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Michael Snyder Asks, “Can you explain what has gone wrong with America?

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Michael Snyder is a source for ZeroHedge news, in which the drum cadence of America’s decline is hammered out daily through both the articles posted and the commentary of government troll users and employee fluff.

Don’t get me wrong you’ll find quite a bit of laughable, memorable content at ZHedge from real people talking about politics, the market, and disgust for Fed policy and obedience.

Michael Snyder has released a slew of books declaring the end of America on Amazon. From his website page,

About the Author: “My name is Michael and my brand new book entitled “End Times” is now available on Amazon.com.  In addition to my new book I have written six other books that are available on Amazon.com including “7 Year Apocalypse”“Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America”“The Beginning Of The End”, and “Living A Life That Really Matters”. (#CommissionsEarned)… I have published thousands of articles on The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.'”

OK, so I’ll talk about what these guys don’t talk about and why they’re writing books about “the end of America” and why ZeroHedge follows along the same tune of #The End of America.

I’ll answer the question asked by Snyder in his new article, https://themostimportantnews.com/archives/can-you-explain-what-has-gone-wrong-with-america and discuss the psychology of repeating fiction or reinforcing fictional narratives until we can either make these fictions become a semi-reality or convince lesser intelligent individuals, or anyone that can be influenced with propaganda to believe what is being said.

It’s simply marketing propaganda as a drum roll usually by foreigners or enemies playing both sides for end cause ideology.

I’m not going to get into who owns and runs Zerohedge, LOL, no need. If you have a hard time figuring that out just look at their source code.

Ok, the first sentence by Snyder’s article is the usual ZHedge article title,

“At this point, nobody can deny that we are a society in decline.”

Snyder then goes on to tell you how crime is rampant at retail stores, the fraud of Covid-19, blames politicians for Pride parade’s and how MSM doesn’t cover anything.

He ends his short article with this statement,

“If we were given another 20 or 30 years, what would our society look like? You might want to think about that, because the truth is that time is running out for America. If we stay on the self-destructive path that we are on, we will reach the end of the road very rapidly, and so let us hope for a great awakening to happen soon.” link

Ok, now to answer Mr. Snyder’s question, “Can you explain what has gone wrong with America?”

Yes I can.

The politicians he mentions in the article are Democrats. Although this could be a one sided problem, it’s not. Both Democrats and Republicans are partially responsible for “the demise of America” through the laws that are either enforced or not enforced and established through Judiciary. Bills become laws and that determines policy/enforcement while Presidents have executive priviledge through Executive Orders, none of which they author, unless you’re an attorney (former President Obama).

Rarely will any tax scheme (Obama Care) be retracted once passing Congress into law for the nation. Yes executive orders from a President can rollback previous administration policies depending on how well entrenched the hydra tentacles have permeated state to state law.

Who then are the politicians who sit on the committees determing policy, writing Bills that can become law? What are their backgrounds? What do they believe as ideology? Do they believe in religion or are they cult members of some societal faction?

Knowing the answer to the above questions grant an understanding of how this country is shaped and answers part of Snyder’s question. However, we’re only scratching the surface here talking about lobbyists and politicians.

The real answer Synder seeks is “what has gone wrong?”

What has gone wrong Mr. Snyder is that a nefarious group of people believe that debasing down America to a pornography smut hole through transgendering children, and a well defined decades old trans-sexual PsyOp that has worked so well in African, Germany, and Latino countries for destabilizing both military and political operations, will render that society a gutted out, soul-less entity in which religious legal text can determine the outcome.

Societies who succumb to such can then be destroyed as mere animals with legal analysts rewriting laws for secondary citizens (Tier II) as trans-human advertising you currently witness.

This ideology comes from Germanys mischling which forbid the mixing of blood with foreigners in which over 400 laws were passed against Jews and immigrants decrying inter-racial marriage, eliminating citizenship, and rendering second class status as a person. We, as Jews, were then herded into ghettos, then concentration camps, then exterminated.

“This legal definition of a Jew in Germany covered tens of thousands of people who did not think of themselves as Jews or who had neither religious nor cultural ties to the Jewish community. For example, it defined people who had converted to Christianity from Judaism as Jews. It also defined as Jews people born to parents or grandparents who had converted to Christianity. The law stripped them all of their German citizenship and deprived them of basic rights.” https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/nuremberg-laws

Germanys mischling caused the deaths of Christians, Jews, and minorities alike, murdered by the Nazi regime along with upwards of 80 million people in WWII. That was the end result of a failed Third Reich.

What you see in America in all advertisements is mischling (the mixing of blood) inter-racial marriage which was managed in Germany over 80 years ago. It’s by the offspring of the people who lived there and creators of the concept for the end result of segregation, secondary citizenship, and what they deem as dirty DNA (mischling). But you’re told it’s diversity, inclusion and all the flowery rainbow anti-discrimnation Goebbels propaganda, the same as was done to the Jews and foreigners in Germany. All for our betterment until we were put on trains like cattle and sytematically murdered.

This is the base understanding of course, which a large part of the American people have “woke” to. Meanwhile the movement of denying the Holocaust grows based on the faulty 6M number of Jews murdered, crematorium, and gas promotion debunked as to the shoah narrative. Stating that the holocaust didn’t happen based on rectifying narratives is ridiculous for those of us whose family members were murdered there.

So Germany has created this duality, one in which Europe was destroyed by Hitler and in which minorities (Jews and foreigners) were outcast from society and murdered and now a rewritten tale to America that mischling is good and inclusive while the white man is bad, and the small religious Jewish community is the bad guys.

CEO’s of this disastrous ploy (look at their German names) then pretend to be Jewish and promote both sides of the narrative while evading any and all blame through claiming antisemitism once they are targeted for anti-humanitarian injustice, such as vaccine deaths, or SEC fraud like Bankman-Fried (German) or Blackrock’s Larry Fink (German) buying up of real estate and controlling trillions in assets.

Are you starting to understand what has gone wrong?

Propagandists inject confusionism or misdirect the audience by telling them their society is “Finished,” “Doomed,” “Just a matter of time now,” and the famous “The end is near,” as a parroted author to author agreement through multi-publishing house who are either integrated into the cult causing the problems or attached financially through foreign entities who are enemies of the American way of life.

For example Snyder states,

“Sadly, now we have reached a point where groups of people are constantly storming into our major retailers, grabbing whatever they want, and then storming out…Retail crime is at a record high, and thieves are becoming bolder than ever.”

The reason for this Mr. Snyder is the devaluing of real estate property in these Democrat ran cities. If we change laws that DO NOT punish retail theft which allows any minor to basically steal anything they wish under $1000 bucks, then you have rampant crime. The stores will begin to close and flee while the value of the property will deflate.

The groups who established the law in conjunction with their financial managers (see how Mnuchin flipped Indymac) will then swoop in and buy that devalued property at a substantial discount in a bid to own all the most important real estate in the county/country.

It’s part of the larger picture of religious adherence where all the resources of the world must be accumulated in order to consolidate the power of the future world leader – according to religious text.

That’s why you have the crime Mr. Snyder – real estate and society valuation.

Ok, now let’s examine Snyder’s statement about PRIDE,

“During the Seattle pride parade, men that were fully exposed were allowed to participate. In the old days, that would get you arrested for “indecent exposure”, but in our time we celebrate that sort of a thing. Of course there were lots of young children along the parade routes in Seattle, New York and in all of the other cities where such parades have been held this month. Their innocence is being stolen from them. But nobody seems to care, because this is what we have become as a nation.”

It’s quite a laughable statement in my opinion. Saying that this is what “we have become as a nation” is both speculation and propaganda seeing that there is a small minority doing this (possibly 1%) and pushed and paid for by corporations who we can examine the background of their CEO’s. We can examine what they believe, what their religion is, where they grew up, where they went to school, what political group they belong to and what ideology they cater to.

So, no, this is not what “we have become” it is what certain groups and companies are pushing based on religious and financial ideology and they are now considered and labeled as terrorists in forums and discussions the world over.

The same people who run these companies, also own or operate in conjunction with MSM, and direct a slew of government agency. Any amateur journalist can concede within a day of investigation this reality since dissemination technology through “the internet” cannot be censored any longer concerning all hidden data. This new paradigm we live, which foils the propaganda artists and answers Mr. Snyders question is called transparency.

“Their innocence is being stolen from them,” is a statement that Mr. Snyder understands as a purposeful, willful, enforced policy. To debase the culture, make the people believe they are animals, and make them do thngs that animals do just as the Sabbatean Frankists in order to unravel society and bring about Moshiach quicker.

It’s simply religious dogma.

The only legitimate authors now are the ones who actually communicate information instead of tip-toeing around everything with querstions like “why is this happening?”

It reminds me of simple military training.

Why would you consult anyone or listen to anyone who doesn’t understand why this is happening? 

If you don’t understand why this is happening then you’re an amateur who has yet to understand the triviality of macroeconomics, Bernays propaganda, bayesian models, or advanced nano-particle production that now governs humanity.

Furthermore, we can view that tinok-shenishba have been used as cannon fodder, throw away robots for use to enforce this transgender, cisgender of destabilization for foreign entities to gain military attrition as they move their chess pieces before engagement.

The U.S. military would be well advised to compartmentalize it’s activities from this terrorist network, infiltrated through politicians, which will compromise both logistics and superior force if not put in check, discredited, or barred from classified access.

Which will be difficult seeing that espionage agents, deeply rooted in government departments, currently influence the self-destruction of military capability. Since before WWII internal espionage was always a factor, how much more when the nation you defeated, their personnel, have now become the taskmasters that determine policy?

Clearly, the world will be at war once Taiwan is invaded and attrition of American soldiers through medical chicanery, transgendering, and amplified propaganda – the basics of destabilization is for the purpose of lowering morale amongst the population, recruitment, and tearning apart families through psychological intervention with the tools of nano-particles, psychology, fear mongering, and anti-humanitarian policies that guarantee a greater death toll (attrition) as any insurance agency can chart for you on a graph.

Those working hand in hand with the foreign powers intent on destroying this nation are traitors, while their personnel have varied ethics, are atheist or believe in a satanist god brainwashed into their ideology, which tells them it’s ok to do all of this to society for the purpose of running the world and establishing what Hitler described as the Third Reich.

Hitler’s Third Reich was defeated and now the 4th Reich is deemed the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is a burn-it-all-down strategy of destroying industry through Build Back Better (destroy it first) and climate agenda nonsense that if you believe you are an illiterate moron carried away by science fiction baloney.

You’ll find a great deal of them have German backgrounds, like Klaus Schwab, claim to be Jewish when they’re not, and all believe in some form of quasi-modo eugenics master race ideology spelled out by Reginald Gates, in his book Heredity & Eugenics.

The goal is to kill off everyone (depopulation) deemed “flawed” except themselves of course, being the ultimate masters of society and DNA through ridiculous lineage schemes, genome manipulation, vaccination, abortion and racist medical policy. This Mr. Snyder is why you see a scramble by “elites,” Prince’s, politicians, Queens, and CEO’s alike to prove their lineage DNA is a superior bloodline so they can be exempt from being deemed secondary lineage class by the authors of this madness.

The fact of the matter and in which society will have no choice is to simply use military operations to defeat them, which will be a coordinated effort by JCOS in order to keep the biome from being completely destroyed by these James Bond terrorist villains who will do anything and everything, as Hitler did, to bring about their warped philosophy, their demented fictional envisioned future.

And defeated, most assuredly, they will be.

So I hope that answers the question for you Mr. Snyder.

As a Jewish lineage person whose family was annihilated in shoah, I will say flat out, that if anyone follows or caters to these monsters, they will eventually find their doom and will be kareth in perpetual as Nevi’im have so painted clearly in Torah and tractate over the past three millennia.

May YHWH embolden those who believe in Ekhad to be bold and root out the frauds of cultures and our people who are destroying both society and humanity for their personal financial gain and foolish medieval black magic doctrine forbidden by Torah. Their false molech idols and multitude of gods, which they pander to the masses to their doom is prophesied to be wiped from the Earth by YHWH himself using and employing the armies of the world to do so.

Take heart these terrorist factions will be defeated and they know it, just as the robber knows justice and law enforcement will find them – karma! America has not gone wrong as you are told by Snyder and the parrots who postulate doom and destruction to America in the hope to collapse your family, identity, and nation.

The evil factions manipulating both judiciary and executive branches of government, news, and movies for decades are the enemies of the people, the ones who have gone wrong, which is now so clearly evident to cultures the world over. Stop blaming Jews for what these atheist factions are doing!

They are pretending to be a small religious community, us Jews, to hide behind antisemitism, when many of them came straight over from Germany after Hitler’s defeat and continued their industrial operations like Klaus Schwab’s father who manufactured the weapons that destroyed Europe. Look at their last names, research their lineage and see for yourself. Dig into the roots of their lies and pull the weeds out of the ground, which is exposed for all to see.

May YHWH guide you, bless you and empower you for the glorification of His name, to root out this evil, and peace be upon all who rest in the name of His HaMashiach Jesus.


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