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Fallacy of English “Jewish” Literature

pg 37. Towards the text of the Old Testament

Written by Deist, Ferdinand, 1944-1997 available to read or download.

Deist from his book page 36,

The publication for this propaganda piece was 1981, a time when government organizations stepped up their promotion of fictional history in an attempt to nationalize and justify seizure and control ideology.

Today, we are a bit more educated concerning the historic or periodization of the Levant. We can no longer be fooled so easily as to the narratives promoted to group-think intellect of teenage mentality.

I’m quoting the passage above from Mr. Deist, page 36 of Towards the text of the Old Testament, so there is no confusion here and I screen shot the bottom half of page 36 so that you can compare for fact checking purposes.

“By the 3rd century B.C. it (the Aramaic script) had evolved into what may be called a Jewish-Aramaic script.”

The point of saying this is to make you believe that the 19th century word “Jewish” was a word that existed the entire time all the way back to the Roman empire, rather than what it is, English legal text from the Balfour Agreement of 1917 by the English Zionist Federation formed in 1899.

If authors keep repeating phrases and words in books and getting other PhD and academia to repeat the word “Jewish-Aramaic” then they can get dimwits to unconsciously believe that English Jews owned Jerusalem the entire time. Yes I know it’s silly when looking at this reality for what it is, but that’s the simplicity of it. Just saying something existed when it didn’t, so that you believe that it did.

We can say Brontosaurus existed, write books and make movies about them. Get kids to buy the toys and talk about them on social media. It doesn’t mean they ever existed. It doesn’t mean they were anything other than fiction and a story to make money.

No one in Europe, Russia, Poland, the Levant, Arabia, or anywhere in the world, Jerusalem included, ever referred to anyone being “Jewish” during Roman times as the word would not exist until after the publishing of the English Coverdale Bible 1535 AD, or common era for the secular.

The word “Jew” is what’s called an elision or slang word from “iewe” found in the English Archaic version,

All the so-called “Jews” in Poland were called Zydom, or known through prominent rabbi names like Szmul, Zawada, Zavadiv, Aharon of Zhitomir (d. 1815), Ḥayim Zelig Słonimski, Lazar (Eli‘ezer) Zweifel. Notice the Z’s.

So if you understand this truth, namely that the word “Jewish” is an English word, invented in England for English speaking people taxed under the crown, then you cannot be tricked by this child like propaganda stating that the aramaic language was a “Jewish” language.

It’s nonsense. Illogical baloney.

But since PhD’s keep writing books coining this elision word describing life in the Levant under the Roman Empire we obviously know the reason is to trick the population into believing that “Jewish” existed during the time of Roman rule, instead of being legally recognized by the privy council of England by 1832, or roughly 190 years ago.


Well that’s the ticket to make you believe that this newly formed group in England owns Jerusalem. That somehow by inventing a word “Jewish” we could then convince everyone (that can’t read or study history) that this group owns Jerusalem, simply because they say they do.

Well I have got news for you, YHWH has other plans. The original founders of the Zionist Federation had the heart of Israel in their minds. Dr. Weizmann, writing the original draft for the Balfour Agreement of 1917 was undeniably guided in my opinion by YHWH for the establishment of Israel as navi foretold.

Adonai did as He said He would do, cause Israel to be recognized as a nation in one day. That happened in 1948.

Since that time it has been an exhaustive race to destruction and YOM YHWH with lies of ownership.

You have lost your identity with the leb layer of fat. These charlatans even go so far as changing Biblical text regarding “English Jewish” as “born in the Levant.” The goal was and is an Israeli nation, but now it has been turned into what it always was for the British, another colony to be taxed.

It’s up to YHWH to allow the confusion as nevi’im have stated until YOM YHWH clears the land of what is referred to as “the doomed seed.”

All the world will fight to take Jerusalem and claim it as their own, but I never expected to see authors paid to convince academia of fictional narrative simply using words and lieing arguments for getting people to believe their lies.

It’s silly now quite honestly, but was effective propaganda over the last couple decades, but as with all other times in history the lies will eventually catch up and as relayed in previous article, these institutions become catabolized.

Examine the table below and you can’t help but laugh and shake your head:

Us Zydom are supposed to believe that the English went back in a time machine to 2nd century BC., 200 years before Mashiach Jesus, and convinced the Aramaic that they are really Jews in waiting?

That’s what you’re asking sane, logical anthropologists and etymologists to do.



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