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Let Me Tell You What To Think

edited pic from https://www.wolfram.com/

The problem we encounter today for the understanding of education is that as previously mentioned Moore’s law determines the current fabric of education; the malthusian construct in general is currently catabolic.

In simple terms: dissemination of knowledge or the ability to “hack” a server to get to that knowledge is impossible to stop. Therefore, a population can find out “everything.” All the lies about everything.

Thus, the great need to do a Great Reset or limit your access to this information before the tipping scale happens. Put a lid on all  information in an attempt to stop pathways from the catabolic process. Fortunately God (the creator of the universe if you will) has blueprinted biology with a genomic aggression response to safeguard the Human Genome.

Yes as complicated as the above reads, all lifeforms, mammals, plants, biology operate based on catabolic pathway. Understanding this simple truth in science is understanding what can and cannot be successful in biome systems.

Indeed, those running A.I. programs like Wolfram Alpha must attempt to reshape the way society thinks and ignore the blueprints of God to accomplish their mission statements. I’m not saying this is a conspiracy on part of the inventor Stephen Wolfram, just rather that his artificial intelligence is simply a plug-n-play program that feeds off manipulated data. It’s also fair to mention that Mr. Wolfram might not be a scientist or know anything about mutagenic pathway, apoptosis, or synapses inhibition for that matter.

IF a program such as this was to permeate school or education systems then you will have students being reared under propaganda data by those who input the information that your children read.

For example:

The word “Jewish” entered into the Wolfram Alpha site returns the following: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input?i=jewish&assumption=%7B%22C%22%2C+%22jewish%22%7D+-%3E+%7B%22Word%22%7D

This is where we run into a little problem. According to Stephen Wolfram’s A.I., the word “Jewish” occurs since 1540 AD, which is absolutely false.

That’s the problem we’re looking at here, is that if the artificial intelligence program is being fed propaganda then it can only display propaganda. Now what does that say about all the climate models that MIT has conceived since the 1970’s?

The word “jewish” itself is less than 200 years old, not from medieval times.

Scientific American has also addressed this issue in their article Physicists Criticize Stephen Wolfram’s ‘Theory of Everything

“It’s this sort of infinitely flexible philosophy where, regardless of what anyone said was true about physics, they could then assert, ‘Oh, yeah, you could graft something like that onto our model,’” says Scott Aaronson, a quantum computer scientist at the University of Texas at Austin.”

“When asked about such criticisms, Gorard agrees—to a point. ‘We’re just kind of fitting things,’ he says. ‘But we’re only doing that so we can actually go and do a systematized search’ for specific rules that fit those of our universe.”

So in other words, you can simply input propaganda or whatever you want people to believe and you have a whole new education system based off whatever ideolgy they want to sell.

Keep your eye out for these artifical intelligent systems that can be used as “scams” or “truth tellers” propagating lies and misinformation to capture the hearts and minds of your children.

As we navigate through the junkyard of catabolic enterprises crashing to the ground like the Zeppelin. Do not be fooled by these up and coming A.I. systems as infallible tools as they are existential threats to humanity according to the Future of Life Institute.

Propaganda tools will be used at every level of society as the groups in catabolism meet their demise, once again, as history display so avidly for anyone with a brain to read about.

Or you can just go to Stephen’s smart website and be told what to think and what to believe by his A.I. computer. It really is your choice until it’s not.

According to Medical Futurist, “The US-based company, Autonomous Healthcare, aims to change exactly that. They are working on some of the first A.I. systems for the ICU, an ‘algorithmic expert’ constantly at the bedside of the patient connecting the dots and carefully calibrating treatment.”

I think we can dissuade any notion of “care” over $$$ concerning the medical industry now – doctors included.

Current reality states that you need to READ about vaccines and food ingredients. You need to take the time out for your family and children and educate yourself by sources other than mainstream news or your neighbor. Main stream news is paid for lobbying and lies and you know it.

Read a science paper from Research Gate, or scrip.org and you can come away with some new understanding of the way the world really works as opposed to what you are spoon fed by the abc etc., news organization.

They lie to you about everything anyway. Be on-guard against companies injecting poison into everything. Know how ingredients like Benzene can damage DNA in your body. Be aware that corporations want to install pre-programmed A.I. learning systems in your public school. Get involved with voting NO on these topics after you educate yourself about them.

As the Zeppelins come crashing down there will be corporate wreckage and my advice to the shareholders, senators, and representatives is to be careful not to step in the chips.