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img src: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panzer_Lehr_Division#/media/File:SS_Pz_Lehr_divisional_insignia.svg

The unit insignia above is the SS Lehr Panzer division of Nazi Germany.

Wikipedia states: Panzer-Lehr-Division (meaning Armoured training division), which really the German for Lehr could state, “armoured teaching division.”

 Lehr in German is a place, a name, and a word for “teach.”

However, if we go to ancestry.com they tell another tale to the public to re-educate your minds into dumb idiots that will believe anything,

Lehrer Family History

Lehrer Name Meaning

Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a teacher from German Lehrer Yiddish lerer ‘teacher’. German: variant of Lehr.

Source: Dictionary of American Family Names 2nd edition, 2022


Why would the Dictionary of American Family Names from 2022 distort the truth that Lehr is just GERMAN. It has nothing to do with supposed “jewish” names. Sure you could have been born into a Lehr German family or your mother could have married a Lehr German, but the Lehr name itself is NOT Jewish in origin – Lehr is German.

It’s quite honestly a dead giveaway of frauds disguising themselves as Jewish.

We now have a debate at both the academic and embassy level of whether George Soros commentary by Elon Musk on Twitter is antisemitic when Soros is German raised as a German, again claiming to be Jewish. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but the fact remains this Nazi fabrication of pretending to be jews is unravelling all over the world.

Lehrman the German is just another example of how both history and dictionary are being manipulated to trick readers into believing a multiverse exist as propagandized by their comics and movies they own under their Marvel umbrella. They want you to believe that Nazi Germans from Germany like the Lehr Panzer division are Jewish, when it’s just plain absurd ridiculousness!

Yiddish is 75% GERMAN. It’s speaking German with a spattering of lithuanian/slavic and is what set apart groups of people who believed in Judaism and lived OUTSIDE of Germany. In order to be LEHRMAN you had to be assimilated as a German citizen. You had to speak fluent German as required by law.

Thus, as you see before your very eyes the LEHR SS Panzer unit insignia above.

Lehrman is simply a person who lived in Germany and you could have belonged to any one of the Lehr infantry or battallion regiments of the Nazi SS war machine.


So isn’t it odd when we see The Jewish News Syndicate put out an article from a historical German name,

Karen LEHRMAN Bloch (LEHRMAN THE GERMAN) states in the article,

“I believe the main reason is that the lies of “Palestinianism” have finally succeeded, 50 years after it was invented by the KGB and Yasser Arafat. Palestinianism has had one and only one objective: To create enough lies about Israel and the Jewish people that the world will allow the Arabs to destroy Israel. Goebbels would be quite proud of these Islamist activists. Besides murdering children, propaganda does seem to be their strong suit.”

So let me get this straight, a person from a historical German family name LEHRMAN, indeed the name represents Nazi SS units, is now telling us that “Palestine” was an idea developed by the KGB? HA! SMH. All the while we also have a dictionary telling us the German name in origin is Ashkenazi Jewish!

Well you can only trick the people who never lived there, namely Americans, your own deceived party, and anyone elese who can’t pick up a book or read history!

As noted by Lehrman the German, Goebbels would be proud of the propaganda!

Only the most stupid or ignorant could believe such a tale by these charlatans. Palestine has a thousand year history under Islam! It is the Levant going back to Roman times in which any person with partial education understands. But then again people actually believe escaped Nazi families from the 3rd Reich are actually Jews! I will say that again for the reader to understand.

But then again people actually believe escaped Nazi families from the 3rd Reich are actually Jews!

They do what they do best, point the finger and blame everyone for what they are in fact doing! This reverse psychology ploy used for decades no longer works. The populations are very aware of what you’re doing, however, they did not know that you were pretending to be Jews. Only intelligence agencies and those hunting down the remaining Nazi’s understand this.

It is how you end up with Epstein’s blackmailing politicians into sex rings to get them to do what they wish – their 4th Reich.

Stein is German, NOT Jewish! The name has always been German. The name did not suddenly change to a Jewish name after WWII. Stein has been German for over 800 years!

You have been tricked into believing that these guys are Torah based Jews!!?? How stupid can people be?

How is it that the population believes that German Nazi families suddenly became Jews??

Well it’s simple.

You are told that the “Jews” own all the media and the newspapers, but they are simply GERMANS pretending to be Jewish. In fact many Nazi’s caught in Argentina and abroad were pretending to be Jews, reciting Shema, and speaking Hebrew to “blend in” to escape justice.

You havent’t figured out the plot yet have you?

When did they come up with this scheme of pretending to be Jewish and hiding under antisemitism?

Probably during the time of 1945-1948 when millions were in concentration camps for destroying all of Europe. I’m sure they figured they could pretend to be the people they decided to destroy, us “Yuden” to blend in or maybe some kind of warped guilt complex – who knows?

What we do know is that all the transgendering aimed at the Jewish community, and the placement of CEO’s in positions of power who are LGBTQ are for the purpose of revenge against the Jewish community and those who destroyed them. Indeed the offspring of those considered “Jewish” having escaped Nazi Germany have fallen into the hands of these monsters once again to aide the 4th Reich.

Can you imagine your Grandparents having survived Dachau, now must witness your children being propagated and converted into trans-slaves for their next Reich one world army? YHWH help us.

The Babylonian Talmud of 1342 A.D. is housed in Bavaria Germany. French rabbi authors stemming from Rashi’s Yeshiva re-introduced a modern version of Judaism to Europeans who would assimilate into German culture, marrying German famillies and taking German last names for profit to legally own real estate.

Rabbis emerged from Worms Germany as the most prolific authority in Talmudic logic. History cannot hide the fact a rift occurred through atheist and Nordic admix of Judaic culture in which a lineage would succumb to post-Nazi nationalism.

Indeed Hitler setup trade routes from Palestine to Europe under his Nazi Zionists during the boycots and used oranges as payment to fund the entire aliyah infrastructure to counter the British Zionist organizations in whom the Israeli’s were busy countering through guerilla warfare. The British were targets of both assassination and insurgency through the original Stern Gang and then Irgun. But you don’t hear of this story do you?

Nope, you’re fed dictionary baloney about German names now being Jewish!

The propaganda masters, Nazi Germans, have turned your religious vices against our own culture! They have done what they have always done – divide culture and conquer – the exact same thing of Mischling (mixed blood) and passing over 400 laws against Jews and foreigners – dividing cultures for their 3rd Reich, which is now the 4th Rech.

Look with your own eyes in USA – division of culture – Mischling, or the mixing of blood to divide culture to better destroy you! The same thing by the same people.

Rudy Giuliani, New Yorks Corruption Clean Up Mayor, who can no longer practice law there (barred by the Barr) paints these “men” as Bolshevik communists who took over. Well who are the Bolshevik communists you keep hearing about? Historically this group of people are now laughably called Brit-ish “Jew-ish.” Every atrocity in history is attributed to Jews with a German name. Yet it’s the Germans who genocide us.

Both Schwab and Soros, who Giuliani attributes as “Bolsheviks” are German. So you see how their clever plan of confusionism works so well in covering their tracks, painting a broad blanket of hiding behind their victims, scapegoating Russians, Jews, or anyone but the real maniacs who already burned the world down 80 years ago – Nazi’s.

The evidence before your eyes. Witnessing a rabbi marry two men or women is not only forbidden by Torah as conjugation, but a planned destruction of our culture, disintegrating our youth, and warping Elohim mitzvot as if any human could change three thousand years of halakha!

“Rabbi Tirzah Firestone officiates a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony for the Colorado governor, Jared Polis, left, and his partner, Marlon Reis, in Boulder on Wednesday. Photograph: Jocelyn Augustino/AP” link

There is nothing traditional about men marrying men, which is forbidden by Torah. But let’s examine the people behind this and their lineage.

Firestone is German for FEUERSTEIN, “feuer” meaning “fire.”

The similar sounding word is FUHRER, which means “leader.”

“Führer, also spelled Fuehrer, German Führer, (“Leader”), title used by Adolf Hitler to define his role of absolute authority in Germany’s Third Reich (1933–45). As early as July 1921 he had declared the Führerprinzip (“leader principle”) to be the law of the Nazi Party; and in Mein Kampf (1925–27) he asserted that such a dictatorship would be extended to the coming Third Reich.”

Those who have fallen prey to these devices I question their loyalty to Ekhad, I question whether they have hidden amongst our people with their assimilated German ancestry or perhaps maybe they have been traitors the entire time as we know there were many aiding Hitler’s Reich to destroy us as a people for profit. Let’s be clear transgendering as known by every agency in the world is for subjugating and destabilizing culture. So why would any rabbi wish to destabilize Jewish culture under the guise of “civil rights”?

And who could believe Schwab is a Jew? I cringe every time I hear this. Are you kidding, his father made the material for the German Nazi machine that killed us!

We know they are the enemy of Torah as they attempt at every avenue to change verse and script to meet their sinful passions, or perhaps it’s just to destroy us one letter change at a time.

We are very well aware of LGBTQ “attrition” as is every government and the largest banks in the world ran by China, France, Japan, and the USA. Notice the Swiss and Russian banks are not on the list. The only fools are those who believe and succumb to the scheme so well practiced in Africa to subdue warlords by the banks who fund all global operations.

As can be seen you can convince or brainwash people to do things that are both unhealthy and contrary to pro-creation, especially if the main advertisers are political parties.

The older powerful rich Germans have plotted revenge against the nations like the James Bond villans of old. Whether they are working with Rhodes Scholars as Matthew Ehret suggest the outcome is the same.

They wish to destroy our Jewish culture and get revenge on Britain, Russia, and the USA for destroying their country and ruining their 3rd Reich. Transforming their culture into a submissive defeated colony of which their cultural heritage of Thervingi Goth and the orders of the Reich demand revenge. The purpose of the 4th Reich is to retake this vision of the 3rd Reich, with eugenics as a steamship, using propaganda and mass psychosis as the war tools, tricking the Russians, the British socialists and American liberals into the scheme to their doom.

China is merely the maiden used as a financial production tool wheel-house that they will also subdue and attempt to destroy once they have extracted every ounce of energy from their culture. The Chinese are fully aware of this, but they believe to better fight this monstrous entity should be done at the top of the financial ladder. The idea is, if they will use China then China will at least have the technology to destroy their oppressors if the need arise.

Whereas, the permanent five memers of the UN Security Council govern world policy and decide the fate of the cultures/people living in their domain. They decide who to wage war on and agree on the logistics of the wars to be waged, financed, and the laws governing their citizens. In essence, the one world government already exists under this 5 member banner.

Apparently the German factions of Judaic culture have signed on to this Reich genocide rather than flee as we did under Hitler’s minions. Not all of us were fortunate to survive!

You will see this term “thervingi” in news media, I am already coming across it as the crawlers search for material to write for articles.

They (the Reich) have always hated us since we were able to withstand assimilation and our rebellious factions eventually took over their monetary systems through usury, which YHWH has punished us for time and again through pogrom. Our culture, who many erroneously say “runs all the banks” are very familiar with who does what and their allegiance and the fact they are not of Torah.

Germania and many of the descendants of such have not forgotten their destroyed Fatherland and have bide their time, bit by bit, piece by piece to get their revenge. What nation would not do the same?

You see LGBTQ leaders of industry having a common trait, German names, coming out of the closet, playing both sides, and out of the other side of their mouth announcing they’re “jewish” which of course every rabbi knows, Torah FORBIDS same sex marriage, or male laying with male sexually.

German lineage rabbis pronounce, “oh but the sages interpreted that differently…” and you believe these con-men! After thousands of years of diaspora, families succumb to Germanic assimilation, dressed up under Talmudic logic and communist adherence like the Borg from Star Trek.

Yet the world continues to reel in confusion as Isa, Jesus, the HaMashiach, called Yeshua by reformers told us would occur as the tares are separated from the wheat.

This was a well entrenched PSYOP against Jewish & American culture that claimed a generation of youth through filth, easy money, and political power as the cultures are subjugated moving into an evolving monetary system as the 5 member panel wage warfare on one another, moving their chess pieces about into the final catabolic state.

The intelligent masters wielding authority through energy control and technocrat capability, with their Pharma/Genome industrial and military complex leading as they have done in Germany since WWII are buying up land and shipping ports in conjunction with China in an agreed alliance called “the 4th Reich.”

Certainly one can see what German and Chinese companies are buying state to state in America and abroad and understand this complex web called “Globalism.”

And still the Goyim “nations” are confused.

I see many “Jewish German” families were converted into technocrats like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and enjoined their family dynasty vision of eugenic management. Hitler was very keen to see this Germanic vision of eugenic breeding/culling to it’s completion (see Heredity and Eugenics pdf download).

My family name from Poland, Zawada, means “stumbling block Jew,” for refusal to assimilate and take on foreign last names like, Berman, Altman, Epstein, or LEHRMAN, and so we endure this label for all to witness between those who assimilated into the Germanic Reich order. Poland cannot hide this as dozens of township bear our name to this day and in which in vain they try to alter the definition and history of the words!

At the same time the German propaganda machine, which they themselves propagate as “Jewish owned” points the finger at everything bad in society that they are causing, directly at the Jews and this has been particularly successful on a global scale.

We literally have to stomach watching on TV the lineage from Hitler’s SS brigades claiming to be “Jewish” while saying they are LGBTQ, vaccinating cultures for depopulation (part of their revenge) and tricking world leaders into following them just like they did before invading Poland in the 1930’s.


Look at the current head lines Zerohedge: link

“Less than 24 hours after the Gateway Pundit exposed Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Meg Reiss’ public hatred of Donald Trump on Twitter, Reiss – who’s been accused of masterminding the case against the former president, locked and then deleted her account.

Schwab, Reiss, Klein, Lehrman, Epstein = German!


“Klein-Winternheim is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Mainz-Bingen district in Rhineland-PalatinateGermany.”

And by the way, the name “Trump” is also German.


They are using similar tactics and their propaganda schemes they are so proficient with have excelled with app technology and information dissemination. They have been fruitious in manipulating historical events and turning the “Jewish” culture into a pariah blamed for everything they do.

An ingenious reverse psychology PSYOP so you keep your eyes off the Nazi’s and blame the victims! Think of the mentality of getting a society to literally stare at German names, and then get society to believe that the German names are Jews destroying the world when the Nazi’s under Hitler had already done it! It’s almost madness to believe society would accept such a ploy, sleight of hand trick, but there you have it, people can be tricked into anything.

Look what follows as commentary on Zerohedge, describing Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Meg Reiss’ – antisemitism blaming Jews of course. While the Germans doing it laugh and get off scott-free with the entire charade!

Here is the zoomed in commentary:
4 hours ago
3 hours ago

Just another anti-White/anti-American jeɯ.

Are there any other kind? (rhetorical question)

3 hours ago

Aborted trans operation.

1 hour ago

A charming Jewess

And everywhere we go, we are told the German names come from Yiddish to further the nonsense fake story of Germans hiding behind us to escape justice.

“Similar to the English surname LittleKlein is a descriptive surname often bestowed on someone of short or petite stature. The name derives from the German klein or Yiddish kleyn, meaning “little.” The klein root is also often found used as a surname to distinguish a younger man of the same name, usually a son, in names such as Kleinhans and Kleinpeter.” – German Ancestry Folks!

Stein, Man, Berg – ALL German names.

Yet still the population of both Europe and America, and the infiltrated reform movements, have believed their propaganda lies and witness their terrorism upon nations while they blame the “Jews” for everything they do.

You believe these Germans are Jews as they attempt to destroy our culture and people again!

YHWH revenge us! We shall have victory according to YHWH!

All we know is that Schwab from the Schwabia region of Germany has stated that this new terror machine known as the 4th industrial revolution is depopulation, climate nonsense, and eugenics all wrapped in a Nazi SS bow called “the 4th Reich.”

Hitler had the 3rd reich which he believed would last for one thousand years. Schwab believes similar and his Nazi minions are global pretending to be Jewish, having infiltrated every sector of government, culture, political party, and law enforcement.

Those who will survive this new Nazi war machine must ally together to defeat this age old enemy who hates both Christians, Muslims, and Jews alike and will use every method and means of deception at their disposal.

They are transgendering your kids and attempting to take over every department of government. Sadly, Jews and those who partake in this are unknowing dupes who have been tricked into this deadly trap of genocide that once again will end with these maniacs telling us to get on the train!

One can clearly see the German offspring are attempting to divide and conquer Israel and America. We know who their political party is, their affiliates, and their moles. They will not win. The 4th Reich will be defeated just as the 3rd Reich was defeated.

Zionists, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims must unite together to remove this atheist Reich of evil from total world domination or they will once again destroy civilization to remake in their own twisted vision of a thousand year reign.

YHWH embolden us, unite us and strengthen us to defeat this Nazi horde once and for all.