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NP Zeolite MOF-JET

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In the New Atlas article written by Ben Coxworth we have the promotion, or advertisement of Zeolite injection into plasma as a MOF (metal organic framework).

To the ignorant this may seem like a noble, scientific advancement for the betterment of society. To the educated, we understand that Zeolite is merely a form of rock dust pulverized down to nanite level, formulated into a spherical, or hedral shape and pegylated with a material, nominally a polymer based ethylene-glycol process and is cytotoxic.

Cytotoxic meaning, it kills your cells.

Mr. Coxworth writes,

“It (the gene-gun) uses compressed gas to shoot tungsten- or gold-encased microparticles of proteins or other biological materials through the skin, allowing them to enter the underlying cells. Unfortunately, not only are those metals expensive, but they may actually speed the degradation of their biological payload once they’ve been delivered into the body. Seeking a better-performing alternative, scientists from The University of Texas at Dallas looked to a metal-organic framework (MOF) material known as zeolitic-imidazolate framework eight, or ZIF-8.”

Encased microparticles are “pegylated” (see Dextran Copolymers PEG).

What is this cheaper alternative called Zeolite?


How about a 6lb bag from Amazon for $12, would you like this injected into you?

Ben goes on to say,

“While much less expensive than tungsten or gold, tiny particles of the material proved to be just as effective at protecting biological materials when they were shot through the skin via a modified gene gun called the MOF-Jet.”

If you are familiar with paintball-guns, yes that is a Tippmann compressed gas canister (CO2 or Compressed air).

Looks like a rig put together on a paintball field from 2005. I’ve personally made better rigs than that junk in the pic. Those crappy lines can break easy, and the rig is not even stationary – very dangerous. I’ve seen air lines sheer bolts like butter from compressed air being turned on and the hose leaping out of the persons hand.

“As an added bonus, it was found that by using different carrier gases, the release time of the medication can be varied. If carbon dioxide is used, for example, it reacts with water in the cells to form carbonic acid. That acid breaks down the ZIF-8, causing it to release its payload relatively quickly. If regular compressed air is used, on the other hand, the ZIF-8 particles take four to five days to break down.”

Thus the use of the Tippmann CO2 canister in the pic above. That’s a play on words however, as any pegylated substance may or may not be broke down before causing apoptosis of cells.

How do we know this?

Well because we have hundreds of peer review studies going back over a decade telling us so.

A Comparative Analysis of In Vitro Toxicity of Synthetic Zeolites on IMR-90 Human Lung Fibroblast Cells


2021 Jun,

“Broad industrial application of zeolites increases the opportunity of inhalation. However, the potential impact of different types and compositions of zeolite on cytotoxicity is still unknown.”

In the red circles above and outside of them you can see the uptake of zeolite into IMR-90 cells. That’s pegylated rock dust being absorbed into your cells which may or may not cause apoptosis or cell death through macrophage response.

Either way what you see in the imaging IS NOT GOOD. And deadly I might add.

As noted: “The zeolite particles (arrow) were located as (A,B) aggregates in intracytoplasmic phagosome, (C) aggregates in submembranous phagosome, and (D) small aggregates in numerous cytoplasmic phagosomes.

Phagosome is the degradation of biological material, or the process of breaking down that material. If the material CANNOT be broken down the cell may die and the macrophage will continue to attempt degradation which can lead to further cell death called a cytostorm aka apoptosis.

And I quote what our government is fully aware of, as the data is available for anyone to read at the National Library of Medicine, until that is censored, hopefully not,

“Zeolites are silicate or aluminosilicate nanomaterials with well-defined pore networks and inhalation of these particles can lead to local cellular inflammation, cytokine responses, silicosis and increased rates of lung cancer. Even with recent advances in the field, the precise mechanism of toxicity is poorly understood [].”

That’s generally the consensus with NP pegylated material injected into plasma with uptake into cells, which cause phagosome response.

The conclusion as posted to the NLM,

“In addition, those who are engaged in occupations that use zeolite particles cannot be excluded from the possibility of exposure, which has the potential to cause cytotoxic effects and burden of lung disease with extended exposure, thus highlighting the need for awareness to take precautions that prevent exposure.”

In other words, if you have uptake of Zeolite into lungs or cells this exposure may cause lung disease or cell death.

How’s that for your gene-gun delivery of what Mr. Coxworth describes as “proved to be just as effective at protecting biological materials when they were shot through the skin,”…

Nope, just another CON that cause cell death to an unknowing population tricked by Big Pharma $$$ through paid stooges.


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