading market in the future, are also doomed to fail. There simply does not exist the commodities to either feed the Chinese labor force or support the vast wealth which it’s citizens toil for, in which they cannot enjoy.

Rebellion is inevitable, thus, an NP vaccination program. Shanghai, as examined forensically concludes this reality. And what do we see as a response? Further lockdown of their society using Covid as “the excuse” to control the population. The Chinese are intelligent so I am a bit baffled at the governments response of continued social aggravation when all scholars know this will cause rebellion and sabotage.

But that is the agreement amongst the elites – control and subterfuge and again unsustainable. You only damage the mental stability of the population until the inevitable result of pre-programmed aggression ensues.

Clearly, a non-competitive production system will always lend to insurrection, destabilization, and broken commodity structures.

China, currently advocating a stringent policy against a lab created pathogen, desires that the European and American groups in league with the scheme, keep to their word and bring their populations up to speed to join them in their eugenic lottery.

Maybe they were simply tricked into believing the fallacy of “depopulation” when it was always just a theory by men like Reginald Gates. Mr. Gates, was dead wrong when he believed the U.S. population would NEVER exceed two hundred million people. In fact, the U.S. population is about 330 million with no commoduity destabilization effect other that what is forced by the same elites to make their nonsense theories come true.

It’s not going to happen without conflict and deposing of the very cheerleaders of the schemes. Which translates to a deconstruction of the government system itself. Nothing new to see hear.

Historians like myself are dismayed at the illogical arguments concerning the eugenic scheme of removal and “climate change” to that end, when in reality the only end result from this position on the chess board is check-mate.

I understand Generals follow orders, but leading your army into a destitute ambush is a bit ridiculous seeing that you were given the job as General of the army to make sure that doesn’t happen. If any consul views Covid-19 other than what it was, a hasty ambush, then you should pack your bags and leave Washington think tanks to those who are actually able to disseminate raw data.

The billionaires running the schemes may believe that the populations will do their bidding as psychology suggest, however, they fail to see their own mortality as a weakness or truly believe they can counter, with drugs and vaccination, the will of mankind to be free – at all costs.

History reveals a violent face of the mob when pressed against the fence and when the populace “rally cry” in unison against the enemy. These “rallys” happen without warning and out-pace any type of defensive action any computer or A.I. can derive. For some reason the current schemers believe they can outwit nature with lightning fast computers.

Hitler thought the same with his bliztkrieg tactics only to find himself committing suicide less than a decade later in a burned out bunker of a decimated German nation.

Thus, an unsustainable process that will fail as the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states.

Apostates, historically, have shown that YHWH always purges them from government once their plans are defined and exposed before the people and nations. I don’t know why “idea exposure” cause this, that’s not my field of expertise, it’s just the way HaShem has made it. Rabbi skilled in such oration can certainly explain this better than I.

At any rate, we see an exposed agenda now as we have seen many times in the past, always with the same end result. I can absolutely hedge my bets on corporations that won’t make it and those which we will see being reshuffled after their leaders are toppled from their anti-humanity schema.

I predicted that Jack Dorsey would be removed from Twitter as CEO two years before this occurred and who would have thought that Elon Musk would now be running the show.

Eventually hunted down and dealt with by government forces will be the end result of terrorist billionaires who have infiltrated both governance and public institution for promotion of their grand plans of a fourth reich. Entities do escape like the Nazi’s did after WWII through rocket research and medical programs only to become hydras that must be dealt with once again.

If you are one of these apostates, you should fear the people, just as Mussolini was forced to face the truth of human travail. A weeping mothers rage will always outshine propaganda and psychology technique when the smoke clears. The people eventually will not care if you have 10,000 bodyguards, or live in a bunker underground.

We know who they are, we know what organizations they have infiltrated in both governments and we are aware of the offensive actions being comprised against them. Civilians pretending to be rulers and owners of the world – their time is short and we understand many of these billionaires will try to take as many people with them as they are taken down.

That’s the dangerous aspect humanity now faces. Do these terrorists have control of a nuclear arsenal along with the biological capability against the people? The Covid fraud proved that the U.S. government, nor NATO can stop a viral pathogen created in a lab.

Have you ever wondered as a government employee, if these same individual groups you work for decide to test dirty bombs or step up their assault on humanity as they reach the end of their natural lives – just like Hitler did?

It won’t be your problem though as these systems continue to crumble. You’ll just be another paid employee doing your job as the Milgram experiment points out so well.

Jesus HaMashiach said these forces would control Jerusalem until their time was finished. It is well prophesied of the control of all commodity systems under Moshiach. Only secular jews are ignorant on this topic. Government think tanks and bean counters never want to discuss Biblical predictions when over and over the end result always demands they do.

As Jews we know the Nevi’im have echoed the apostates end long before the Messiah Jesus showed up to end korbanot.

The New World Order or Great Reset envisioned by apostates and the WEF will not take place as they expected. Instead rebellion and the purge they concoted for humanity will fall upon their own laps.

In essence, as proverbs states, they will fall into their own snares and traps. We see it happening now and they are confused. Their wealth will be shattered and disseminated to nothing. Their corporations will be smashed and their power broken. Enemies of humanity will be on trial and they will weep for destroying generations of hard fought advancement for their groups which will come to nothing for aiding and abetting.

Apostates are the direct cause of global destruction, not climate change. Depopulation and mass eugenics, the plan of a grand genomic clone army will not be envisioned. No, it will be as all the other times, removal from power, destruction, seizure of assets, and ruination of cities and peoples as humanity instinctively responds to the control schemes for preservation of natural DNA.

Those who serve HaShem have witnessed this again and again over the last 2,000 years and we know that YOM YHWH will come and with it a complete change of society that does not include a mapped genome project, or eugenic segregation.

The patriotic and the nationalistic can be swayed one way or the other through technology and psychology, until they can’t. The hope of a cell phone, vaccine controlled population that is tracked at all times and disposed of if they fall outside ideology may come to pass. But as similar events in history, the atrocity will pass, but only after mass global destruction and human suffering, which also destroys the inventors of the schemes.

The next Jubilee will be in 2065/2066 and anyone who claims themself as Jewish must understand – you either follow YHWH through Mashiach or you follow and support the apostates.