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Mystery Solved: MIT’s Patrick Winston

Professor Patrick Winston, former director of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Professor Winston was/is considered master at relaying words or presentation and as such his adoring students agree.

For your enjoyment Professor Winston’s depictions are revealed below.


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The video link for the MIT speech is at the bottom of the article.


Without further ado, I present the decypher:



His AI program that can study any group, faction, data, etc,…



Obviously Professor Winston is not happy about his discovery and feels the need to share by using coded language to protect his name and career.



How to stop indeed Professor Winston. Here is Winston’s star, rather the “star” Winston is referring to:



And anyone can do the same simply by crunching data. Thus, the need to archive and censor everything while attempting to cull the entire populace.


Mega corporations failed to realize the computing data in the hands of amateurs would reveal all their lies, corruption, blackmail, murders, and criminal acts. There is no way to stop the speed at which data is disseminated, which would suggest a great need to shut down or reset the web.


And to you I say the gig is up – auf nimmerwiedersehen.