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Pandemic of the Stupid

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So as is currently known in society gleaning the multitude of forums from Breitbart News to Zerohedge, to the Guardian, the Diplomat, Natural News, and the dozens of alter new networks besides the drivel of mainstream news of CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC parroted dogma the population is fully aware, conscious of the deviant entity that runs not only government but the majority of media.

The population is fully aware of WHO is behind the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” the talking muppets holding political office – literal zombies whose only potential in life is to read from cue cards and teleprompts of their masters will to an enraged population. These deviant monsters wish to genocide, depopulate on a greater scale than Hitler ever imagined, based from both religious and eugenics philosophy and their personal science of a world molded through their mental disorders.

It no longer matters why they want to do it – who cares?

You and everyone else out there knows they are doing it and there is no way this is going to end with their family dynasty rolling over the bones of society without themselves being taken down in the process.

Prophecy from Nevi’im, whether one believes in such, states that these maniacs, a hell spawn doomed progeny destined to perish and serve eternity in hellfire is fulfilling their roles of devastation to the biome of Earth, both through released virus upon the populations and their vaccination snake oil cures to finish off those stupid enough to fall for their ploys.

The Bernays advertisement wonder of the 20th century propelled these villains into a new sphere of mental prostitution upon the masses. “Mass Psychosis” can be summed up as bad guys attempting to control the population or destroy civility to remold in their fantasy driven foolishness that will never come to fruition.

I imagine these villains would scoff and prononuce, “Attempted? We have accomplished, not attempted.”

One can watch the parroted news drama of the worlds journalists in lock step reciting the same phrases as handed out to them by their masters. Naive simpleton parrots for a paycheck.

The news anchors and journalists have become the destroyers of man through propaganda while government directors rub their hands in glee at their inability to think for themselves.

Nurses and doctors, unable to read scientific papers without taking orders from their superiors, no longer capable of thought, but mere puppets of benign stupidity under the mass advertisement of,

“Don’t research for yourself!”

Once a respected field – medicine, now a contemptuous murderous, landmine field of death, for any fool that will listen to these government indoctrinated mindless twits.

Their PhD’s once a meaningful paper, now to be used as toliet paper by those with common sense not to listen to them and end up murdered – another statistic or “suddenly dead” for being a responsible citizen and listening to the drummed out beat of Goebbels style propaganda.

ANYONE can take an hour out and read one of the hundreds of documents from the Journal of Nanoscience and realize you have been played by Biontech and Pfizer, German companies with what I would call escaped Nazi’s as leaders.

In fact Pfizer teamed up with Marvel to produce comic books telling all the good little girls and boys to get vaccinated like their heroes so they too can suffer heart attacks and sudden death as according to the CDC’s Wonder database.

Yet in black in white, the data is not enough, let alone able to be read by a nurse to busy with taking their kids to soccer practice and drinking a bag of wine after a hard days work treating Covid-19 patients.

Oh no, readin the data that specifically spells out over 50,000 rows of data defining death and adverse reation is too difficult a task for a nurse or a doctor to take the time out of their busy schedule to digest this non-propaganda real data.

Unless it’s propaganda being fed to them they want nothing to do with it seems to be the reality these now defunct, has been professionals, called “Doctors” enjoin as their mental capability.

And the monsters that know what they’re doing, their end days will be that of eternal judgement of kareth, apart from YHWH the creator, a perpetual shame in darkness for mass murder in which they can ponder for eternity their athiest and bloodthirsty doomed souls responsible for millions dead.

The lifespan of mankind is but a puff of smoke but eternity is forever and much of the religious entity driving force behind the eugenics movement and the face of the men and women behind it believe they shall live in eternity no matter what they do to society – as you’re all animals anyway they believe in their stupefied delusional brainwashed minds.

They justify murder at every avenue based on writings from authors that say “it’s your duty to kill them” and “You’re doing god a favor by…” or that the worlds populations will be their slaves – and they actually believe this as one who believes any foolish child like lie that gets the most naive and stupid to do the most heinous, backward depravity one can think of.

These monsters believe the writings of 12th century authors who had the education of child-like minds, no education whatsoever, backwards murderous dogma and thought in medieval times. Reading these mentally child-like documents as instruction manuals, the dimwit followers who believe it do the most heinous things imaginable to society proving how stupid they are and of course no society of intelligent humans will allow these groups to continue.

Anyone who believes words in a book that tell you “It’s ok to murder someone” is a deliberate idiot, lesser intelligent specie of human unable to think for oneself and a danger to society.

The result of such you see before your eyes. Government lies, pandemic of the unvaccinated, war, mass psychosis, transgendering children, destroying the rule of law and civility all for the purpose of breaking down and reshaping society into their quagmire vision of hell on earth, which is their utopian disaster.

They have already failed.

The population is on the brink of rebellion in which case eventually the Director in government, terrorists, will need to order it’s storm troopers to enage it’s population through more segregated propaganda schemes, mass shootings, terrorism, until they themselves are eradicated by their own personnel to keep the train and the world from going completely off the tracks.

Their stupidity is monumental. They seriously allowed a group of German Nazi’s to take over office once again and will now have to deal with the consequences of that failure. And deal with it they will.

Once their main proponents realize it’s your families butt on the line, military lines will be drawn and the internal billionaire wars as predicted will ensue. Chaos will prevail until the catabolic state has reached apex, the Nazi’s defeated again, as they will be, and this towering media empire of propaganda crumbles to the ground taking with it every last enemy of the state to their doom as history so loudy portray for any person still able to read an uncensored book they haven’t gotten to yet.

Good luck out there and know this doomed progeny is done, they have already lost although they believe they are riding high and that it’s their time to shine.

Nope, it’s the point before apex destruction as Navi foretold.


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