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Judaism Must Reject Fraud and Medical Malpractice

“Pfizer president and chairman, Dr. Albert Bourla, honored with the annual $1 million Genesis Prize, dubbed the “Jewish Nobel” by TIME magazine, in a ceremony in Jerusalem Wednesday night. Bourla will donate the funds to the Holocaust Museum in his birthplace of Thessaloniki, Greece.”


When the Jewish community honors men who have been caught red handed selling products which “they kew” would cause death and adverse action and honors them as “Jewish” then we are destroying our community and way of life. Wealthy men claiming to be “Jewish” are responsible for driving antisemitism on main street globally.

It’s not the hill-billy from Kentucky we should be worried about but our own CEO’s pretending they believe in G-d, receiving rewards, while litigation shows an enormous death toll based on the products their advertising to the public under the guise that they’re safe and effective.

If you claim yourself to be a medical doctor and have not looked at the evidence of Pfizer vaccine damage then you are not only a fraud, but endorse whatever permanent damage occurs to children and adults from an unethical company whose track record of malpractice stems decades. Pfizer was fined the largest $ amounts in history as a vaccine developer for malfeasance to the public and yet they enjoy immunity from prosecution.

The data is clear and the lawsuits growing daily against a company who enjoys blanket exemption from prosecution for a product that kills people daily.

Indeed HaShem will not allow these actions to go unpunished. His Torah is righteousness and is very clear on casual murdering of our neighbors. The injury data from the Pfizer vaccines are clear from both a judiciary perspective and anti-humanitarian stance.

Being Jewish means believing in Torah, the mitzvot of Elohim, believing in righteousness and doing good to better mankind not destroy or harm our neighbors. Yet CEO’s turn this upside down to the public giving all Jews a bad name.

The data shows antisemitism is increasing directly from their actions.

Go on Breitbart news, Zerohedge, or any forum dealing with economics or medical communication and you’ll see the same everywhere – the public is blaming ALL Jews for what guys like Albert Bourla and Epstein are doing to cultures. All G-d fearing Jews are being blamed for what these bad guys are doing and Judaism must make a stance publicly and make it clear they do not represent Judaism or Jews at all.

YHWH will give us time to redeem reality, but I tell you now, if we make no amends to disavow these evil men YHWH will be swift to act as He has always done. I plead with rabbis to see reality for what it is and take action before men like Bourla completely destroy all we have built.

Only communication to the public will ease the tension of the victims of their devices and schemes. Judaism must take a stance in renouncing their crimes and renouncing these personalities as part of the jewish community that actually serves and believes in Eloheinu.

If our Jewish communities continue to let these imposters destroy unchecked they will be directly responsible for tearing down a century of hard built labor, blood, sweat, and tears by our families who emigrated to America. It only takes one man to destroy the world and Mr. Bourla’s actions prove he rejects Torah or has erroneous, misguided views of mitzvot. We must never celebrate men who reject Torah, for to do so is destruction of our community as made very clear by Ekhad over the last four millennia.

YHWH mitzvot and His judgment is to be feared. Failure to correct these men will have terrible consequences according to Nevi’im. Judaism must unite against these imposters who seek profit over welfare while hiding under the banner of being Jewish which has cost us our family members both under shoah and pogroms globally.



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