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How can you tell if a person is a Jew?

So who is it? The ultra rich unicorn, the banker, the movie mogul, the atheist, the hassidic, the rabbi, the Zionist? Maybe get a DNA test, that might help, right?

There are so many stereotypes that define anyone belonging to “Jews” or the lineage of Israel. In the past the depiction was a hook nosed slavic looking bald guy wearing a kippah.

In essence, the slander is always the same, “a rich greedy Jew” who exploits the masses for monetary gain, or the “Ashkenazi, Sephardic” conspiracies of the menacing Jew working in the background plotting to overthrow the world.

Really though, the stigma that defines antisemitism and it’s hatred is levied at a small group of people who are not Jews at all.

It’s quite a fantasy for the majority of the Judaen population.

While reading the neo-nazi websites, the anti-miscegenation crowd, and sites like lasha darkmoon, I find the “Jew” label by these antisemite low-lifes always define a broad group of regular people, rather than a small group of heinous individuals out for their own gain.

You can always read the commentary from the posts on these sites and see that the term “Jew” always refers to a global group of people (all of us Jews) rather than a minority of sick, demented, wealthy psychopaths – who do not believe in God, and are therefore not of Israel or Jewish.

The slander is broadly planted against actual Jews, or those who follow Judaism and Christianity, when in fact the real culprits aren’t Jews at all.

If a white guy is a neo-nazi, does that mean that ALL white people are neo-nazi’s, or identify as nazi?

No, and it’s ridiculous to conclude such.

It’s the same as those who have Jewish lineage. Yet on many anti-Jewish websites, there is always a reference to some Jewish league or non-profit lobbying group consisting of ex: super corporations, politicians, and judges.

Just because a group of wealthy men call their group “Jewish League Something,” or “World Zionist Movement” does not mean the members of this group are God fearing individuals or Jews at all.

In fact, many of them are simply fictional characters, or imposters.

The saying, “If your mother is Jewish, then so are you, all the rest is up to you,” means that if your mother is Jewish, then it’s up to you to follow YHWH. This DOES NOT mean that if your mother is Jewish you are AUTOMATICALLY in the fold of YHWH or a part of the promise to Abraham, Jacob, Yisroel, & David. You are ONLY non-gentile if you follow YHWH or if YHWH spares you!

So, if I am not a rich, greedy psychopath, intent on taking over the world, why are you labeling me as if this were my agenda?

On many websites I see the same stigma:

  • the Jews own Hollywood
  • the Jews own all the banks
  • the Jews own all the media
  • the Jews started WWI and WWII
  • everything that is bad a Jew is at the end of it

on and on and on…

First of all, just because a persons name ends with “Goldberg,” or “Silverstein” doesn’t mean they are a Jew. Yes they may have had a bar mitzvah growing up and they may have gone to yeshiva, or a synagogue a few times in their life, but that doesn’t mean they follow Judaism or any of the tenets of Torah, which is required if you are to be considered a Jew.

Just because you grew up going to Catholic school doesn’t make you a God fearing Christian.

Also, who is more Jewish, a person who grew up in California or New York, or a person who grew up in Israel?

If you answered Israel, then yes you are correct, but again that doesn’t mean the person who lives in Jerusalem is an ACTUAL Jew or following YHWH either. It simply means the person can speak Hebrew and is more accustomed to Judaic holidays.

Does the fictional mob boss Vito Corleone claim that he is a murderous crime lord, or just a humble Sicilian?

Why is it that the neo-nazi’s and illuminati hunters always point to the Jew as the problem with all the world, when it’s just a handful of wealthy criminals like Vito Corleone?

Does Vito Corleone represent all the citizens of Sicily, Italy, and those in America? No, and neither do the Silverstein’s, Zuckerberg’s, and Goldman’s represent the Jews.

People are confused by the pretend Jews who do not believe in God and are in fact at war with culture and make the mistake of labeling an entire culture and lineage based on the criminals that run an enterprise.

Modern antisemitism is not what it was in 1900. How a culture is viewed is based off what a culture is perceived as doing in society.

Antisemitism under Hitler and Henry Ford propaganda was primarily aimed against Jewish bankers and then flowed down to include all Jewish people as a whole.

Now we see the hatred ideology morphing against actual Jews as a population based on the sins of God-less rulers who have Jewish names in the media, banking industry, celebrities, and political arena.

These individuals are claimed as Jewish or have Jewish names, but in reality they do not believe in God, do not follow YHWH, and are imposters for Israel.

If Hezbollah committed a terrorist act would you blame the Kurds just because they are considered Muslim?

If you hate Hitler, do you blame the modern German youth for his actions 80 years ago?

It really is quite stupid if you stop and think about it.

Do you really think that a religion that makes up a population of .002 % of the world is actually controlling all the world? Are you that blind?

It’s not the Jewish population that controls the world but a small core group of very wealthy people made up of many ethnic background. Those with Jewish forefathers are included – but they are not Jews!

Again you are not considered a descendant of Israel, modern false term “Jew” unless you believe in YHWH and over half of Israel is secular. That leaves a small portion, my dear readers, who have actual lineage from the 12 tribes and follow YHWH.

Yet how many of these individuals are actually Jewish or believe in God?

The super rich bankers are not Jews – they are apostates.

Back in 1946, rabbi Louis Youngerman describes transitional American Judaism as “dual memberships” between reform and orthodox at the time.

In which “shidduch” (arranged marriage) between one of their children, a Reform – rich, promising young person and “the other group,” the Orthodox, was not frowned upon.

That may have been a reality in the 1940’s but no longer. You won’t see a person such as Natalie Portman marry a Talmudist Orthodox Jew, as that would mean giving up your rich lifestyle to that of servitude. There would be no more acting for Natalie!

The difference between the two “Jews” is vast. Just as the difference between the rich and the poor is vast. So how do we keep our rich Jews in the game?

One to servitude of rabbi and Talmud and the other to servitude of money and status.

Ayn Rand is regarded as Jewish, but she is an admitted atheist. How then is she a Jew? Again, there are lots of arguments to get around this little problem, notably financial contributions, or charity.

Talmud tractate has been manipulated to say it doesn’t matter what anyone does, as long as they are not minim, to keep on being a Jew – this includes being an atheist, which is completely ridiculous and why we see such secularism in Israel today and antisemitism based on what rich, atheist, apostates do in society.

A pure example is Facebook’s Zuckerberg. I watched a recent interview about Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife, their philanthropy work and their kids. They appear to be a genuine couple who love one another, raising their children, while managing one of the world’s most powerful companies.

Mark has a German/Jewish last name and during the interview they made mention that they observe “shabbos” or shabbat, the day of rest YHWH gave to the world. Yes this is not an exclusive arrangement for Israel, but for the whole world to choose to follow. Choose being the correct format, not forced, as many believe.

Is Zuckerberg a shabbos goy? How do the famous rabbi answer this?

No, based on Sanhedrin 99a:15,

“All of the prophets prophesied their prophecies of consolation only with regard to one who values wisdom and to one who conducts perakmatya (business) on behalf of a Torah scholar, and to one who utilizes his wealth to benefit a Torah scholar from his property in some other way.”

This is how the cunning works. Not only does this provide wealth for themselves through any gullible person that will believe it, but it provides for the atheist or apostate Jew a chance to amend their soul and receive “life” through paying money.

A most cunning and heinous scheme, of which Jesus berated in the Temple as he whipped the money changers. The philosophy has been kept alive to this day through many a Talmud tractate on charity and tradition. However, the giver will still be goyim and a non-believer.

You cannot buy your way into heaven.

Goyim simply means non-believing nations. Maimonides altered this phrase “Goy” found in Genesis and over 500 times in Tanakh to mean “worshiper of idolatry,” to include Jewish Christians during his time since the conversion rate of Jews to Christians was alarming all rabbi.

Goyim, historically, always refers to a nation of people who do not believe in YHWH and Goy Kadosh refers to a “holy nation” of which YHWH mitzvot is very clear WHO is part of goy kadosh.

Just because Zuckerberg has Jewish lineage or money does not make him a Jew, no matter if he gives all his billions away. It is my hope and prayer that HaMashiach Jesus will redeem Mark Zuckerberg and save him for the glorification of His name. For the Lord can do all things and save those who you think cannot be saved.

In order to be considered of Abraham you must follow YHWH as it is written:

“Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine. And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” Exodus 19:5-6

“For no one is a Jew who is merely one outwardly, nor is circumcision outward and physical.” Romans 2:28

Circumcision was an act in the flesh that declared you are part of the covenant and promise to Abraham by God.

Genesis 17:9-14

And God said unto Abraham, Thou shalt keep my covenant therefore, thou, and thy seed after thee in their generations.

10 This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised.

11 And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.

12 And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every man child in your generations, he that is born in the house, or bought with money of any stranger, which is not of thy seed.

13 He that is born in thy house, and he that is bought with thy money, must needs be circumcised: and my covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.

14 And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant.

Yet those in Israel and the secular of the world, will claim Zuckerberg and the atheists, the goy, as a Jew for their own prominence. The wicked and ungodly love to claim wealthy, secular, intelligent German/Jews as their own for boasting, whether they serve YHWH or not.

Mark Zuckerberg’s relationship with HaShem is his own and he will be judged by YHWH based on Torah.

In fact, the word “Jew” in itself is generally used for antisemitic purposes and should never be used by those of us who are goy kadosh to represent YHWH.

We who are goy kadosh do not refer to ourselves as “Jews,” we are of Israel (the covenant of YHWH) – the word “Jews” has always been an antisemitic term born through Greek/Latin/German literature.

It’s a term to define a people as a whole as Israel is made up of 12 tribes, not 1. Similar to slander names for black people, latinos, asians etc…

The word Jew is from the Greek Ἰούδα and the Hebrew יְהוּדָה

Which means the English Judah – which is 1 of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Many Jews the world over who refer to themselves as Jews don’t realize that they are saying they are from the tribe of Judah which is completely ridiculous!

Some literally believe what a teacher tells them as fact, like the Seder Olam Rabbah, not a possible opinion or assumption, but data that become facts and applied to the Jewish culture as facts when it’s just another philosophy about Torah.

Here is reality, look at Zuckerberg’s face and compare to Weinstein, Ayn Rand, Michael Bloomberg, or David Zawada from the UFC – you have a complete mixed bag of lineage people.

All the evidence of DNA / genome data from Tel Aviv and John Hopkins University undoubtedly prove how propagandized wealthy company people are in your “I’m more superior than you” genetic beliefs when the science proves the opposite of your fantasies and you don’t even follow YHWH!

Fake wealthy people who claim themselves as Jews are the goyim – the Jezebels amongst Israel.

You think just like Hitler did, in the 1930’s with your master race ideology proving you are the hell spawn children who betrayed Israel and your ancestors caused diaspora!

YHWH makes clear who are the curse of Jacob.

This also shows you the erroneous traditions handed down in Europe and the fact that hardly anyone knows the true lineage of where they came from after roaming around Europe for 1900 years!

I at least traced my lineage and name – what did you do?

Furthermore, the majority, MAJORITY of German Jews gave up being a Jew to live in German society. Any person with a German/Jewish last name had to speak German to live in saxony/prussia as it was ILLEGAL for any Jews to own property or do business by the 1900’s.

In order to live in Bavaria during the 1800’s you had to speak fluent German and generally NOT be practicing Judaism or did so in secret.

Once the German Jews moved to America they then tried to regain and keep alive their Jewish traditions learned in Europe with the vast majority settling in, you guessed it, New York.

Now I know the argument between “forced” and “willful” assimilation – it’s a choice. Yet we of Israeli descent can assimilate and raise our children in Jewish traditions, even send them to education under yeshiva – this however, does not determine that we follow YHWH or mitzvot. Nor should it, for it is written,

D’varim 6:5

וְאָ֣הַבְתָּ֔ אֵ֖ת יְהוָ֣ה אֱלֹהֶ֑יךָ בְּכָל־לְבָבְךָ֥ וּבְכָל־נַפְשְׁךָ֖ וּבְכָל־מְאֹדֶֽךָ׃

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.

This was the case for many Jewish families or Ashkenazi who chose assimilation over being kicked out into more poverty centered areas during the Partitions of Poland.

I find it curious that history is altered in describing this reality, especially by wikipedia, when it comes to historical fact from fiction concerning Jewish culture.

In wikipedia, you always read an Ashkenazi surname as “born into a Jewish family,” when in fact many spoke German, taught their children to speak German, all the while clinging to a Jewish up bringing, which died with their parents, as they became Americanized, long after they were Germanized.

The wiki “bias description” might have something to do with the editors of wiki having Eastern European Jewish lineage, maybe?

If you really are of Israel or the covenant of YHWH, you follow Him.

Philanthropy doesn’t mean you serve YHWH, nor does your servitude to business for “charity” constitute entering the covenant.

Many of you believe you are part of the covenant just because your mother or grandfather are considered Jewish – SORRY, that is not the word of YHWH.

The website jewornotjew.com is a perfect example of having no idea what determines being of Israel.

It is not your birth and lineage that define you, as the majority of ALL who claim to be Jews have a mixed genealogy from moving around Europe 1900 years.

Palestinians who trace their lineage back to the 2nd century are UNDOUBTEDLY more a descendant of Israel than any English/German/Polish Jew can claim to be.

Yet the prominent and arrogant can be deluded in madness and neurosis when it comes to genealogical fact and reality concerning lineage.

Tanakh itself – the word of YHWH defines those in the covenant, not your wannabe mixed European/American lineage. Elohim determines who is of His covenant, not your boasting, your yeshiva, or your money. 

Circumcision is but a requirement in the flesh of those who serve Torah halachah.

Again, you can have a Jewish lineage, but that doesn’t mean you are an Israelite. Having an Irish lineage – does not make you Irish.

Did you speak Gaelic growing up in Boston? Well, maybe some of you did, and it’s the same for those who claim they are Jewish, but don’t follow YHWH. 

If you do not follow YHWH – you are not Jewish, or of Israel – you are apostate, a goy, or an unbeliever.

I don’t care if your dad’s name is Goldberg, or mom’s name is Rand, or Avram ben Jacob – none of that matters and that doesn’t make you part of the covenant. Nor does wearing a kippah, shtreimel, or tzitzit.

All it does is make you considered Jewish.

Goy applies to a person with a Jewish lineage – who does not follow YHWH.

Moreover, these apostates falsely represent themselves before Eloheinu as we can clearly see through a recent Jerusalem Post article.

The Jerusalem Post listed the 50 most influential Jews of 2019 and yet how many of these people listed are God-less atheists and working against YHWH in society?

Let me make it clear to the Jerusalem Post, earning a billion dollars a year, winning the nobel prize as an atheist, spending your money on whoring, mansions, drugs, and cars does not make you a Jew – it makes you an apostate, an anti-Jew, a corrupter in which YHWH rejects.

The editors at the Jerusalem Post are apparently unfamiliar with Torah and who is of Abraham, Israel, Judah, compared to who is kareth. This tells you the JP has little knowledge or belief in God’s word, and what YHWH declares who IS a Jew based on who IS NOT a Jew.

Could it be the author of the JP article is just another pretend Jew? A secular person who does whatever they see fit, and writes whatever is in their corrupt mind, having no knowledge of the word of YHWH, His mitzvot, and His people Israel.

The political anti-God crowd in Israel and within Judaism are their own demise and actually create antisemitism. Israeli leaders and media, by claiming every wealthy degenerate and atheist as their own, claim the destructive practices and ideologies of these atheist men and women as their own.

The Jerusalem Post, like most media, is politically corrupt and creates antisemitism by claiming destroyers as Jews when they are not. The JP in fact, endorse what these evil-doers perform in society.

Politicians of Israel, the U.S., and the Godless owners of global media breed antisemitism daily against those who are goy kadosh (the holy nation), or the derogatory version of the phrase – Jews.

Another example would be the writers of the Starz TV pirate series “Black Sails,” by Jonathan Steinberg and Robert Levine. Although they both have Jewish lineage names, the story is about murder, pornography, and vulgarity.

Now both these men are called Jews, and yet you cannot produce and promote such a show for an audience and serve YHWH.

Can they become actual servants of YHWH through repentance and serve God? Yes absolutely, but continuing in such sin is apostasy in which we all must be judged guilty or innocent of such.

If you go to a bar mitzvah and then write a pornographic script to sell to HBO, Showtime, or Sony – you are not of Elohim, you are what YHWH calls the wicked. If you plot deception and murder, you are not of God, but of your father the devil, and YHWH is against you to break you.

According to these leaders and apostates – if you love truth, or the Messiah, you are not of Israel. So called pretenders accept the atheists and tyrants as their own, as that is what they are – for they accept their own and love their own.

YHWH will not grant anyone a free pass for evil just because their great grandfather was called a Jew and moved to Israel, or America. YHWH rejects them.

18 The Lord is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. Bamidbar 14

These are the apostates and they are not of Judah.

You confused individuals out there think the atheist or satanist are Jews and mistakenly blame a whole race of down trodden people based off wealthy elite doomed souls who have left God far behind in diaspora generations ago!

These insane individuals believe since they are wealthy that YHWH has blessed them, having never followed His word. They are deceived by false teachers who tell them, “since you are a Jew everything is lawful to you,” and their minds have been darkened to madness.

A similar crazy ideology, still alive today, started after mass migration to Israel under Aliyah when Israel became a nation in 1948. Politicians from Brooklyn New York put in the minds of the wealthy and powerful that they are Jews no matter where they are in the world and no matter what they do.

The philosophy of “never again” which has become a paramilitary ideology that breeds hatred, terrorism, antisemitism, and a “kill them first” attitude has gained popularity amongst the wealthy elite since the 1980’s.

Never Again simply means we as Jews will never again suffer, sassaiola (annual stoning of Jewish homes), de non tolerandis Judaeis (anti-Jewish immigration laws), tolerance tax (pay a tax to be tolerated), scapegoats for blood-libel (Batory royal family mass murder of children blamed on Jews), pidyon shvuyim (ransom for slavery), ethnic assimilation, 1938 aryanization law forcing all German Jews to report their assets and property for seizure, death camps, and the holocaust, which if you refute you live in fantasy land.

photo of a Jewish store in Vienna with anti-Semitic slogans daubed on walls and store windows. Austrian authorities took more than 40 years to launch serious efforts at returning Jewish property plundered by the Nazis.

“Never again” by some zealots, was morphed into a militaristic philosophy comprised of hatred, war, and that anyone who is of Jewish lineage to be a soldier – THIS IS NOT THE MESSAGE OF YHWH. Within Torah, we find the opposite of hatred, injustice, and oppression as mitzvot.

Yet many erroneously adore warped ideology of murder, division, and hate and this attracts the wealthy atheist in regard to “helping Israel” financially as long as they ARE NOT required to follow Shabbat, Yom Kippur, Pesach, or anything that would remotely make them a Jew according to Talmud, or the word of YHWH.

This same philosophy, misinterpreted through Talmud tractate, promotes that ALL Jews (including the atheist) are your brothers and sisters. Not according to YHWH,

31 Because he hath despised the word of the Lord, and hath broken His commandment, that soul shall utterly be cut off; his iniquity shall be upon him. Bamidbar 15

“For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.” Matthew 12:50

Oh, and I hear it said, how Exodus promotes the destruction of the enemies of Israel or the goyim.

Those who teach such nonsense, that murder, deception, destruction, chaos, and war is what we Jews are to do to the rest of humanity is outright lies and conjecture.

Any idealism that promotes such rubbish from a Jewish philosophy is a complete manipulation of Kabbalah, Tanach, Mishnah, and denigrates ALL Nevi’im throughout history. As it is written,

D’varim 10:18-19

“He does execute the judgment of the fatherless and widow, and loves the stranger, in giving him food and raiment. Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

Yeshayahu 26:21
כִּֽי־הִנֵּ֤ה יְהוָה֙ יֹצֵ֣א מִמְּקוֹמ֔וֹ לִפְקֹ֛ד עֲוֺ֥ן יֹֽשֵׁב־הָאָ֖רֶץ עָלָ֑יו וְגִלְּתָ֤ה הָאָ֙רֶץ֙ אֶת־דָּמֶ֔יהָ וְלֹֽא־תְכַסֶּ֥ה ע֖וֹד עַל־הֲרוּגֶֽיהָ׃

For lo! The LORD shall come forth from His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; and the earth shall disclose its bloodshed and shall no longer conceal its slain.

The anti-Jew are those who reject YHWH and choose their own diluted path through wealth and power. Their own corrupt mind and philosophy, as those who are wealthy and care only of their material possessions of the world.

That is why we have a new form of antisemitism. One that is spear headed by a wealthy core elite who people think are Jews, when in fact they are God-less merchants and politicians claiming a Jewish lineage.

HaMashiach has said,

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:25

They do not believe in YHWH but claim themselves as Jews who emigrated from Europe and Russia. They are people who do not believe in YHWH and according to Torah – are not Jews. They are simply apostates, or non-believers.

Now can they repent and become part of the covenant through faith in YHWH?

Yes of course – anyone can – even the neo-nazi.

Yes, I’ll say that again for the ignorant of Judaism. Even the neo-nazi can be part of the covenant of YHWH.

But why would you?

In many minds, Jews, or the regular God-fearing people, are the bane of all mankind’s existence.

Have you ever read the Bible?

Do you realize we as Jews are required to be utterly righteous and good at all times. Abhoring lying, theft, murder, tyranny, adultry, idolatry, are just some of the things which our religion requires of us.

So then, why would you think that we, the regular Jews of the world, would want to murder and enslave mankind? Worse, commit human sacrifice and drink blood as our God, YHWH, forbids us to do!

The evil of the world do these things – not Christians, Jews, and those who believe in YHWH!

It really is foolish that regular people can point at other regular people and say, “You are the problem!”

When in fact we are the victims, just like all the rest of the population. We bear the brunt of the sins of evil men who claim they are Jews!

Do I receive special attention and wealth because I am a Jew?

No, I spend my days in study, writing, as a scribe – not living on a yacht in lavish wealth driving a Lamborghini and flying a private jet. That is for the apostate, not for the tribe of Judah.

We bear the slander of the wicked sins of the apostates who claim they are Jewish due to their last names received during diaspora in Germany, Poland, and Russia.

My name Zawada, which means “stumbling block,” is born out of antisemitism during the partitions of Poland where the Zawada’s were murdered in both Dachau and Auschwitz.

But you probably don’t believe in the holocaust. I am told it is all fake by articles on the web discussing inflated death toll and crematory numbers. That we Jews made it all up for sympathy and money.

It’s not the neo-nazi’s, but the secular and those prejudice against regular people – working class Jews.


I think answering the above gives you the idea of foolishness, prejudice, and bigotry – blaming average people for what a bunch of rich apostates are doing the world over.

The fact is, yes:

  • a group of people is trying to take over the world
  • they want you as slaves
  • yes they want to eradicate white people through miscegenation
  • they control all the money, the media, and Hollywood
  • and yes, they think of you as cattle

Those who engage in such are a hateful, wealthy minority who do not believe in God. If a rabbi believes that goy are just cattle and anything can be done to them, he needs to get on his knees and beg YHWH for mercy for his hateful, ungodly heart. Throw dust on your head that YHWH may spare you.

The word of YHWH,

Leviticus 19:11-17

You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another. And you shall not swear by My name falsely, nor shall you profane the name of your God: I am the Lord.”

You shall not cheat your neighbor, nor rob him. The wages of him who is hired shall not remain with you all night until morning. You shall not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind, but shall fear your God: I am the Lord.”

You shall do no injustice in judgment. You shall not be partial to the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty. In righteousness you shall judge your neighbor. You shall not go about as a talebearer among your people; nor shall you take a stand against the life of your neighbor: I am the Lord.”

You shall not hate your brother in your heart. You shall surely rebuke your neighbor, and not bear sin because of him. You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.”

Deuteronomy 24:17-18

You shall not pervert justice due the stranger or the fatherless, nor take a widow’s garment as a pledge. But you shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt, and the Lord your God redeemed you from there; therefore I command you to do this thing.”

Deuteronomy 23:15-16

You shall not give back to his master the slave who has escaped from his master to you. He may dwell with you in your midst, in the place which he chooses within one of your gates, where it seems best to him; you shall not oppress him.”

Stop blaming Jews for what these rich elite are doing!

Just because their name appears Jewish doesn’t mean they are Jews! Just because they wear a kippah or speak Hebrew doesn’t mean they are Jews!

Hitler spoke German, does that mean all Germans hate the world?

Please see reality for what it is.

Psalm 37:27-29

Depart from evil, and do good;
And dwell forevermore.
For the Lord loves justice,
And does not forsake His saints;
They are preserved forever,
But the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off.
The righteous shall inherit the land,
And dwell in it forever.

I am a Jew and I believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah. I believe in truth, justice, peace, love, and salvation for mankind.

Please do not blame Jews for the sins of evil, wealthy, godless men. The average Jew of New York, California, and Israel are doing what we all do – working for a living, sinning on a daily basis, paying bills, raising a family, and trying to make ends meet!

Those flying in private jets on your dime, running crime organizations, and overlords of global banking and media are your enemy! Not the average neighbor living next to you with a Jewish name.

Psalm 94

O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongs
O God, to whom vengeance belongs, shine forth!
Rise up, O Judge of the earth;
Render punishment to the proud.
Lord, how long will the wicked,
How long will the wicked triumph?

They utter speech, and speak insolent things;
All the workers of iniquity boast in themselves.
They break in pieces Your people, O
And afflict Your heritage.
They slay the widow and the stranger,
And murder the fatherless.
Yet they say, “The
Lord does not see,
Nor does the God of Jacob understand.”

Understand, you senseless among the people;
you fools, when will you be wise?
He who planted the ear, shall He not hear?
He who formed the eye, shall He not see?
He who instructs the nations, shall He not correct,
He who teaches man knowledge?
Lord knows the thoughts of man,
That they
are futile.

Blessed is the man whom You instruct, O Lord,
And teach out of Your law,
That You may give him rest from the days of adversity,
Until the pit is dug for the wicked.
For the
Lord will not cast off His people,
Nor will He forsake His inheritance.
But judgment will return to righteousness,
And all the upright in heart will follow it.

Who will rise up for me against the evildoers?
Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?
Unless the Lord had been my help,
My soul would soon have settled in silence.
If I say, “My foot slips,”
Your mercy, O Lord, will hold me up.
In the multitude of my anxieties within me,
Your comforts delight my soul.

Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, have fellowship with you?
They gather together against the life of the righteous, and condemn innocent blood.
But the
Lord has been my defense,
And my God the rock of my refuge.
He has brought on them their own iniquity,
And shall cut them off in their own wickedness;
Lord our God shall cut them off.