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Clearly those running governments are following Reginald Gates Heredity & Eugenics 1923 and Bill Gates applies, as his Father William Gates did, the same eugenics philosophy to society.

Under examination there is a private war going on between groups that support Gates and groups that support ethnic only ideology. Without doubt we see the mixing of the seed called, mischling (mixed blood) used under Hitler to separate us Jews from society deployed against the U.S. population. Not by government as a singular entity, but by groups running portions of government that believe the data by Reginald Gates and attempting to establish a separate Tier lineage system.

Tier I

Include the royal family or anything considered a “pure lineage” group or dynasty of family that can either be purified, aligned in marriage, or selected cross bred to keep the lineage controlled as opposed to the vulgar population.

Tier II

Is the general population. Which includes all religious category: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan, Hindu and all ethnicity that is not selected as cross breedable to fix mutation – all people who are not designated as Tier I by DNA, genome, or faction.

Tier III

Clones, transhuman, which defines a human in a perpetual state of change through gene therapy or sequenced DNA manipulation through NP delivery. Biomimetic moiety of mannitol-based mannitol-alendronate (MA-AL) Enhance transgene responses pdf.

Reginald Gates,

Page 244: “Definite laws also prevented
the poor, vagabonds, and Twastrels from marrying.
The more or less unconscious intention, as well as the
result of such social regulations, was to maintain the
population near the optimum by delay of marriage
until a certain standard was reached, and also to
limit reproduction on the part of those least fit in a
social sense.”

No need to discuss the broader lineage groups or world “sectors” as designated by Johns Hopkins University. For instance SE Asia is sector 7 for monitoring viral activity.

Understanding that these dynasty families are fully aware that “we the people” are fully aware it’s “us or them” have stepped up their plans to both herd and decimate humanity through advertising interracial marriage and health eugenics as Bill Gates stated to the effect of “if we do a really good job here we can reduce the population dramatically.”

The FDA is now turning on the CDC to save their own butts. Legally you can play the blame game all you want, but who are you going to serve up as the fall guy in your organizations? I’m telling you right now, you’re going to have to present a fall guy to the American public that pays for HHS – no two ways about it.

And that’s going to be a tough choice seeing that everyone is pointing the finger at one another in multiple organizations.

Frankly, we don’t care about your fall guys and expect results, not excuses. Excuses cause morbidity in the field for both case officers and civilians.

“Within the CIA you get a chance to be loyal and not lie to your peers. If you’re a multiple offender, you’re fired, removed from operations, that’s it.”

And that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Government should recognize they have breakaway factions (rogue compartments) and we are telling you it’s not possible to contain the data regardless of the high paid bad consul you’re receiving. Have you considered for a moment your legal counsel is by a group playing both sides? Clean house now.

With AI data telling both us and you, “that you can proceed only in a hostile manner” to keep the charade going, the causal affect will also occur – rebellion and defensive deployment, which we see occurring. What seemed to be a good idea to launch this, directed by James Bond villains, who are now feeling the pressure cooker, didn’t take in account how many organizations could counter-punch as quickly.

I want to tell you without a doubt there was no need to illegally implant NP. This could have been done by choice, completely and safe, regardless of keeping up with China. Instead, hostile, rogue elements were allowed to do what they did.

Moreover, I believe guys like Schwab, who live in a security bubble, can hardly grasp the reality of the world of human interaction between one another. No one lives like these guys do and if you did, you would be as lost as they are mentally.

If these organizations are not fully aware the investigators and lawyers the world over, now understand their plot, schemes, and intent for sickening and manipulating the DNA of humanity – then they are stupid. Their vision of world control and harmony is being disseminated and will continue to be exposed and resisted.

As Americans we like to fight. And we like to share data. And we like to help others defeat evil.

And as an American, I think by now you would recognize that it’s not Americans running these schemes but foreigners, or groups playing both sides, that cannot possibly think like you and me.

As to employees of the government, a legendary CIA officer Antonio Mendez has this to say,

“Transforming well-adjusted, law-abiding citizens into successful case officers was always a challenging, delicate process. By definition, the candidates had to be able to adapt to demanding overseas assignments. They had to be cunning and devious while working against the enemy, yet still retain their personal and professional integrity. Above all, they had to demonstrate an unwavering loyalty to their country and their colleagues, in that order. The Master of Disguise 2000

What happened there?

And I ask you the government employee, are you serving people who are traitors to this country? Can you tell the difference anymore? Are you aware that the individuals running your organization are part of a nefarious group as organized and running international corporations on the side, or of the other factions, sponsored by religio factions including eugenic ideology.

Theses groups intend to bring about a new America that is mischling or a mixed seed with all forms of debauchery that your children will be required to participate in to prove they are animals. Anthropologist’ understand this, why don’t you?

Are you even aware of any of this as an officer serving the U.S.?

Bio-terrorism is a broadly investigated practice.

Well I’m sorry to tell you, but Judaism and communism have gone hand in hand since inception. One of the reason being that many of our Zyd communities, now referred to as the Engl-ish Jew-ish, resided on the border of Russia and communist ideology affected the brains of senior authority and those on the fence of believing in G-d. Kaluszyn, where once stood the Great Synagogue, is now lost in history and rewritten in large part from Zionist fiction.

What remains is the stories from people who lived there and they tell a different tale than the reformists do. I have no need to point out our Jewish community past concerning the times in Kaluszyn. That is for another time.

However, the Baals practically invented altruistic communism and this led to tens of millions dead under the formation of the Soviet Union and Bolshevism. The very thing Putin addressed as how the Soviet Union formed with Ukraine, he just left out the details of the “groups” who carried out the mass murders both in Ukraine and Poland in the formation of their eternal empire that lasted a mere 70 years.

Knowing the narrative of the “wealthy” families of the earth separating their gene lineage from society, just like mischling by Hitler, many groups believe that all of society should be controlled lineage. That society should control not only the outcome of lineage through gene selection but remove those who are taking up space of what they define as the better species. Meaning your children need to be weeded out.

I can tell you plainly these nefarious organizations do not recognize black or brown, or pigmented people to be an equally treated species. Certainly this has never been Reginald Gates point of view historically. And you don’t need to take my word for it as you can read the books for yourself.

In fact, here in this article I tell you exactly what page to go to. Since I have read the book rather than rely on a CNN or Fox news interpretation of what Reginald Gates has to say about you and all us Jews.

Reginald Gates, states in his book, 

Page 234: “Ferguson (1921), in a sane discussion
of the mental status of the American negro,
concludes that psychological study of the negro indicates
that he will never be the mental equal of the
white man. The United States census
of 1910 showed that mulattoes constituted approximately
one-fifth of the coloured population,
a fraction which continues to increase and is now
probably one-fourth. Mental tests of coloured
children in schools show that, on the average, lighter
skin goes with higher intelligence.”

Notice Gates said in a “sane discussion.” A staunch racist hell-bent with eugenics and removal of certain ethinc groups, just like Hitler. When his ideology through London academia hit paydirt, ethical behavior and human atrocity followed with sterilizations, which then led to Germany trying to control the world with this data and technology. No different than their offspring doing now.

Eugenics is a key to controlling the world as Hitler tried to do and now Germans are trying to do it again. Some call themselves “Jewish” and others by name, Klaus Schwab. The real Jews are exposing these frauds and many others who have vowed not to be silent and expose these nefarious organizations, schemes, fraud and anti-humanity beliefs.

Some of you claiming to be Jewish out there are playing both sides of the fence, especially the ADL, and you have a choice to make. Either choose the side of evil and eugenics, or choose the side of helping humanity.

“You shall do no injustice in judgment. You shall not be partial to the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty. In righteousness you shall judge your neighbor. You shall not go about as a talebearer among your people; nor shall you take a stand against the life of your neighbor: I am the Lord.” VaYikra 19:15-16

And very quickly I will point out the difference in thinking here, between those who call themselves “Jewish” and our different groups who believe different things. Many err before YHWH because they believe another written version of the verse above, which is this,

This is changed to the English Israelite after the 15th century, by new groups claiming to be of Jewish lineage and the reason they changed the verse is because they view “neighbor” as only applying to themselves, when they didn’t even live in Israel. The above verse was written in Europe, changed in Europe, and updated again in England through the Coverdale Bible of 1535 – where the word iewe (jewish) is derived from.

Some of these groups believe they are the only “Israelites” and everyone else (the world ) is to serve them like cattle or obey their dictatorship. A clear cut line. No different than certain government beliefs organized in China, Russia, Europe, or the U.S. The founders of many of the “Jewish” beliefs, and I’m sure this will surprise you, were born in France and England.

Not Arabia, the Levant, or Egypt, but England and France is where modern Jew-ish (Brit-ish) ideology developed and propagated to this day and why we have such a problem with rogue sects that branch off, like the Davidian Christian cult, and create problems for the rest of us Jews who are serving humanity through Torah and Jesus the Messiah.

So understand just as there are several groups in society (oil, climate, pharma eugenics) there are also several groups claiming Jewish lineage who have completely different ideals from one another and also pronounce that either faction will be taken down one way or another. This has been going on for centuries.

Gates also states,

Page 232: “He examined six small groups arriving at Ellis Island,
by means of the Binet scale tests, and found that
only 2 in 148 scored as high as twelve years, which is
regarded as the line between feeble-minded and
normal. These people included Italians, Russians,
Jews, and Hungarians. His conclusion is that there
is a high percentage of feeble-minded among the
present immigrants. Even after a thousand years of intermarriage, separate racial traits may still be traceable in the
modern Englishman. The blend is only a blend when considered en masse.”

Naturally, the Jewish population running Londons bank didn’t appreciate this commentary by Gates and set out to prove Gates racist ethnic slurs for what they were in 1923 as simple slander.

Regardless of the argument on wikipedia of which segregated group is the superior intellect, Gates went on to describe what he believed to be a sure theory about populations per country.

Page 245: “Pearl and Reed (1920) have applied a logorithamic formula to the growth of population in the United states since 1790 and they conclude the ultimate population of that country will not exceed 197 millions – i.e., less than double the present population.[sic]”

The U.S. population will not exceed 197 million…

Gates goes on to say similar about European population and as of today the population of the United States is aprox 331.5M, almost double that of the ideolgy of Reginald Gates, who believed that in no way shape or form could America survive this population with food or resource and as we can clearly view – he was dead wrong.

But that doesn’t stop Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg funding vaccines and forcing laws to be changed, oh no, they found a way to forge ahead through paying off politicians and organizations.

Each group, Bill Gates group and Mark Zuckerbergs group have different goals intertwined with belief handed down by their parents and those adopted by the wealth of those who funded their operations (Russia & China).

Either way you cut it, both groups are attempting to establish a forever lineage in which all other genomes serve them or classify under them. Imagine a communist or new world system where the Proletariat (laboring class) is defined simply by your lineage, like it was done in the past in England, Russia and Poland. Your genes determine you to be a worker or something a bit more…

This is their goal under Agenda 2030, what they envision and what Covid is all about. Now understanding this reality means that all military personnel, Generals, armies, Presidents, Prime ministers, Politicians will be scrambling to “get in” on this lineage purge, just as under Hitler, OR they can do the opposite – arrest the perpetrators before they murder billions of people.

It really does come down to a choice and there will be war either way you have it and each and everyone of you must decide either to slowly allow yourself and your family to be designated as Tier II lineage or you can immediately get off your butt, wake up to reality, and stop this diabolical plan before it’s too late.

When our families lived in Poland 35 miles away from Auschwitz it was too late to realize what Hitler was going to do to us Zyd, or Jews, as we are now called.

Lawyers the world over have their jaws dropped right now at what’s taking place. Lift your jaw off the ground and get to work unravelling their systems, by employing defensive measures and constant litigation.

Keep up that litigation.

Blocking cell phone tracking, or the mesh network which include bluetooth will be paramount and is intrinsically tied to the entire structure. The lawyers and doctors are aware of this now and will be changing their lifestyle and the trickle down effect will roll the lethargic alligator, called the American people, off it’s back and onto it’s belly – ready to feed on it’s prey.

“Alligators hunt species that are easily accessible and abundant in the wild. While most carnivores, like lions or wolves, actively seek out their next meal, alligators will wait for the opportunity to eat.”

“In addition to keen eyesight, hundreds of
specialized pressure sensors on the snouts
of gators help them locate prey in the water;”

This is why you can also “sense” a spider crawling on a wall. These senses coupled with language dissemination help us in combat and forensically to solve crimes, like Covid-19.

If citizens the world over stopped or altered cell phone use the structure of eugenics would immediately start to collapse.