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Logical Depopulation?

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Before I retire from economic and warning factors for deposition and the common man, leaving you to your own fates without my input, I would like the people out there who can think for themselves to ask some common sense questions.

I want to apologize for my loose language up front. I’m catering to academia, soldier systems, and legal personnel so forgive my knuckle dragging. Keep in mind regardless if you’re an “elite” blood line, a harbinger, or simply a child of God’s creation none of you know what will happen in the future without prediction.

Five minutes, an hour, a day, a year, whatever time frame you feel certain you can predict, no one can keep themselves alive forever or pretend they can predict how they will die or what manner they will live. All predictions are assumptions and whether they come true or not, time will tell – not your mind and not a computer’s mind.

Let’s talk about the charade known as depopulation and then you can draw conclusions based on DARPA input, MIT, Strategic Studies, IBM, Fugaku, Tianhe, or Livermore. I’ll point out here some positions of logic and reality the world finds itself in concerning the diverse populations.

What’s fair concerning who gives up population numbers per country?

If were going to do a great job with health services getting rid of people as Bill Gates suggest, then lets examine the fairness of “whose got to go?” I mean if we’re going to have the conversation of who lives and dies as we propel towards the agenda 2030 goal of a 2B loss, or whatever data shoveled out to mete for the public, then we should have a candid conversation of who gives up what?

And by the way why wouldn’t we have this conversation, because we are told not to? “Leave it to the experts” we are told. Well that’s hard to do when the experts data don’t match up to what could be better solutions. Let people help find a solution.


As of right now the top brass believe that only they can decide the fate of the people since they have their own infallible computer models and that you’ll come to the same conclusion as anyone else who observes the scenario. The answer doesn’t convince anyone with a hobbit super computer running their own models. The data the U.S. Government feeds into A.I. is not the same data China, the Saudis, or Indonesia feed – so who has the right model?

All we know is that the logic in whatever A.I. ideology you are promoting seems to be bias in it’s selection of who lives and dies. You could argue we have ran a slew of scenarios 24/7 for the last five years and this is the best scenario we’ve got.

Sure I’ve been sold that as well with some pretty convincing arguments and I must say it’s a cold shower seeing “the story” play out. But unlike many of the brass, I take this as a fictional portrayal not a permanent truth. I’m a bit perplexed that the forecast would be “made to come true” which states that whoever the director is has lost it and must be dealt with before letting anything get out of control that you can’t reverse, especially biologically.

You have guys like Martin Armstrong putting out his data of conflict based on pi (3.14) configurations and some of it makes sense in yearly factors. He seems to be pro-Russia and anti-government and based on his history I can see why. Mr. Armstrong also calls the shots like he sees them.

Calling out an over-bloated U.S. government bureaucracy ran by the very guys who put Armstrong in prison for a decade is logical. Armstrong is correct in that debt is a house of cards, including systemic abuse, but he tends to forget that the American way of life has been pretty good for the past seventy years while managed by the bad-guy bankers.

Here is Armstrong quoting Friedman,

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.”

Personally my opinion is, if you’re American, then you should be on the side of America when factions arise, not rooting or running defense for the other side, regardless if you have an axe to grind, or hate your tax collector/government.

However, Mr. Armstrong’s computer model is like a calculator compared to the ones I have personally built with my own hands and the ones I have seen with my own eyes.


It’s like comparing the computing power of a treadmill blood pressure sensor to that of Svartsengi geothermal power station. Anyway, the point is that even amateurs can run models based on terahash data and that’s more than enough to crunch any data you need concerning who is doing what, war scenario, group or political power – you name it.

The United States and Europe have a combined population of under 800M so why should depopulation occur as compared to India 1.5B, or China’s 1.4B manipulated figures? They have 3B but you want to focus on the U.S. to defang her is the excuse.

Seeing that as a Zawada, I am privy to all the same knowledge of Talmud as others, although I do not bear the mark of a rabbis, let’s be as candid as can be while keeping the insults to a minimum. We are talking about 23 million a month up to 2030.

Hard numbers to meet in a non-combatant theater. I imagine the only way to commit the population is through a draft, which guarantees all kinds of control modules; vaccination no less. I’m not saying it is. But getting back on track to the 3 billion pops of India and China compared to U.S. And Europe’s 800 million.

The answer I am told is that Asian citizens have centuries of programming already in place to continue as docile servants, so they argue “more essential” as workers than the fat Mickey D’s Americans and half-work-week Europeans who take 3 hour lunches.

So what do you think about that? Does that piss you off a bit?

source: thestreet.com

Food shortage, you are told, but McDonalds is exempt like Covid-19 manufacturers. Does anyone believe the lies anymore? Rebellion will be called liberation from evil.

If we’re going to discuss population culling, then by nature, we must categorize large sections of culture as category terms. Words used are “useless eaters,” you’ve seen that making rounds by the tech officer – not his finest speech. Other words and advertisements, “American obesity,” “lazy Europeans” and the like, lumping millions of citizens in these categories for reduction.

Well, after Senator Schumer gets the rest of marijuana passed in legislation for complete legality, you’ll be able to smoke yourself into calm docility while the adults discuss your termination.

That’s the civil way isn’t it? I think I have made my point to those who can still think outside of a hive mind.

So China and Japan have limited agreements and China of course has launched right in. Their ability to corral is impressive and my oh my, the tech China has with their social constructs. America can only dream of this. Political parties drooling and lusting for control on this structure push to catch up with the Asian systems.

However, the Asian system, particularly China, is catabolic. And I’m not picking on China, their scientists have simply yet to figure out the aggression factor concerning their citizens while under the banner of conforming to Security Council requirements.

They have a ways to go before dialing back what don’t work as aggression and it’s too late now, as they have made enemies in the hundreds of millions within their own borders. Everything I just said is pure speculation.

At night, you can hear the people lament and scream out in melancholy from their high rise cages. My heart goes out to them and I pray for their deliverance from tyranny. Psychologically, shame is the only outcome, unless you change what you’re doing you are debasing your population down to a bunch of animal consumers who will lash out any chance they get. Why? Because their genomes are aggressed. For the uneducated in genome aggression, what can I say? Imagine a doctor who believes he’s an expert in every field and you have the state of the world with Larry the janitor running depopulation.

But are you, as an American, getting a good deal by your elected constituents? If you think you are, then sadly you have not seen the data that is agreed upon by G7. Your political party(s) prefer an Asian model governing the American way of life. But it’s just not realistic for a society raised on cowboy leather and Star Trek to adapt Asian ideology or masking without question or rebellion.

src- handitv.com

Who doesn’t like Sulu?

So with that in mind, namely figuring out what will work in culling America, be it vaxx, disease, poison, “natural disaster,” terror events, accidental nukes, or perhaps – OOPS, another virus got loose, you can conclude none of these scenario is persuasive for hope. Rather the opposite – rebellion, factions, resistance, sabotage, warlords, and black markets out of necessity to survive.

A James Bond villain scenario that has to be dealt with, or ignored, whichever you choose.

That’s the logical answer and of course throw in a few floppy disks from 1982 and you have your scenarios with a cherry on top.

I digress and every 4 Star knows it – TOO MANY THINGS WILL GO WRONG.

If you have made it this far reading as a human, not a crawler, then wonderful, you know more than 97% of the population and it’s your job to help save humanity, whether military, task force, investigations, or simply logistics. It’s your job kid.

Get to the end of the article for the juice.

But again, how do we have this conversation when there is no transparency. Believe you me, I have warned, as those at NASA have warned, transparency is on-the-way. How to stop the dastardly transparency from rearing it’s ugly truth head?

Band-aid after band-aid.

Well, that was answered, but the brass has decided to go with option Z. And like their predecessors, they have aggressed the genome and now it’s just a matter of time.

And for the record, no one, and I mean no one, Mr. Musk, Yuval, Borio, or anyone for that matter can tell you how this is going to play out. You’re all guessing.

Some very smart people wearing lab coats took you into rooms of observation and told you, “yes we can do this to all of society,” and you believed them. You believed them because you watched these victims (people) be used, since the 70’s as toys taken off a shelf to do their masters bidding and technology has caught up to where these methods could be mass integrated.

Although fiction, I believe Spock would give you a rundown on how the 21st century was destroyed by a few con-men with big ego’s that simply wanted to control everything and everyone.

One thing the models do tell us is that either chess move anyone makes, the end is the same here. Huge loss.

The scandinavian models would prefer America to have more “Rhode Island like” populations and of course Reginald Gates imagined that the U.S. populaton would never exceed 200 million. Again, they are/were all wrong.

One thing for certain is the models are never accurate beyond what’s fed as fudged data, cause it’s impossible to know what each element unlocks what pathway and adjustments will always have to be made unless their passive systems.

The hope is the “cascading effect” and if you’re not familiar with it, it goes like this,

As situations perform – a decision leads to an outcome – this outcome leads to another decision, faster and faster based on how fast you can move the pieces, while breaking the decision making down into conglomerated finite structures (exahash) as the data is either countered or successfully deployed moment by moment. Always searching for in-roads or analysis results that determine policy strategy in 18 month increments, or litigation format (legal response).

Litigation separates the Asian continent from the West. Government in the East is not constrained by legal policy concerning tech development unhealthy for their population. Rather the opposite. The ability to test parameters on society with no oversight committee, legal groups waiting to sue, or civil blockade is something political parties here in the states drool over.

Since Presidential elections happen every four years, and a President of the U.S. determines Executive Orders written, which circumvent law, there is no way around the 48 month timetable of re-issuing emergency war declaration in 18 month litigation cycles. If Martin Armstrong or Black Rock’s Aladdin started plotting 18 month litigation cycles he would find a vast new world open before his eyes.

Naturally the plan had to be sped up travelling to 2030 as the UN mandates are impatient with “Americans” determining the fate of what they see as their re-unified utopia of world shaping through agenda 2021, 2030, 2050 – on and on and on – 4th reich, 5th reich, 6th reich scenarios.

The hope is that the A.I. will always have a valid answer as long as the data is fresh. It’s an attempt to outwit mother nature and I’m going to be the reasonable guy in the room and back that with a tremendous amount of data that says your model is based from catabolism of nature and the end result is as others have stated – complete failure of all system.

Forgive my language, but I am trying to write this as plainly as possible for anyone to understand, whether soldier or executive.

Now I understand we have to role the dice either way, but hoping on the dark side to fix the problem is no fix. Should we not listen and employ models from being and doing good? The intent of doing good still leads to failure for homo sapiens, a lesson we cannot ignore.

So then, we must not allow murderers to run the house. Torah demands this. Those with false hearts cannot supervise solutions on behalf of humanity. The heart of man is a bottomless void where consumption is never enough. If the man is not stout hearted, like a Tzadik without guile or hate, then annhilation is certain. The models already say as much as cohorts grasp for power straws; the never ending struggle within catabolism. How do you not see that you have aggressed the genome and governance is catabolic? Almost stage 3.

A sure sign of ATP in catabolism is bank mergers and the collapse occurs before you figure it out.

The only question that remains is  – how to become non-catabolic?

Therefore, make “it” (de-evolution) happen at your chosen time is the current ideology. *Facepalm*

It will happen to fast, either by expolit, forced, or by unseen forces simply using the tech available that no one can keep up with according to Moore’s law. Understanding, the microchip is nanochip, uncontrollable (pick a friggin scenario): aerosol, hand soap, or any consummable product. Scenario breakdown we see:

  • constant hacked biologic society perpetual cyberattack
  • lineage tiers
  • aggressed genome / macrophage evolution (carnage)
  • A.I. cogito offensive awareness
  • receptor triggers regressed by nature (what happens?)

Should that send the population into panic? No, why panic?

And why panic at a 12B population? There is no reason to do so, but this does offer a method whereby you can “try” to control humanity as the microchip increases 1.3 fold over the next 7 years. I’m telling you the data cannot be contained without resetting the web and if you reset the web there are already a dozen models by your enemies waiting to go.



“But we have to do something DJZ!” is what we’re all told.

“Be part of the solution or part of the problem,” as long as we don’t offer any solutions other than what you have already decided on. That’s tyranny I might add, AND STUPIDITY.

Why don’t we do the opposite of aggressing the genome.

Prepare for a jubilee in 2065 by being responsible towards our neighbors in love instead of aggression which explode the genome response to regress that oppression – the safeguard of mother nature and why Hitler is dead.

I’m not suggesting we get in a circle holding hands singing cumbaya, but for each and every group out there this ends the same for everyone. So what is there to argue about?

The best analysis I have seen thus far is those arguing “we take it slow” see how things pan out while we continue to monitor, probe for vulnerability on our enemys part while developing infrastucture mesh.

Paper is done, we all know it, and info is speeding along too fast, like a pure albino raging bull. So how do we keep the warhawks happy in a traditional fiat system? The only answer I get now is by “letting them die off.” Ok, how? How are you going to put out of business 24,000 military manufacturing corporations?

Yes the budgets have tightened, while the treasury is being siphoned before that great crash while Europe and Russia off-load junk from the cold war they no longer need – outdated stock expended in Ukraine while at the same time keeping Nasdaq floating with purchasing of new shiny war machines from U.S. manufacturing. Yeah we get it. The stock price will go down if you don’t make more munitions.

But imagine having this conversation with families who just lost loved ones in war. I don’t think they care so much of world domination schemes and governments pretending they have things under control. In fact, we know you don’t and the German 4th reich will never be realized, you can count on that.

How do we know this? Well because you’re being played. The war has nothing to do with old money Germans controlling the world like Dr. Evil. They never will, not for lack of trying. The war is between two old powers, Khazaria and Russia, just like WWII was between the Germans and British money. Everyone in-between will be used for the end goal of natural resource and ancient land rights.

That’s what everything is about at the end of the day. Real estate and commodities.

The Russians will never cede their Black Fleet. That would be like the United States handing over Norfolk VA to Canadiens. It’s never going to happen unless they lose completely and we know what that means concerning first strike preemption.

So an easy prediction is there is armistice, or a “miracle” working out negotiations between Russia and Ukraine once the warhawks are satisfied with stock pricing, land development, gas and petroleum contracts. The major factor being pipeline contracting feeding Europe energy while a divided U.S. Senate is forced to cede power to Asian economics. Or we can have a bad scenario where tactical nukes are deployed and Armageddon.

Take your pick.

Mind you this is during the catabolic phase of cultures in duress.

And who cares that money is a keyboard stroke henceforth? Gold and silver will be thrown in the streets as worthless. Watch it happen.

All scenarios point to unrest, draft, rebellion against government, factions, and billionaire wars competing for fractional strength driving propaganda for recruitment out of necessity for survival.

I see alot of new players in the field, latching on to American dissent from government – an American Brexit state to state as catabolism enters the 3rd stage. I see a trajectory of French resistance driving the next trend.

Control Modulus –

noun, plural mod·u·li [moj-uh-ahy].

Physics. a coefficient pertaining to a physical property.


  1. that number by which the logarithms in one system are multiplied to yield the logarithms in another.
  2. a quantity by which two given quantities can be divided to yield the same remainders.
  3. absolute value.

It seems politicians have forgotten the rules of math and war concerning espionage, but our enemies haven’t. Moreover, too many party affiliates have committed treason, joined enemy ranks for a payday, or play both sides to see how this is going to pan out.

A destroyed judicial system taken over by power hungry fiends.

And then enter the eugenicist. The smartest guys in the room with the best shiny new computers that talk and make you giggle.

Dancing robots, their personal pleasure devices and pet killers, and they have a plan for the common man. Yes you, the vulgar, which includes all soldiers, Generals, politicians, especially Doctors and lawyers.

What do your heroes tell you? What does your conscience tell you? Are you acting the part of the bad guy or the hero saving humanity?

Do heroes murder hundreds of millions of people or are they the bad guys doing humanity a service?

As of right now many governments have agreed to be the bad guys. They have agreed to models that exterminate 2 billion and as a Jewish lineage whose family survived Auschwitz and Dachau I can say without a doubt this is worse than Hitler.

But your own conscience has to bear the weight of this when you are before YHWH. All your arguments will seem meaningless when Yom YHWH strikes all hearts, poor and rich alike. Although you cannot envision this, nor can your computer be programmed to understand, the Jeremiah’s are arising, as nevi’im foretold, but I’m just being a religious Jew who knows history and getting off topic.

We understand about Moshiach what gentiles, atheist, and buddhist do not. And we all know that’s the final goal of all this reduction business. So again, if we are being logical, I hardly agree that Hillel would agree with any of this. But if you manipulated him and whispered in his ear, “The Temple will be rebuilt through this” one might sacrifice the whole world to make that true.

Ancient Khazaria could be the “2nd Israel” as suggested, or it is the next Afghanistan as reality shows us every day without the propaganda attached.

I can’t agree with the choices the governments are agreeing on. Their anti-humanity stance to save themselves quite honestly disgusts me and goes against the grain of Torah as does your method to get there.

Again, the method (ideology) ends in disaster through catabolism. And why, for control of nothing? It will all be gone through catabolism, but for some reason the guys who want to make the most money with grand visions of Darth Sidious like power won’t listen to reason.

You guys come up with this crap through fictional stories, and when any type of new science comes into play, like nanoparticulates, you immediately ruin everything in your whirlwind to control the tech and the populations using it.

We in the business of forensic analysis can only tell you what the data suggest. That’s why you have a War College and study Greek.

And finally on catabolism the angry elephant in the room,

To avoid catabolism,

Catabolic reactions break the fats down, anabolic pathways rebuild them. Make sure your system is anabolic and hire the best scientists to make sure of that rather than eugenicists.

Those who continue to adhere to eugenicist’ ideology will only reap what is sown – disaster. Catabolism.

That’s the honest answer based on science, A.I. models by the best and brightest, and your own blood plasma. You can burn it all down, wrecking ball, unleash hell to control heaps of ash if you so desire.

I wish you all well and I hope that those currently running government will be wise enough to avoid catabolism. So get back to work and keep in mind,

Depopulation is not a future – it’s a permanent end for everyone.